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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. An Adventure to the Underground

      by , 01-10-2015 at 04:14 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on a trail with a "party," a group of adventurers. Some of us were knights, one in particular is out for revenge. One of their knights (or was it their king?) was killed. The other knight there is his best friend. He wanted to stop the other from doing something reckless like going off on his own. He went after him, so there were fewer of us. The two knights is reminiscent of two game characters from a Gameboy RPG I played years back.

      On the road, we passed met a group of characters... anthropomorphized animals riding regular animals. They were passing flyers to their event/celebration. They're from a nearby city/town.

      Backtrack: I was talking to a wizard of sorts (unclear image and personality) that gave me a quest to destroy a small collection of towns/cities (10 in all) and the crystal sphere that... holds them together? They're all on a bridge. I imagined their cities destroyed, by something like meteors.

      I also remember the place being so colorful and happy. Then when I went to their celebration, I was almost overwhelmed by the barrage of colors. It was a fun, happy place. I started thinking that wizard was a bad guy who just wants to destroy the place but can't do it himself. The townspeople are already wary of him. So I set out to make it my mission to help out the 10 towns.

      I "woke up." I was on my bed, and I was writing the dream so I won't forget. I was excited, thinking I should make that dream into a game. My bed position was different, closer to the door, and I was looking at myself wearing a white shirt and blue shorts.

      I was in our hometown. I kept going back to the city, for some reason, every few days. I also kept panicking about the clothing I was supposed to bring. I remember my stuff were near our deep well, and I keep dropping some of them off, but I have to hurry already. A friend, C, was already almost out of the gate. I ran after her.

      I was on a train. It was night. I remember worrying that if I lean too much inside the train walls, I might get hit by some object outside. We reached a station (underground). I saw C ahead of me. I was still trying to organize my stuff and realized I brought only one pair of (black) socks and they don't match. They also look too big.

      We stopped by an eatery. It's morning or at least daylight. I wasn't planning on eating, but then I saw the nice-looking fried chicken. I decided to order one: thigh and leg. There were a few tables in the open area (no indoors). The guy brought the chicken to our table. The guy on a nearby table was leaning too much towards us, so I moved a bit. I checked my money just in case I left that too. Then I saw the guy behind us (a bit of long hair, white shirt, and looks messy) drag C away. I ran after them but he opened a door to the "underground." The "door" is right in front of and kind of below the doorway of a house. I was about to go in but I got scared. It looks like a room, but colored... reddish? There were a few people inside, and they don't look threatening. There's another door across the room that leads to a dark place. (literally dark, and I can't see beyond it)

      The few people who were there look like they're just lounging about, not guarding anything, but I was afraid of going in. I decided to call a nearby policeman. I guided him to the house, and we went inside the house to the other room, but then I realized it wasn't supposed to be inside the house. There was a skinny guy there (he lives there, I think) who didn't seem to mind we came in. He has a bit of a long hair too. The police was skeptical of me.

      When I realized it's outside the house, I went back out and pulled up the door in front and below the doorway. I told him he has to call backup since it might be some sort of underground network of criminals, not just the basement. He ran in anyway, all confident, and I was beside myself in frustration. I thought of calling other police. I imagined where C was taken (I saw her going up and down a muddy place) after a few days, and I also saw a kidnapped kid.



      - I felt scared during the "awake" part of my dream.
      - I slept around 7 pm. I set my alarm to 1 hour and 44 minutes (or was it 3 hours and 44 minutes?), but I fell asleep again after I turned it off. I woke up around 10 pm.
      - My eyes were so tired when I went to sleep.
      - I still have pending work.
      - I inked a sketch I had that I labelled "Charlie."
      - I was thinking of buying chicken from Chooks To Go earlier today.
      - I think this dream shows how reckless my superego is at the moment.
      - It might also signify that I have to once again meet my shadow. It's been years since I felt scared and helpless in a dream.
    2. August 22, 2012 Sleep paralysis - "My Left Eye Can't See My Left Arm"

      by , 08-25-2012 at 04:32 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      1:42 p.m.

      I thought I was awake. I was on the bed. I can feel the bed. I can feel my body. I can see my room. The light was in. But I move my arm in front of me and I can't see it. I can't move it or can't see it. Am I getting blind? I can see my right arm move via my right eye. Realized it's a sleep paralysis. I willed myself to wake up. No go.

      I am starting to panic. I locked my door, so no one can come in and help me. I moved but my eyes are still faulty. Afraid. How can I live with a bad eyesight? I thought up dozens of ways to live. I am hearing the audio playing in the background. I want to wake up. But I can't. I'm still in the in between. I tried moving my body and feet. I can still hear the audio. I moved my right arm and took the phone so I can change the audio; didn't work. I'm still asleep. Relaxed somehow. I just have to wait it out. Went into a semi-aware dream. Moved in the "room" and did capoeria moves. I jumped-crunched. McDo. Meeting all N2. Donnie. BP nearby. Change of venue. Closer. Checked my body on bed. Still can't move. I was on the bed trying to move. I can but not awake.

      Finally woke up completely. Moved my arms, checked my room.
    3. LUCID: Stuck

      by , 09-13-2011 at 10:08 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      State: Almost 5 pm, humid, and I can hear a CEP audio, and the TV from afar.

      I was completely awake. I had just been dreaming a few minutes ago, and then now I can "see through the eyelids." I can see the mirror, the walls, the windows (which was open, and there are tall grasses visible beyond it, but in reality, it's closed, and there are no grasses behind it).

      I can also see my right hand. I tried moving it, and I felt it rise, but I can see my right hand and arm stay put. I thought I was probably almost astral traveling. I moved my head, twisting it, to get out of the body, together with my arms and torso. I then vaguely saw my face, so close to mine, but shaven. I felt like an outgrowth trying to cut itself off from the body. It was very hard.

      I finally got out, but I no longer see my body on the bed. And I'm in a different room. My view was very hazy, and I can see a cabinet/divider in the room. I am across the bed in the room. There's a door to the outside behind me (there's no door to the outside in my room). I rubbed my hands together to stay more lucid, and I commanded "clarity." Nothing happened. I saw my bed (different color, size, etc.), and a glimpse of my "body," and I'm back in my body.

      I almost woke up, but somehow, something clicked in my mind, and I'm in the middle state between waking up and asleep once more. I thought I was really awake this time. I still can't move my body, but I can still feel moving my "astral arms."

      After a short while, though, I just decided to close my eyes, and I "opened" them up again. Still same problem. I started to get anxious. I worried "What if I can't wake up from this?"

      I closed my eyes again, for a longer time, and I sensed another click or pop in my mind, and I knew I was "awake." I opened my eyes. It looks the same, but a little different. I didn't dare try moving my hands, afraid that I'm still stuck. After a while, I moved, and it moved. I'm awake.
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