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    1. Reclaiming: Possession and Destruction

      by , 11-06-2016 at 04:04 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a cabin of sorts. I was with friends. I baked/cooked a cake for another friend whose birthday won't be on till after a few months. I thought of putting it in the fridge. For some reason, they had some reasons not to put it in some fridge located somewhere. One was in that cabin but for some reason, we had to move. Something about disturbing the spirits. We also thought of putting in the house fridge but won't the person find it easily?

      We "went out" of the place using a special key and a special door. We traveled through the spirit realm (why?). And we walked and avoided and escaped the malevolent spirits of the realm. There were two particular spirits we avoided: one was a male shadowy figure that follows us and one white ragged woman who screams and chases us. I remember hiding behind some crates and avoiding her. There were also some "puppy spirits." At least they looked like puppies. They were used by a teacher and some children to practice escaping from. There "attack" in swarms. I was going through a door when a swarm rained in. I led them out the door with difficulty but without any negative emotions whatsoever.

      Somehow, I was caught and I felt my physical body turn to the left. I was told in the dream it's wrong and somehow spirits can enter that way.

      This part happened somewhere in between. There's no linearity in the dream (like in some dreams). I was with a family flying through space. We went through zero space, and we've "heard" about some delays in such a travel but thought they were rare occurrences and don't have any serious repercussions. There was a boy (third-person) in this family who seems to have such a delay and asked where the others were and what took them so long. For the rest, it was an almost instant flight. I was that boy (first person).

      We were being chased by other space fighters (I don't know the name of the small space ships used to harass bigger ships without causing a lot of damage due to the energy shielding). I had a hard time with the controls. I turn too fast so instead of arcing back, I end up facing the enemy almost face-to-face with our ship. The rest were away. I was eventually able to control it enough so I see... stars and space and space stuff instead of a poorly modeled image of the fighter or the nearby planets and moons. I felt elated.

      My ship was destroyed. I was possessed.

      I was in a familiar place. I think it's the place in the "first" part of the story. I was kept in a room, and I felt different. I felt like I was glowing and there's a tingle throughout my "skin." I overheard that a woman (a friend?) was partially possessed. I went out/through the walls and doors and approached her in a room. I "absorbed" whatever was possessing her and I left. I felt stronger.

      I think this is a separate story but somehow still connected to the possession dream. I was at home. It was evening and very dark. We went home and closed the gate, but somehow, someone forgot to close one of the two gates. There's like another perimeter around the house, and there are two boys/guys just outside the inner perimeter, which means the outer one was open. A child was talking but I could barely understand. Mom was saying something too complaining about the other gate not being locked.

      I was outside the house. It was morning, or at least daytime. Someone was teaching me how to fly properly. I was able to "jump" on the first level with his help and then jumped the next two after. I looked up and saw the clouds. I was elated. I wanted to fly about the clouds and stay there. I was partially lucid and happy to be able to experience that.

      Everything was falling apart. Buildings were crumbling down. Alien attack? It was like a game in 3D. I used my possession skills to hold back falling buildings and debris. I felt powerful.

      I woke up feeling powerful and in control.



      - I went to sleep feeling down. After a few days of anxiety due to an overwhelming addition to my required subjects to take to finish school, I had my previous dream that really brought me down. I could barely do anything so I went to sleep. That was around 7:30 pm. I woke up around 10:00 pm. I thought the dream was so long I could swear I woke up around 3 or 4 am.
      - I felt powerless these several months, from failing to finish some courses I need to proceed with my long-term plan to being unable to complete Inktober or start NaNoWrimo (again). I think I was trying to regain control by putting an enforced structure (school).
      - There were a lot of mental chats that had no image. I was talking to myself about the meaning of the dream within the dream. A short while after(?) waking up but still lying down, I thought about how I reclaimed a part of myself (through possession and self-destruction) and it made me (feel?) stronger.

      Questions: How do I know this feeling of control is not as illusory as the feeling of lack of control? Both have real-life repercussions if wrong, and even if right, how do I distinguish what's within and without my control? How do I know I'm making the right decisions if my senses and mind betray me?

      For now, back to basics: simplify.
    2. Back At Home

      by , 01-21-2016 at 04:53 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      I was in a Warframe game. There is a massive Grineer offensive.



      I was looking at a computer. I was chatting with someone. Mom? Mom was asking me to go home and help. I told her I am. The screen theme is black with some scattered windows.

      I woke up in the living room. I heard someone. I went out the yard and saw mom in the backyard getting a pipe off a dog house. I went to her. I told her I didn't hear her come in or that she's coming. She said dad told her I'm her (or that dad opened the gate). I told her "But dad is dead." Then I realized it's all a dream, and I immediately became lucid, the dream improved in quality but I felt I was also quickly losing the dream. I hugged mom and music was playing in the background (lyrics, something like "Sana naman"). It sounded happy but for some reason, I felt very sad.

      A photo popped out or slipped off from somewhere and it covered my entire view. The background is inside a church and the focus is on a woman sitting on the pews, facing towards the right where the altar would have been but it's not the picture. She was reading something, and a white book is covering her face so it's unclear. I felt it was supposed to be mom but she looks more like our aunt (who we call "mommy").



      - I've been thinking of going home for a while now.
      - Dad died a little over a year ago.
      - Our 10-year-old dog died this month.
    3. Fear and Flight

      by , 09-07-2015 at 11:07 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in an area with other people. There's a haunted house. I think it's some sort of a challenge. The mode feels like Battle Royale. There's a haunted house. We were supposed to go in and last inside or defeat monsters. The first ones to enter soon ran out through various exits. I didn't have the courage to go in.

      Then there was one guy who said he wants to go "up" the tower and challenge/defeat/outlast the monster there. I told him to be careful. After a while, I got worried, so I went in. I was afraid. I encountered a zombie-like creature in a hallway/dungeon and ran back out. It was a different place.

      It was inside a mall. I felt a surge of energy. I ran forward, evading creatures, and used energy pushed out through my palms and feet to "fly" forward and slightly upward. I felt exhilarated.
    4. The City of R'lyeh and the Stars are Aligned

      by , 03-18-2015 at 02:52 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a strange city by the lake. It's like a newly found city. If anything, it felt like Lys (The City and the Stars, Arthur C. Clarke) in the aftermath of Alvin's actions. Everyone's helping build the place. There's also an area underwater that's reminiscent of Bioshock I & II.

      We were hauling some ships from underwater (lake) to discover what they have. There were some fish-men who rose either from the lake or from the ships. We had to hurry back and "close" the rock-doors around the lake/crater. We built the city near the lake and felt we had to abandon the place and look for another one.

      * Lucid

      I was seeing monsters all over the place. Everything was hazy but active. I was being transformed into a monster. I felt my body transforming/being moved. I was nervous. Then I became lucid. I knew it was a dream. I sat on a half-lotus position and focused on my breath like I was doing before sleeping. The movements slowed down, the transformation stopped, everything became still.

      * /Lucid

      I was in school, or felt something like school. I was also at home in our hometown. I was playing a fighting game in an arcade. Or a fighting-adventure game. I lost to a bunch of goons and had second thoughts of continuing the game (during the countdown-game over phase). I decided to continue at the very last moment. I was fighting bosses now. I used a flying kick on one and he caught it. My character was just floating with one leg held by the boss. I "pushed" him back so that he rotated vertically (on one leg!) but it was nothing to him.



      - Slept at around 10:30 p.m.
      - Woke up around 8 a.m.
      - The two dreams were separated by waking moments
      - Slept with audio: 26-minute Sam Harris meditation audio
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    5. The Arcade Where It All Began

      by , 02-26-2015 at 08:59 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was lying down on a sofa in the living room of our house in our hometown, the place where I also had a lucid dream. I hear poetry/music. It was my voice. It was rhyming. The words were clear but I worried I won't be able to remember when I wake up. I tried to semi-wakeup to check if I was really dreaming or if it was music. I realized I was dreaming. I tried to remember but got worried, and the last two lines became unclear. The voice was clear but the words weren't. It then suddenly stopped.

      I got stuck in the dream lying on my left. I can't see anything but a pattern of sorts. A clothing pattern? A corner? I heard a voice asking me what I was doing with my eyes. It was my sister. I told her I'm dreaming right now so this happens. I knew I was dreaming so I calmly waited out the vision impairment problem. It cleared up but I "woke up" in another dream.

      I was in some place. A mall? It was night. I played a game or a few games at the arcade. (reminiscent of the first scene in Animorphs book series) I played some fighting games. Somehow, it affected reality.

      I was on the road. I was inside a car. I saw a u-turn ahead, although I think I heard myself or someone else say it's a circle. There's a superhighway above us. All the cars ahead are going our direction including those that are supposed to be on our lane, which caused a traffic problem.


      - Slept at around 2 p.m., woke up at around 3:30 p.m.
      - No alarm
      - Listened to Kelly McGonigal's default mode meditation, fell asleep in the middle, woke up with it finished already although I thought I didn't fall asleep
      - The visual meditation might not be a good idea for dream recall and lucid dreaming...
    6. Hunt for Pokeballs

      by , 01-26-2015 at 02:49 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a room. It was dark. I watched a guy hunt for pokeballs. I went next. I went under the table and chairs, but it was too dark I couldn't see. Then I wondered, why am I hunting for pokeballs in the dark? I remembered I went to sleep because of the blackout. I became partially awake, but not completely. I was just aware I had my eyes open but can't see anything. I can vaguely see the window and curtains but it was hazy. Maybe it was just my imagination and I was still in a dream. I was a bit scared because I might have vision problem. I closed my eyes, hoping I'll be aware in my next dream.

      In my dream, I was in a mall. I was looking for something or someone. I can't remember the rest clearly, but I wasn't aware.
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    7. High Waves and the Orange Cliff

      by , 10-22-2014 at 11:46 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      (dreamed this in the afternoon)

      I was lining up for a ticket. I saw Nimz with a few others I'm not familiar with. People lined up (facing in my direction), not sure for what but I was thinking it's for buying a ticket for a ride. It reminds me of the line in train stations. At first, there was only one line, and then there were two. Nimz and his companions tried to start a third one between the two lines, but his companions decided to line at the back of one of the two other lines, leaving him alone in the center. Eventually, he decided to line up behind.

      I went ahead. I already had my ticket. I rode the boat. I'm not sure if I was supposed to wait for Nimz. I don't have any memory of us talking. I remember having to put down my ticket at the entrance box. I think my number was 438, close to ticket 420. I sat on the right side of the boat/ship looking at the port, wondering why I didn't wait for Nimz.

      One of our high school teachers was a "guide" in the boat. Ms. Barcelona. She started a prayer and I recited along but forgot the words. It's a familiar prayer. After the prayer, the boat started to move. I saw us back away from the port and move towards open waters.

      I saw then that the boat was small, probably only about three to four meters high, no more. I was wondering how it will survive the open waters. Then I saw I was headed east or west, but not north. I was aiming for north. I also saw the tall waves, higher than our boat was long, but nobody in the boat was panicking, except for me.

      I saw an orange cliff in the middle of the waters, the waves breaking into it, constantly almost-hiding it under the choppy waters but not completely. I asked Ms. Barcelona where we're headed. I expected "Iloilo", but she said "Cebu", which is even farther than I thought. I told her I took the wrong boat: I was heading for Manila.

      We were facing another wave, which carried us very close to the cliff, almost hitting it. I told them I had to go down, although I doubted they would go back to port for my sake alone. Fortunately, we moved to a nearby island. As soon as I was near the shore, I jumped down on the sand. I climbed something like a wall or cliff. When I reached about two meters up, I saw there were others on the shore. I'm not sure if they got off the boat like myself or if they were already there.

      I went down "the other side" of the wall/cliff and ran on the shore to where I thought some people would be. The surrounding "cliffs" turned to walls and ruins. I was thinking I was in a forest and talking to someone about hunting wild boar, if I'm ready for it. I kept running.


      - This was a very vivid dream. At one point, I became lucid, but cannot control anything. It was very quick lucidity.
      - I think this one is rather easy to interpret in light with my recent concerns.
      - I haven't had dreams this vivid in a while. I've been forgetting to write my dreams.
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    8. A Date and a Werewolf

      by , 10-02-2014 at 08:22 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      2:30 p.m.

      I was in a bar. I met three guys. We talked a bit. I was interested in one, but as we were handing out numbers (I think I went around a fence to get to the other two), he went ahead (and I saw him through the fence). It was in a park. I looked for him but he's no longer around. I was able to get his e-mail though so I sent him a message.

      I was in a hotel. We were there for an event. We went from one floor to another to get to the restaurant. We went through a series of... "tunnels". I don't know why there wasn't any elevator or stairs. Then we had to guess which tunnel door leads to the proper floor.

      When we reached the restaurant floor (lower), I realized I left my wallet in the car (Who owns it? Is it open? Do I need to get the key?), so I had to go back. I walked around the restaurant first to check out some sweets (I woke up smelling sweets. I think someone cooked.).

      I had to go back "up" through the tunnel, but I don't know which hole to get in. There was another guy who was looking for it and thought he found it. He was trying to open the door to the "ceiling". I then received a "message" on the lower left corner of my vision (like in Facebook). I then "teleported" to the proper floor, just beside the tunnel hole on the floor, and saw it open and the guy went up. I cheered and said I teleported. He seems happy and so are the other people there (salesladies?).

      I was with some corporate guys on the stairway, but we're on a high floor, exposed to the elements. The stairs is outside the building somehow. I was thinking maybe I should have gotten a "height" accident insurance (in case I fall).

      Somehow, we were done with whatever we needed to do at that floor. We went back down the tunnels again, this time going through a rather big and detailed circular (wooden) door.

      We went there and saw a dead guy on the floor (we're in the parking lot area inside the building, on the higher floors). Somehow, I remember "seeing" the corpse earlier (probably when I was teleporting). There was a groundskeeper/janitor/guard there. I was with the guy (looks nerdy and around middle age). The guard said that he was killed because he has money. Maybe the guy who borrowed money from him killed him. There was also a guard dog. He has a leash, and the guard was holding it. I liked the dog, but then he growled low. I didn't feel fear. I looked at the nerdy guy, and he was shifty. He was afraid of the dog. I'm thinking the dog was just reacting to new, unfamiliar people, but I doubted it (just like I doubted the guard's words about the murder). The nerdy guy moved behind the dog and I followed him. The dog was still staring and growling at the location we left behind. The night is starting to crawl in. I told the guard to release the dog's leash immediately.

      Then it was dark. I saw the moon somehow through the open spaces outside. The werewolf jumped in from somewhere above us. The dog was barking at it, but couldn't move because his leash is tied to the wall. I "sped up" and removed it from the hook (the leash looks flimsy enough but I didn't/couldn't cut it). Once the dog was released, I put on my claws and faced him together.

      The alarm sounded, a mnemonic induction technique from LaBerge. I was seeing an area at night, with a McDonald's nearby. I was already lucid. I was also thinking of teeth, somehow, but I was also hearing the induction and paying attention. Then after five minutes, it repeated. Damn stupid alarm.



      - I slept around 12:30 p.m.
      - I slept on my right side.
      - I was trying to focus on breathing and thoughts before sleeping.
      - Felt so tired when I slept.
      - I woke up refreshed, if a bit annoyed at the alarm.
    9. Lucid: Cannot Escape

      by , 09-22-2014 at 06:50 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in my room. Or at least a room. I was half-kneeling on the floor, as if I just dropped down from somewhere. I knew I was dreaming. I decided to go through the window, but it stopped me. I punched through it and the window panes broke down, but behind it, there's concrete and bricks. I can't escape.


      I didn't feel desparate, just frustrated that I can't get anywhere in the dream, despite knowing that I'm dreaming.
      Tags: room, trapped
    10. Lucid: Try to Fly

      by , 08-01-2014 at 11:27 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      6:13 pm

      I was lying on my back and heard a magical sounding twinkle, like in the old cartoons I guess. My eyes were still closed. I then was seeing a dream image where I was in a mall, it's really hazy. A guy was talking to me but I couldn't hear clearly. I said something back to him, something about me being in a dream I think. Then I was lying back on my bed. I heard that twinkling again. I could feel my body but everything's hazy.

      Then I imagined moving my body, and I felt like I was floating. At this point I was still "closing" my eyes. I felt that familiar buzz throughout my body. I decided to stand up and open my eyes. I did, and I knew it was a lucid dream. I had no plans whatsoever. I saw my door partially open. It's also dark outside, like there was a blackout. I think I was scared of what might jump at me. I moved to the window and pushed my head through the glass, and my upper body followed. I saw that it was very cloudy. I thought maybe I should try to fly. Unfortunately, I could still feel the (imaginary) pull of of gravity, and I don't the shock of awakening (or peeing in my pants). I looked at the building across. I extended my left hand and tried to turn the lights on of a room from that building. No much effect. The overall mood is still dark.

      I dropped into a dream. I was in a friend's house. It was also dark. I tried to turn on the lights; didn't work, and I asked them. They didn't answer. R and L were there, and there was another guy (D?). I asked R if he was feeling better. He said something, but the thought came through as he's still trying to get better. The thought also included about me being lucky I get to live my life on my own terms. Then he playfully grabbed me with a full nelson (reverse, the way I do it, which is a mistake), and L playfully punched me twice on the upper right side of my chest. I tried to laugh but couldn't get some air. They released me. I realized I couldn't talk, or didn't really talk. We were talking through our minds.


      - I slept around 4 p.m.
      - I ate late lunch (jasmine rice with turmeric and bay leaf plus instant la paz batchoy).
      - I drank coffee (Cafe Blanca).
      - I meditated to Sam Harris's 26-minute meditation audio.
      - I planned to just take that as a break and go back to work.
      - I was (and still is) feeling a bit sick, slight headache with runny nose.
    11. Practicing Super Powers & White Monkeys

      by , 01-04-2014 at 11:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was at home (hometown?) and saw an old man through the window, and I thought, he shouldn't be here/there. And then, I must be dreaming! Immediately, the surrounding became darker, until I can't see anything but darkness. I was then inside our living room (hometown for sure), but surrounded by darkness, and crystalline sparks. I kept saying "Clarity" hoping that it will clear everything up, but it just got darker, and I just got confused. I also focused on breathing. As everything went dark, I thought, I must be waking up, but told myself, no way.

      I was outside on the backyard. I felt like it was ours, but it doesn't look anything like it in real life. It was night or just dark. There's a small field for planting. JV's mom was working on it, tilling the soil, and I started to worry. Some things are out there that might cause harm. Some small things. After I secured my own mom, I dragged her to the sidelines and then I fought the small flying... thing. A small robot. It flew up what looked like an elevated garage. I kept focusing my powers of electricity to shoot it, but once I raised enough electricity, they turn into paper. I tried moving stuff with my mind instead. I raised metals and threw it at the robot. Eventually, I forgot all about the robot (which wasn't retaliating in any way) and I practiced my dream powers, trying to lift a heavy metal pipe with my mind. I kept failing, but eventually I succeeded, but not by much. I thought, This will be cool practicing this all the time now that I can lucid dream!

      I was inside an abandoned building with others. It was night outside, and it was dark inside the building. We were avoiding some things. Bad things. Evil things. (Guh... so that's how Good Omens affect my writing...) We hurried to get out of the gate (invisible, which is quite silly) before something inside caught us. We didn't look back.

      I was outside, still night. I looked back. I saw happy faces of my high school classmates (quite clear was JG's face) as if they just finished playing basketball.

      Daylight. We're supposed to escape by climbing some sort of really tall statue that reaches way up in the clouds. A companion commented how there are some snakes up there now, which didn't happen before. A short scene near the beach (or the road near Victorias, where the road is elevated from the sugarcane fields on both sides): someone was walking on the fields. I was walking on the elevated area (road).

      I was up on the statue. There's a platform where barrels and/or snakes roll out, and we have to jump over them and avoid them, which gets more difficult as the level increases. (I swear to gawd that's what I thought in the dream) There were monkeys somewhere here. At first I was just watching, but then I went into first-person view, and I slipped under the mouth/area where they barrels/snakes go out. I ended up outside a building, holding up a window. I had to, or else the whole factory (house like) will collapse, and all the white monkey workers inside will get crushed. After a while, I let go, and the monkeys were able to escape. The area felt provincial, like the areas I used pass by via Don Salvador Benedicto.

      There's something about a chosen one, a child, but that part of the dream mostly escaped me.

      Spoiler for WARNING: Violence:

      I was watching small girl (the chosen one?) talk to God (he looked and felt like the one on Facebook, but full-bodied). She was asking him questions and he answers her with funny responses. I forgot the details of the exchange.


      I slept around 4 p.m.
      I woke up around 5:44 p.m.
      I meditated before falling asleep.
      I was listening to Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory) and The Gorillaz playlists the whole day.
      I thought about how the music I was listening to connects to my high-school memories.

      Updated 01-04-2014 at 12:01 PM by 47454 (Added notes)

    12. Meditation and the Snake

      by , 12-05-2013 at 04:27 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was meditating outside the house, on the east side near the door. It was night, or at least it was dark. I was sitting in a half-lotus posture on the grasses near the plants. I was mentally viewing the four corners of the house with a 'construct' of myself, trying to ensure nothing goes through the barrier.

      I started to go inside. I had to bring a lot of stuff with me; books, paper and stuff, and some kept on falling but I must not leave anything behind. My dog was there too. I told him to stay out.

      When I was inside, I noticed there was another dog. The sun started to rise then. I touched it and found it was real. It's a smaller, hairier one. Then another. I saw more of them around the plants. My dog was making that poor-me sound. I wondered how they got in and thought that when I let my guard down, they must have dug down the walls and the barrier. One poked at my dog's clothes, and my dog was on his back on the ground.

      I was in a restaurant. I was eating with some people. One asked where else to find a good Japanese restaurant. I tried to think but I can't remember any. I mentioned/praised the good food in the place. One said (Ate M?) that there's also separate rooms and they serve the food inside. I said that wasn't what I was referring to.

      I was in a restaurant (not sure if the same one). I was an owner or at least a friend of the owner. They were serving food to an (male) enemy? He was wearing a tux. There's wasabi and yellow rice. A friend offered to provide the wasabi, but we all said no. Something about his way of cooking it. Or the rice. There's yellow rice but inside it's still white.

      I was in a room, in a hotel, I presumed. I asked something to be done outside. I was on the bed. A knock, and I said come in. A maid went inside and said there was a delivery for me and that I should hold out my hand. She was on my left. I refused, thinking/knowing she will grab my hand and kill me. She suddenly screamed, and I jumped back towards the window. Someone grabbed me from outside the window; an enemy ninja. Then I heard shots or a shot, and the guy let me go; an ally from across the building was shooting at him. I had a quick view of the outside. When my vision went back inside the room, I saw the the maid has turned into a huge snake and was trying to escape up through the roof. I pulled her down (not sure if through kinesis or by hand), and I pushed her head through the wall and the window, and it got shredded. She was still alive; she's immortal. I pulled it back in a bit and shredded it back through, and I saw the eye get punctured. It looked more like a fish's eye. I saw the innards of the head.

      Slowly, I saw it starting to transform. The shredded bits started to become smaller snakes, but are still attached to the huge snake. I pulled her in to stop the complete transformation. I then asked her if she knows why I did not just kill her with my katana.

      I woke up.

      * There was a part where I drove with some people to the 'water' park down in South Luzon at night. I said that it's a shame we will miss the sights because it was night. I think my crush or boyfriend was there. (IRL, I have no boyfriend, and I don't recognize any of the people there.)

      * I was partially lucid.

      * Slept at around 8:38 p.m., and woke up after 1.5 hours at 10:10 a.m. I had a hard time sleeping. I drank a cup of coffee before to ensure I won't go deep down in sleep (I needed to work). I also tried focusing on my breathing, but I keep getting distracted by hypnagogic/hypnapompic (I keep going in and out of dreams) images. I read Psybermagick before sleeping. I also watched stuff.
    13. Twilight Flight With Kids

      by , 11-24-2013 at 12:55 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Date: 7/22/2013

      Ran with kids. Twilight dawn. Manapla. We flew to the skies. West. Sun is coming. I began to fall slowly. Flapped my arms to fly higher. The kids are feather falling. Some are already on the ground. I flew higher and higher. Above the trees. I passed by a house on the higher parts of the tree. I knocked on the door but flew on. I saw the fields below. I thought Manapla.landed slowly near Kasantolan.
    14. Friend & Officer

      by , 08-09-2013 at 01:38 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Aug 8, 2013

      Third person view of me. I was in a train station. I saw myself come out of the train with another guy. An acquaintance? His face was unclear. Someone (a friend?) was being interrogated by an officer just outside the train. I asked 'What's going on, officer'? He said something about the friend, and I crossed my arms and faced my friend, asking 'What did you do [this time]?'

      A map. Top-down view. A town. Various locations we passed by. There was a lake with monsters.

      NOTE: I was partially aware that I was dreaming. In fact, I was interpreting the dream while watching it. I see it as a battle between my ego, superego and id. The officer is obviously the superego, id the erring friend (although I was unclear what he did wrong), and 'I' was the ego, trying to work between the two, but obviously downplaying the id's desires.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Twilight Flight with Kids

      by , 07-24-2013 at 09:59 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      July 22, 2013, Monday

      I was running down the road west with some kids. It's in my hometown. It was twilight, right before dawn, but with no sun rays yet. We flight up to the skies. The sun began to rise.

      We started to feather fall, and some of the kids were already on the ground. I flapped my hands harder to go up higher. I saw the municipal building, I kept flying up, up higher than the trees.

      I passed by a tree house on a really tall tree. I knocked on the door, but then kept flying past it. I looked at the fields of my hometown below. I floated down and landed.
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