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    Memorable Dreams

    1. An Adventure to the Underground

      by , 01-10-2015 at 04:14 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on a trail with a "party," a group of adventurers. Some of us were knights, one in particular is out for revenge. One of their knights (or was it their king?) was killed. The other knight there is his best friend. He wanted to stop the other from doing something reckless like going off on his own. He went after him, so there were fewer of us. The two knights is reminiscent of two game characters from a Gameboy RPG I played years back.

      On the road, we passed met a group of characters... anthropomorphized animals riding regular animals. They were passing flyers to their event/celebration. They're from a nearby city/town.

      Backtrack: I was talking to a wizard of sorts (unclear image and personality) that gave me a quest to destroy a small collection of towns/cities (10 in all) and the crystal sphere that... holds them together? They're all on a bridge. I imagined their cities destroyed, by something like meteors.

      I also remember the place being so colorful and happy. Then when I went to their celebration, I was almost overwhelmed by the barrage of colors. It was a fun, happy place. I started thinking that wizard was a bad guy who just wants to destroy the place but can't do it himself. The townspeople are already wary of him. So I set out to make it my mission to help out the 10 towns.

      I "woke up." I was on my bed, and I was writing the dream so I won't forget. I was excited, thinking I should make that dream into a game. My bed position was different, closer to the door, and I was looking at myself wearing a white shirt and blue shorts.

      I was in our hometown. I kept going back to the city, for some reason, every few days. I also kept panicking about the clothing I was supposed to bring. I remember my stuff were near our deep well, and I keep dropping some of them off, but I have to hurry already. A friend, C, was already almost out of the gate. I ran after her.

      I was on a train. It was night. I remember worrying that if I lean too much inside the train walls, I might get hit by some object outside. We reached a station (underground). I saw C ahead of me. I was still trying to organize my stuff and realized I brought only one pair of (black) socks and they don't match. They also look too big.

      We stopped by an eatery. It's morning or at least daylight. I wasn't planning on eating, but then I saw the nice-looking fried chicken. I decided to order one: thigh and leg. There were a few tables in the open area (no indoors). The guy brought the chicken to our table. The guy on a nearby table was leaning too much towards us, so I moved a bit. I checked my money just in case I left that too. Then I saw the guy behind us (a bit of long hair, white shirt, and looks messy) drag C away. I ran after them but he opened a door to the "underground." The "door" is right in front of and kind of below the doorway of a house. I was about to go in but I got scared. It looks like a room, but colored... reddish? There were a few people inside, and they don't look threatening. There's another door across the room that leads to a dark place. (literally dark, and I can't see beyond it)

      The few people who were there look like they're just lounging about, not guarding anything, but I was afraid of going in. I decided to call a nearby policeman. I guided him to the house, and we went inside the house to the other room, but then I realized it wasn't supposed to be inside the house. There was a skinny guy there (he lives there, I think) who didn't seem to mind we came in. He has a bit of a long hair too. The police was skeptical of me.

      When I realized it's outside the house, I went back out and pulled up the door in front and below the doorway. I told him he has to call backup since it might be some sort of underground network of criminals, not just the basement. He ran in anyway, all confident, and I was beside myself in frustration. I thought of calling other police. I imagined where C was taken (I saw her going up and down a muddy place) after a few days, and I also saw a kidnapped kid.



      - I felt scared during the "awake" part of my dream.
      - I slept around 7 pm. I set my alarm to 1 hour and 44 minutes (or was it 3 hours and 44 minutes?), but I fell asleep again after I turned it off. I woke up around 10 pm.
      - My eyes were so tired when I went to sleep.
      - I still have pending work.
      - I inked a sketch I had that I labelled "Charlie."
      - I was thinking of buying chicken from Chooks To Go earlier today.
      - I think this dream shows how reckless my superego is at the moment.
      - It might also signify that I have to once again meet my shadow. It's been years since I felt scared and helpless in a dream.
    2. Cow Bull and the Visit to India

      by , 03-03-2014 at 02:37 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I never had a dream where I laughed when I woke up. It was hard for me to see what came before what in the dream (as is usual).

      I was back in my hometown. I was stayed there for a few days. I was at home in the living room. Mom was telling me about clothes or something. I checked the clothes and decided I should bring a few more. I saw two yellow clothes and thought that I don't have yellow clothes in the city yet. Then there are also the blue jeans. It was night, I believe, or at least dark. Maybe I was going to take my plane that day.

      I was talking to a woman. She was heading a cause or organization. She was supposed to have a talk, and/or she just came from one. Not sure how I met her. She's tall, wears glasses, and had her hair in a bun. Not sure what we were talking about, but she invited me to her talk. It was going to be in October 26. Then I realize that my flight out of the place is on the 25th. We both thought it was a shame. I think she was talking with Sarah as well. Sarah went out to meet old and new friends.

      I was in a restaurant with my other org-mates. Not sure what organization. It was dark, but not so dark that I can't see. It's more like the place when it's still closed, but there's already a bit of daylight. The restaurant was inside a mall. The lights were still off. There were different organizations in the place. We were able to get our place in the restaurant; it was first-come-first-served, but I think the org that was there first didn't leave a person behind to man it, so we thought it was free. All this came to mind while I stayed behind to guard the place. There were some sleeping. Some were out and about.

      Lico was outside. We were in India. He was eating some sampling of local food and enjoying it. I think there was an eat-all-you-can for the food he was eating. The Indian guy who was serving the food offered him more. We talked and he/they said that the seafood came from a place nearby that's teeming with sea creatures, so the food is fresh and cheap. I thought I remember reading about the place. It's near or on an island that disappears when the tide is high. They verified it. I took a sampling of food myself. It was good.

      I was in a city an hour away from my hometown. I was passing by an area that I haven't visited for years. I thought this place surely has changed. The jeep routes are different. I asked the guy I was with (not sure if he was a driver or a passenger), and he doesn't know. The thought came to me that he looks cute, but also that also scoffed that he doesn't know the place when he travels here. I went down after the river and walked around. The place is different. There were a lot of trees and small houses all over the place. There was a jeep station but no passenger. Or very few passengers. They hailed to see if I was going to ride, but I said no. I walked away and about. I ended up in a highway. It was familiar, but couldn't quite place it. I've been there before, but not on foot. I was riding a car/jeep. (I think it was in another dream where I was in a van with other co-workers going on a trip/a ride with my dad in one of my recent dreams, where we went near the sea). I thought it was a shortcut to somewhere. There was almost no people. It's a "sine-wave" road/highway. To my right, I saw the spires of the city. To my left, I assumed, but did not see, that it's headed for the province. I thought of turning on the GPS to see where exactly I was so I can go back. I saw a cow looking at me. It was tied to a gate of a home. I was like, cool, a cow. With huge-ass horns. It shook its head, like it didn't like something. Huh. I passed by a pillar/stair, blocking our view. When I passed it completely, the cow was gone, and it was turning around the pillar/stair. I checked my shirt. It's red. I ran into a... tunnel? Not exactly a tunnel. But it's like a narrow, semi-underground passage from one area to another. It has a gate. There were two people already walking ahead of me. I closed the gate behind me. I looked back. Surely the cow/bull doesn't know how to open it? I saw it hoof at the gate and it swung open. I ran fast, heartbeat racing, but more due to excitement than fear. I told the couple to get out of the way. The left and right side were not exactly walls, but more like ruins of an old building. There were stairs, pillars and all. I went around, left, right, just to lose the cow/bull, but I still heard it. The couple ran after me to make sure I was alright. The cow/bull caught up. They tried to distract it but it was focused on me. I finally took off my red shirt and threw it at the cow/bull. It seems displeased. Maybe it has something against the person who used to wear it?

      Back in India. I was talking about the island. I then realized, hey, I know people here in India. Why on earth didn't I contact them? I messaged them on my phone. One of them said that he saw me, but I didn't recognize him. I was like, yeah, but he could have said hi.

      The Cow/Bull

    3. Meditation and the Snake

      by , 12-05-2013 at 04:27 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was meditating outside the house, on the east side near the door. It was night, or at least it was dark. I was sitting in a half-lotus posture on the grasses near the plants. I was mentally viewing the four corners of the house with a 'construct' of myself, trying to ensure nothing goes through the barrier.

      I started to go inside. I had to bring a lot of stuff with me; books, paper and stuff, and some kept on falling but I must not leave anything behind. My dog was there too. I told him to stay out.

      When I was inside, I noticed there was another dog. The sun started to rise then. I touched it and found it was real. It's a smaller, hairier one. Then another. I saw more of them around the plants. My dog was making that poor-me sound. I wondered how they got in and thought that when I let my guard down, they must have dug down the walls and the barrier. One poked at my dog's clothes, and my dog was on his back on the ground.

      I was in a restaurant. I was eating with some people. One asked where else to find a good Japanese restaurant. I tried to think but I can't remember any. I mentioned/praised the good food in the place. One said (Ate M?) that there's also separate rooms and they serve the food inside. I said that wasn't what I was referring to.

      I was in a restaurant (not sure if the same one). I was an owner or at least a friend of the owner. They were serving food to an (male) enemy? He was wearing a tux. There's wasabi and yellow rice. A friend offered to provide the wasabi, but we all said no. Something about his way of cooking it. Or the rice. There's yellow rice but inside it's still white.

      I was in a room, in a hotel, I presumed. I asked something to be done outside. I was on the bed. A knock, and I said come in. A maid went inside and said there was a delivery for me and that I should hold out my hand. She was on my left. I refused, thinking/knowing she will grab my hand and kill me. She suddenly screamed, and I jumped back towards the window. Someone grabbed me from outside the window; an enemy ninja. Then I heard shots or a shot, and the guy let me go; an ally from across the building was shooting at him. I had a quick view of the outside. When my vision went back inside the room, I saw the the maid has turned into a huge snake and was trying to escape up through the roof. I pulled her down (not sure if through kinesis or by hand), and I pushed her head through the wall and the window, and it got shredded. She was still alive; she's immortal. I pulled it back in a bit and shredded it back through, and I saw the eye get punctured. It looked more like a fish's eye. I saw the innards of the head.

      Slowly, I saw it starting to transform. The shredded bits started to become smaller snakes, but are still attached to the huge snake. I pulled her in to stop the complete transformation. I then asked her if she knows why I did not just kill her with my katana.

      I woke up.

      * There was a part where I drove with some people to the 'water' park down in South Luzon at night. I said that it's a shame we will miss the sights because it was night. I think my crush or boyfriend was there. (IRL, I have no boyfriend, and I don't recognize any of the people there.)

      * I was partially lucid.

      * Slept at around 8:38 p.m., and woke up after 1.5 hours at 10:10 a.m. I had a hard time sleeping. I drank a cup of coffee before to ensure I won't go deep down in sleep (I needed to work). I also tried focusing on my breathing, but I keep getting distracted by hypnagogic/hypnapompic (I keep going in and out of dreams) images. I read Psybermagick before sleeping. I also watched stuff.
    4. The Huge Tree Dormitory

      by , 11-14-2011 at 03:58 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in McDonalds with my sis. We were eating. Then suddenly, we have to escape. Some people want to kill or take us. We ran outside. Or rather, I ran outside while carrying her (she was small). They were shooting guns, and I shoot them with magical force. I ran on the street and shot them.

      We were walking. I was with sis and... someone else. I think it was mom, but not sure now. We were walking, and I saw a huge tree from afar. It was sparkling, like early dawn with dews still fresh. It was beautiful and magical. We were going to that tree.

      We arrived at the root, me and sis and mom, I think. We were talking. We crossed over an obstacle, and I found books. I looked for books that are interesting. One is a book about Sen. Mirriam Santiago, but co-authored by a few others. We climbed.

      We climbed up the tree. But then it was no longer a tree. It was a dormitory of sorts. I walked, but couldn't find them. Then I heard a "door" close, and I saw that the wall is actually a door. I opened it, and saw stairs going up. I saw them up the stairs. I followed.

      We put our stuff in our respective rooms. I was in the room with Cat. An old friend and classmate, JJ, was also there. Then Cat received a call from his mom. We all heard it. She was looking for him, and when he said we're on the third floor, she told him to move to the first/ground floor. I wanted to say it's "safer" up in the third floor, but everybody's packing their stuff already.

      The place looked (or felt) like Cebu.
    5. Jumping on the Beach

      by , 11-10-2011 at 02:22 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in my room, on the bed, one evening. Cat was there as well, lying closer to the wall. He was wearing a white shirt. He (or I) was reading something, then he lied down on his back, his eyes closed. I lied next him coz I wanted to look at his sleepy face. When I got closer, I saw his eyes are still open slightly. When he saw me, he suddenly looked funny at me. I told him I just want to watch him as he sleeps. He turned around, facing the wall.

      I went somewhere and went back. Cat was talking on the phone, facing the wall (or maybe pretending that someone called him). Then he said he has to go. I got sad. When he was about to go out the door, I reached for his hand and asked him where he's going. He said he's just going to the bathroom. I slowly let go of his hand as he slowly walked away into the bathroom, while both of us still looking at each other. I finally lost sight of him when I closed the door.

      I went somewhere far. Bacolod? Morning. I was looking at eye/sunglasses in a store. I went out. I was in downtown Bacolod. I ran, sad and depressed, because he left me. Then I wondered, what if he just went somewhere, and he was going to return, but then he didn't find me at home, so we just went away? I got more depressed.

      It was near the pier in Toledo. I ran. I was near the pier. The beach, with clean, white sand. There were some plants. I jumped over into lower ground on the beach, which was more than six feet high (I'd normally feel very uncomfortable jumping from that height). I felt sad, but at the same time, I didn't mind getting hurt physically, because the pain in my heart hurt more.

      Then I reached a place on the beach where there are more people. There is a family of two male parents; they're married and they have three kids, having a blast at the beach. I checked the next "jump," and it was a lot higher. Too high. I saw a bamboo ladder going down. I told myself I'll go down and once I'm lower, I'll jump backwards onto the sand. I then hid my mobile phones in my short pants in a way that they won't get damaged.

      I crossed stepped into the bamboo ladder and started going down. Then, at a height I thought I'd still be uncomfortable, I let myself fall backwards. I landed. It was closer than I thought.

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    6. Adventures in the Otherworld

      by , 11-03-2011 at 08:09 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a dark, dank and empty castle. There are streaks of black all over the place. It is filled with shadows. I am in search of something. The exit?

      There's a monster after me. A creature bigger than I. It is pure black, and looks like a skeleton beast. It reminds me of the Balrog in the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, except that it walks on all four legs.

      It has been stalking me, and I keep evading it. I know I won't be able to fight it myself. Then I saw my mentor; a hunter. He was walking when I saw the shadow behind him. I shouted "Master, behind you!" He struggled with the shadow demon.

      Meanwhile, I was looking around to make sure nobody attacks him from behind. I tried to check the corridor to my right, but it leads down, to the catacombs, with an air of dread. I decided not to hang out in that area. I slowly approached my mentor who was still struggling with the shadow beast, and I walked backwards toward him, watching our back. It looked like a middle ages castle.

      Then one creature appeared. I shot him with... something. A gun? A spell? It disappeared. Then another one appeared. A vampire! He looks like a vampire from the HoMM3. He's stronger, and the "gun" didn't work on him. I hurried to free my ceremonial knife from my belt, and tried to stab him in the chest. But it didn't go deep. It just looked at me. I pushed harder, and it went through.

      I was flying wildly in the forest. I was with some allies. They also have magical abilities. We were looking for something, or being chased by something. We had to open a portal, or at least go through an open portal. The atmosphere/air/space ahead of us looked like a multicolored vibration as the portal opens. Some are trying to stretch it. Eventually, me, and perhaps some of the others, went through.

      I was in the "real" world. I was in a supermarket. They were selling nuts, and they're stored in a freezer. I saw a mirror and saw that I was fat. These are some of my mentors in N21.

      I was walking near the Bacolod cemetery in the middle of the street with Grey. I crossed the street, and looked back. He disappeared. I grew furious at whoever took him. I searched. I entered an internet cafe.