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    1. Naked in Front of Julie Chen & 3 Other Women, Economy Class & Previous Experiences, Rebecca Chambers

      by , 12-30-2013 at 06:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Naked in front of Julie Chen & 3 other women (DILD)


      I'm inside of a large room with multiple women, and the environment itself seems to give a highly sexual vibe to anyone that's in it. It felt as if any logic to restrain myself was absolved within this environment, especially since the women were naked and were obviously wanting to have sex.

      They didn't seem to mind me taking my clothes off, and there were three that seemed very familiar.

      • One is an Asian female that looks like Julie Chen from the Talk, and I never had a dream with her before.

      • The second is a Hispanic female that I remembered since middle school, and she seems to have a chubbier build than her older self in waking life. She still seemed to have the dark caramel brown hair, and wasn't really attractive whatsoever.

      [list][*]The third was an African American female that looked like who I will nickname as Chels. She still has her thick glasses intact and has that awkward facial expression where she looks spaced out and is looking at something/someone for a few more seconds than usual.[/quote]

      And then there's one random anime girl with snow white hair that looked like she has a One Piece face format. Chels has her left hand on the side of her hips, and she's looking down on me.

      This is where I started to realize I felt that whatever the hell happen before is nothing more than a blurry and hazy memory. I can feel myself bracing my back against a red bed of some sort.

      I was going to put some clothes on, but I was distracted by the huge erection that somehow made me afraid of how the women would react. Even though that shouldn't even be a fear, maybe I was worried they would do something to me if I was barely able to string together the ability to perceive what was going on.

      I can hear them giggling, mostly from the Hispanic female, and I had a growing fear of her because she's trying to take pictures of me naked. I felt it should've been the other way around, though it would be kind of pointless to shift the gender/sex dynamic since it was just a dream.

      I managed to put on some light blue sports pants that resembles the one I wear in waking life before she took a picture down there. Though I felt she was able to get a shot seeing how she was still giggling and holding onto her camera fairly tight.

      And with my awkward position of bracing against the bedside on the floor with an erection that would make Viagra a pre-meal warm-up, I started to feel both sensations from dreaming and waking life. And I had the urge to urinate, which made things even more awkward.

      Whatever they did to me, and whatever we did in that blurry memory of mine, I guess that many women needed this raging erection apparently. The girl with the snow white hair was someone that seemed to randomly exist, and I can't recall her naked at all.

      All I could recall was her static facial expression of looking the other way with her mouth open and eyes wide open.

      First time in a few months where I naturally woke up to a REM stiffy.


      Economy Class and Telling About my Previous Experiences (WILD)


      This classroom felt like the AP Economy class I had with the younger teacher that was a Baseball coach during my senior year in High School. The class was pretty active, and there seemed to be a lot of group activities going on for a particular project.

      There was a book in front of me, and there was a red bar on the top section of the pages. There was black colored text and the the book itself seemed to have a wealth of information, though that kind of overwhelmed me at the time seeing how I was still trying to get used to the environment and the dream characters surrounding me.

      I'm sitting a wide table, and I noticed the Economy AP teacher is paying attention to me and the others. He definitely has a different demeanor compared to his more quiet and reserved type in class. It kind of freaked me out that this guy was this engaging to his students in a positive manner and with a smile on his face.

      Definitely had to be dreaming if there wasn't going to be anything else other than that huge contrast in his behavior. Everyone seemed to be interested in my previous experiences with the other High Schools.

      I went on to tell them in a joking manner of how things would be much harder because I would finish everything all in one night, and then end up stressing out. There was a girl that looked like Sara/Sarah/or whatever she called herself
      (side note: the one that was preppy)


      Trying to Avoid Rebecca Chambers (DILD)


      I'm sitting in a hallway with a random dream character that looks like your classic shady individual with a dark gray coat, black top hat, and black sunglasses.

      I'm sitting on the opposite side from him, and I'm not too aware of what was actually being discussed. I sensed that someone was coming after me, and was able to shift perspective into a spectator mode and looked over the shoulder of the entity.

      She looked like Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0, and she's coming over with a gun. I believe she was wearing her default costume, or maybe a dark gray and black version of it.

      I think the flooring had a few inches of water, though it could just be the reflection from the glass roofs that made me imply that.

      The dream starts to shift where the roles are switched where I'm the one coming after her while she's sitting down with someone. The dream gets too confusion to conceptualize at this point, and I can't recall what happens after.

    2. Sandwiched Between Ada and Eva [18+]

      by , 04-28-2013 at 09:38 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sandwiched Between Ada and Eva [18+] (WILD)

      Just a heads up, there are no lettuces, tomatoes, bread, or even mayonnaise in this dream. Just a heads up.


      I'm inside of a bedroom and there's a female in red lingerie sitting freely against the head of the bed. The bedroom and the environment is a bit bland since I didn't want to give much attention to it in the first place. I advance to the female and I take my clothes off as well, and I slowly braced my chest onto hers, and she wraps her legs around my rear and hugs me as I continue to increase my ability to feel her warm and slightly sweaty skin.

      I can hear her slowly breathing, and slowly moving up and down her body entices me to have sex with her.

      Spoiler for Not for the light hearted:

      Definitely not the mayonnaise you expect to come out from being sandwiched.

      Anyway, after all that, we decided to just chill in the bed and I spread my arms open so they could rest their heads on the side of my chest. I close my arms in and we snuggle.



      You know, sometimes I wonder how far I can go with this shit man. Where do I draw the line? There is no fucking line here.

      Oh well, guess I'll just have more sex after this gets posted.

    3. Cat tries to Slash my Fingers WTF

      by , 09-16-2012 at 03:57 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Cat tries to Slash my Fingers WTF (Non-lucid)


      Took a nap, an unnecessary one.

      I think I see a cat that's outside, it has black and dark brown fur, so I decided to bring it in.

      Dream shifts, and I'm inside of a room, and it sort of looks like my apartment bedroom. The carpet was light brown, there's white walls, my bed is to the left of me, and I'm sitting on the floor with the same cat I brought in.

      I swear this cat did some telepathy just now, it's not even forming any words, and I hear it say, "I'll let you pet me....."

      Well yeah, if I'm helping you find a warm place, you better let me pet you.

      After petting it, I decided to touch its tail a little with my finger, then it notices this, shifts its head to my finger, and gets its claws out to try and scratch it. I try to move my finger around so I don't get scratch, but the cat gets clings on to it, and my finger gets punctured, and there's a little blood spewing out. Then it starts turning into a black scab almost immediately.

      So I decided to pick this cat up, and even though I can't see it while I'm taking it somewhere outside, I can still feel its weight on my hands. I threw the cat out.

      Good riddance.
      Tags: bedroom, cat
    4. Duo Missionary Sex, Went Through Hell, Video Game Run, False Awakening Level: >9,000 (SDE Day 28)

      by , 09-11-2012 at 01:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Duo Missionary Position (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      Went Through Hell (Non-lucid)


      I don't know what's happening here, all I remember is that the environment has different hues of red, orange, and yellow, and there's some weird stuff going on in this room. I could've sworn that I saw Johnny Depp is red Thriller costume, and he's squatting down with his knees together. He has some freaky hairstyle, and he turns his head to the right to look at me.


      Even though he's far away from me, it still irks me, and I believe he has blood dripping out of his mouth while he's smiling at me sinisterly. There's a female, and even though I can't recall how she looked like, I had a feeling she was important in the dream. To me, the female was some kind of gray blur, and as I'm trying to really get into detail on what she could look like, I imagine long dark brown/black hair, kind of like Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R game series

      Whoever it was, she was close to falling into a hole on a ground, and I think someone is trying to trick her into going inside of the hole. She decides to prepare to run and jump into the whole, and I think I started screaming, "NO!" as she's getting closer and closer.

      I forget what happened next....
      Video Game Run (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching someone, or maybe it's me mentally controlling a video game, but whatever it may be, the character in the video game is going through a lot of areas on a level pretty quickly, and without getting any kind of damage (that I can recall) from enemies.

      The game itself was 2D, kind of like playing an older version of Zelda, but I can't recall the character at all, just light green grass everywhere, and there's final part in the game where these two creatures that look like they have tentacles are chasing the character. The person controlling the character seems to be able to escape them with ease, and then there's one part of the area, like, to describe how it's set up, when you go past the borders of that area, it shifts to a new area.

      Anyway, once I get to the final area, and I don't know how I know this, I just do, the two monsters end up catching up to the person running away from them, but by that time, the level was completed.
      False Awakening Level: >9,000 (Non-lucid)


      I wake up naturally, and I get up immediately, but I'm still just at an erect sitting position on the bed. I immediately do a nose plug reality check, and I believe I can't breathe at all.

      I started to count my fingers, but the time I go to my right ring finger to get to the number 4 on my head, I quit counting the rest. I look at my alarm, it looks exactly the same as in waking life. It's black, has red digital font numbers on it, and it the time was 7:xx AM (I can't remember the exact minutes).

      I look back again, and I could've sworn the time shifted to 5:xx AM, but I just take it as me not looking t the time right.


      Everything is dark, and I didn't even bother to realize that it's NEVER THIS DARK if it really was 7:xx AM.

      Nope, I just sit on my bed like an idiot for a few seconds, and I go back to sleep.

      OKAY, I know one thing for sure, like with most false awakenings, they start with me waking up in my apartment, and in some rare cases, at a different bed, be it a hospital bed or something else, but those cases are very rare. In fact, I think it's just only one dream I remember where I woke up next to a lady. sitting down at a chair somewhere.

      And then there's another dream where a blonde in a pink Victoria's Secret panties and bras was right next to me in bed, but I ignore her and probably went back to sleep. Those were from a loooong time.

    5. Lugia, VHS tapes, You are One of Us............(SDE Day 03)

      by , 08-17-2012 at 06:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lugia (Non-lucid)


      It's night time, and I'm on the upper floor of this random house. It has the default wood flooring that goes longways for each individual piece. I currently have a flashlight with me, since it really is dark, but the light itself is way too dim for me to venture safely in this house.

      I have to walk slowly for most of the dream. I finally find the bathroom in this house, and the whole area consists of white....white walls, white tile flooring...everything. It feels so empty, I can't even sense a living soul in this house. I look around the bathroom sink, and find that there are two flashlights for me to use.

      There's one that's already on.....just laying at the edge of the bathroom shining at the mirror....laid there convieniently just for me....


      I get a little suspicious and wanted to take the other one that wasn't on, but I decided I might as well take the light blue flashlight that's already on. Plus, it looked more appealing, even though that itself shouldn't have allowed me to be passive on the fact that it was on already by something or someone.

      I look at the flashlight a little bit, and it's so bright that I can even see through the blue layering that covers most of the base and top of the flashlight. It also has a fairly thick black rim around the glass where the light shines. I get out of the room, and I quickly see one child in front of me.

      He looks very familiar, let's call him "H." I can tell he wants me to follow him somewhere, and I do. He opens one door, and points somewhere. I go in the room to see where he's pointing, and I hear him mention something about Lugia...

      I think he was trying to say something else, but that's the first word that pops in my mind when trying to recall this dream.

      I tried to find ways to comprehend what he's doing by pointing at the room. Maybe he wasn't focusing on the toys on the bed, and since it was dark, maybe where I was trying to look at where he's pointing was wrong.

      Darn it.

      VHS tapes (Non-lucid)


      I only remember going inside the living of a house. It has red carpet flooring, and I decided to check the DVD shelf near the PC on the floor. I didn't realize this could be my mother's sister's house until I recalled this.

      I look through random VHS tapes, and I see names of people on them, I think? It was so random, these felt like the type of names you would see on a forum or something. I hear voices, but I can't make a clear distinction of the source....
      You are One of Us.... (DILD)


      Before I had this dream, I decided...."Let me turn off my laptop, and everything else in this room." My Blackberry, the chargers for the laptop and phone, and just keep the fan running.

      I always keep my laptop on as a way to ensure that when I wake up, I'll immediately open the DreamJournal system by Banhurt, and start typing away as many thoughts that appear in my mind. That's all I've been doing up to this point, well before this point.

      And I know this may be just random luck that I managed to become lucid from this dream, but maybe I should try having the laptop off when I try the WBTB. In fact, maybe just not have it on altogether, and resort to traditional means of waking up, the less distracting external alarm that I use to wake myself up for in college rather than the countdown timer on my laptop

      Since I don't have to worry about waking up multiple times and forgetting to set the alarm again, I can try it out. I wonder......I've seen threads about electronics interrupting parts of your brain from functioning at a certain time when you need them to, but I never really indulged myself into that belief.

      I'll just believe in it now, since I rarely become lucid in the first place, and the moment I turn off the computer and the phone, I wake up 2 hours later and can recall this lucid dream.

      I'm outside somewhere, it feels like New York, with the gray atmosphere, good weather in fact judging by how clear the skies are. I feel like I'm jogging or running around this random section. I keep moving forward, ignoring the roads to the left of me because I don't recall seeing any cars passing by. I keep running and using my peripheral vision, I see something blue above me, like a store or service sign.

      The whole area consisted of very dull colors, mostly the gray, and I couldn't help but stop to see what's inside this section that looks like those mini-stores in New York. It seems to be shut down, but it's opened. Most of the place is empty, just random objects on the floor. I go inside this area, and eventually find a man sitting down somewhere.

      He looks a lot like the brother of a man that I knew in my childhood, let's call him "G."

      "G's" brother is wearing a white shirt, with short black pants, and dark colored shoes. I think he's even wearing long black socks. He's probably around the age of 50-60, and still using that "Just For Men's" haircolor like always....*giggle*

      Sorry...it's just....ugh, people and their ambition to maintain youth....as your body continues to decay, what's the point? It's like trying to add a bowtie on manure.... Anyway...

      I see another man next to G's brother, but I don't pay much attention to him. I realized that being here isn't going to give me something useful to do or experience. So I turn around and try to get out, and suddenly things turn into a mini-maze for me.

      I had a feeling G's brother was looking at me, and this feeling of thinking he was doing that started to get stronger and stronger, but I'm sure it's just me being paranoid that he might do something to me...can't really have your back faced on them with the sporadic nature of non-lucid dreams...

      I finally get out of this mini-maze, which was just running left and right around wall ledges. As I continue picking up the pace with getting faster, some random guy riding a bike does an insane wheelie stunt, almost coming in contact with me.

      Things are going in slow motion for a little while, and I quickly glanced at him. He was wearing a white vest, and dark colored shorts. He was a dark skinned man, and I can't remember his hairstyle. After he disappears, no one is in my way now, and I keep running.

      The dream shifts, and I'm suddenly on the top floor of a house. I immediately realize this is my uncle's house when I made a trip to Canada for a week a month ago. There are three doors on the left of me, and I'm currently near the first one (excluding the master bedroom) if you were to go up the stairs to get there.

      I decided to check the bathroom, but I can't remember which door I picked, probably the middle or the last one in front of me. I go inside, and I find the bathroom is completely different than the one in waking life. The sink is on the right side, right as soon as you enter the bathroom it's right there compared to having to walk a little bit and seeing it on the left side.

      I see there's a green mini-towel, and out of curiousity, since the whole bathroom was white and shiny, the green made a huge contrast. I zoomed in a little it to see if there's any leterring or symbols, and I find that when I turn it around, there's 5 stars.

      They are all lined up horizontally, and they have a darker shade of green compared to the thin fabric that was wrapped around the mini-towel. I put it down, and I get out of the bathroom. I see that someone is coming in. I see a small child coming in with someone, and I quickly turn around and find something was weird.

      I do a nose plug reality check,
      and I can breathe through my nose. I couldn't believe it, so I held my nose even tighter than before, and can still breathe through. I continued to feel the sensation of my dream diaphragm contracting to inflate the lungs. I surprisingly kept a calm demeanor throughout the rest of this dream.

      Didn't really need to bother with stabilization since the dream itself was vivid and crisp. I can sense that these people are coming up the stairs, hearing the pounding their feet are creating on each step. I can sense that these had to be children, I could sense the enthusiasm.

      They finally come up, and the first one that I notice is my grand-daughter, let's call her "K." I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the children, just her. She was very cheerful and happy to see me, completely different than she was in waking life where she was always too shy to talk to me.

      Even though I didn't pay attention to the rest of the children, sometimes I wonder that if I did, I could've seen a glimpse of the other children my sister would turn out to be when they get a little older.

      I wanted to go inside the other room in front of me, so I forgot about "K" and the other children altogether. I don't know what motivates me to go inside this room, but I opened it and immediately closed it to prevent "K" and the rest from coming in.

      I see a bed in front of me, and I think there's a blonde anime girl 1-3 feet in front of me. She has those big and adorable eyes. I forget what she's wearing because her big and cute eyes are luring me to come closer to her.......

      She advances to me.....

      She tells me,

      "You will now become one of us...."

      Ho ho ho hoooooo, I like where this is going.

      She gets a syringe out, and she immediately stabs the right side of my neck, pushes whatever liquid contained in the syringe, and pulls it out. It actually was painless, and the fact that being lucid and not being bothered by this really concerns me lol.

      I think she tries to explain a few more things, but by this time, things start getting a little blurry for me. There's a dream shift, and I'm back in the bedroom again. I see there's someone sleeping in the bedroom.

      Things get weird from this point, I can't even comprehend how I come into play this time compared to before. The girl realizes that I'm in the bedroom, I think, and she unfolds the sheets to show herself and turns around and blushes.

      She asks, "What are you doing here?" and opens her mouth in shock, and her blushing increases in redness. Then I see there's a person on the left side sleeping on the floor wake up, and he ends up blushing at her in shock. This is the part that I'm confused on lol, was it me, or was it the other random anime guy?

      By this time, I decided I might as well wake up, because I started to get worried about what was going to happen. All three of us were surprised to see each other....then again, that shouldn't have been my reason to just wake up lol.

    6. Afraid of the Dark, No Exam for me, Store rage..

      by , 05-06-2012 at 05:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Afraid of the Dark (WILD)


      I don't know how to categorize this lucid, lol. WILD, DILD, DEILD? I'll just go with WILD I guess.

      I believe this is after I heard the alarm, because I said to myself that I would do a reality check after the alarm started to ring.

      I'm resting on my bed, and I decided I should do a nose plug reality check.

      I feel awkward at first, but I know I'm lucid because even thought it was hard to breathe through at first, I know that in waking life, my insides wouldn't be able to expand.

      I'm at my apartment, and it's dark, barely any light at all, maybe near the kitchen, but I'm not sure about that.

      I take the time to try and turn on one of the lights several times, but none of them are working for me. I believe I rubbed my hands at some point for stabilization, and I decided to open the front door. It's still dark outside, and I see maybe two or so random people walking outside.

      I couldn't see their facial composition though, there was one person that looked like a silhouette, literally, and for some reason, I was afraid of going outside in the dark, so I go back inside my apartment.

      That's all I remember.
      No exam for me (Non-lucid)


      I believe I moved to another school in this dream, because the main thing I wanted to ask this random professor in the ends was whether or not I still have to take an exam for moving in at an awkward time. The professor seemed to be awesome, everyone paid attention to him and all that fun stuff.

      After class was over, I go up to him and ask if there's any exams that I have to take. He pauses, then smiles and says,

      "Nope, we're pretty much done."

      I remember the dream shifting to where I'm waiting for my father to pick me up.

      Store Rage (Non-lucid)


      I go inside a store, and I asked one of the employees how much they would buy a pair of black shoes I was holding on to.

      "Ten bucks..."

      I said, "Make it 20$."

      "You got yourself a deal...." he replied.

      I go up to the guy, get my money, check it, and then he said,

      "That easily would've gone for $15."

      Okay.....I get out of the store, then I checked the amount of cash I had, there was some trouble reading it (missed reality check), and it takes a while for me to calculate how much I have in my hand right now.

      I actually see a nine-dollar bill while looking through the amount I had. I realize that guy gave me over $20, and I decided to go back into the store to tell him this, but then I had a gut feeling to just not tell him, I almost did, but I stopped midway.

      The dream shifts to where I'm probably in a different store, and there's an Asian employee this time of a Caucasian one. I'm looking above the shelves to my right and see a bunch of printers and scanners.

      I'm interested in the scanners, and ask him how much they cost. I check the price tag on them, and saw $30. I was surprised at first, but I checked again, and it was for the ink cartridges. The actual printers were around $100 or so.

      The Asian guy gets angry at me for some weird reason, and I'm trying to figure out why he's being so mad at me. I look down at one of the printers, and I see Japanese symbols that were printed out, which leads me to assume that it doesn't print English.

      He gets more serious, and I just reach the breaking point and basically told him to go screw himself and left the store. I get out of the store, and I think I'm shifted in the dream to where I'm near the store again, and the Asian guy is taking a smoke.

      I don't think he notices my face, but I'm still pissed at him for getting mad at me for no reason, so I ignored him and get near a fairly deep ledge to get on the grass on the bottom.

      I look left and right for traffic coming by, then when it's clear, I jump off the ledge, walk down the road to get to the section in the middle with grass on top of the curb to split the lanes, and then cross it as well.

      I see a blonde girl in a black jacket and some short sports shorts, sitting down with some females. There's other groups of people around, but I just continue walking forward.

      I had another dream, but I forgot it, whatever..

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    7. Phenlypatin Explosion, Victoria, Change of Heart, Math teacher, Biology Review

      by , 04-30-2012 at 06:58 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Okay, recall is a little better now.

      Phenlypatin Explosion (Non-lucid)


      The word Phenlypatin is what I saw in the dream, I googled what that is, and got Phenlypentane. Note this dream a little......

      How should I say this......


      The thrill of almost being caught, the thrill of hearing others die in the next room because they couldn't handle the explosion right.

      Blowing up things with ease with a random chemical that doesn't even exist, at least here.....it was crazy...I honestly am scared on how my non-lucid state loved all this.

      Whoever knew that getting away for explosions was actually thrilling?

      The dream starts out to where someone hands me some kind of small test tube with a pink liquid inside. They tell me that it is "Phenlypatin," and that when it's set to somewhere under 10 degree Celsius, it will cause an explosion.

      This wasn't really good logic at all, seeing as since I'm in shade, it should've exploded instantly, but it didn't. Maybe they meant if it's in an environment near 10 degree Celsius or above...but whatever..

      The environment is mostly consists of this huge uphill, and we're at the bottom of it. To the right of me is an extension for it for vehicles to turn left (on their side). It seems to be around afternoon in this dream, and the sky is clear, so it gives us this kind of light grayish atmosphere to it.

      There's a huge tree to the right of me as well, which adds on to the shade in the area I'm in.

      I believe I'm in the shade at the time, and behind me was some kind of old and abandoned house. I think someone lived there, but it was a really old female. I don't know how I started out in this area, but I threw some of this Phenlypatin stuff near the truck.

      (Note: I didn't know it was Phenlypatin until later on in the dream).

      I thought the truck should've exploded by now, but as it goes downhill from the long road slope down near the curve to the left (right curve in my case), one of the gray, shiny, and oblong shaped tanks it was containing exploded right in front of me.

      I saw some gases come out, and they had these hues of white and silver to is. The explosion was more of a pop, rather than actual fire.

      The blue truck crashed into the large tree or whatever to the right of me. Then I started to laugh because this stuff was actually explosive!

      I spend more time throwing the test tubes at random vehicles, I think I threw one at a taxi, or maybe it was just a plain yellow vehicle, not sure.

      After I started cackling like a madman, I'm shifted to where my Biology TA I had for my second semester as a freshmen gives us more of these tubes, but either she didn't know these were explosive and being ignorant, or was just a random DC set out to force me not to do a reality check.

      (That should've made me do a reality check, seeing as I don't have to go to Biology lab anymore because I took care of the Practical Exam last week).

      There's probably two more people with me, and they're waiting for her to give them more tubes. She gives more tubes to me apparently because one of the people asked if they can take some from me. I hold on to the tubes and moved my arms away from them so they wouldn't take it.

      MY TUBES was my behavior at the time....lmao, I really have gone crazy with these things..

      Then I'm alone in this dark room now, and I hear some sounds coming from the wall. I presume that it's people that were near me before.

      They were doing some countdown, probably for another Phenlypatin Explosion.

      Altogether, they declared,





      They're all dead. I hear the sound of their bodies exploding from the inside, it had this squishy sound to it. I guess the blood was splattered all over the walls to create that weird sound.

      It shocked me a little bit, but they were stupid to activate the explosive in short range. I honestly thought the explosion would be strong enough to cause the Phenlypatin near the wall to explode as well.

      Then I get out of the dark room, and apparently some Authority figures come in, and they're telling us of the incident. I believe I ignore what they're saying for a few seconds to look at a box that had the name of the explosive, which said Phenlypatin.

      I'm surprised they didn't know I was part of the group with the explosives, and then as everyone leaves, there's this random guy who turns towards me, but is walking backwards.

      He puts up the middle finger at me, and he makes this face like he's trying to get his upper lips to touch his nose, which causes his top head region to stretch down as if he's mad.

      I don't know why he's mad, but I didn't kill anyone at all. The people who caused the explosion and got themselves killed were the idiots...not me.

      Then I turn around and see a tube sticking out from the bedroom, along with some kind of plastic needle medium that you press down on the top to squeeze out whatever liquid was inside.

      I quickly shove it under the sheets so the authorities wouldn't take a glance at my bedroom (they didn't check my bedroom, and I was honestly scared that they would, seeing as I knew I had a lot of these test tubes in a container near the wall that I mentioned before).

      I realized the last portion of my dream occurred in my apartment.
      Victoria's Body on Me (Non-lucid)


      I find it funny that I dreamed about Victoria again, a girl I had for Biology class in High school when I was Sophomore. The last time I dreamed about her, it was because I looked at a few photos of her one time.

      And I when I was on IRC posting women I met before, I dream about her this time. Funny how my mind works.

      I'm inside someone's bedroom. The sheets are white I believe, and it's a small bedroom, with a lot of stuff, but it was organized, to some extent.

      There was a window to my left, and I was near the end of the bedroom, probably holding on to a part of it, waiting for someone.

      Then Victoria comes in.....

      And she's smiling, she's happy to see me obviously. Her blonde hair, something about it made me enticed by her. Her radiant energy from the last dream I had about her was there.

      I know it was there, and it was even stronger....strong enough to fabricate high and intense sexual energy.

      The way she's moving coming towards me, I eventually laid my back on the bed. Then she gets on top of me.

      She holds both my hands....

      I'm now trapped in her presence, her wonderful sexual energy. She keeps smiling at me, giggling even as well. Then there's this other random girl that looks like a girl named Z that I had for an art class before.

      Z was wearing a dark red shirt I believe, along with a super short pink skirt. She was going inside one of the brown dresser shelves, the bottom one.

      As she's bending down to go inside the dresser, I realized she had no panties on. I'm seeing all this from third perspective mode, while Victoria is still on top of me.

      Seeing Z bend down like that turned me on for some reason. I wonder why she was putting herself inside of a dresser, lol.

      Maybe because I would use her later on like how I put on my clothes?

      LOL, that's being a little bit too extreme, even if she could be a sex partner in this dream.

      Anyway, back to Victoria. Having her whole body on me was amazing, and I think at one point, she wanted me to get naked. I think I do it, but I'm not sure if it was me, or some other person getting naked.

      I can't remember anything else, other than seeing a small dream reset of Z bending down again to go inside the drawer, without her underwear.
      Change of Heart (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking somewhere, and I managed to get out of a building to get inside of what seemed like a garage. The floor was gray and shiny, and it felt like it was a workshop garage or something.

      I see a tennis coach I used to have treating one of the teammates I knew in High School. Apparently, it looked like he was doing an Electrocardiography operation on the teammate of mine.

      (I'm not surprised, seeing as I did an ECG in Biology Lab this semester).

      The coach is asking John,

      "Don't you have a change of heart?"

      I didn't really pay attention to the meaning of that,
      but now, it's probably when I asked someone on the IRC last night why they had a change of heart.

      Anyway, I prepare to go outside, and I see another familiar face who looked like James that I knew in waking life. He smiles at me a little bit, but I ignore him as well.

      I continue walking to go to the right diagonally. The sky, it looks like it's going to rain, or at least drizzle. Then I see a girl that looks like J, a girl that I saw in a High school who was Black, but light skinned.

      She saw some friend of hers that acknowledge her presence, and they started to run to each other, but I ignore this as well.

      Then I stopped for a moment, and I something tempted me to cough, like I was sick or something. I don't know what it was, but I managed to get back up from having one knee to the ground.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Math Teacher (Non-lucid)


      I really don't care too much of this dream, too boring to recall the details.

      To put it as simple as possible, I'm in a math class, but it seems to have an elementary setting to it, and I'm asking some old lady on what problems I had to finish, but I think she said I don't have to worry about it.
      Biology Review (Non-lucid)


      Since when does my apartment become a blood study guide for random people?

      And because I had this dream, I'm worried about how it's going to play out with the Biology Final I have this friday.

      All right, the dream starts out in my apartment, and there are quite a few people inside of it (missed reality check #1).

      I see my Biology 111 professor I had at the time is there (missed reality check #2) and he's answering a few questions a student has. She was a female, and she was wearing a light turquoise shirt along with short black sports shorts, and she seemed to know what she was saying. (a girl in my apartment? missed reality check #3)

      But the professor corrected her by saying that some purple material is in fact the yellow material's properties, I can't remember what specifically.

      Then there's this random Asian guy, who is fairly chunky in size, and he's holding a paper with his right hand, and basically reads from it asking the professor that we don't really need to know what has to be excluded from whatever set of chemicals or whatever they were taking about.

      They were either talking about amino acids, or something random, but I swore I remember someone saying related to them.

      After some time has passed, maybe five minute or so, the professor and everyone else in my apartment decide to sum up all that they said, and they go their separate ways.

      I decided that I should clean up this apartment, since it was kind of messing, random things being placed with other things...

      I paid attention on how my professor would leave the apartment, and apparently, when I go to my bedroom, there's this door the leads to the outside on the right as soon as you turn your back from coming into the bedroom.

      (Missed reality check #4....isn't that cute...)

      He opens the door, and goes on his way. It's really bright outside, and after he's gone, I realize there's two men near some kind of coal burner of some sort. I presume this is my heater, and I ask them what they hell they think they're doing inside of this new attachment for my apartment.

      It was kind of like a mini-garage, with maroon colored walls.

      I don't think they understood what I said, they seemed like foreigners. They just look at me, and go back to what they're doing. I see they're putting more goal inside a machine, like the ones those people put in trains to fuel it.

      Then I shift my mind towards apologizing to them, since they're doing the dirty work for me by filling up my heat source.

      I don't know why I was shifted to that mindset, but it was better than dealing with people who wouldn't listen to me.

      I close the door, and I forget what happens next.

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    8. Middle-Aged College/University, Edward from Twilight & Girl's Bedroom

      by , 03-02-2012 at 06:28 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I slept for 4 hours from around 9PM-1AM, tried to do WBTB that lasted for 20 minutes, and I went to bed attempting a WILD, but failed.

      I wake up around 6-7 AM I believe, didn't remember any dreams, then slept again around 8AM and woke up around 10:45 ish AM and remembered two vivid dreams.

      Dream 1: College/University with Middle Age City Setting

      I'm inside a house somewhere, and I see my mother and father. I think my mother asked if she wanted to go to groceries with us, apparently they're getting some stuff for some kind of party.

      I respond to her that I would have to come with them anyway to help move the cart and pick up heavy stuff for her. She said I didn't have ot come if I didn't want to I believe, so I just head out the door.

      The environment feels so compact, it feels like the type of city where you would know almost everyone because there is so little of them here. It had that home feel to it, it almost resembled the city of Flanoir in the Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 series.

      Lucid by jumping on one foot...-flanoir.jpg

      Except, it wasn't winter, it was average weather. I think I head outside a little more, and the place feels like the housing had that castle feel to it. I think I go up to a group of DCs to hear them talk about something probably related to college.

      I think they were talking about how some girl is a junior in college, and how she would use some kind of notepad that would give her practice problems for exams in college, and how she would just get A's easily I believe.

      After listening to them more, I think I move somewhere else. I think I wanted to take a few pictures of this area with my Blackberry Curve, but I didn't want to take it with people in it because I didn't want them to think I was being a creep.

      Lucid by jumping on one foot...-blackberry-curve-8330-reviews-2.jpg

      The dream setting starts to gradually turn from day to night, and the whole environment has that middle-age century vibe to it. I feel more comfortable taking more pictures now, and some of them looked pretty nice to me. Some of them had a lot of lighting at dark, and then I was concerned about the flash on the Blackberry Curve.

      I wanted to turn it off, and all I had to do apparently was simply press black button on the side of it, which made the images a little dark, but I didn't mind. I'm probably moving around some random area in this weird city that still feels like I'm in a college/university.

      There's some route that looks abandoned, and I decide to go there, and it leads to this slightly dark area with a bunch of old stuff, but not too much. It was like going inside a cave or something like that.

      I was afraid to go deeper in some parts, and I think someone was saying something that's bad about the area I'm in, and it was most likely just DCs outside that were talking. I try to peek to see what's on the other side of this dungeon/cave like area, and I think I end up going through it to see that it's just dark and nothing bad within it.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Meeting Edward from Twilight in a Room?

      I can't remember a lot of thing from this dream, but I'm inside a bedroom that has a little yellow-orange lighting to it.

      Everything is first-person perspective for me, and it almost feels like I'm playing Half-Life 2 because I see some stuff like ammo, etc., and I simply walk over them and I hear that sound that your ammo was replenished.

      I go around this room for a while, and I think I see Edward from Twilight in the room for a few seconds. I believe I was talking to him, but I'm not sure what exactly. I do know that I was looking under the bed of this room that seems to be have a girly setting to it.

      Lucid by jumping on one foot...-edward-cullen.jpg

      I see more stuff underneath this bed and I'm surprised apparently, but I can't remember what was under there.

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