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    1. A Good End, Alyzarin's Suggestion, Flower Drawing, Sesame Street GPA

      by , 07-09-2012 at 05:34 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      A Good End (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm with Leon inside of a lab room, a fairly dirty one, kind of like the few in Resident Evil 4 on Chapter 5.

      I believe both me and him are facing Krauser, and facing him in a close room with his Arm Blade Plagas was kind of scary. I don't know how I or even Leon did it, but we killed him. I think we killed someone else, but I'm not too sure on that.

      I think how we killed Krauser was that I used a Steel Titan from Runescape to punch behind his back while I tried to fend Krauser off. After a few hits and dodges, Krauser finally lands on the ground and says something before he dies, but I can't remember what.

      I think he felt betrayed and asked "Why?" or something like that.

      I figured that if someone is out to kill me, like REALLY kill me, and not just use fear to make me lucid, they should probably die...don't want to make every nightmare a happy care bear ending now.

      I doubt having my head chopped off from Krauser's armblade would give me extra time to speculate on why he's showing up in my dreams.....ANYWAY........

      As we're heading out, I'm pretty sure the person I'm with has to be Leon in someway. The reason being is as we're examining Krauser's body, and another that I still can't remember, Leon says.....well he doesn't say anything, but a text shows up on the bottom of what he's saying:

      "A good end to a good game."

      I relax a little bit, seeing as things are going to be alright from now own. I didn't hear any intense music going on, which is how the game was actually set up to know you're in for some Plagas enemy killing.

      So if you didn't hear any sounds, you're pretty much safe, for the time being. But sometimes using that alone can ruin you if there's a random enemy by the corner and RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR.

      I decided to not use my Wii Remote controller, and I put it somewhere in the lab. I don't do a reality check of why I'm using that controller inside of a game in the first place.

      I'm heading out in front, and Leon I believe is following me to a dark hallway. There's a little light, but we both walk slowly just to make sure something like Regenerator wouldn't pop in and say "Hi" with its extendable arms and give me a warm hug......

      Spoiler for Like this....WARNING YOUTUBE VIDEO IS GRAPHIC:

      Everything is going fine, and we take a left to see some crates are blocking the left side of the new narrow hallway. I head towards them and try to jump over them, and then I get a weird feeling that I need my Wii Remote controller again.

      I jump over the crates again, and asked Leon if he can get it back for me. I wait for him, and then I move back to where he's going, but just the path, not the room.

      I see some random guy who I thought was a Plagas enemy, but it ended up being some dirty looking man carrying some stuff. I block his way, but he seems to not really care because he pretty much looks like he has no brain at all, being lifeless and all.

      I move out of the way to let the poor guy pass, and then I turn around to the section of the hallway with the crates blocking most of the path again, and I see enemies charging after me.

      Good thing those crates were there, because the enemies are complete idiots and don't realize they can just climb over the crates....hey....works for me. They still shocked me because I didn't expect to hear excessive breathing from them that obviously shows they want to do an overkill on me.

      I think Leon finally comes back, and we probably killed all of the enemies inside the area.
      Alyzarin's Suggestion (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm walking with Alyzarin, or maybe inside of a car while me or her are driving. She suggests to me in a form of a question,

      "Why don't you consider them as your dream guide?"

      You know, by her saying "them," I'm not even sure if she means it as a he, she, heshe, shehe, or several dream guides lol.

      I didn't know who she was talking about, so I guess this was probably me forgetting important snippets of the whole dream.

      But what I do know is that when she asked me the question, I looked down and didn't want to respond to her. Whoever it is we're talking about, they must've been someone I wouldn't prefer as a dream guide.

      That's all I remember.

      Sigh......this is what I get for sleeping around 3AM, and waking up 10 AM with no WBTBs.....only recalling one part when I need to know the rest.

      And I can't do a WBTB, because I don't want to wake anyone up during my stay in Canada with my alarm.

      Ugh....maybe I'll just put an earphone and let the alarm play through that, but if I do that....I might roll over and the earphone might fall off....

      Or I can do the water drinking technique to hopefully wake myself up after or during the onset of a REM period....but nah, guess I'll just let things go naturally, especially since I have to look up for some stuff related to college.

      Damn, guess my luck is running out in life....
      Flower Drawing (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a small girl, and she uses markers as her means of drawing. She's pretty decent with the markers, and I'm amazed at how she can make a flower look somewhat realistic just by using kid markers alone.

      She also using the scotch tape with those metal pointy things to tear it off with ease. I asked her why she's using that kind of tape, and it seems she's using it as a layer with her drawings.

      Once she tapes it, she uses the metal point cutter thing (I do not know Tape jargon, pardon me) in order to make the ends look like they're part of the drawing instead of an obvious straight edge on a paper.

      I finally realize what she's doing, and said, "Oooooooooooooooooooh! You use it for------" blah blah.

      Then I tried helping her with the tape, and I do fairly okay, until she tells me that if I do that, "he'll" get out.

      Wait what?

      For some odd reason, I had a feeling that she meant Krauser from Resident Evil 4. I quickly followed what she was doing to make sure nothing bad would happen.

      Sesame Street GPA (Non-lucid)


      I can't believe this dream....LOL

      I'm looking at a screen in front of me that displays the GPA of several people, most of which are the characters from Sesame Street. Timmy from the Fairly OddParents show has his GPA up as well.

      I think the GPA was based on a scale of 10, and Elmo had a GPA of around 0.5-0.7 I believe. Those other dudes from Sesame street, the ones that actually wear freaking clothes had the GPA of Elmo's as well.

      Timmy Turner had a GPA of 6 at first, then it was a 4 on the next column and then a 6, and finally a 4 again....that's weird, why does it show his progress specifically while the rest are horrible?

      I guess this is why they ended up doing Sesame Street.....LOL. Elmo knows where you live and loves you because he has no future...LMAO...okay okay...

      I finally scroll down a bit and see the Cookie Monster's GPA.

      It's a 9.7...



      Out of all characters, him????????????? That should've been a reality check. I'm not even sure of my own intelligence anymore....how does......that's just....wTF...

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    2. Come Sit Next To Me, Sound Muffling, Show Time

      by , 05-12-2012 at 01:25 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Come Sit Next To me... (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a hallway that looks like a place where students wait for the Lab TA's to come out or come in to open the door to start lab classes.

      Our TA was a young and black teenager. He wore a gray shirt, wore some fairly thick glasses with the black sides, like the stylish kind of shades. He wore some dark dreams as well, and we all go inside the classroom, and it seems we're trying to find a place to sit.

      So I'm presuming this is the first time we've entered lab, because I see everyone trying to find whatever people they can interact with. I go to the back, and the TA has his desk at the back as well. I look a girl who looks like Erica in real life, and I wanted her to sit next to me, but she sits in front of the lab.

      I don't know why, but I felt depressed when she didn't sit near me, even though I have mixed feelings for her in waking life.
      Sound Muffling (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this dream, so I'll start at the point where I'm sitting next to some girl outside at a bench. I keep a distance from her, but she seems to glance at one or two times, but I just keep track of that with peripheral vision.

      It seems someone is announcing something up front, and I probably was annoyed and wanted to sit somewhere to get away from the lady speaking, and I found that the sound was diluted a bit. What I mean is, as I'm shifting from one location to the next that is short in distance, the sound of the female's voice is almost eradicated, but I'm still hearing the muffled echos of it.

      I believe the girl sitting to the left of me wants to talk, and I forget what we said, and she looked like a variation of a Chemistry Lab classmate I had the last semester as a Freshmen at the University. I believe the table had some cloth over it, and had blue and white squares to them.

      I forget what I did next.

      The interesting part of this dream to me was that I was able to pick out how the sound started to get muffled and lower when I moved away from the lady talking in front of a group of people.
      Show Time (Non-lucid)


      Some people wanted me to sing, but I didn't know what to sing. I decided I should sing a song from Code Lyoko from Subdigitals, and I looked for any dream character with a stack of papers with lyrics on it.

      I see one to the right of me has a whole set with the X.A.N.A. logo from Code Lyoko, and the font to the left of it said "Code Lyoko" as well.

      I can't remember what I did after.

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    3. Alarm, What is this, Titanic??, A little privacy please??,

      by , 05-08-2012 at 12:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm (Non-lucid)


      It's late at night, I'm in a random house, I look at some chick that is sleeping in pink pajamas, I can't make out her visage though, but from what I remembered, she looked cute sleeping.

      I think I was eating something, and was going to get up to put the cup and plate in the sink. I wanted to go somewhere near the female that was sleeping, but when I do, the alarm for the house triggers. It startles me a little bit, but I quickly go to the alarm thingy that you go to enter the code.

      Apparently, the code was related to personal bank stuff....lmao, and I even said the code in a form of a question to someone. Don't know if they responded back, but how could I not tell that I said a personal bank pin to a random DC?

      Then I see my father come out of the door, but he's in a passive state, probably still tired, and he sees the alarm is taken care of and goes back to sleep.
      What is this, Titanic?? (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a group of people, and it seems we're inside a ship because there's water coming up all the way to our knees. I believe me and a girl decide to stay together.

      The girl herself? Not even attractive enough. Either I was extremely fucking horny or extremely fucking stupid to stay with this girl.

      The reason I'm saying that is because the group that's heading out, one of them apparently was going to bomb the doors, meaning we couldn't get out. But I didn't know what was going to happen to us, maybe the water levels might increase gradually, and we'll drown together.

      The girl on the other hand, she didn't care at all on what's going to happen, it seemed she had an abnormally active sex drive, and she was fixated towards me.

      Like, I swear, this girl would be up for any kind of sex. I can't recall too much, but judging by her positive emotions, this girl was probably past the level of insanity. We're going to die either way, and me and her both decide to stay inside the ship that's going to flood...*facepalm*

      Come, at least be Eva or some other hot chick with a vagina. Looks don't matter? pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftt okaaaaaaaaaaay
      Spoiler for 18+ Stuff eeeeew:

      The dream shifts to a completely to where I'm in an area that looks like a place related to my University environment. There was a blonde lady who looked a lot like my AP English 4 teacher I had at High School.

      For some reason, I assumed that this lady was looking for her son, and in my mind, the son was the one who was going all freaky time with the chick from the last shift. The problem is, the guy didn't look like her son AT all.

      Weird logic being sustained in my mind, no doubt, but as usual, I don't do a reality check from something as abnormal as that. I started talking to myself and laughing mentally at this women, and I believe one of those speculations were,

      "Aww poor woman, it's sad that she's not going to know her son is going to die until later on..."

      Don't know why I said that, but hey, guess I'm a real asshole when I don't have control over my dreams.

      There were people lined up near some fence, and apparently, it seems to be some kind of collaboraiton with singers and instrument players.

      The weight size of these people was hilarious, one looked like a bloated balloon, some had bigger proportions in other areas, it was just awkward just to see them do hand formations and even dance.

      By dancing, I mean twisting their bodies to one side and to the other, not exactly professional dancing, but who am I to blame them....I only know two-step and three-step back and forth dancing...meh.

      So I get closer to this group, and go under this small area under what seems like a bridge, and I'm standing in front of a person that looks like a guy's brother that I knew in the Tennis team I was part of in High School.

      I basically have to extend my right hand, with one finger pointing up, and I have to make a reverse U sign from right to left to inform whatever group to move their fingers the opposite direction. And apparently, when they do that, music starts playing.

      I get out of synch at first, but I finally get used to it and synch it right. Then some random guy tells us that he admits that he doesn't give us the instructions online, making it hard to understand what the hell we had to do just now.

      What an idiot....

      Then he starts bragging about this 1:1 interaction is nothing compared to how he has to do 5:10 or 5:20 with other people

      The ratios I mention above just means interaction with people, so I guess he gets 5 people to interact with 10 or 20 people at once. Didn't really see what's the big deal with that, you're just responsible for a few more people.

      Whatever. That's all I remember.
      A little privacy please?!?!? (Non-lucid)


      I'm headed to the bathroom, and my perspective is weird in this dream. While I'm in the bathroom, I can see what's going on in the kitchen or living room in the house, and the people in it.

      It seemed my mother and Kim (another dream with her again...) were going to the bathroom as well.

      Kim was interested in what I could be doing in the bathroom, and starts laughing while she questions me on what I'm doing.

      Ooooh I don't know.....obviously freaked out that you're asking me that question!?!?!?

      (The reason why I'm kind of annoyed is because she's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than me and not really good looking....if it were a younger woman, sure come right in!)

      I brace my back to the door, because I have a feeling Kim is going to go inside, but my mother comes in and says she has to get something in the bathroom.


      That's all I remember.
      Biology Lab Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm in Biology Lab, the setting is different, the TA for the lab is the same one I had for Biology 112.

      It seems that it's the end of the lab, and everyone gets out.

      I think I have another dream shift before or after this one, and I'm talking with a woman who looks Indian. I guess she's average on looks, and I forget what she was telling me.

      I was telling her how I was compared to some other Indian girl I knew in waking life. We'll call this girl I'm mentioning Hum.

      I told the lady that I was in the top 3%, while Hum was probably in the top 8-10%. I don't know how I got that random percentage for Hum's ranking though.

      I think me and the lady were going to enter a building, but I can't remember.
    4. Cranky Chemistry TA, Detour, Tennis talk, Pink Velour pants, Code Lyoko Fight

      by , 04-18-2012 at 03:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Cranky Chemistry TA (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a nearly perfect replica of a Chemistry lab at my University. Black top tables, gray vents to suck up chemical vapor and the such, perfect environment for me to not do any kind of reality checks.

      The experiment seemed simple at first, just get a graduated cylinder, and inside a fairly lukewarm water bath made from one of those huge beakers, probably the 500-600 mL ones. Once you put the cylinder inside of the beaker, some small reaction should occur to manifest some kind of "L" shaped figure that would be tilted in various positions for each person..

      I looked at the girl to my right, I didn't pay attention to how she looked like, since we were wearing goggles, and sometimes there would be a natural shine on them that would prevent you from looking into their eyes without things being awkward, but I guess the dream was really trying to fool me by even incorporating basic eye safety for once.

      Oh, and the girl was probably wearing a light teal green shirt, with some fairly tight pants that make her curves more distinguished, at least from the perspective I'm looking at her, since I'm taller than her. I think she was my lab partner, because she was looking at my materials on the table, but I couldn't remember what we were talking about exactly.

      I believe I looked at a female to the left of me, she was Black, and looked like the girl in my Chemistry Lab that was black as well. She was wearing a black shirt and really short Khaki shorts
      (which should've prompted me to do a reality check because they're really strict on us wearing only long pants or dresses in labs that cover our ankles at least).

      Then I realized the graduated cylinder I had didn't even look like one, it looked more like flask with a circular bottom, and it was filled with some type of yellow liquid. And the water bath itself was a bit odd as well, maybe it was the setting of the lab's overall color, seeing as its color was mixes of yellow, apricot, and light brown.

      Since I realized the object I have isn't a graduated cylinder, I go up front to replace it with one. There happens to be one graduated cylinder left, and I grab it, and I think I finally get the same results from putting it in a water bath just like everyone else, which makes me worry less now.

      After everyone is done, we all group up near our Chemistry TA, who is black. She's getting ready to tell everyone some helpful hints in finishing the Data Reduction Analysis worksheet for the experiment, problem is, there are a few people that are talking way too loudly for her to make a coherent speech.

      She stops in the middle of her talk to signal those talking to be quiet, and she continues talking some more, but there's still some idiot talking to another person. They were whispering most likely, but when everything is quiet, those whispers started to become annoying.

      Then the TA got annoyed and said that we'll just have to figure out how to complete the DRA on our own. Everyone's pissed of course, and I turn back to someone, probably my lab partner, to say,

      "Man, she really is cranky huh? Especially how red her eyes look right now"

      I believe my lab partner nodded, and I mentioned her red eyes because the TA looked really tired, like she didn't get any sleep at all.

      We leave the room, since lab was finished, and I walk slowly with my lab partner, or just by myself, but I'm paying attention to the idiot was talking too much in lab that prevented us from getting useful information in finishing the DRAs, since those are ALWAYS a b.i.t.c.h. to do in waking life.

      He's wearing a light gray shirt, and dark blue pants most likely, and he's pretty muscular, but I wondered if he was just fat that made it look like he was buff. Apparently, he has to get ready for some kind of jog or track meet, which is what he was talking about in lab before most likely.

      I asked myself how he could possibly be on the track team or anything that involves running with something other than his mouth....

      Then the dream fades
      Detour (Non-lucid)


      I believe the dream starts out with me getting closer to the Sbisa Dining hall, but there's construction going on in front, so it leads me to go to the detour instead like everyone else is doing.

      I was riding my bicycle at first, but because of the detour, I had to get off it and carry it, and I also think another reason I got off was because two females were in front, and they were only making things slower for me.

      (I should've realized that construction near the Sbisa was already done before, so there's no point setting up barriers unless the situation was serious).

      I follow the two females who were annoying in blocking where I wanted to go (they weren't purposefully doing it). The girl on the left was wearing a pure white jacket, blue jeans, and probably a light blue shirt as well.

      She was tall.

      She had black hair.

      Her skin tone...she looks Hispanic....

      I had a "wait a second" moment, and then realized the same girl looks like the one in waking life, Lyanne.

      She always did look at me when she thought I didn't catch her doing that in waking life, and the reason why I'm mentioning that here is that it seemed she was pretending that she wasn't seeing me, and using her friend as some kind of starting point to play the "Oh, I didn't see you there!" game with me to try and have a conversation with me.

      There are these white metal fences at the edge of each step going down towards this random path, and I had to wait for the fences to lower themselves for me to advance to the next step.

      I had to hold my bicycle at a higher angle because the fences sometimes were at chest level, and I wasn't aiming to hold the bike over my head, which made it a problem for me.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Tennis Talk (Non-lucid)


      The feelings I had later on in this dream was really a freaking laugh, I started to get all emotional for no apparent reason over people I didn't even care about in waking life.

      I'm inside a theater, and it seems the clip was going to start since the lights started to dim a little bit. I go up the stairs that had red carpet material on them, and I go all the way up to the top.

      I sit in the middle of the row, and I see a male coming up to my left, and a female coming up to my right. After a few seconds of looking, I decided it's best to just ignore them, and pay attention of the clip that would be showing eventually.

      Then the guy sits next to me, and not even one seat over to the left, he literally is close to me, and so is the female. This tempts me to ignore them even more, until the guy finally says,

      "Come on Brandon.....you know it's us."

      I had a feeling who it was, and just kept ignoring him while keeping the female in range of my peripheral vision.

      The guy looked like Adam, and the girl to my right looked like Kimmie (or is it Kimmy?) in waking life.

      Kimmy has her usual mascara, at least frrom what I remembered in High School. She's wearing a really dark gray hoodie, along with a white shirt. Then I turn back to Adam, and he's talking about something that leads me to break down emotionally in front of him.

      He asks me something related to what me, him, and Kimmie did in the tennis team in High School before.

      I don't know if this was a genuine act of me breaking down emotionally, or a pretentious act to get him to shut up, but I say something along these lines while looking at my hands and --> <-- THIS close from crying....

      "It's just......it's just that I don't have the time to do things like this anymore (tennis, mind you)...and the bond we had when played doubles (LOL LMFAO, WE HAD NO BOND, this is starting to turn weird now!!!!)......I just can't do that anymore because there are more important things for me to do now..."

      He talks some more, but by that time, I thought it would buy in to the sob moment I gave him.

      I think Kimmie just looks at me for a few seconds, and glances back to doing something on her iPhone.

      I've noticed that when I occasionally see Kimmie in my dreams, I'm always sexual towards her. I wonder if she appears once in a while to represent my repressed feelings for her.

      I've always looked her body, it was just....her rear was kind huge, but it was in the right places, and her delicate thighs were always so attractive to look at, especially when she would sweat from activities, they would always give off this shine.


      Pink Velour Pants? (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much, but I saw a female in Pink Velour pants, white shirt.....

      Reminded me of Alyzarin because of the velour pants she wears, kind of a horrible association to go by, but it's better than forgetting the dream.
      Code Lyoko Fight (Non-lucid)


      I believe William, when he was controlled by X.A.N.A., is facing Yumi and Ulrich, and they're all at the supercomputer!

      I'm presuming they were in their specter bodies Jeremy created for them to destroy other supercomputers in the real world outside of the virtual world if Lyoko.

      But at the same time, they all looked like their virtual versions inside of Lyoko...

      Anyway, I believe Yumi tries to throw her fans at William, but he dodges them and give her a good hit from his large sword, meaning she gets KOd instantly.

      Now it's just Ulrich, and William takes care of him easily, I just can't remember what he did specifically.

      Then all of a sudden, Jeremy is going into the scanner, and he looks pretty serious and mad that William was doing this to Yumi and Ulrich.

      I can't remember anything else after that.
    5. Biology Cladogram, Prospective Tenants

      by , 04-04-2012 at 04:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Biology Cladogram, Prospective Tenants (Non-lucid)


      First dream that I remembered, it was really vivid, and some things were out of place, but it's funny how it was since I have a cladogram assignment to finish before today.

      Dream 1: Biology Cladogram

      I'm inside a Biology Laboratory, the environment is remarkably accurate to the one in waking life. There is faded gold-ish flooring to it, white lighting, and windows to the sides.

      The tables have black tops, with the shiny brown and wooden cabinets with drawers and such supporting it, just like the ones in waking life, along with the light brown stools to sit on as well.

      There's this person who looks like my lab partner in waking life, let's call him "Ley." Ley was telling me about the cladogram assignment.

      One thing that I didn't catch to do an RC was that I normally sat at the far end of the set of lab tables in waking life, but I was sitting to the left side, and since each side had a set of stools, this meant I was close to other people who had their backs facing me.

      Ley is wearing a brown jacket I believe, some dark blue jeans, but I can't remember the color of his shirt, it's a warm color, at least.

      In his hand, it seems it is a folded up maroon paper that would would extend maybe 2-3 feet if opened. He finished the Cladogram assignment apparently, and I realize I haven't finished mine as yet.

      The TA (teacher's assistant) wasn't here in the dream at all, but she probably was because I wasn't trying to paying attention to her at first.

      The reason why I'm declaring that is when Ley showed me how to set up his Cladogram, I felt like someone was watching me, or it was just being cognizant that since this assignment does not allow collaboration with another classmate that made me quick in how I turned my head to see his folded up paper.

      His choice with the color of the paper, along with it being in black ink wasn't even legible. The things that I saw on it were links, and a few think boxes linking each other to rectangles with curved corners.

      It seemed more like a concept map rather than a Cladogram with just lines and a few curves. I try to take a peek, since he's offering to show me where to start at least, but I quickly look back the other way because I still feel the TA is in front of us trying to explain something.

      I stopped looking after two peeks, and just paid attention to what was in front of me.

      A projector screen was placed far back at the front of us in the middle, just like in waking life. It had a few messages on the board, and they were actually pretty stable in syntax.

      I can't remember exactly, but the general message it was trying to portray was about the Cladogram Assignment we had to do, and what would happen if students turned it in late, some general things, but I'm glad the dream managed to have clear and legible spelling for once (other than the material on Ley's paper).

      I stand up, and I decide I should go work with the people around me, but then I see a girl sitting alone on the far right side of where I'm sitting (I'm still on the left side of this table).

      She looks a lot like someone I met in High School, but I can't figure who it was exactly.

      She had brown and long hair, her facial composition was small, which made her cheeks stand out a little more, which augmented the cuteness factor big time. I believe she had freckles, and was probably wearing a little mascara, or was just using eyelash makeup to lure attention to her eyes.

      She was wearing a light blue shirt, and her jeans, I'm not going to describe them too much, because it's probably wishful thinking to presume they were butt-lifting jeans, but because she looked like the girl I met in waking life, she did wear jeans to elevate her ass.

      And the fact that her waist was wide, and having an hour glass shape (with the bottom a little wider than her top) along with perky breasts to accommodate her skinny top region just screamed "Fertility."

      I believe she was a little annoyed with my presence, probably because I was showing someone else some magazines containing some adult content. After a while, I closed it and forgot about them altogether, and I basically stayed close to the girl from what I can remember.

      Dream 2: Prospective Tenants

      It seems people are checking out the house we're in, and I presume this because someone that looked like my mother was telling them to look around without any concern.

      I was resting on my side, probably watching something, and I see more of what seems to be the relatives of the tenants. They were all Asian with black hair.

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    6. Bicycle Problem, Danny Phantom and Big Gorilla, Weird Question, Sinoblak, Meeps

      by , 02-25-2012 at 06:46 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: Bicycle Problem

      I was riding my bicycle within Texas A&M University. I'm near the intersection, and I most likely was just leaving the West Campus. The Walk Sign was on, so I started to ride my bicycle, and then, it just stops operating on me.

      Since the Walk Sign has a timer, I immediately got off the bike and was carrying it so that I wouldn't stall traffic if the timer was close to 0.

      I get to the other side of the sidewalk,and I'm pretty pissed off that this bicycle was getting worse and worse. I look below the bicycle, and see that the chain completely split off and disconnected itself from the bicycle, there was no way I was going to be able to fix this bicycle this time.

      As I'm busy being engrossed with this bicycle's breakdown, I feel someone is behind me. I turn around and see this female with bleached blonde hair.

      I think she was wearing a blue shirt or maybe even Tye-dye shirt (thank you Alyzarin for the clarification )
      , and was wearing jeans that made the sides of her hips more defined.

      It felt like I was blocking her way, and I apologized to her for that, and she said that it's okay and moved along her way.

      Then I think the dream shifts to where I'm talking to my father, and he says that the money I've been given for in college is my money, and that I should do what I think it's right with it
      (I don't know why I didn't catch that, my father is being more accepting of how I handle money in waking life, but still tries to be serious at times because he thinks I'm just reckless with it for some odd reason).

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm getting new bicycle that allows me to go way faster because of its structure, and brakes are way more efficient compared to the one I had before.

      Then parts of the bicycle starts to come off, but I managed to re-attach it with ease. There were some DCs around when I was fixing it, but I didn't pay too much attention to them. However, there was some child DC that was looking at the bicycle.

      It seemed he like he was 13 years old or so, and he looked like he wanted to pass through where I was blocking him. I told him he can just go around to the other side, and he does, and I forget about him.

      Dream 2: Danny Phantom and Big Gorilla

      I'm inside some random place, and I go into this room that looks pretty fancy. It has nice flooring, bookshelves all over, and all sorts of things to make it look like a fancy private study room or office.

      Then I slowly peek through this black void to the left of me, and see some really big Gorilla monster with red eyes. I quickly go back to the room, wondering if it saw me. I move back a little and turn around and find it slowly getting closer to me.


      I try to hide under the desk, but it keeps coming after me. Then I was in that "TO HELL WITH THIS" kind of mood and ran quickly, dodging the lasers it was shooting from its eyes most likely.

      I barely managed to dodge them, and I go deeper into the black void that sent me to the small cave base it was in before, and I go beyond that to another black void, and apparently this monster is what you have to defeat to get a lot of gold (9,999 was the highest I guess).

      I see some valuable stuff that looked like diamonds and grab them and go to another black void. I see some DBZ characters getting ready to teleport their way out, and I try to quickly get to them before they disappeared, but I was too late. I'm thinking in my mind that I'm probably screwed because this Gorilla monster was going to get me.

      As soon as the Gorilla starts to shoot more lasers from its eyes again (probably) a DC that looks like Danny Phantom comes in out of nowhere to take the hit. Apparently the laser makes you turn older.

      Danny had a mustache and a goatee and was doing some random things I can't really remember.

      Dream 3: Weird Answer to Lecture Problem

      A teacher was asking a class a pretty tricky question in class, she was mentioning something that seemed to relate to Biology, and the answer ended up being "Lungs."

      I was confused by this, and that's all I remember.

      I think her mentioning the answer "Lungs" was probably a way for me to do an Nose plug RC to see if I could breathe, but again, I blindly pass off the chance to become lucids.

      I decided to attempt a WILD, but then the dreams after this attempt ended up being non-lucid. However, I did feel a lot of sensations, now that I think about it, I could've done MANY reality checks....MANY. These dreams probably didn't start in this order.

      I hear my mouth moving, feeling certain objects, etc. And dang it! I couldn't meet Alyzarin! I can't wait to sleep early tonight though, since I'll have lots of sleep time Sunday.

      I feel like I met Sinoblak, and the next dream after that, I know for sure I was meeting Meeps. But I didn't meet Alyzarin But I did meet an Asian woman that was a bit shy, but I don't know if Alyzarin is Asian or not. If so, then this shared dreaming is almost working.

      I felt a lot of conflict between meeting Meeps and the Asian woman though, I'll have a better description

      Dream 4: Meeting Sinoblak in Laboratory

      The vividness of this dream was crazy, most likely because I slept for another 2-2.55 hours (7-9:55AM I believe) after staying up for a WBTB from 5:30 AM or so to 7 AM.

      The environment is weird for this one. It was like being in a House, but also having half of a laboratory in it.

      Apparently the person I met in this dream was Sinoblak, I tried to get her to talk a little bit to me, but she looked a little shy at first. I saw one of the professors I had in my Intro to Biochemistry Course.

      Let's call her Glass
      (since this this dream involved a lot of fragile things). She's a dirty blonde haired professor, and she's around probably her 30-40s. The dream portrayed her image with accurate features. She was the type of woman to conceal some things, even though as a woman so close to middle-age, I had an attraction to her.

      The way she had glasses, and how she would stutter in front of class almost excited me in a twisted way. I knew she was an intelligent woman, and apparently she was known to be condescending towards students sometimes. She looks like your typical nerdy woman, but her body was so enticing to me.

      Anyway, before I get too deep with that odd liking of her that I have..

      It's just that the dreams I've had made me more sexually aware of certain people I've met. My recall is okay, it's typical for me to remember dreams where I felt I was lucid because in all my lucids, I can keep a pretty decent check of certain events and chain them together...still have lingering images of meeting Sinoblak.

      "Glass" was wearing a red sweater, concealing her wonderful body, and she was wearing Khaki pants, and her legs and her ass were so perfect. It was kind of cute seeing her in a red sweater, and have her lower regions so defined in the right areas, despite her age being around 30-40.

      The pants did look a bit tight on her, but I'm sure she was comfortable with it.

      (or at least the picture on her avatar that the dream presents to me into an entity) has something in a Ziploc bag. It looks like a Petri Dish is inside of it. I ask her what it is, and I'm not sure if Sinoblak is the one talking or "Glass," but I'm informed that the sample Petri Dish was Gonorrhea.

      I know there was another name for it, but all I remember for this one is Gonorrhea. Sinoblak started opening the bag, and I'm signaling to her "Nononononononono" while waving my hands to the sides.

      But she wasn't afraid or anything, she just took the Petri sample right out of the bag. I take the sample, then I realize I better get some gloves.

      I'm still in this half-house, half-laboratory setting, so I go inside the house, and the glove boxes are on top of a bar like shelf (as in to serve alcohol).

      I quickly put them on and basically said that it's time to get this thing started. Apparently Sinoblak couldn't see the sample of the Gonorrhea in the Petri Dish. What I saw in the Petri Dish before I used the microscope were several orange dots grouped together, so I wondered why Sinoblak couldn't see them with human eyes.

      I takes me a while to coordinate the Microscope, but I eventually see the object zoomed in.

      It looks pretty random, the colors that I think that were apparent were green and orange, and I move the base around and used the fine adjustment knob to get a little more clarity. I told Sinoblak that I finally found what she was looking for.

      I believe she goes and checks by looking through the microscope. She fiddles around with it by alternating the magnification lens, then I realized that she used the highest objective lens. I checked to see if the lens broke, and was worried that she probably broke them.

      I look through the microscope, and yeah, it's broken. Sinoblak talks to me for once, and she sounds like a typical American female doing so. She said that "Glass" was inside her office, so I decided to switch the broke Microscope with a new one inside some cabinets underneath.

      After that, I can't remember anything else. The dream shifts however to where I'm at a lecture room. The stairs leading to several seats to pick from left and right were covered in a dark blue with a few mix of colors type of carpet flooring.

      By this time, I don't think I have any hunches of Sinoblak being around, but I see "Glass" in her red sweater again.
      (I bet that she wanted to get my attention with the red sweater...lady in red..)

      I didn't pay attention to her that much this time, I saw two DCs sitting together that look oddly familar in waking life. Let's call the girl "J-Lisa" and the guy "Jero."

      I think the area I'm in was probably a review for Chemistry, since I saw some sheet that increase in pressure and increase in volume equaled something that I can't remember.

      What happened next in that dream was too boring for me to even talk about, I was just glad to see that I probably Met Sinoblak non-lucidily.

      Now to talk about my ecounter with Meeps and an Asian Woman.

      Dream 5: Meeting Meeps and Asian Woman

      My recall for this one may be a little shorter, but describing the sensations I felt in this dream might be the most of the content of this dream. I find myself feeling people's energy, or at least trying.

      I believe the dream starts out with me sitting on a lab table somewhere, and a blonde girl who looks like the partner I had for a Biochemistry presentation on Eldepryl turns her face and smiles at me. I take a moment to look at her for a while, and she retains her smile for a little longer, and I smile back to her.

      She turns back to looking at something. I can't remember much after that. The dream shifts to where I see another blonde, and she has her arms positioned to where one was balancing her face and the other was supported the other arm.

      It looked kind of like Meeps, I'm sure it was Meeps, it felt like Meeps. We didn't do much, except that I was listening to her talk about something. Then I see a short video clip in my mind of her snowboarding.

      She was doing something pretty dangerous while snowboarding, she was going off a snowy ramp, and it looked like she was going to fall flat on the snow because there wasn't a ramp to stabilize her descent back to the snow. She lands safely, and I think she immediately disconnects her snowboard from her feet and starts walking.

      Then the dream shifts (I'm having a lot of shifts because I can't recall things in between), and I meet this Asian woman standing there depressed. I'm not sure if it was a certain someone I was looking for, or just a random DC. I come near her, and I'm kind of hesitant in socializing with her.

      Some things happen in between the dream that I can't recall too well, but I think the Asian woman finally cheers up and says "I love you!!!" when I asked her if she loved me (I think I asked her that).

      She hugs me, and I could feel her warmth, then I saw Meeps. She looked sad, I think she was jealous of what happened with me and the Asian girl. I tried to go to her to do something. I honestly don't know what I could've done.

      I don't remember what I did to cheer her up, but I went back to the Asian lady. She started to become more vibrant I believe. Her hair started to get more curlier, and I believe she was wearing a red jacket (the one with a furry feel to it, but not animal fur).

      I remember me hugging her by her waist, and we were going down the stairs carefully together. She took one step, I took one step, and we continue doing this.

      I can't remember much after that. Lol, I've been saying that loosely, I should be glad I remembered these experiences, and the senses from them helped a lot with recall too.

      Thanks Kaomea. But darn it, I'm sad that I couldn't see Alyzarin. Oh well, next time.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. Anal Lab Experiment, Rejection, Hot & Slutty Girl, Cheapskate DC

      by , 02-18-2012 at 04:42 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1:

      I was inside a lab in college. Apparently, someone had to finger me to get my feces and put it on what seemed like a Petri Dish.

      Two scary dreams in one night-glass-petri-dish.jpg

      I was a little scared, and wanted to lube it up a little before they stuck my fingers up my ass.

      Then the dream skips a little bit I think, and I'm holding a Petri Dish that seems to have green liquid inside of it. I think I had to drink it, but I didn't know if it was my own feces or green tea, it was steaming a little bit I believe.

      And then I drink it.

      Dream 2: Rejection

      I was asking a person if they would like me to do a drawing of them (I don't know why I asked them, they didn't look they would be worth my time drawing them), and they said No. For some reason, I felt kind of bad that they didn't want me to draw them. I think I cursed at them too for some odd reason...

      Some person tells me to not worry about it too much, but I couldn't remember who. I think I even posted on Facebook requesting that I'll draw anyone who PMs me or whatever first, then someone tells me "who cares?"

      Two scary dreams in one night-facebook2009-04-21-1240343633.jpg

      And one of their friends tells "I know right?" I stalk his profile, and see he's wearing some black tuxedo suit or whatever with a back hat. It looked like a top hat, but I'm not too sure.

      Dream 3: Hot & slutty Girl

      I was walking with some girl, but I didn't remember her facial features, I just knew she was hot. I think we were sitting by the stairs somewhere, and we went on talking about something. I think there were like two random DCs with us.

      Eventually, the girl asks them if me and her can have alone time. They were confused I think, and she told them, "You know what I mean..." And she showed her vagina to them, but I don't think that helped at all for them to leave.

      Two scary dreams in one night-sexy-legs.jpg

      In fact, one DC basically says wants some of the action when I'm done with her.

      I don't know if I was the person in the dream with the girl who wanted alone time with me, but I grabbed her arm and carried her somewhere away from the other DCs.

      Too bad I didn't have sex with her...

      Dream 4: Cheapskate DC

      This is more of a dream fragment, but whatever....

      I was outside talking to some DC, I think I wanted more soda, but he said I had to pay for a refill.

      I ask him, "How much?"

      He replies, "$10.00" I then replied saying how that was too much for a bloody refill, and asked him it shouldn't be too hard to get more soda because he can just use a mix and add water to the vending machine.

      Two scary dreams in one night-pepsi_fountain.jpg

      Then I told him some random scenario that if I had more water, but there was too much sand, and some random crap I can't remember much on.

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