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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Oneironaut Zero Saves Me, Kicking Ass and Taking Names [DILD]

      by , 07-28-2013 at 12:32 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oneironaut Zero Saves Me (DILD)


      Listened to a self-hypnosis recording I did with my voice and decided to continue not using WBTB, managed to get a decent lucid. Without even trying, SWEET!!!

      Recall is okay, just the normal if I were to actually do a WBTB and have a decent sleeping schedule. It will only get better when I get more into making more audio hypnosis scripts and/or saying them to myself before sleeping at night. I managed to get my tonality and emotion-pouring down with the scripts, which makes the imagination that much easier. Might even make a longer hypnosis script for myself where I'll make a recording and save it for some other purposes.

      Imagine being in an underground base where the dominant colors are mostly shades of blue and turquoise. The dream itself repeated some aspects for some odd reason, and it was mostly me checking if the person Oneironaut Zero killed stayed dead. But let's not worry about that right now.

      All I can remember as I'm shifting back and forth with third person, first person, and just spectating what's going on over what seemed like watching a movie, I started harboring extreme sensations with adrenaline and fear.

      My recall for this has a lot of patches, seeing how there were so many areas I must've traveled in a short span of time. Most of the double doors were electronic and open, and it seems every time I enter some area, I would see to my right side a wired fence shaped into a cube protecting random electronic objects. Like bases or power generators of some sort, and with how things were going, it seemed the building we're in has some kind of invasion of weird creatures, machines, and such occurring.

      It seemed I was pretty lucky, not having to deal with all of that, yet. Throughout the dream, I felt sensations occurring within my head, neck, and back region. It was a sort of fuzzing and vibrating feeling, it didn't hurt, but it wasn't something I would want to tolerate for too long. It almost as if my senses were just elevated because of the rush and adrenaline surging through my dream body, that it was a matter of life and death, and all that mattered was getting out before I end up dead.

      And as I'm running and dodging without looking back, as if all that was needed was for me to sustain the narrow tunnel vision I had in this dream, Krauser shows up yet again, and his countenance is completely different from the other dreams where he seemed to only show up to scare me, but never had any ambition to kill me.

      He extends his left arm, and seems to be ready to facepalm my face straight into the wall behind me, and luckily, there just happened to be someone right behind me that he ends up hitting instead of me. Either he was still trying to scare me, or he just had crappy aim. I waste no time and immediately dashed to the open double doors to the left about 10 feet away from me.

      Suddenly, I find myself accidentally tripping, and it's really, really hard to get up.



      While Krauser is trying to get his hand out from the person's head he slammed against the wall, I'm still struggling to get up. I felt like this dream was going to end up being miserable until someone in a blue-black jacket comes in rapidly, and the dream character looks a lot like Oneironaut Zero who's just waiting for a good fight with Krauser.

      He indirectly signals me to leave, but I'm still trying to process how he came about. Eventually, I managed to finally get up from the floor, still looking at what Oneironaut has up his sleeve to deal with the Krauser dream character coming after me. And before I managed to get past the same left door that's now to the right of me (since I braced against the wall), Oneironaut Zero goes through some mutation while Krauser does the same.

      There seems to be tentacles gradually coming out of the left side of O's face, then some grows behind his back, and after that, I was too afraid to really see the full transformation from both dream characters. I wanted to help, but it seemed O can hold his own, especially since I have no chance against a fully mutated Krauser that probably would end up twice the height of the original.

      Now things shift back to me watching the events as if I'm looking at a movie or something. I noticed I started to pick up the pace with running away, but not only that, feeling more agile, flexible, and even ready to do super-human jumping as well. The scene that was previously saturated with a turquoise and blue atmosphere now changes into a mustard-yellow atmosphere.

      And things are getting even more hectic as I'm trying to avoid the random machines and other-worldly creatures that are just too hard for me to process their visage and composition because of how I only cared about getting out of this place alive. I still worried about whether or not O would be fine dealing with the Krauser dream character, but I guess some kind of instinct kicked it telling me he'll be just fine.

      There's a long metal chain that happens to be one of the few ways to get out of this place, and I immediately jump up to grab onto it. And as I'm slowly taking my time climbing up the metal chain, there seems to be random fighting below me. I noticed Wonder Woman (the Justice League version) seems to be taking pretty hard hits from whatever entities she's fighting. She's being thrown left and right and still while recovering each time to go back fighting full force.

      All of this is still occurring while I'm looking at myself and the background scene in spectator mode. It seemed the dream character of me was so fixated on climbing upwards without looking down, and the more I focused wanting to get out, the more intense the fighting is below. I can hear the slashing, clashing, and all the punching sounds along with the grunts, moans, and screaming as well.

      I wondered how the hell I got myself into this dream environment, and I'm presuming I finally made it to the top and I'm hopefully free and safe from all the chaos beneath me. My train of thought, or at least me being able to visualize myself starts getting patchy again.

      I start seeing a few glimpses of areas I've been before, and I take advantage of this ability to check to see if O was okay. All I saw was Krauser's dead mutated body, so I'm presuming O managed to seal the deal and get out perfectly fine. But I didn't have time to speculate and try to again some assurance that he's alright, seeing how the monsters and machines most likely are tailing me by climbing the long metal chain as well.

      From this point, I don't know where in the world I'm headed, all I remember was just jumping off somewhere very high. The dream environment and setting shifts completely now, and that's probably because I forgot what happened in the middle.

      That's what I get for not doing a proper WBTB.

      Anyway, I'm in a different scene, and my feelings are less anxious and intense, so I'm assuming things are safe now. Imagine me now being within a large and spacious area that resembles a base for small planes and helicopters to traverse. Surrounding me about 400 feet to 2 miles are large garage type buildings, as if I'm near some miltary base.

      But it doesn't feel like that, it feels more like some type of training ground for people who want to pilot flying vehicles. And I find myself noticing that I'm waiting in a short line, and I quickly shift my head to the left to see who I'm waiting in line to meet.

      I noticed there's a lady that looks like she's in he 30s, she has bowl cut hairstyle that's orange-red with a slight shade of black near the front regions before stopping to the side of her face. She's wearing a classic secretary black dress shirt and skirt that's a about knee-level.

      She's filling in applications and signing forms I'm presuming, and while I'm waiting for my turn, I take the time to just look around and stare into random space. I noticed how it's early morning within this dream, and I can see the sun rise up slowly to my left side. And as I turn to my right, you know how you can see the heat waves or whatever from a distances where the light gives the illusion that the objects are bending?

      It was like that for a a minute, and as I'm turning left and right occasionally, I turn to my left again to find an elderly man sitting about 5-10 feet away from the same female that's busy with the people in line. He has his back faced to her on her right side (my left side), and is sitting perpendicular from her.

      It seems he's waiting for something, and I begin to notice how he's holding some kind of certificate in his left hand. I didn't want to pry into the information within this certificate, but because he's holding it in a way that makes it look like eye-candy, I can't help but zoom from far away to see that he's most likely trying to get his driver's permit or something.

      The man is wearing thin-framed glasses, a few jagged features sustained in his visage, and is a bit obese, maybe 250-400lbs. He's wearing a green cap with a small streak of orange, if I remember correctly, and he's just casually reading this certificate to himself, probably to kill some time.

      Then he finally gets his turn, and quickly gets up to meet the secretary like female I'm waiting for as well. She declares to him the type of license this man will be getting, and she stated some things that are hard to process, jargon most likely. I believe he had to have a restriction on his license or whatever it is he's trying to get because the female stated how he had some kind of disability.

      She states this a bit loud, not too loud, but just enough to make the man feel ashamed for his disability. He quickly tries to cover the topic by questioning her randomly, but it's not really working out for him. I don't really pay too much attention to is situation with her, and I'm sure the dream characters I'm behind in line didn't really care, or at least pretended they didn't hear the conversation.

      You know how you wait in line for something, and there's someone somewhere at the far corner of the area you're in that shows off or does something loud that makes every avert their eyes towards them? And then when things settle down, they quickly turn back so the person doesn't feel like people are staring at them like hawks? It was kind of like that, and as the man eventually has his situation covered, it's finally my turn to speak to the lady.

      I honestly don't know why I'm standing here, but it seems the lady knows I'm here for something fortunately. She tells me that O gave me a letter, and I was puzzled for a bit. She tends down while still sitting on her black rolling chair to open a drawer and hands me a letter. I quickly tear the seal and read the glanced at the content for ab it.

      Then I tried to re-read it to absorb whatever content the O dream character that saved me tried to give me in this letter. The letter is folded into thirds, hot-dog position, and as I'm trying to sustain my vision and make things a bit clearer, I find it difficult to read the content.

      It starts getting blurry, and no matter how hard I tried to calm down, relax, and let the word trailing shift back to their original position, I can't really string together a cohesive train of thought from this letter. I believe I decided to put this letter in my pocket by folding it the opposite way after folding it back hotdog style and gave my thanks to the secretary like dream character female.

      All I can remember from the letter was that O stated he was alright and didn't really have much injury from before, but he was more concerned that I hopefully got out alive without any injuries myself.

      I can't recall what happened from this point, and I guess I tried to leave because I didn't want to stall the people waiting in line behind me.

      Sucks I don't know what the O dream character was trying to tell me. It seems whenever there's a message being given to me, especially letters, I always end up having to save them for later only to forget them and never really getting the chance to see them before I try to have a dream where I can find the letter again without worrying if it was going to be a false copy.

      If only I recalled this dream earlier, I'd probably be able to get out a few chunks within the letter, but that's my fault.

      I felt even more guilty that despite of this O counterpart being a dream character, that this entity still cared enough to risk his own life to make sure I got out safely. It's happened before with a female that takes a laser cannon shot to her chest and stomach region, and a few others I can't recall off the top of my head. I'm personally glad O was just fine and things didn't end up where someone's life is taken away, compared to the dream I had months ago where the lady that pushes me off before possibly dying from the laser shot.

      Those types of dreams where someone has to take their life are always hard for me to process honestly, even if it's all just a dream.

      I wanted to do much more in this lucid dream, but I guess all I really cared about was seeing how the dream plot would unfold instead of sitting around doing nothing but wondering what to do.
    2. Father, Morpheus, Zune HD, Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan| 1-Q Formula

      by , 11-11-2012 at 03:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Father is Angry, Meeting Morpheus, Zune HD Near Death, Fighting Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan (Non-lucid)


      Decided to do some narrating (in waking life mind you) for my tulpa, and asked her if she can help me recall all of this detail. Seems it's working out pretty well, considering I didn't do a WBTB whatsoever.

      It seems I quickly turned off the laptop alarm to wake me up within an hour and 5 minutes, and I didn't want to risk using the other alarm that does get me up, because I might've forgotten to set it to another time to prepare the apartment, since I'll be having a guest for the week.

      Anyway, whether or not it's just me being able to get major snippets in images of the dreams, or her actually providing me with them, since after all, she is a construct of my mind, I'm glad I'm involving her into helping me recall these things, and ACTUALLY have a bit of a longer syntax, and a few out of norm vocabularly that I'm too lazy to bother using nowadays.

      Anyway, on to the dream.

      I hear a doorbell ringing, and I'm inside a house that I've been to in waking life. It's either early morning or late night. The door is opened, and I quickly somehow concealed myself outside. The only way that's possible are:

      1. I had a short dream shift
      2. I phased through the walls
      3. I teleported myself
      4. I transported myself
      5. *Insert weirdness of dreams defying logic here*

      I noticed that my father is wearing an army uniform from top to bottom, faded green torso and pants, with brown boots and faded dark yellow rubbery soles. I'm hiding between the edge of a wall, and the middle of an intersection of it that would split into another wall that would be coming towards you when you're looking at this screen.

      I peeked over to see my father confused on why the door would be opened in the first place. He starts to move around a bit, still puzzled. Like the moment he went through the door, you know how someone automatically states something because they assume you're there?

      Here's how it went.

      He comes in, he starts saying (I can't remember exactly)

      "*insert sentence that ends up being cutoff*------------"

      He stops, pauses, looks around, and then I finally decided to come out of my hiding place. He turns around and I smile at him, trying to show that I was just being a little playful with him. I realized I'm seeing myself in third person perspective, but at the same time, I'm interchanging between spectator mode and direct third person view.

      I also noticed I'm wearing black clothing overall. Black Jacket that extends near my knees, black dress shirt, and black dress pants. My attempt at trying to play around with my father by hiding and then showing myself to him, like some kind of naive kid who thinks babies come from storks, is automatically disowned.

      His visage clearly shows he didn't approve of me joking around, obviously because he had the conception that we were missing, went somewhere else with the house wide opened, or were completely oblivious to the door being opened while doing random things in the house.

      He tries to say something in anger from my actions, but stops immediately and just makes the sucking sound when you suck where the sides of your mouth close in on your teeth, and you suck them backwards. I felt awkward at his reaction, and I felt like I did something horribly wrong by doing all of this.

      I tried to kill the awkwardness by randomly stating that my mother is currently showering, so she wasn't able to come out immediately to open the door. But this doesn't work.

      The dream shifts a bit and it seems he has a guest, and he looks exactly like Morpheus. Morpheus is wearing a black suit jacket that extends all the way down near his ankles, 5 inches above it I'd presume. I have the assumption that this is Oneironaut Zero, and I get closer to him.

      Morpheus seems to be really passive in this dream, and I'm still holding on to the conviction that he was Oneironaut Zero for some reason, and I think I gave him a little poke to the arm. He turns around and says,


      "Who are you?"

      Note: I still believed he was Oneironaut Zero in this dream at the time, and I state, "I'm Linkzelda"

      He responds, "Oh really? Heh."

      I reply back, with passive disappointment that he doesn't remember me, "Yep, I'm him." The dream now shifts where I'm sitting on a simple brown rectangular table that has its longer sides perpendicular to me. My father is in front, and I believe Morpheus is either on the left side, or sitting with my father.

      I think my mother is on the right, which is a bit odd, but anyway, Morpheus starts stating some things I can't remember, and by this point, I'm not sure if I still believed that he was Oneironaut Zero. I just treat him like any other dream character that I'm having a passive awareness while conversing with him.

      It seems some of my answers irritate my father, and I look at him. He makes an awkward facial expression of his mouth hanging down slightly, eying at me weirdly. I look at him and felt awkward from this awkwardness.

      Then I sublimated that energy into passive-aggressiveness. I wanted to be pissed at him, but I didn't want to do it in front of two people, excluding him and me. I just get up from the chair slowly, building up my rage, still sublimating it passively with the conviction I occasionally conform to when I do get pissed:

      I did so by spreading my arms out, with my palms facing him, and fingers completely spread apart. I indirectly gave him my response of "You know what, fuck this shit, it's useless getting pissed at you" basically.

      I slowly walk backwards, with my head facing the floor, and I don't even dare stare at him from this point. The moment I turned my back to make it face him, I started to let the rage sublimate a bit more through my facial expressions, still keeping it all silent from him and the two other DCs there.

      I go into my room, close it normally, even though I wanted to slam it harder and faster. My room isn't the room that I recall from the house I was at temporarily in waking life, but the rest of the house before I came in here was mostly identical.

      The overall color in the room is brown, but based on my passive awareness to focus on my peripheral vision, there's a but of maroon or dark red mixed in with the brown. I look on a small light brown table, and noticed my Zune HD is there.

      Okay, guess I can listen to some music and calm myself down from this whole bullshit interaction with my father's random aggressiveness at me. I take my Zune HD and place it on my right hand. I can't really feel the cold contact of the metal being dormant, but I feel something in my hand.

      Then before I turn it on, I start analyzing it more, and realized there's something wrong with it. The back of it seems to be slipping off fairly easy, and this makes me worry. I start believing that this Zune HD is close to being useless and not workable anymore.

      I started to get worried that $150-180 (the range amount I paid for before the price changed) at the time would be going to waste. I look at my Zune HD, and it turns on, but not the way it's supposed to be.

      Instead of having a progressive loading bar starting from the bottom until it reached the top, a light blue screen that's a little smaller than the Zune's screen size pops up. Kind of like how if you have a Gamecube and have no disc, or it can't read a disk, the transparent cube shows up.

      In this case, it's like that, except it's a slightly 3d-ish rectangle that's parallel to the Zune HD's standard vertical position. There's black font that states how I could pay $70 or an amount near that to repair my Zune HD, instead of having to pay $150 for it again.

      I get confused, because my Zune HD is on, so why would I need to worry? Unless it was some kind of emergency feature that was built into it for this moment. Then the words transitioned to prompt me a message of something related to the Zune HD probably having contact with water before.


      I overhear my mother talking to my father in relation to how I expressed how pissed I was from him being pissed at me for no apparent reason. I started to block out their conversation, and proceeded to sit on the small bed next to me on the right. I decided to lie down on my back with my arms folded upwards so that my elbows face the ceiling.

      I started to have random thoughts:

      It's hard to verify if this was a separate dream, or all at once, so I'll just put it here and assume it was just one dream, because it had some kind of similar pattern

      One noticeable one was that I was running around the HECC building at my university, and agent-Smith like DCs were coming after me. I started to run calmly and swiftly. The overally atmosphere in this environment during this speculative mindset was light gray. It felt like it would become night time soon, or that it could possibly rain.

      The building that looked like the HECC building forms into something else I assume when I decided to open the glass door. There were these wooden chairs with a soft red cushion on top of the seating base.

      They were all lined up, and I decided to go near them and align them at random positions to confuse the Agent Smith. I started to do random movements to dodge them. I was using my hands to do a lot of handstands and twisting and flexing my body around.

      I was confusing the agents, and I'm not even sure if I have full control of my body, but I let whatever is happening happen. I think I recall at some point, either when the dream in this speculative mindset I'm in reset where I was wearing a golden eagle mask, and was doing things much faster than before.

      It's hard to recall if it was a dream reset, or a part that I forgot and realized later on...

      Then I had another dream shift where I thought I couldn't use the Rasengan or the Rasenshuriken, and because of this, I was annoyed, and I still felt like the agents were coming after me. From this rage, it seems I was unconscious of how I made a gesture when Naruto was trying to form the Tailed Beast Rasengan in episode 264 in the anime.

      It didn't really feel heavy forming the Tailed Beast Rasengan, and I'm not sure if I'm really forming it at all, but I'm still locked into the position where I have my arms out into a circle trying to balance the heaviness.

      From there, I'm not sure what happens next.

      1-Q Formula (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a dark room, all by myself. I was most likely preparing to go to sleep, and I have a lot of recollection of thoughts of what I did in the dream, or at least implanted memories on what I could've done or didn't do at all.

      Either way, the room I'm in is like the interior of an Asian mini-temple house with the light doors made of wood and paper-like material that you would have to slide horizontally to open or close. The overall color, despite of the darkness that's pretty strong here is brown, dark brown specifically.

      The flooring however, is vanilla white, a bit rough since it seems to be thousands or hundreds of thousands of fine fabric perpendicularly on top of each other. As I'm going to sleep, I keep myself half-awake, and my eyes 1/4 open. Someone comes in, and it's some random blonde dream character. He gets a white paper that was on the floor at the time, and he gets a black ink ballpoint pen to write some number along with a letter equaling some kind of value.

      I believe the closest association I can recall of what it could've been was:

      1-Q = *insert value here*

      I know for sure he had a value entered in, and while he's writing the formula, he messes up in between, but quickly scratches it and writes the formula correctly. He puts the paper down and puts his pen back in his pocket.

      I'm asking my tulpa how the person looked like, and here's the image that she's giving me:

      He was a teenager, or a young adult my age. He had a white cap on that was turned backwards, and he was wearing an orange shirt with red lining near the edges of the open sleeved sports jersey shirt he had on. His pants were most likely black, and he was fairly skinny.

      He seemed to be around my height, give or take a few inches, and it had curly dirty blond hair, but that could've been the cap that made it looked curly. He seemed like a friendly person, despite me being creeped out he went into this room while I still had my eyes 1/4 the way opened.

      That's all I recall for this one.
    3. Pink Flag, Good Kitty, Electrical Boxes and Aunt, Oneironaut Zero's Typos, Alyzarin...(SDE Day 04)

      by , 08-18-2012 at 06:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Pink Flag with White Dot (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a school building, most likely High School. I don't even know the name, and I try my best to find out without asking the people around me. I felt that if they are trying to hide the name, that asking them would be rude. I'm next to a blonde female, who looks a lot like my Chemistry 102 tutor before she graduated.

      The school walls are made of brown bricks, everywhere. It's the most basic and dull style there is. It's hard to tell if there's a roof or not, it looks like a really faded canary kind of color. Maybe there wasn't a roof at all, maybe the sky had some kind of weird faded gold-ish color to it. The whole atmosphere was saturated with this type of color, it felt so real, the people, the materials on the wall, everything.

      I stand around a bit, desperately trying to find some kind of logo or something, school uniforms, sports outfits, etc., ANYTHING that has a name of it. Nothing at all! What is up with the name of the High School not showing up anywhere? I tried to calm down since there's no way I would ask these people what's the High School name if they go through so much to hide it.

      Even in abstract dream logic, I'm still thoughtful of these people....loool.

      I see there's a pink flag hanging away from me at 1-3 feet, and maybe 10 feet above me. It's just a pink flag with a white dot on it, and it's hanging diagonally like any basic flag with a small pole holding it on a wall. Then I decided to check the back of the shirt of the blonde female next to me. Her back was slightly facing me, and I knew there was another dream character to the left of me. He was tall, probably blonde as well, but I didn't pay too much attention to him.

      I looked at the tag at the back of the blonde female's really close, I zoom onto her neck, without trying to make myself look like a creep, and I finally see some kind of wording.

      "PPW," in fact, It was lined up to be started from the top, and then would go diagonally to the right. It was just a tag, but noticing this subtle detail on how it's laid out amazes me when I'm recalling this dream. Anyway, at some point, this same blonde female is going somewhere, and I'm following her as well.

      Seems she's headed for a class, and the whole environment changes according to that. There's a white floor, basic white lighting on the ceiling. I'm trying to find where the teacher is, and it's a female voice for sure, sounds like someone who's maybe in their late 40s or so. Turns out the teacher sits in the middle of the class, probably to emphasize on interacting with the students or something I guess.

      I think she's blonde too, kind of, and she's wearing a thin layered clothed black jacket. She's wearing some kind of shirt with a shade of green, maybe swamp-ish kind of green. She's also wearing long Khaki pants, and as for the shoes, I'm not so sure.

      She's holding a book with her left hand, and she's looking down and reading whatever it is from the text. The blonde female I followed sits down, and I try to find a spot quickly. I could tell the teacher knew I was here, I could see that she used her peripheral vision, and she went back to reading the book without any kind of pause in her speech at all.

      I guess that was my confirmation that I should go ahead and find a seat, and I looked around quickly for one. I decided to sit behind the blonde. I noticed she's wearing a black sports jacket now instead of the pink sports uniform shirt. Maybe she covered it up with the jacket, don't know.

      As I'm sitting down, there's one dream character that looks fairly young, maybe 14 years of age, probably a little less than that. He's wearing a gray shirt and I can't pick out the pants he's wearing. He's fairly dark-skinned, and has black curly hair. He's trying to understand some problem, but continues to portray that he cannot comprehend anything on the matter.

      I didn't know what it was they were talking about in the classroom, so I just stayed quiet and paid attention to how others would react to each other. There was one guy that's diagonally to the right of him writing down notes fairly quick.

      The dude in the gray shirt asks that same guy some question related to whatever is projected on the screen, and the guy writing down the notes gets irritated saying that what he's doing is real, something along those lines.

      I noticed that when we was saying that, he's holding a yellow folder, close to be golden, and it has paper stacked inside of it. He was waving it up and down, probably a form of sublimating his irritation with the question the guy in the gray shirt asked him. The guy taking the notes was wearing a white polo shirt, had slightly spiky black hair as well.

      After that fiasco ended,
      I can't remember what happens next.

      Good Kitty (Non-lucid)


      For some reason, I'm suddenly a potty-mouth towards my mother, and I don't even feel concerned about it for the first few sporadic sayings at her. She starts repeating what I say to my father, and I eventually said to myself quietly,

      "Shut the fuck up."

      Where did that come from?!?!?!

      She still was able to hear me, and repeats it to my father. I screamed at her,

      "NO, I DIDN'T SAY THAT AT ALL!!!!"

      My father comes out, and he looks at me and says something to me that I shouldn't forget the $1,500 he's putting in for my tuition.

      LOL. Okay...........

      I just take what he says without saying anything, what a complete lie.

      Am I really this bloody stupid to not do a reality check?

      After things cool down, I still feel heated up, the dream shifts to where I'm resting on some sofa with a black and white cat. It's very close to me, and I start rubbing it, feeling at peace each time. It's enjoying how I'm scratching under it's neck gently, having its eyes closed, and the form of its mouth almost resembling a smile.

      I rub the cat on the head again, feeling how fragile this thing is compared to me. I continued doing this probably for the rest of the dream
      because I can't remember anything else.
      Electrical Boxes and Aunt (Non-lucid)


      I remember the vehicle I'm inside with some random people completely stops, and to fix this, we had to insert electrical boxes that don't look anything that belongs in a vehicle's engine. Two boxes were needed in order to fuel up this vehicle, and I think I was the one who inserted them.

      At first, I did it wrong, but that was corrected quickly, and then there's another dream shift where we have to get new boxes. Robert Ri'chard shows up, and is apparently an employee for the random Auto shop we're in. I can't remember the exact details on the work uniform he's wearing, but I do remember that the main colors are: Red, yellow, and black, and maybe orange.

      Then I realize we're inside of a garage, well, a work garage for the auto shop. Pretty dull place if you ask me, but I can't really expect much from a place that would have a lot of dirty work from grease in the first place.

      There's another dream shift where I see the back of the vehicle, and I'm probably 10 feet away from it. I seem to be eating something, and it's on a vanilla colored ceramic plate. Seems to be Spanish rice, or dirty rice, I just know the rice is yellow, and I'm eating something else with it, probably chopped up chicken breasts. It tastes pretty decent, and I continue eating this for a while, even though I don't see any signs of this food actually decreasing lol.

      Infinite Food!

      A lady wearing a red shirt, and a yellow long dress skirt....think of the stereotype of a Hispanic lady with a fruit bowl on top of her head.

      Now just exclude the fruit bowl, bam, that's imagery for you!

      She was a really nice lady, very enthusiastic. She was dark-skinned, and I could swear she looks a lot like my father's sister. The more I think about it, she really did look like her. She had black long hair tied up from the back. The same eyes, nose, lips...........


      Maybe it's just me being in a suggestive mood.

      Anyway, she comes with a plate with food on it. It looks like Scrambled eggs and some red beans. She puts some on my plate, even though I didn't want any of it.....wow, another characteristic just like the waking life counterpart....always eager to put more food on my plate....


      I decided I might as well eat it, since if this really is the waking life counterpart, she would be able to cook well. I take a small sample of the egg, and it tastes pretty good. I could taste some of the salt mixed in with the cooked yolk. It gave off a distinct feature, a little bitter, but that's what made the egg taste amazing!

      I spend the rest of the dream eating this food, even though I'm sure it wasn't going to run out in the first place.

      Oneironaut Zero's Typos (Non-lucid)


      I can only remember seeing O try to make a legible post, but judging by the typos, he was probably in a hurry for something.

      I can't even remember the words on the post because it was really hard to comprehend. The post was related to a thread where someone had a question, probably a personal one related to waking life.

      I do remember some signs there like:

      but that's all I can remember.
      Alyzarin & Golden Edit (Non-lucid)


      I remember communicating with Alyzarin somehow, and she told me a solution to how I didn't like the quality of webcam pictures I would save for myself. She said that if I used some feature called "Golden --------------," that it would enhance the quality of my pictures, so that needing an actual camera wouldn't be necessary.

      I tried it out on a sample picture, but I couldn't really see much of a difference, however, the picture was saturated with a type of golden aura.

      Too bad I didn't know what the other part of the word was.....Golden-------------....this really bothers me not knowing.
    4. Birds, Oneironaut Zero Cycling, Telekinesis, Runescape Video Recording, Drive, Tower, Video, House..

      by , 03-31-2012 at 05:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Birds, Oneironaut Zero Cycling, Telekinesis, Runescape Video Recording, Drive, Tower, Video, House (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Birds

      Outside was really bright and sunny, I was sitting somewhere, I think near a cut off tree stump that's in the middle of concrete. I don't know what I'm doing, but it's attracting birds to come close to me.

      Then for a while, I see a construction worker trying to park a really weird construction vehicle. It was one of normal ones you see that could pick and drop things like dirt, grass, etc. The construction worker is failing when he's trying to park the vehicle.

      He was going so fast that I heard the vehicle go, "REEEEE ROOOO REEEE ROOOOO!" each time he went in and out of the small area he tried to park into.

      He eventually gave up and carried the vehicle somewhere else. However, he rode it like a bicycle, it had pedals and everything, but its composition was so abstract that the lower region couldn't have supported the large torso of the construction machine.

      I put my attention back looking at the birds really close to me. It was the typical brown ones you see here in Texas, and they're literally looking at me, and it felt so nice to have them around me.

      They were either really brave to be near me, or maybe I had a positive energy that made them want to be around me. Then after getting into birds surrounding me, more come, and they're small gray birds.

      I could feel some on my shoulder, and one accidentally flew into my right ear. I could tell because I heard some echoing with my right ear. It kind of tickled, and I basically spend the rest of the dream being around birds.

      Dream 2: Oneironaut Zero Cycling

      Okay, this time, I knew this was O in this dream. There was this huge gray fence with the holes in between each link, and I'm riding my bicycle.

      I see a person, who looks Black, wearing a white vest and long white sports pants. There were red stripes going down vertically along the sides of the vest and the pants.

      I couldn't catch up to O, he was going way too fast with his bicycle, which had yellow on the metal I believe, kind of like the bicycle I saw him use recently in post pictures of your everyday life.

      I eventually went to spectator mode, and I'm seeing things from above so that everyone looks small from where I'm elevating. O is just going crazy around the corners....is it even possible to drift with a bicycle?!??!

      He does this for a few laps around this huge barrier fence, until he stops near the entrance to get into it. My consciousness and/or body shifts back to the surface.

      He said something along the lines of saying this was a great workout.

      Then there's a laptop near the both of us. I wanted to log in, but I had to go somewhere in the mean time, probably to use the restroom.

      But when I looked at the laptop, it seemed that I had saved information at the log-in screen, so I wouldn't have to type my password.

      I wanted to leave, but I was worried O would log in into my account, so I just stay near the laptop. xD

      Dream 3: Telekinesis

      I was in a fairly large room, with a good amount of people, mostly females, actually, I think all were females at the time. The environment, the floor was dark brown, and it had a shine to it, and the walls I believe were gray bricks, the kind that has been painted over to make it smooth.

      There were several purple light objects, it looked like plastic table cloth jumbled up, placed on the floor.

      I was practicing Telekinesis with it by making them elevate about 5 feet or so from the ground, flip them over, and then put them back down. I do this for a while, having a bit too much fun with it.

      Then I sit on the floor near some table and some mini brick ledge. There were females sitting on the other side of where I am, with their legs extending outward completely, resting on the wall.

      One was blonde, that's for sure, and she's talking to another female that I can't make a good description of. I decided to use Telekinesis on one of their backpacks.

      The backpack was white I believe, with brown handles, but it had a slightly dark color to it, probably from small dust and it being on the floor.

      I moved it up a few feet from the ground, just like I did with the light purple objects, and I think the girl gets annoyed that I'm doing this a few times.

      I stop, and there's this girl next to me. She's petite in size, really beautiful girl. Her cheeks had this glow to them, maybe it was the make up.

      She had long black or brown hair, along with wearing a gray hoodie I believe, not to sure on that, but she was concealing most of her top region.

      She was talking to me about something, then told me,

      "Your handsome."

      It takes a while for me to try and respond because it came so suddenly, then I declared,

      "Thank you," and smiled at her. I noticed that when I said that, I was laying prone on my side, use my arm to support my head.

      Then we went back to another conversation, I believe we were talking about dissections. She later tells me that she never did a dissection in class before.

      I asked her, "You never did a dissection!?!?!?" and I look at her for a while, still surprised from this. She told me that she didn't want to overload herself with hard classes.

      I responded saying that I took a lot of AP and Pre-AP courses in High School during one semester that I can't remember I told her, probably my senior year, where I only had one regular class.

      I can't remember much after saying that, maybe seeing a person who is near us standing up talking with someone else, I'm not sure.

      Dream 4: Runescape Video Recording

      Apparently, I'm recording, or watching a recorded video of someone in Proselyte armor, Helm of Neitiznot, the old Dragonfire Shield design, dragon boots, whip, and even had a pair of dragon claws in their inventory as well.

      They were picking up some items in an area that had a turquoise setting it, maybe it was the Ancient Caverns. The video was running smoothly, didn't see any kind of static or lag from it.

      Woke up from those set of dreams for a WBTB, wanted to meet Melanieb in a dream, but that failed.

      Dream 5: Late Night Drive

      I'm driving on the slow lane in a car late at night, don't know why I didn't RC, because I only drove a car once in my life.

      Dream 6: Underwater Clock Tower?

      I remember having to swim underwater to fix some gears with a clock tower. It was pretty dark when I reached the gears room. Everything is flooded, so it makes things even harder because to relocate one gear meant putting more force.

      I get near some of the gears, and had to attach something for it to connect, some kind of magnetic object.

      The dream shifts to where I'm talking with some people, but I can't remember who, all I know is that I was in a dark blue pseudo space dimension.

      Dream 7: Facebook Video

      I posted a video as a comment on a person's status to add some humor to something, but it ends up being some guy ramming fairly huge objects into a women's private parts.

      I think some person commented below me and had horrible spelling, but I can't remember what he typed exactly, but I knew it wasn't a good response towards the video I posted.

      Dream 8: Searching Around House???

      I can't remember this one too clearly, but I was in a house looking for something. I was with somebody, but I can't remember their facial or body composition.

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    5. Oneironaut Zero or Blade Home Invasion??, Okay father....., Ping Pong Balls, Adult stuff on Zune...

      by , 03-30-2012 at 01:18 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oneironaut Zero or Blade Home Invasion?? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Oneironaut zero or Blade Home Invasion?

      The person looked a lot like O, but it could've just been my mind associating something related to him, Blade, or even Morpheus.

      Before this dream, I was listening to the Cowboy Bebop Ending Song. It's been so long since I've listened to it, it really makes me depressed, but the music (especially the full version) is so enticing to me. I guess seeing the images pan over after the other makes me think a lot about how fragile your life can really be, but that's just me, it's hard to explain.

      Just the music and the pictures really makes you feel like you're trapped doing all of these things in life, the basic things, the things that make you vulnerable....

      I don't want to think too much about why I met Spike for a few seconds in a dream I had last night, but the fact that there could be symbolism like a fading star representing someone's death, which is what was apparent at the last episode before showing a picture of Spike at the end of the series, the choir, etc., things that made it look like he was going to die.

      And the quote he says before going to the Red Dragon's lair (an organization) to kill Vicious

      "I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive."

      And when the Wikia talked about how he lives like he's in a "dream-state"

      Spike's attitude of living in a "dream-like" existence is displayed by his careless behavior and his nonchalant attitude towards dangerous or outright fatal situations....

      He also is shown to enjoy sleeping, and that may tie into his mantra of 'living a dream.'

      I wonder why Spike appeared in my dream, and then flashed away, like a fading star dying....

      I'm talking to my father about something, and then he tells me that he thinks that I'm annoying for some reason. Something along with how I'm some kind of distraction.

      After a while, I could tell he was just in rage over something else, and was just saying that to me because he was in the heat of the moment, but after he calmed down a bit, he tried to apologize to me indirectly again by trying to be nice to me.

      He asked me,

      "Can I play this game called Runescape?"

      I respond, "No."

      Then he wants to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and at first I wanted to say "No" to that as well, but I just didn't really care what he did at this point, seeing as he's making himself pathetic trying to apologize to me without using direct words.

      He disappears, which doesn't bother me at all, the dream was set for afternoon, maybe around 4-5PM where it's still bright outside.

      I go near the entertainment center of the house (the cabinet center is what I'm talking about), and I see that there's some weird looking Nintendo console in front of me.

      I fiddle around with other things surrounding it, like seeing Zelda collectables. I was pondering if my father was buying this for me to try and suck up to me for being mad at me, but I let the possibility fade away really quick.

      Surprisingly, the vividness of this dream was amazing, seeing how I slept around 3-3.5 hours. I did not do a reality check inside the house unfortunately, perfect chance for me to be lucid, since I'm at my apartment in waking like.

      I open the container that looked like some part of a DVD player eject out a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii Disc. It was exactly like the CD (almost), with the gold-ish tint, and the picture of Link holding a sword to where he has it angled towards the ground instead of upwards.

      (Just imagine the image of link on the right being on the CD with a gold-ish color)

      I put back the CD to get something to eat, and it seems I take a quick bite out of something that was probably Fish Cakes.

      It tasted like red salmon, and then I realize I didn't heat it up, because it tasted weird when it was cold. Then I forget to do that altogether since I look outside because the backyard door is opened.

      At first, I see some random DCs, I'm presuming are neighbors, walking their way to their homes as well. For some odd reason, I imagined things like,

      "What if a tiger randomly popped in from the backyard?"
      (that was probably and association where I was watching the AVG tiger toothpick commercial on YouTube....check it out )

      I let the thought fade away, and then for some reason, I immediately drop to the floor on purpose to land prone on the right side of my body extended out.

      I get my right hand out, and aim for outside, and shadowed the form of a gun with it, and then said, "Bang!" as I imitated the recoil of shooting a gun.

      (I know that motion I did just had to be my association with interpreting why Spike from Cowboy Bebop was in my dream yesterday).

      I had a little fun pretending I'm shooting a gun for a while, almost feeling like a kid for a few seconds aiming my fingers and random points outside.

      Eventually, seeing how I was alone in the house, I felt that I might as well close the door, since I didn't really feel like going outside.

      I get back up, quickly dash to the side of the door that was opened and extended to the right.

      For those few seconds, just those few seconds of the quick dash, I see someone trying to come into the house through the SAME door.

      I barely saw their visage to the right of the door window, and saw that they were wearing shades. The person had a dark skin tone, he was Black.

      He wore a gray, white, or silver vest, and it seems they were sleeveless because they were ripped out. The guy had muscular arms from what I saw in the few seconds of looking at him. He wore short pants, maybe blue or Khaki, not too sure on that.

      I almost had the feeling where I'm questioning if this person is Oneironaut Zero, or Blade, but the feelings started to fade because my main mood was to wonder what the heck am I going to do to defend myself.

      I also think I was in denial in it possibly being O or Blade because of how they tried to enter the house by crouching down instead of just coming in casually.

      To describe this mood of mine, imagine having no guns, and knowing that the person trying to come in could be armed, so now you feel so weak because of this, so you try to find anything sharp, and hope that wherever you hide wouldn't be the obvious choice for the invader to investigate.

      Basically, just making anything that's metal and sharp into a potential murder weapon.

      The person couldn't see me because there is a small transparent gray cloth I believe hanging over the window of the door.

      I slammed the door immediately, locked the two silver locks, take one more quick glance at who was outside the backyard.

      The person looks pretty serious, and I assume it's just someone trying invade the house silently, and I still think he thought the door just slammed shut because of the wind or something.

      He tries to fiddle around with the lock from the outside, and I take this time to turn around immediately, and since I'm in the kitchen, I immediately gear my attention to the knives.

      They were conveniently placed 1-2 feet away from me.

      (Another reality check I could've done because I knew in waking life, those knives where set a little bit further from the backyard door, but I guess I wasn't serious about awareness of the environment I'm in, despite me looking around seeing weird things happening).

      I quickly grabbed one knife out of fear, and then decided to get another. With one knife in each hand, I felt a little safer. I started to think about how I would kill the DC that was trying to lock-pick the door and invade the house.

      I decided that I should hide behind the pantry, but that would be stupid, because I was worried that the person would check that first because it was the first thing you could see on your left if you come through the door leading to the backyard.

      I believe I even thought of what would happened if I hid behind the pantry door as well, but at the same time, I felt I was already in the pantry door.

      I was so afraid, despite having two weapons in my hands, and I think I hear the door slightly open.

      I wake up, but my eyes did not open, I could've went into a DEILD and tried to see what happened, but in all honestly, I was afraid because I swore that person looked like Oneironaut Zero or Blade.

      And I opened my eyes, but they wanted to close back, so I opened it again.

      Did that just really happen? I do a RC to make sure it wasn't a FA when I woke up from it.

      And I could've used that fear to try out the Flying Thunder God Technique if I was lucid and was actually trying to be strategic....seeing as this would be a situation where close quarters combat is almost inevitable.

      And if I mastered the technique out of fear, the moment the person blinked their eyes to see I'm hidden in the pantry or whatever, it would already be too late because I would be right behind them.

      Too bad I didn't use my brain for once....


      Dream 2: Okay Father....

      I don't want to recall the details here, but basically, I was in a car I believe with my father and mother, that's weird.....still didn't do a reality check for that...

      I was listening to their ignorance, and it really made me pissed, I insulted my mother, and then my father tells me to apologize to her and calm down.

      "Okay father....." in my attempt to be chilled, still wanting to release rage to the both of them.

      Dream 3: Ping pong balls..

      I can't remember much about this one, except that I was playing tennis with ping pongs that eradicated when you slammed them hard enough. They burst like water balloons.

      Dream 4: Adult stuff...

      Nothing special, just looking at some adult scenes that I never seen before on my Zune HD.

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