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    Oneironaut Zero Saves Me, Kicking Ass and Taking Names [DILD]

    by , 07-28-2013 at 12:32 AM (613 Views)
    Oneironaut Zero Saves Me (DILD)


    Listened to a self-hypnosis recording I did with my voice and decided to continue not using WBTB, managed to get a decent lucid. Without even trying, SWEET!!!

    Recall is okay, just the normal if I were to actually do a WBTB and have a decent sleeping schedule. It will only get better when I get more into making more audio hypnosis scripts and/or saying them to myself before sleeping at night. I managed to get my tonality and emotion-pouring down with the scripts, which makes the imagination that much easier. Might even make a longer hypnosis script for myself where I'll make a recording and save it for some other purposes.

    Imagine being in an underground base where the dominant colors are mostly shades of blue and turquoise. The dream itself repeated some aspects for some odd reason, and it was mostly me checking if the person Oneironaut Zero killed stayed dead. But let's not worry about that right now.

    All I can remember as I'm shifting back and forth with third person, first person, and just spectating what's going on over what seemed like watching a movie, I started harboring extreme sensations with adrenaline and fear.

    My recall for this has a lot of patches, seeing how there were so many areas I must've traveled in a short span of time. Most of the double doors were electronic and open, and it seems every time I enter some area, I would see to my right side a wired fence shaped into a cube protecting random electronic objects. Like bases or power generators of some sort, and with how things were going, it seemed the building we're in has some kind of invasion of weird creatures, machines, and such occurring.

    It seemed I was pretty lucky, not having to deal with all of that, yet. Throughout the dream, I felt sensations occurring within my head, neck, and back region. It was a sort of fuzzing and vibrating feeling, it didn't hurt, but it wasn't something I would want to tolerate for too long. It almost as if my senses were just elevated because of the rush and adrenaline surging through my dream body, that it was a matter of life and death, and all that mattered was getting out before I end up dead.

    And as I'm running and dodging without looking back, as if all that was needed was for me to sustain the narrow tunnel vision I had in this dream, Krauser shows up yet again, and his countenance is completely different from the other dreams where he seemed to only show up to scare me, but never had any ambition to kill me.

    He extends his left arm, and seems to be ready to facepalm my face straight into the wall behind me, and luckily, there just happened to be someone right behind me that he ends up hitting instead of me. Either he was still trying to scare me, or he just had crappy aim. I waste no time and immediately dashed to the open double doors to the left about 10 feet away from me.

    Suddenly, I find myself accidentally tripping, and it's really, really hard to get up.



    While Krauser is trying to get his hand out from the person's head he slammed against the wall, I'm still struggling to get up. I felt like this dream was going to end up being miserable until someone in a blue-black jacket comes in rapidly, and the dream character looks a lot like Oneironaut Zero who's just waiting for a good fight with Krauser.

    He indirectly signals me to leave, but I'm still trying to process how he came about. Eventually, I managed to finally get up from the floor, still looking at what Oneironaut has up his sleeve to deal with the Krauser dream character coming after me. And before I managed to get past the same left door that's now to the right of me (since I braced against the wall), Oneironaut Zero goes through some mutation while Krauser does the same.

    There seems to be tentacles gradually coming out of the left side of O's face, then some grows behind his back, and after that, I was too afraid to really see the full transformation from both dream characters. I wanted to help, but it seemed O can hold his own, especially since I have no chance against a fully mutated Krauser that probably would end up twice the height of the original.

    Now things shift back to me watching the events as if I'm looking at a movie or something. I noticed I started to pick up the pace with running away, but not only that, feeling more agile, flexible, and even ready to do super-human jumping as well. The scene that was previously saturated with a turquoise and blue atmosphere now changes into a mustard-yellow atmosphere.

    And things are getting even more hectic as I'm trying to avoid the random machines and other-worldly creatures that are just too hard for me to process their visage and composition because of how I only cared about getting out of this place alive. I still worried about whether or not O would be fine dealing with the Krauser dream character, but I guess some kind of instinct kicked it telling me he'll be just fine.

    There's a long metal chain that happens to be one of the few ways to get out of this place, and I immediately jump up to grab onto it. And as I'm slowly taking my time climbing up the metal chain, there seems to be random fighting below me. I noticed Wonder Woman (the Justice League version) seems to be taking pretty hard hits from whatever entities she's fighting. She's being thrown left and right and still while recovering each time to go back fighting full force.

    All of this is still occurring while I'm looking at myself and the background scene in spectator mode. It seemed the dream character of me was so fixated on climbing upwards without looking down, and the more I focused wanting to get out, the more intense the fighting is below. I can hear the slashing, clashing, and all the punching sounds along with the grunts, moans, and screaming as well.

    I wondered how the hell I got myself into this dream environment, and I'm presuming I finally made it to the top and I'm hopefully free and safe from all the chaos beneath me. My train of thought, or at least me being able to visualize myself starts getting patchy again.

    I start seeing a few glimpses of areas I've been before, and I take advantage of this ability to check to see if O was okay. All I saw was Krauser's dead mutated body, so I'm presuming O managed to seal the deal and get out perfectly fine. But I didn't have time to speculate and try to again some assurance that he's alright, seeing how the monsters and machines most likely are tailing me by climbing the long metal chain as well.

    From this point, I don't know where in the world I'm headed, all I remember was just jumping off somewhere very high. The dream environment and setting shifts completely now, and that's probably because I forgot what happened in the middle.

    That's what I get for not doing a proper WBTB.

    Anyway, I'm in a different scene, and my feelings are less anxious and intense, so I'm assuming things are safe now. Imagine me now being within a large and spacious area that resembles a base for small planes and helicopters to traverse. Surrounding me about 400 feet to 2 miles are large garage type buildings, as if I'm near some miltary base.

    But it doesn't feel like that, it feels more like some type of training ground for people who want to pilot flying vehicles. And I find myself noticing that I'm waiting in a short line, and I quickly shift my head to the left to see who I'm waiting in line to meet.

    I noticed there's a lady that looks like she's in he 30s, she has bowl cut hairstyle that's orange-red with a slight shade of black near the front regions before stopping to the side of her face. She's wearing a classic secretary black dress shirt and skirt that's a about knee-level.

    She's filling in applications and signing forms I'm presuming, and while I'm waiting for my turn, I take the time to just look around and stare into random space. I noticed how it's early morning within this dream, and I can see the sun rise up slowly to my left side. And as I turn to my right, you know how you can see the heat waves or whatever from a distances where the light gives the illusion that the objects are bending?

    It was like that for a a minute, and as I'm turning left and right occasionally, I turn to my left again to find an elderly man sitting about 5-10 feet away from the same female that's busy with the people in line. He has his back faced to her on her right side (my left side), and is sitting perpendicular from her.

    It seems he's waiting for something, and I begin to notice how he's holding some kind of certificate in his left hand. I didn't want to pry into the information within this certificate, but because he's holding it in a way that makes it look like eye-candy, I can't help but zoom from far away to see that he's most likely trying to get his driver's permit or something.

    The man is wearing thin-framed glasses, a few jagged features sustained in his visage, and is a bit obese, maybe 250-400lbs. He's wearing a green cap with a small streak of orange, if I remember correctly, and he's just casually reading this certificate to himself, probably to kill some time.

    Then he finally gets his turn, and quickly gets up to meet the secretary like female I'm waiting for as well. She declares to him the type of license this man will be getting, and she stated some things that are hard to process, jargon most likely. I believe he had to have a restriction on his license or whatever it is he's trying to get because the female stated how he had some kind of disability.

    She states this a bit loud, not too loud, but just enough to make the man feel ashamed for his disability. He quickly tries to cover the topic by questioning her randomly, but it's not really working out for him. I don't really pay too much attention to is situation with her, and I'm sure the dream characters I'm behind in line didn't really care, or at least pretended they didn't hear the conversation.

    You know how you wait in line for something, and there's someone somewhere at the far corner of the area you're in that shows off or does something loud that makes every avert their eyes towards them? And then when things settle down, they quickly turn back so the person doesn't feel like people are staring at them like hawks? It was kind of like that, and as the man eventually has his situation covered, it's finally my turn to speak to the lady.

    I honestly don't know why I'm standing here, but it seems the lady knows I'm here for something fortunately. She tells me that O gave me a letter, and I was puzzled for a bit. She tends down while still sitting on her black rolling chair to open a drawer and hands me a letter. I quickly tear the seal and read the glanced at the content for ab it.

    Then I tried to re-read it to absorb whatever content the O dream character that saved me tried to give me in this letter. The letter is folded into thirds, hot-dog position, and as I'm trying to sustain my vision and make things a bit clearer, I find it difficult to read the content.

    It starts getting blurry, and no matter how hard I tried to calm down, relax, and let the word trailing shift back to their original position, I can't really string together a cohesive train of thought from this letter. I believe I decided to put this letter in my pocket by folding it the opposite way after folding it back hotdog style and gave my thanks to the secretary like dream character female.

    All I can remember from the letter was that O stated he was alright and didn't really have much injury from before, but he was more concerned that I hopefully got out alive without any injuries myself.

    I can't recall what happened from this point, and I guess I tried to leave because I didn't want to stall the people waiting in line behind me.

    Sucks I don't know what the O dream character was trying to tell me. It seems whenever there's a message being given to me, especially letters, I always end up having to save them for later only to forget them and never really getting the chance to see them before I try to have a dream where I can find the letter again without worrying if it was going to be a false copy.

    If only I recalled this dream earlier, I'd probably be able to get out a few chunks within the letter, but that's my fault.

    I felt even more guilty that despite of this O counterpart being a dream character, that this entity still cared enough to risk his own life to make sure I got out safely. It's happened before with a female that takes a laser cannon shot to her chest and stomach region, and a few others I can't recall off the top of my head. I'm personally glad O was just fine and things didn't end up where someone's life is taken away, compared to the dream I had months ago where the lady that pushes me off before possibly dying from the laser shot.

    Those types of dreams where someone has to take their life are always hard for me to process honestly, even if it's all just a dream.

    I wanted to do much more in this lucid dream, but I guess all I really cared about was seeing how the dream plot would unfold instead of sitting around doing nothing but wondering what to do.

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