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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Of Cat-girls, death, and new lives

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:45 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)

      Animal Planet (Non-lucid)


      I have entered an alternate timeline in which animals rule the world and consider people a lower form of life. In the city, I see busses with writing such as "PETA Daycare." I find this very amusing. My mom and I are attempting to return to our hometown, but when we come across some temples and holy statues sacred to the animals, I break away to explore. In the process of exploring, this human-looking girl who claims to be half animal begins chasing me. Humans are not allowed to wander around alone, so I am deemed a fugitive and a rogue. (Apparently animal-human hybrids such as the girl chasing me are raised as animals).

      I run away but the animal girl always finds me. I still have a bottle of alcohol from a previous dream, which ignites a plan within me. The bottle has different settings of strength and flavor, so I turn it to the highest strength and trick my pursuer into drinking it. Now that she's drunk, I figure that escaping her will be twenty times easier.

      Unfortunately for us both, I am wrong. The girl follows me to a strange area where a set of monkey bars reaches over a span of incredible height. I am carefully making my way across when she tries to pull me down. I tell her to cut it out or she'll get us both killed, but she is drunk and not in her right state of mind, so she keeps trying.

      She almost falls herself, but I manage to catch her and help her down to solid ground. I gently lay her down; she is no longer as drunk, but she's bretty shaken up from the scare of almost falling to her death. She mumbles out an embarassed "thank you."

      In response, I unexpectedly lean over and kiss her. At first she is startled, then she kisses me back. Sadly, a group of pure-blood animals have come upon us while we were distracted. They are furious, screaming that a relationship between humans and animals are forbidden. We are forced to flee. She is very angry with me for making her an outcast, but we have no choice but to stick together to evade capture. I find the whole situation very amusing.

      Guardian Spirit (Non-lucid)


      I have died and I think I've been born again. A bit of time passes until my brain has the capacity to think. I am a bit disconcerted when thinking about my new appearance. "I... have blue eyes...?" I ask out loud, more to myself than anyone else. I remember having green eyes. Why are they blue? My mom says I have blue eyes just like my father's. I soon realize that I am not actually the child--- my spirit is simply connected to hers. She is actually my brother's daughter; my niece.

      I am somewhat sad to be dead, but I decide I will make my death worthwhile and watch after my niece as her guardian spirit. I will not let any harm come to her. The child sees me as her imaginary friend. Now one suspects that my spirit is still lingering. My parents are raising the child as their own--- I have no idea what has happed to my brother, but I suspect he may be dead as well.

      Second Life (Non-lucid)


      I have my personality, but I am a different Person in another life, apparently in high school again. My best friends and I have a strange inside joke about our group’s “rulebook,” which contains arbitrary rules about our friendship. We are in the cafeteria getting lunch. Friend #1 walks away to get tea. While she’s preoccupied, I strike up a conversation with Regina, our school’s bitchy head cheerleader. She is talking about hair with her friend, and I mention that I’ve given up caring about my own hair. She makes some snide comment about it and says something about me being a nerd. I tell her I am proud to be a nerd. The entire exchange seems to be more out of routine than actually malicious. I am enamored with Regina and enjoy these little encounters. I’m beginning to suspect that she does as well.

      When I return to my table, I obviously have a stupid grin on my face. Friend #1 asks me what happened.

      Me: *still smiling* Nothing.

      Friend 1: Nothing my butt. Did you meet someone? Did you have a romantic encounter?

      Me: No. I just had an amusing conversation with… someone.

      Friend 1: *sudden realization* Oh god, tell me you weren’t flirting with Regina again! I can understand if you like the cheery types but seriously? Regina?

      Me: Hey, it’s not---

      Before I can defend myself, Friend #2 sits with us. She notices that Friend #1 is once again carrying an empty pocket book with her (an apparent weird habit of hers). “New rule,” she says. “No carrying empty pocket books.

      Friend 1: What? Why not?

      Friend 2: Because, it looks dumb and I’m embarrassed to be seen with you.

      Friend 1: It does not.

      Me: Actually, it makes sense. What if the apocalypse suddenly happened? Yoou’d need a bag to carry important items you find, like in Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

      Friend 1: *stares at me like I’m crazy, then turns to Friend #2* Okay, you’re right. It’s stupid.
    2. Chase of Fools

      by , 04-02-2013 at 02:39 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I forgot to post this one yesterday.

      Chase of Fools (DILD)


      Early one morning, I hear the school bus go by and I realize I've missed it. ((What I fail to realize is that I graduated high school nearly a year ago...)) I run outside and see that I will never catch up on foot. I guess I'll have to drive.

      My neighbor Melissa has also missed the bus, so I decide to give her a ride as well. After I turn off my street, we are on a road that should lead straight to the school. Instead, we end up in some weird complex.

      No longer in the car, we are walking on foot through the complex.
      I become lucid, because missing the bus and then getting lost is a common dream sign of mine. I decide that all I really want to do for this dream is to explore.

      The complex is basically made up of short walls surrounded by a barbed wire fence. There are three sections to the complex, each one taller than the previous. As we are walking through this rather boring place, a tall naked man with deathly white skin and no face comes up behind us. He is angry that we are in his complex. He clearly wants us dead.

      I am in no mood for a chase, so I figure that if we just get out of the complex, he'll go away. With a combination of flying and climbing, I make it out and head into the town. Unfortunately, the creepy guy is still following.

      I decide to just ignore him out of existance. The only problem is, everyone I come across intentionally says something to remind me of him, so he continues to chase me.

      I lose lucidity somewhere along the line when I have a false awakening. I make it back to my house, where I find horrifying sigils drawn everywhere. I recognize the sigils as a sign of an incredibly evil demon lady who has apparently tormented me in the past. I am trying to figure out how to get rid of her again when I wake up.
    3. Freddy Krueger + Demons

      by , 03-17-2013 at 01:05 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Fun night, despite not sleeping much.

      Krueger Propaganda (DILD)


      I spontaneously become lucid in the middle of a somewhat hectic situation that I can no longer remember. I decide to fly away.

      I start from my house and fly over the trees, the back road, and the forest. All along the way, there are Freddy Krueger posters EVERYWHERE with strange and violent quotations on them. "Hmm, I wonder what he's up to," I murmur to myself. I fully expect him to show up and try to cause trouble. He'd better stay away if he knows what's good for him. ((It is a running joke among my friends that I was married to Krueger and am now divorced.))

      I am flying Peter Pan style, and it is quite an exhilerating feeling. I pass by a lot of beautiful scenery. At one point I stop to talk to some people,
      but my recall is really hazy and I don't remember what happened next. Sadly, I know there was a lot that happened afterward, I just can't grasp it at the moment.

      Demon Opression (Non-lucid)


      My campus has been overrun by demons who are under the guise of Indian women. I am standing in the lobby of my dorm, preparing to leave. A little girl, around 11, is trying to get in the elevator. I know that once on the elevator, it will draw people in to the demon's dimension, making escape almost impossible. But the girl is convinced that she has to get upstairs to find her sister. I get on the elevator with her, determined to protect her.

      We get upstairs and the demon women spot us as soon as we step off the elevator. I grab the little girl and haul her down the hallway, keeping her away from the demons. We never find her sister, but we somehow make it back outside.

      Later I am riding to California with my friends to start anew. The world is somewhat post-apocalyptic now; dark and dangerous. As we are leaving, I see my German professor chopping firewood in a temporary camp near the school. I am surprised that he now has a lot of intricate tattoos going down his body.
    4. A New End

      by , 11-23-2012 at 03:36 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      A New End (DILD)


      Realizing that I don't have the project I'm supposed to be working on, I remember that I had handed it to Alex after lunch for her to take back to the room. Upon asking her, she admits that she accidentally left it in her last class. She agrees to go get it if I walk with her. "What building is it in?" I ask. She says some weird name that I've never heard of. I figure it must be something specifically for music students.

      As we are walking from our dorm, I notice some people eating and I become extremely hungry. I also have a horrible feeling that today somehow marks the end of the world. I tell Alex that I want to eat some really good food since it might just be our last meal. She wants to know what I mean, so I tell her about my feeling. "Why would the world randomly end today?" she asks.

      "I don't know... But still, it's close to dinner time and I want food."

      We make it to her class and she gives me back my project. She points to a sign on the far end of the warehouse-like building that says something along the lines of "Suzie's Corner."

      "That's a good place to eat," she tells me. I am amazed that there is a restaurant in here that I've never heard of before. Weird...

      When we go over there to get food, there are a lot of men in construction get-up walking around working. Something feels really off all of a sudden. The restraunt is near the opening of the building, and it becomes apparent that all is not well outside. In fact, there appears to be a growing congregation of zombies.

      "Are those... zombies?" I ask, not sure whether to believe my eyes.

      "Um... looks like it," Alex answers incredulously.

      As we search the zombie infested campus for our friends, it becomes clear that these are not normal zombies. They are fast moving when they want to be, and they have limited speech capabilites (mainly to assure their victims that they won't bite them). They also seem to have no desire to eat human flesh, only to infect. It later becomes apparent that they are extremely interested in candy, so I refer to them as Adventure Time zombies.

      Along the way, we find several of our friends who are alive and well. But each one of them soon falls prey to the zombies, one by one. At one point, I am holding a girl I know as she cries--- her best friend had just become a zombie and I barely stopped her from turning the girl into one.

      Soon, I feel as though I'm the only human left. Alex is still alive, no doubt, but we have become separated and it would be foolish to stay here. So I manage to escape campus (despite the blockade attempt made by the zombies), and begin walking through a stretch of woods towards the city.

      It is not long before I'm attacked by a possibly infected weasle. I stomp on the thing several times, clearly crushing it's back, but it keeps coming at me! Finally I hold it down with one foot and grind my other foot into its head until it dies.

      I am somewhat disturbed by my brutality towards this animal,
      which causes me to abruptly become lucid. Yes! I fly toward the city, currently content with just exploring. But I become briefly distracted by a scene that I will not describe here.

      I leave the distraction behind, somewhat annoyed at myself, and head further into the city. Alex suddenly catches up with me and asks what I'm doing. "I'm dreaming," I tell her, "so I guess I'm going to look for something fun to do." She asks if she can come with me and I agree.

      The dream deteriorates when I run into my mom, and her pushiness makes me lose lucidity.

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    5. Lucid Exploration

      by , 11-22-2012 at 04:27 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Night of 11/17/12

      I am wandering around the dream world, just exploring and playing around with my dream powers. At one point, I am giving some DCs a tour of my dream map.

      As I am walking, I look up in the sky and notice several missiles headed straight for us. I immediately flee from their path in great leaping bounds. After they've been detonated, one of my "crew members" tells me they were set off by a traitor.

      I instantly call out the traitor and he begins chasing me and my informant. I run, thrilled to have some excitement. We are on the roof of a building; my informant tells me she cannot jump to the next roof. "It's too far!" she cries.

      "No it's not," I tell her. "Just jump! You'll make it." I grab her hand and drag her along with me as I jump to the next building, making sure she lands safely on her feet.

      Looking over my shoulder, I note that the traitor is in hot persuit. Okay, running time is over. "Stand back," I tell my companion as I draw a sword from thin air.

      The traitor quickly approaches with a sword of his own. He is an excellent fighter, but I can see every move he is going to make and easily parry his attacks. Finally, I kick him off balance and hold him to the ground, keeping him in place as the rest of my crew comes to take him away.

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