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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Chase of Fools

    by , 04-02-2013 at 02:39 PM (356 Views)
    I forgot to post this one yesterday.

    Chase of Fools (DILD)


    Early one morning, I hear the school bus go by and I realize I've missed it. ((What I fail to realize is that I graduated high school nearly a year ago...)) I run outside and see that I will never catch up on foot. I guess I'll have to drive.

    My neighbor Melissa has also missed the bus, so I decide to give her a ride as well. After I turn off my street, we are on a road that should lead straight to the school. Instead, we end up in some weird complex.

    No longer in the car, we are walking on foot through the complex.
    I become lucid, because missing the bus and then getting lost is a common dream sign of mine. I decide that all I really want to do for this dream is to explore.

    The complex is basically made up of short walls surrounded by a barbed wire fence. There are three sections to the complex, each one taller than the previous. As we are walking through this rather boring place, a tall naked man with deathly white skin and no face comes up behind us. He is angry that we are in his complex. He clearly wants us dead.

    I am in no mood for a chase, so I figure that if we just get out of the complex, he'll go away. With a combination of flying and climbing, I make it out and head into the town. Unfortunately, the creepy guy is still following.

    I decide to just ignore him out of existance. The only problem is, everyone I come across intentionally says something to remind me of him, so he continues to chase me.

    I lose lucidity somewhere along the line when I have a false awakening. I make it back to my house, where I find horrifying sigils drawn everywhere. I recognize the sigils as a sign of an incredibly evil demon lady who has apparently tormented me in the past. I am trying to figure out how to get rid of her again when I wake up.

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