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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Music Defines Reality + Sleep Paralysis

      by , 04-02-2013 at 02:57 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      In which I break my #1 rule yet again. >_<

      Music Defines Reality + Sleep Paralysis (DILD)


      I become lucid after some weird episode of talking to my friend's GPS. It is a very low level of lucidity.

      I'm walking down the road, convinced that it is important to go home right now. As I'm walking, I look behind me and see a woman walking a little girl on a leash. It becomes apparent that the little girl is a zombie. They are pretty far off, so I figure I am not in any danger.

      Suddenly, suspenseful music begins to play. It's really creepy, and I look behind me to see the zombie girl growing closer. I keep walking. Now, the music is growing in intensity, and I hear rapid footsteps behind me.

      I fly into the air, figuring I'll be safe up here. I'm wrong. I turn to see the zombie in the air with me. She tears into my arm, ripping the flesh away to reveal blood and muscle and bone. It is incredibly painful.

      This somehow triggers me to become stuck in sleep paralysis. I am now lying in what feels like my floor, unable to move. This horrible sensation is now shooting through my leg. It isn't pain, but it is uncomfortable enough to be just as bad, if not worse, than pain. I would have been writhing and screaming in agony if I could actually move.

      After this passes, a rather unpleasant woman in her mid 40's begins molesting me. Again, as I am unable to move, there is nothing I can do about this. This goes on for quite a while until
      I have a false awakening. I sit up in bed thinking it's over. As soon as I sit up, my vision goes fuzzy and I see weird shapes floating all around me. I can't get a grip on what's happening, and soon fall back over into sleep paralysis.

      I am sick of being paralyzed. I consider turning this into a lucid dream, but I worry that I'll just have more chains of false awakenings and sleep paralysis issues.

      At this point, I manage to open my real eyes, still unable to move. It is already morning according to the level of light. I struggle to keep my eyes open, but I manage to focus on my colorful bedspread
      until I finally jolt awake for real.
    2. Zombie Cataclypse

      by , 03-04-2013 at 05:06 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Not sure what's with all these perverse dreams I've been having. I never used to have any at all. But oh well, can't complain.

      Zombie Cataclypse (Lucid)


      I accidentally set off Wal-Mart's alarm system as I'm examining some RuneScape merchandice. All of my friends run away, leaving me as security shows up. "No big deal," I think. "Not like I stole anything." They search me and obviously don't find any stolen merchandice. However, they say they're going to have to hold me overnight. "You can't do that!" I exclaim. They tell me that they can.

      When they're distracted, I take off running and leave the store. They follow after me and actually start shooting at me! Alarmed, I make my way to the back of the property where their delivery trucks are. As I'm running, I notice that my mom is tied up in the back of one of the trucks. She tells me that she got busted for shoplifting.

      I free her and we run away.

      *time lapse*

      Some strange things have happened that I don't remember. I am now trapped in a creepy mansion with two people I've been travelling with. I'm sitting at a table with one of them, a girl who is crying to me that the guy we're with has cheated on her. She says she still wants to be with him, but she can't just let him get away with cheating. "Well, why don't you cheat on him? Then it'll be even," I tell her.

      "I can't just sleep with some random person to get back at him," she cries.

      "It doesn't have to be a random person," I say with a smirk. "I mean, I'm always available." She looks as though she's considering it, so I slide closer and kiss her. We then stand up and I lead her into a back room. Sadly, some people in the mansion burst in and interrupt us, so we're once again on the run.

      I spontaneously become lucid and decide that I am bored with the dream. I don't want to be in this mansion anymore. So I phase through the nearest window and somehow end up in my grandma's neighborhood.

      After rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream, I begin to walk happily down the street, singing to myself and just goofing off, enjoying being lucid under normal circumstances after so long. As I continue down the road, I notice that the doors to each house are open, and I can see the families inside. One little girl notices me singing and dancing. She laughs and walks out of her house towards me.

      The whole neighborhood soon follows suit. Families flock out of their houses and follow me down the road. They are all smiling, laughing, and sharing in my happiness. I am in excellent spirits.... until I turn around and find out that all of the people have suddenly become zombies!

      I stop for a moment, stunned at the abrupt change in mood. Of course, this would happen. When do I ever have non-threatening DC's in my lucids?

      Since I had not been suspicious of the initial crowd of people, they are already too close for me to simply run away. Three of them are already trying to grab a hold of me, and I've fallen to the ground! I kick them as hard as I can in the head; they fall, but are still coming after me. I manage to get to my feet and start to run.

      The zombies are still really close to me. One zombie girl reaches out to me... I suddenly realize that she is a normal human, pretending to be a zombie so that they won't get her. She grabs my arm and pulls me away from the hoarde.

      We run together into the woods, quickly putting distance between us and the undead. "I have a gun if things get really bad," she tells me.

      "What's your name?" I ask her.

      "I'm Torrie," she says. "Or Annie."

      "Wait, is it Torrie or Annie?" I ask, confused.


      I pause. "Um, okay. I'm Lola."

      We end up on a very narrow path in the woods that has a fence on either side. We stop running. Everything has gone completely silent. "I don't like the looks of this," I whisper. "Maybe you should get out your gun."

      Suddenly, a creepy voice rings through the air. "You have enroached too far into the hunting ground."

      Torrie or Annie looks at me, clearly scared. Suddenly all manner of undead animals are quickly coming down the path toward us. "We have to go over the fence!" she cries out.

      "Alright, you first." I help her over the fence. In the few seconds it takes to get her over, the animals are already at my feet. "Help me! Shoot them or something!" But Torrie or Annie is in shock or something and isn't moving. I stomp the animals' heads into the ground and quickly climb over. "Why didn't you help me?" I demand.

      Then I see the state she is in. She's curled into a little ball, crying uncontrollably. Alarmed, I pull her into a hug. "Hey, don't cry. It's gonna be okay. Don't worry, I'll get us out of here." Since she is completely unresponsive, I pick her up and carry her. We end up in a small abandoned building, where I sit down and try to calm her.

      I have a false awakening and am no longer lucid. Now I am outside of my old house with my dad and brother. The ground is frozen, and I am barefoot.

      We walk to the back road; it is still apparent that we are under threat of zombies. On the road, there are weird tree and stick sculptures in the shape of people scattered about. Suddenly, we hear a weird sound. I realize it's coming from a huge metal tower in the middle of the briar patch to the right. In a booming voice from the tower, someone begins reciting the Lord's Prayer.

      All of the sculptures come to life and begin reciting the prayer as well. The stick sculptures are carrying some kind of pamphlet and start jabbing me with them. I tell my dad and brother to run.

      I manage to evade the creepy sculptures, but we have become separated. It is hard to walk properly, because I keep sliding on patches of ice. Eventually, I come to a place that looks like where I'd been before my false awakening. "Torrie!" I shout, hoping to find her again. "Annie?"

      I walk into a nearby building and find her standing there. "L-Lola. It's you," she cries in relief. I run up to her and hug her close to me.

      "Thank god I found you," I whisper, holding her against me. "I was worried that something might have happened." All I want to do is to sit there and hold her, but I hear some suspicious noises outside.

      When I look out, two men are holding my dad and brother at gun point. One of them, who has a huge rifle. Walks up to us. "Well, well, well," he says creepily. "I think I'm gonna take you two young ladies as my wives." I give him an evil look, but he puts the gun to my back and marches us forward.

      "I'll never let you take us," I growl at him.

      "Oh really? And what are you going to do about it?" He turns and shoots my dad in the head. He falls to the ground, dead.

      Enraged, I manage to get Torrie's gun from her bag and I shoot both men. One goes down instantly, but the man with the rifle laughs at me, even though he has clearly been shot in the head. "Well, you clearly have good gun skills, but can you---" I shoot him again. He is still alive, and laughing. I give the gun to Torrie, thinking she might have better luck. He just won't die!

      I wake up shortly afterwards.

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    3. The Battle For Your Heart

      by , 11-28-2012 at 08:54 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      One of the most amazing lucids I've had in ages!

      The Battle for Your Heart (DILD)


      Arcadia, a beautiful woman with long white hair (who seems to be some sort of deity) whom I falsely remember dreaming about before, announces to me and the team of people I am with that we must travel to a different part of the dream to eliminate a certain threat. She says it's nothing major, just something that needs to be done. I also falsely remember having this particular dream before, and I want a different ending than the supposed "other" time.

      We arrive at the house of a rather crazy but seemingly benign family who is supposed to transport us to where we need to go. Their refrigerator is actually something similar to a Tardis in disguise, so they immediately go about cramming me and my team into the small shelf spaces. I am instinctively aware that the family is evil and is going to turn on us soon, but we are too vulnerable to cause a conflict at the moment. I don't want to be attacked while trapped in the tight confines of this refrigerator.

      Soon, it doesn't matter what I want. The family (who is apparently some type of gang) attacks, but I manage to quickly get myself out and under cover before they can shoot me. A long battle ensues. Much of it involves a deadly back and forth shooting between my team and the crazy gang-family. It isn't long before I run out of ammo. I act as though my gun is still loaded in order to keep the enemy at bay as I search for a new weapon, hoping to do so before they realize that I'm basically unarmed. I'm somewhat surprised that the guns are working in the first place, as they usually malfunction in my dreams. I'm also worried about forgetting parts of what is happening when I wake up, because the battle has been going on for a long time and I know I'm bound to lose parts of it. (Sadly true.)

      In my search for a new weapon, I happen upon a high tech grenade that, in addition to a fiery explosion, shoots out spinning projectiles that will slice anything nearby to bits. I activate the grenade, shout a warning to my team, then throw it and run out of the house as fast as my legs will carry me. We barely make it out the door before the whole house goes up in flames.

      The battle against the remaining enemies takes me into the trees, where I am sniping down gang members who get too close. Out of nowhere, mutant zombies similar to lickers from Resident Evil begin scaling the trees toward me. One of the mutations splits it's head open, revealing rows of disgusting teeth along each side of its interior. Adrenaline kicks in and I manage to shoot them all in the head and kill them before they can get to me.

      With the enemies pretty much gone or sent running, Arcadia appears. "This problem runs much deeper than I originally thought," she tells me anxiously.

      "You mean because of the zombies?" I ask.

      "No, even deeper than that."

      As we walk back to Arcadia's control room, I slip my arm around her waist. She stops and removes it promptly. "Keep your hands to yourself," she reprimands me.

      "Well excuse me," I scoff with a little laugh, both surprised and somewhat amused at being rejected by a dream character. Grinning mischievously, I walk unnecessarily close to her so that our arms are pressed together. I expect her to tell me to back off again, but she doesn't.

      Back in the control room, we are suddenly ambushed by members affiliated with the gang. We take cover behind a pillar, taking turns stepping out to shoot. Arcadia is now Alice from Resident Evil. When she steps out to shoot, the enemy shoots first and manages to land a hit right in her chest. She kills most of them from the floor, then I step out and take care of the rest before kneeling down beside her. I see that the wound is very bad. She is moaning in pain.

      "No, shh, it'll be okay, I'll get you help," I tell her. (I'm pretty much only semi-lucid at this point and don't realize I could just heal her myself.) She tells me that the people in the building next door know her and will know what to do. Leaning down, I kiss her gently: a promise that I won't let her die. She looks surprised.

      I pick her up as carefully as I can manage, but she still cries out in pain from being moved. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I keep saying as I carry her to the aforementioned building. The man and woman who live there are deeply concerned, but before they can do anything, Alice dies. At her death, her shape disentigrates to a tiny stone figure with a bullet hole in the center.

      I am shocked. How could she be dead in a dream when I've been willing for her to live? NO, I refuse to let her stay dead! In a weird stroke of dream intuition, I literally breathe life into her through the wound until she is finally herself again, alive and well.

      Triumphant, I kiss her again. This time, to my surprise, she kisses me back. When I look at her inquisitively, she says I deserve it after saving her life. I smile happily, relieved that she is okay. The dream ends shortly afterwards.

    4. A New End

      by , 11-23-2012 at 03:36 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      A New End (DILD)


      Realizing that I don't have the project I'm supposed to be working on, I remember that I had handed it to Alex after lunch for her to take back to the room. Upon asking her, she admits that she accidentally left it in her last class. She agrees to go get it if I walk with her. "What building is it in?" I ask. She says some weird name that I've never heard of. I figure it must be something specifically for music students.

      As we are walking from our dorm, I notice some people eating and I become extremely hungry. I also have a horrible feeling that today somehow marks the end of the world. I tell Alex that I want to eat some really good food since it might just be our last meal. She wants to know what I mean, so I tell her about my feeling. "Why would the world randomly end today?" she asks.

      "I don't know... But still, it's close to dinner time and I want food."

      We make it to her class and she gives me back my project. She points to a sign on the far end of the warehouse-like building that says something along the lines of "Suzie's Corner."

      "That's a good place to eat," she tells me. I am amazed that there is a restaurant in here that I've never heard of before. Weird...

      When we go over there to get food, there are a lot of men in construction get-up walking around working. Something feels really off all of a sudden. The restraunt is near the opening of the building, and it becomes apparent that all is not well outside. In fact, there appears to be a growing congregation of zombies.

      "Are those... zombies?" I ask, not sure whether to believe my eyes.

      "Um... looks like it," Alex answers incredulously.

      As we search the zombie infested campus for our friends, it becomes clear that these are not normal zombies. They are fast moving when they want to be, and they have limited speech capabilites (mainly to assure their victims that they won't bite them). They also seem to have no desire to eat human flesh, only to infect. It later becomes apparent that they are extremely interested in candy, so I refer to them as Adventure Time zombies.

      Along the way, we find several of our friends who are alive and well. But each one of them soon falls prey to the zombies, one by one. At one point, I am holding a girl I know as she cries--- her best friend had just become a zombie and I barely stopped her from turning the girl into one.

      Soon, I feel as though I'm the only human left. Alex is still alive, no doubt, but we have become separated and it would be foolish to stay here. So I manage to escape campus (despite the blockade attempt made by the zombies), and begin walking through a stretch of woods towards the city.

      It is not long before I'm attacked by a possibly infected weasle. I stomp on the thing several times, clearly crushing it's back, but it keeps coming at me! Finally I hold it down with one foot and grind my other foot into its head until it dies.

      I am somewhat disturbed by my brutality towards this animal,
      which causes me to abruptly become lucid. Yes! I fly toward the city, currently content with just exploring. But I become briefly distracted by a scene that I will not describe here.

      I leave the distraction behind, somewhat annoyed at myself, and head further into the city. Alex suddenly catches up with me and asks what I'm doing. "I'm dreaming," I tell her, "so I guess I'm going to look for something fun to do." She asks if she can come with me and I agree.

      The dream deteriorates when I run into my mom, and her pushiness makes me lose lucidity.

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