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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Music Defines Reality + Sleep Paralysis

    by , 04-02-2013 at 02:57 PM (436 Views)
    In which I break my #1 rule yet again. >_<

    Music Defines Reality + Sleep Paralysis (DILD)


    I become lucid after some weird episode of talking to my friend's GPS. It is a very low level of lucidity.

    I'm walking down the road, convinced that it is important to go home right now. As I'm walking, I look behind me and see a woman walking a little girl on a leash. It becomes apparent that the little girl is a zombie. They are pretty far off, so I figure I am not in any danger.

    Suddenly, suspenseful music begins to play. It's really creepy, and I look behind me to see the zombie girl growing closer. I keep walking. Now, the music is growing in intensity, and I hear rapid footsteps behind me.

    I fly into the air, figuring I'll be safe up here. I'm wrong. I turn to see the zombie in the air with me. She tears into my arm, ripping the flesh away to reveal blood and muscle and bone. It is incredibly painful.

    This somehow triggers me to become stuck in sleep paralysis. I am now lying in what feels like my floor, unable to move. This horrible sensation is now shooting through my leg. It isn't pain, but it is uncomfortable enough to be just as bad, if not worse, than pain. I would have been writhing and screaming in agony if I could actually move.

    After this passes, a rather unpleasant woman in her mid 40's begins molesting me. Again, as I am unable to move, there is nothing I can do about this. This goes on for quite a while until
    I have a false awakening. I sit up in bed thinking it's over. As soon as I sit up, my vision goes fuzzy and I see weird shapes floating all around me. I can't get a grip on what's happening, and soon fall back over into sleep paralysis.

    I am sick of being paralyzed. I consider turning this into a lucid dream, but I worry that I'll just have more chains of false awakenings and sleep paralysis issues.

    At this point, I manage to open my real eyes, still unable to move. It is already morning according to the level of light. I struggle to keep my eyes open, but I manage to focus on my colorful bedspread
    until I finally jolt awake for real.

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