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    1. Flying a Plane 10 Feet Above a Mountain, and Working NCIS with the Hardwicks

      by , 09-12-2017 at 03:53 PM
      08-04-2017 -- First part I can remember of this, I have just taken off in a medium sized, but very fast private plane (think something about the size of the smallest major airline plane, but the speed of a Concord. After an extremely short take-off run, we are climbing at about a 45 degree angle. Can't say who is flying at first, but it very quickly turns into Director Leon Vance, though sometimes it is he who is flying it, and sometimes it is a character who is played by Morgan Freeman who is flying with us.

      Anyway, I'm sitting in my seat, feeling my ears popping, and thinking how I ought to go up front and be able to see where we are, yet I am uncertain of trying to walk up the aisle while climbing at such a steep angle. Instead I wait until we level out a bit. But when I make my way up front, my eyes are kind of bugging out. We are flying over a mountain road, but we are hugging the mountain, flying just over the tree tops, dodging this way and that to make it around obstacles. I am about to ask about this, wondering what is wrong to cause us to fly this low, when I spot a bunch of other planes flying the same way, so whatever is going on, I guess it is supposed to be going on.

      So I'm looking at all this, and watching these tons of planes flying low over the mountain roads, and the scenery is beautiful, and so amazingly close, and as I watch one plane catch a wing in a snowbank and flip over, I think I ought to be video taping all this ... too bad I don't have a camera. Then I remember, there is a camera on my cell phone. But of course, the moment I pull it out, we run out of daylight, and it is suddenly night, so I think I have missed my chance. But I take the camera out anyway, and start filming, and Morgan asks sarcastically if I have night vision on the thing, and as soon as he asks the picture being filmed starts to lighten up nicely, and then we are back to daylight and I am getting some amazing footage.

      Slowly my phone is turning into my video camera, and as I flip open the view screen, a cat falls out of it's storage compartment on the camera. It seems to be a cross between Black Lightning and Ray. It is not blind, and not fully black, and a real cuddler ... and it does not belong on the airplane. Vance is making comments, and I am trying to explain that I didn't even know the cat was a part of the camera (which has now turned into a cross between a video camera and a laptop computer, now), and I am trying to fold it up and fit the cat back inside and put it away, but the cat wants more attention and petting, so is not making it easy. Meanwhile, Quinn is starting to make comments about maybe having to do something to the cat, since it is not allowed here.

      I'm not sure, but I think I may have woke up briefly here (either that, or I started repeating the details of the dream to myself a couple of times to try and fix them in my memory within the dream), then fell asleep again, back into largely the same dream. I am now working as a sort of a temp in the NCIS office (which is located in a place that is half downtown Orlando by city hall, and half May Company area in Buena Park) wandering around, handling paper work things, while the agents are trying o solve cases around us.

      Quinn is starting to put forth a theory to Gibbs. She says she is noticing something strange with the company vehicles that are being sent out and coming back in, and she is starting to see hints that they are being used for some sort of traitorous smuggling operation, and she is starting to pin it down to the person responsible. She is beginning to finger Clayton Reeves, and say he is going bad just like Jenny Shepard did, before him. Gibbs doesn't seem to be buying it, and can't understand the methods she is using to track this down, and nobody else seems to, either, but to be safe, they are trying to break into Reeves' encrypted files, using an automatic cracking program which is running on the floor, which indicates it could take up to something like 16 hours to crack the encryption.

      Meanwhile, I am still carrying around boxes of papers, and Gibbs is turning into Dick Hardwick, playing the role of Gibbs, and I'm talking with Claudia, who is meeting him after work, and we're discussing actors and performers, and I am asking something about John Jorgenssen kind of 'deserting' the group as he went off to do other things, and we end up discussing his beautiful daughter who is now a budding country western star, and I'm surprised to learn he even had a daughter, as I thought he had all sons. And by this time Claudia has turned into Luralee, and the dream has somehow shifted for a couple minutes where I find myself elsewhere outside a place where I am renting a room from a combination of Rosemary and some guy that I have never rented a room from, but often dream I have, thinking I've managed to keep things a little cleaner this time, before I find myself crossing a couple of streets to get back to where I was talking with Luralee, except she is now possibly gone.

      So I am standing by a drinking fountain, waiting for I have no idea what, when somebody that I think is the actress playing Quinn comes up, cleaning things. I am thinking of saying something to her, when somebody else comes up and makes a comment instead. The person responds by saying she isn't Quinn, she is only the cleaning lady, but they do look a lot alike, though she admits she isn't as wild as the Quinn actress is. About that time, the Leon Vance actor walks out of a room calling out loudly for Leon Vance. He does it once, twice, then you see the look on his face as he realizes he's calling out for himself, and has flubbed the scene, and he calls out a third time, "Leon Vance ... go screw yourself!" as everybody bursts into laughter. Kind of nice that my dream ended on a blooper.
    2. NCIS Time Travel Dream Leads to Planning Heroes Movie with HP Characters

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:32 PM
      04-23-2017 -- First part, long, involved dream that I can't mostly remember, except that it had a vaguely NCIS feel to it, and involved time travel and people with individual powers, one of whom was pulled through time multiple times, so that there were 5 or 6 of her present, and we were all trying to overcome bad things, and tell the story of the various powers.

      Then I woke up, and realized that the dream made little sense, and most of it's internal logic did not pull together or work, and as I was thinking about how it was too bad, as I could use another cool dream to write down, I fell back asleep, and kind of continued with the analysis of the dream, and thinking of how to make it better as things started changing. Soon I was half-living and half planning out a film to compete with the Marvel movies of a superhero kind of world that was probably based more on Sanderson's Reckoners series.

      Bits that I can remember include a baby Groot that looked more like a bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts and somehow sacrificed himself, that I was trying to figure out how to kill him off, yet still manage to keep him around, except eventually I realized the idea was too close to Groot, so we could never get away with it. Instead, I had to re-imagine the tree creature as a small, but very full bush, so that it was significantly different.

      In this dream, the government was all for itself, and keeping itself in control, with no concern for the people, so they had set up agencies where people who wanted anything to do with powered beings would have to go and get approval, but they cheated everywhere. For example, they had signs on the walls stating that anyone who wanted to have anything to do with powered beings would have to fill the paperwork out in Portuguese. So one of the protagonists of the story was summarily turned down for not doing his paperwork in Portuguese, because they just didn't like him, but he retaliated by pointing out the signs to everybody in the office, and telling them all that they would be turned down for not using the language, and trying to clear everybody out.

      So finally Umbridge breaks down and tells the guy he can fill out the forms in English, just so he will stop chasing everybody else away, and they start asking him about all these weird scenarios that are supposed to give them an idea about his morals, and whether it is safe for him to be working around powered individuals, but they make no sense. There are questions like "How would you use a power of turning metal into plastic to win a game of Tic-Tac-Toe?" To which he answers that it is an utterly foolish question as A) the power would have no impact on a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, and B) using the power to affect the game, if it could, would be cheating, anyway. After a couple of times of objecting to the bizarre and nonsensical questions, the person evaluating him says that he can already see the guy would be a bad fit for working with powered individuals.

      Meanwhile, I am planning out casting, and thinking of having Chris Rock play the part I just described, based on his role in some of the Marvel films (which to the best of my knowledge he has never been in), when I come to realize he isn't likely to be open to coming and doing our film when it would probably cost him further roles in their bigger pictures. Very strange, yet very fun stuff!
    3. Multiple Scenes Before Getting Dale a Security Job

      by , 08-10-2013 at 05:09 PM
      08-06-2013 -- Find myself working some sort of computer job with a decent company where lower management isn't all that happy with me, but upper management really likes my skills. Somehow I am carrying around a very valuable hard drive which is somehow turning into a stack of several video games, and the fact that I am wandering around with it (them) isn't impressing DiNosso any. Gibbs doesn't seem too impressed, either. Somehow this leads to some rather aggressive driving on the other side of Hickory, before I find myself walking through the Buena Park Mall.

      I am trying to find something, but I'm not quite sure what. I am walking toward Sears at about Newberry's, when I turn around and start heading back the other way. I find myself walking with somebody who is a cross between one of the girls from high school (Amy?) and Cordelia Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who is kind of making fun of my stride. I'm just about to get a little ticked when she says something that kind of half indicates she may be interested in me. What?!?

      I soon find myself walking through Longs Drugs, and oddly I come across Triple H being forcibly removed from the store, as he has been banned, and the person throwing him out is the same one who once banned me from the store. I look over at Carl Baumer, and we just kind of shrug at each other. I wander through the store, but I can find no one and nothing that I am interested in, so I walk toward the exit. I still have no idea what I am trying to find, which may explain why I am having no luck in finding it.

      Somehow I am soon talking to Dale, who I have somehow gotten a job working with a security company over the telephone. I have arranged a shift for him at an Orlando Paving plant, because he needs to make some extra money. He's really nervous, so I say I will accompany him on his first shift, and help him get the hang of everything. We're in his car and exiting the parking lot, and for some reason he is really stressed, and shoots out into traffic too fast to make the left turn he is trying to make, so he shoots all the way across the street, and up onto the side walk before he manages to turn. Thankfully we're in a parking lot, and have done no harm. Unfortunately, there is also a cop parked in the parking lot, and he is almost certainly going to follow us and give us a ticket.

      I direct Dale down the street (well, down the sidewalk, and then back into the street) and am trying to direct him past the hotel we're driving past, because the cop (who is in an unmarked car, but I still recognize him) is going to cut through the back of the hotel, and assumes that is where we are going. If we get past the hotel before the cop starts looking for us outside, we'll lose him. I direct him on past, then have him turn on a small side street that unfortunately turns out to be one street before the one the OPC plant is on.

      We find ourselves at the entrance to a short driveway, and just on the other side we can see the entrance to the paving plant, but it is a private, gated driveway, and we would have to take a bus to get over there. So I urge Dale to drive the car onto the bus, but he seems really nervous about it, and somehow the car splits into two cars, and I drive mine onto the bus, and he doesn't. The short driveway is really weird, as the bus is huge and tall, and kind of a bus on monster truck wheels, and the driveway is narrow, and part overpass, part underpass, and we are rolling over the top of some vehicles going the other way, and being rolled over by others. Really strange.

      The bus drops me off at the entrance to the OPC plant, and I notice Dale doesn't follow me. I am hoping he will make it on his own, but am half expecting to get a phone call from him at any moment explaining how he's gotten lost, and needs me to come find him and lead him back. Meanwhile, I find myself opening the gate to allow workers to come in and out, and there are tons of workers and they seem to be working 24 hours a day, and also having guards here 24 hours a day. I was only going to help Dale get started, I wasn't officially going to be working the shift, so I have no ID, no uniform, and in fact I am wandering around in my underwear. (Or perhaps in my swim trunks.) I don't know anybody here, and soon I am in trouble with the guard I am supposed to be relieving for being late, being out of uniform, and I still have no idea if Dale is ever going to show up.
    4. I AM the 12th Doctor!

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:11 AM
      07-16-2013 -- I am at the Hickory house, but it is present day. I was inside, but was being kind of hassled by mom, so I headed outside to take a nap in my car. Except for some reason I end up laying on the ground outside my car where I can look under it and see the rest of the yard. My sister is leaving along with an attractive friend of hers, and I find myself watching the attractive legs while they leave.

      A little boy (don't know who he is) comes over and tells me that my mom said for me to get inside. Rather than have any fights about it, I get up and head to my first bedroom, and try to go to sleep, but the door lock doesn't work, and the kid follows me into the room, and keeps bugging me about stuff. Soon he is in my closet, going through my junk, and really starting to bug me.

      His mom comes in, and she is a very attractive blonde, though I can't quite place her. (I realize later that it is River Song, but I don't recognize her because her hair is a lot less frizzy than usual.) She seems to be berating the kid about going through my stuff, but it turns out to be much more about berating me. She has the kid pulling out two keyboards from my closet (one I really once had, a small one that was about two octaves short of a full keyboard, and the other full-size) and she somehow starts to push them out a door in the second floor of my room, which until this moment never had a second floor. She claims it was always there, and I just never noticed it before ... suggests that if I don't believe her, I should just ask my roommate Randy (Marcos house).

      I am trying to get my keyboards back, so I kind of chase them out of the room and the house, and over to a mall-like area. River continues to berate me, complaining that I don't care about anybody, not even my relatives, and claims that, a few weeks ago when I met David Tennant and Matt Smith I jostled a relative aside as I was getting a picture with them. (In my defense, I would like to point out it was a relative that I didn't even know I had, and I only jostled them accidentally.)

      I tell her I don't know what she is talking about, and she proceeds to tell me she is going to send me back in time to 1969 so I can change some things. I say I think she means 1976 (because in this dream '69 and '76 are easy to confuse for some reason), because I have often imagined going back in time to when I was 7 years old and living my life over again to do things better, and try to fix a few big mistakes in the world, if I could, at the same time.

      So somehow River sends me back in time, merging me with my younger self two or three times, and it is very hectic and rather crazy. This part of the dream comes across largely as a chase dream, sometimes being chased by people and creatures, sometimes being the one doing the chasing. Parts of it involve government agent Diane Fornell (NCIS) getting caught in a sting operation, and the crooks removing her arms and legs when they catch her, in a sort of flashback to a dream last night where Neville Longbottom was talking about the same thing. Now missing her legs, Diane turns out to be the relative that I bumped and didn't recognize. Turns out she was a big fan of mine, and my not recognizing her sent her over the edge into depression.

      Somehow the crooks have caught me and done something to me that forces me into a regeneration, and in the process I grab Diane and hug her, and share my regenerative energy with her, somehow causing her missing limbs to regrow, as I also hug and kiss Abby Scuitto, who it seems I am becoming an item with. [And in two or three dreams in just a few days. Weird.] Meanwhile, I regenerate into the 12th Doctor, but somehow in the three times that I relived my life, I changed parts of history. David Tennant turned out not to be available right at the start of the 9th Doctor's regeneration, so Catherine Tate ended up being the 10th Doctor, and David ended up being her companion for a season, and eventually becoming a somewhat twisted version of the Doctor Donna.

      So I am now the 12th Doctor, and I find myself in the middle of the bad sting operation that cost Diane her limbs, but I continue going through and changing the timeline again and again, making a small change here, a small change there, so that when the head crook tells his 20 or so goons to remove her limbs, every single one of them has been replaced with government agents, all of whom turn their guns on the head crook, avoiding Diane ever having her limbs removed in the first place. Decent beginning to my new regeneration, and something screwy enough that what's his name might have actually written it!
    5. Bad Boss at the Restaurant/Warehouse

      by , 06-17-2013 at 07:22 AM
      06-09-2013 -- I think this dream starts out in the Goodwin's kitchen, but it is quickly turning into an odd cross between a restaurant and a warehouse. I think somehow it is Hewitt, even though Hewitt is neither of those. Shrug. The female manager in charge screams and yells at everybody, sticks people in new jobs with no notice and then curses at them and berates them for not being able to do the jobs with no training, and is generally the boss from hell.

      I don't like it. In fact, I am rather against it. One girl is being yelled at, and she talks back and the woman fires her on the spot, and passes on several of her tasks to me. Thankfully I seem to know how to do them all, so I can handle it easily. Things get more hectic, more people are being yelled at, and another guy gets fired. I am given some of his tasks, and again can handle it easily.

      During a lull in what is going on, I spend some time reading a kids book (not sure what, possibly one of Gordon's), and the witch catches me at it. She tells me to stop, acting incensed not that I would read at work, but that it would be a kids book, and I refuse. I tell her that I will read what I want, when I don't have anything else to do, and if she has a problem with it, I'll give her my resignation tomorrow. I'm now doing so much of the disliked jobs that I don't think she'll dare make waves, but I am not sure.

      I am getting ready to leave for the day, when I get a phone call from the horrible boss, screaming at me some more, and I decide to tell it like it is, calling her a bitch, explaining how short-handed her department is, and explaining that if she fires me, she'll probably be fired tomorrow, because of how much work I now do.

      My final tasks for the day are to move the bread racks and the elephants, and I put on my green elephant gloves to handle the task (one of those least favorite tasks that were passed on to me) while trying to soothe other employees who heard me talking on the phone, and are afraid I will be history. After I finish my work, I grab one of the full-size boxes of donuts, rather than the snack version we are supposed to take, and I head out the Penney-style exit, past all the trucks being loaded and unloaded.

      Outside, a couple of dense employees (guys) are walking around talking about an issue with a truck while another guy is trying to figure out how to fix it. I dodge around them and get out of the way, but soon they have turned into Tony and McGee, and they meet Ziva in the parking lot. I show her my elephant gloves, and brag that I'll be out of the parking lot before she is, and there is some hint of a circus in the parking lot, as I head on my way.

      I drive on home to BM's house, where I am in a back room with BM for a while, but not for any particular reason. Then we come out and JM is starting to scream at me, wanting to know why we were together, and also why I have already eaten when he is cooking a special meal, and it is almost dinner time. He also asks how school is going, but I am not about to tell him I may be fired tomorrow. Weird.
    6. Abby and the Railroad

      by , 06-17-2013 at 06:58 AM
      06-13-2013 -- [This dream ties into a past dream or two about the distant road branching off the highway a bit southwest of Orlando, before it branches off into other areas. Unfortunately, the last dream that I had that used this setting seems to be one I wrote down, but not got typed up, so I can't link to it, but it was the one with the pizza and the giant birds on the farm.]

      I think I have been going to work or coming from work somewhere in the Loughman area, somewhat between Poinciana and Davenport. I am on route 540, and seeing the signs for the highway, and looking for (or leaving) OPC, but there are still hints of the golf course and farm from past versions of the dream. I find myself passing through an area with lots of criss-crossing train tracks that I frequently dream about (having to dodge trains that come on very fast), and I am dodging most of the trains easily and with plenty of time.

      But right as I am on the edge of the area and about to manage to leave, I find myself caught in a very narrow space with a wall on the left and a train hurrying by to the right. But as I glance down at the tracks, they are vibrating so much from the train that they are wiggling around horribly. I am afraid of there being a derailment and my being crushed. Sure enough, soon as I think of it, that's what happens. Thankfully, as the cars start to accordion, they do it in such a way that they not only fail to crush me, but provide the gap I need to get out.

      I think there is an entire extra section of the dream here, but I can remember nothing of it except for a large black dude coming on to me, and my explaining that I don't swing that way. Soon I find myself back in the train area, but this time I am not trying to dodge trains, but more trying to catch one. This has the feel of other train dreams that have me catching trains (sometimes even traveling as far as New York, England, and Paris), the last of which I can recall is posted here.

      I seem to be kind of sneaking around, because I have no money to pay for a ticket, but am hoping to manage to catch a train, anyway. I am wandering around in a back section of the train yard in a place I know I am not supposed to be, and hoping not to be caught. Most people just ignore me, but a couple look like they are going to ask questions or cause trouble. One guy who is in charge of selling stuff decides out of the blue that I am a customer, and keeps trying to interest me in different kinds of freight he could sell me, and somehow it is almost starting to feel like the opening scene of Aladdin, minus the music. And the guy just won't listen to me when I try to explain I have no money to buy anything with.

      As he is drawing more and more attention to us, I start wishing I could just manage to run into Abby (from NCIS), and again, as soon as I think of it, there she is. I don't know what exactly she does for the railroad, but whatever it is has nothing to do with criminal investigations or computers. But whatever she does, she is my friend. I am fairly sure that in a past dream, Joy from the Adventurer's Club was 'playing' the role of Abby, but in this dream it is actually Abby, herself, who is here. Anyway, Abby would like to sneak me on the train, but she can't, and as we are discussing this, suddenly a train has pulled into the station, and the curtain to Abby's area has opened, so she has to go selling things to people.

      Meanwhile, I am now visible to the station platform, so have to start backing away and trying to sneak out of sight. I start to drift into the crowd, and make my way into the cross between a mall and the House of Imports that was in one of the past railroad dreams. Somehow I just know I am still 21 miles north of where I live, so I still have a ways to travel to get home, and I am hoping to hop on the train as it exits the station, but in trying this I somehow miss the train, and find myself back in the train yard again.

      As a sort of combination punishment, and way to stay out of sight, so to speak, I end up manually pulling a couple of round tanker cars around the yard, before I try to rush off. Unfortunately I get spotted by the guy in charge of security over the place, who happens to be Chi McBride. I try to duck through fences and make an escape, but he ends up trapping me in a dead end, and has the police showing up, so it seems I'm probably going to be in some serious trouble here! Darn it!
    7. The Gauntlets of the Undead (New Runescape Quest)

      by , 05-12-2013 at 06:09 PM
      05-12-2013 -- A Runescape / Harry Potter / Disney / NCIS dream. I seem to be involved in a major battle with Voldemort, except that it also seems to be a bit of a Runescape quest or something. While I and my friends are fighting against all the big bads, it seems that we've come across a treasure chest which we are looting. As we get the thing open, we find there are three sets of powerful gauntlets, a pair each that are red, green and blue. As we put them on, we find they make us more powerful, and bring back dead heroes to fight for us.

      Of course the 'heroes' are kind of iffy ... at one point I find myself fighting alongside the shades of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Anyway, all these dead characters are brought back to life to fight with us in a sort of spirit form, which somehow lets them score hits pretty well on the bad guys, yet makes them very hard to touch. They have an appearance kind of like somebody wearing ghost robes (or maybe the ghost penguin) in Runescape. They fight for a while until they have used up all their energy, then they disappear, and are replaced by other dead 'heroes' that appear in their place, which make the gauntlets really cool things to have. Some of the 'heroes' are even past villains, but they are compelled to fight on our side, so at one point Maleficent-as-a-dragon is also fighting with us. Neat.

      At one point we are visiting an old castle which is not likely to be interested in helping us, and we are talking to the very surly cook in the kitchen, who amazingly enough is willing to help us because at the moment the gauntlets are making one of our group's members look like the ghost of a dead princess who the cook cared for. He passes on the clue that we are supposed to call a very odd phone number. It is long, maybe 12 or 14 digits, rather than the 7 digits that an American phone number would be, and instead of dialing 1 - 1 for 11, or 1 - 0 for 10, we are supposed to push the '10' or '11' buttons. Very strange.

      Anyway, I make the call on my phone number, and somebody answers after a few rings and asks me to please hold, and somebody will be on to sing to me in a few moments. It seems this is supposed to be a full voice quest, but they haven't got all the voices recorded and into the game, yet, so we have to call to be sung to. Soon a nice female voice starts singing a musical clue to us that gives us a little history and information for the quest, before telling us we've gone as far as we can go, and we'll now have to wait for the next quest in the series to be released to go any further.

      Meanwhile, this fight is turning into something where we have been improperly roped in to help some sort of other government agency, and they have been working us really hard and treating us really badly, and Gibbs has just arrived on the scene and explains to the punks in the other agency that they are in big trouble. They have been treating Palmer the same way as the rest of us, but he is too new of an agent, and they aren't allowed to treat the newest agents so badly, so now they are in deep doo-doo.

      We all head off walking through a shopping mall, me, the NCIS team, and my mom (oddly enough), and we are discussing a part of the quest that involves calling down hundreds of pigeons, and mom doesn't believe such a thing is possible, so she is going to try it to prove it wrong. Problem is, though she doesn't see them, I can see all the birds sitting up in the rafters and under the edges of the roof, and so I am expecting it when she suddenly causes a scene straight out of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'.

      About the point the birds are starting to go away, singing starts playing across the mall loud speakers, and it is the clue we heard on the cell phone a bit ago, now released game-wide, and after they have heard it, Gibbs and mom both agree with our interpretation of back story, and the requirement to wait for the next quest to be released to go on. Then I wake up.
    8. Ziva and the Wrestlers, Tom Drick and Betty White, and Cops Chasing Dad (Fragments)

      by , 01-17-2013 at 06:29 PM
      01-15-2013 -- [My first day of using 5-HTP, and though my dreams seemed kind of vivid, they also seemed kind of short. And for some reason, I could not be bothered writing them down in great detail. I had two dreams, and this is the sum total of what I wrote down: Ziva, NCIS, and wrestlers at the BPM. Tom Drick, Betty White, and clowns at new church by Winn Dixie. Let's see how well I can expand this, a couple of days later.]

      I was at the Buena Park Mall, on the east side near La Palma, half in and half out of the mall. I know I was watching some wrestling, and there were some good matches with some tough wrestlers, and yet they seem to be older matches from back in the 90s, even though I am watching them live.

      Somehow, one of the wrestlers is Ziva, from NCIS, and I think she is working undercover, as am I. I think we are talking to some of the wrestlers like Brutus Beefcake and Rick Rude, and trying to figure out who are the faces and who are the heels at this point in time. Oddly enough, Ziva is pregnant at the time. Odd stuff.


      01-15-2013 -- I find myself at a new Church located across the street from Winn Dixie on Orange Blossom Trail. Tom Drick is leading worship, and it isn't in place of Pine Castle UMC or Tarpon Springs UMC, but in addition to both the others. It seems he is turning into a work-a-holic, and is now leading worship at all three churches, simu;taneously.

      So we're in this church, and Tom is leading songs, and Betty White seems to be speaking, and is somehow talking about working as a clown back in her early days, while Tom is running out the door, heading for one of his other services at one of the other churches. Familiar people (but nobody I can specifically identify) are running around, discussing things, and I'm just kind of relaxing.

      Eventually things calm down and the service seems to be ending, and I find myself out in the parking lot. Betty White may be on a Segway, and seems to be getting ready to leave, and I think her for joining us, and what she had to say, and am trying to ask about her time as a clown, and she indicates that she was never a clown, though she may have played one on TV, and it is all very strange.


      01-14-2013 -- [Since these are short dream fragments, I'm lumping them all together in this post.] Can't remember anything earlier, but I find myself at a dry cleaners, where I need to get some clothes cleaned or fixed, or even get some new clothes. A lot of the clothes seem to be western garb, and some of it is kind of wild looking. Also maybe hints of a security uniform, though not much.

      The guy who is supposed to be cleaning the stuff is also giving me advice on what might be good clothes to wear, and is telling me I should get some more fabric, and he will make some more clothes that might go well with what I am already planning to wear.

      Somehow I find myself with my dad in his truck, and he is driving me to a fabric store. We're in Buena Park on Crescent, and we're just north of the nursery, and he is driving on the wrong side of the street, because he just plans to dash past the nursery and pull into the driveway at the crossing guards' house, which is where the fabric store is supposed to be, and it is a pretty short distance.

      Unfortunately, there is a cop right at La Reina, so we've got sirens after us as we turn in at the house. It turns out to be a bank, and we've gone inside, and dad is pretending to be drunk and falling asleep (how this would get him in less trouble I don't know), but somehow it allows him to knock out the cop.

      So we're back on the road, just going a block further, to where we find ourselves in another bank. Dad is now really drunk, and Melody is here, taking care of him. More cops come in, and they are now grabbing me and dragging me out to his truck, even though I am a little kid, far too young to drive, as dad is passed out on the table.

      They lead me to the and are badgering me about how I am too young to drive and how dare I drive, and being very rude, while I haven't driven at all, and am starting to get very angry with them, and am about to start yelling at them, before just flying away in disgust.
    9. Knott's Golden Horseshoe, Simpsons Computers, and the FCM Convention

      by , 01-17-2013 at 05:51 PM
      01-16-2013 -- [Two dreams, one night, at least slightly connected, so I am going to list them both in one post.] For some reason I am in Melody's room in the Hickory house, and trying to go to sleep, but really having some problems with insomnia. My body just doesn't want to sleep, though it is the middle of the night, and I am afraid mom is going to come in and give me problems.

      There is some very strange evil-Harry fan fiction that seems to be hanging on the walls, and near the ceiling, there is all kinds of stuff lining the walls like my room at the Moran house. Mom walks by and asks how I am doing, and I try and indicate I am all right. There are huge yearbooks from Melody's time in school that are about the size of the bound volumes of the Hornet, so the yearbooks are full-sheet newspaper size, which seems quite large for yearbooks.

      Suddenly I find myself in Knott's Berry Farm, walking from the wild west section into the Roaring Twenties section over by the Knott's Berry Tales area, and walking back along toward the Good Time Theatre. The area is completely deserted, and there is nobody around, but that doesn't seem to stop them from doing a scheduled show.

      I am outside, and though it is in the Roaring 20s section, the buildings seem to be very Wild West area, with balconies and such. I hear a voice call "Hello!" in a very familiar way, and a can-can girl opens a door, steps out onto a balcony, and hangs a leg over the railing. "Hello!" and there is another one doing the same thing. "Hello!" and again. This is seeming very familiar. Especially since as I look, the can-can girls look like Lana, Arlene, and Jill. Band members start to play, and I recognize Vince and Chris. The main performers come out and it is Jay Meyer and Betty Taylor.

      It is suddenly looking like when Disneyland closed the Golden Horseshoe Revue, the entire cast just picked up and moved over to Knott's Berry Farm. They even seem to be singing Hello Everybody, though they fall silent or whisper every time they have to say the name Golden Horseshoe, and I am thinking it is probably because Disney owns the copyright to the name of the place ... but I am getting to listen to the show I love, performed by the people I love, even if it is at Knott's, and I am suddenly very, very happy.

      I have a soda, which kind of gets knocked over, and I am running to grab the cup before it manages to roll on stage, and I manage to succeed, so I'm doubly happy.

      Suddenly I find myself waking up again, back in Melody's bedroom. The lights are off, and I can barely move. Feels kind of like what I would guess sleep paralysis might feel like. It is dark, the lights are off, and my eyes are closed, but I can see almost a sort of after-image like the light was just turned off the second before I started to wake up. I'm struggling to my feet, and find myself standing between two beds. There is stuff dangling from the ceiling, like Christmas tree ornaments or something.

      The shirt that the Harry Potter fan fiction was written on is now a weirdly folded envelope that I am starting to write down the Horseshoe dream on, and time is starting to go all over the place. I went to bed at two, and it is now five, or maybe three, or one (yes, before I even went to bed) and it is all very strange. And then I really wake up.


      01-16-2013 -- Starts with hints of the last dream, sleeping in Melody's room, then starts to turn in to a sort of a roommates in the house dream (even though it is still taking place in the Hickory House), and then shifts even further to a dream where we are still in the Hickory House, but we are the Simpsons, who live here, but film the Simpsons TV show on the set for Evergreen Terrace.

      So I'm in the Hickory living room, kind of watching the last episode, and Russi Taylor (voice of Minnie Mouse) was a recent guest star, but has never gotten to see the episode she helped us film, and since it is just about to come on the TV, we call her to come out from Melody's room, and come watch it.

      Oddly, it seems to episode she helped us with, Frick was building large old fashioned computers (the kinds with the huge tape drives) and somehow putting them on human legs so they could run around. Russi's character was a female computer with really sexy legs, but they stuck out at an odd angle, which made her a freak, and nobody wanted anything to do with her, even though both her legs and voice were really, really sexy. Very strange!

      Meanwhile, things shift, and I suddenly find I am with a roommate in the dining hall at Indiana Wesleyan University, attending an FCM convention. The roommate is not actually anybody I know, though it kind of looks like Meeks from Dead Poets Society. They are telling us that we have been invited to attend a couple of normal college classes while staying here, as part of the convention (which makes no sense, but hey ... dreams.)

      The physical campus looks very much like Brookhurst Junior High, though a slightly larger version. We're standing near room 66, and the class we get to sit in on is in room 33B or something like that. We're walking down corridors, and it seems the room we are looking for is past the office area and further south (we'd actually be in the middle of Brookhurst, the street, except in the dreams there are more classrooms).

      We find the right area, and I walk into what I am hoping might be the right room, to find myself facing what looks like a younger version of Ducky (from NCIS ... but looking more like his Man From UNCLE days). The room is along the lines of a huge lecture hall, and the professor looks quite nice, but he turns out to be a rude, insulting nightmare. I walk into the next classroom over, hoping I might have the wrong room, but the next room over seems to be a business class, and every single student is dressed in the exact same business suit, and we sure wouldn't fit in, in that room.

      So I come back to the room with Young Ducky, and he is insulting one student on his appearance, telling me to use soap next time, and insisting that a third needs to mess up his dorm room a lot more, just insulting everybody in the room, being miserable, and not teaching us anything. Finally, I just stalk out of the room, deciding I am not going to bother with this 'benefit', trying to make my way back to the cafeteria, and thinking this convention is really going to the dogs.
    10. NCIS: Love, Ziva Style

      by , 01-10-2013 at 08:08 AM
      01-10-2013 -- [First dream of the night worth remembering. May have been earlier bits, but if so, not a single hint of them in my memory.] I am taking the NCIS team on a sort of a team building exercise which is supposed to end in a giant orgy. We're driving around in a van much like my roommate Randy's vehicle, on our way to a phony hostage situation, yet I am the only one who seems to realize it is phony. The others just don't get it.

      We drive down a long, tree-lined road in an out of the way area, then turn in to a small sub-division, me calling out directions to Gibbs (who is driving) while he talks on his radio with 'the agency' we're working with for this team building exercise. Soon we come to a roadblock of police cars about one house past the house where a couple of shooters are holed up, shooting at the cops outside.

      A couple of team members take the back, and a couple of us take the front. I look carefully, and can see one shooter firing out the front door, but it takes a while to spot the other, shooting between the blinds of an upstairs window. I don't have a gun, so I'm waiting for a time when things slow down enough (both gunmen having to reload at the same time) that I can rush the house, and at first I am ignored, then the upstairs gunman notices me, and starts to take aim.

      I spot him, and move into cover in a large bush, and he is leaning further and further out the window, trying to get me in his site. He seems to be kind of leaning out against a fairly frail tree limb, and suddenly *CRACK* he goes flying through the air in perhaps a 15 foot arc, crashing to the ground and dropping his weapon. I call out that he's lost his weapon and go running for it, but he is still closer to it. He picks the thing up and starts to aim at me, and I'm calling out that he has it again, thinking I'm dead, when *BANG*, Gibbs shoots him from behind me.

      He's already taken care of the gunman in the doorway, and we're all now heading inside to scout out the building. Ziva has been injured, and is resting in a chair, Tony and McGee are taking the downstairs, and Gibbs and I are scouting the upstairs. But it isn't at all like it is supposed to be. These are supposed to be really posh rooms, very high class, with lots of beds, hot tubs, and lots of people having sex for us to join in with. Instead, the place is empty, and looks like a poorly maintained Days Inn, or perhaps worse. There is black mold everywhere, almost all the beds are water beds, and they are leaking so if you try and lay in them, you'll be soaked. Half the upstairs is in the middle of renovations, with sawdust and wooden beams everywhere. An absolute mess.

      I decide to make the most of a bad situation, and head back downstairs. Ziva has fallen asleep in the recliner she was sitting in, and I pick her up in my arms and explain I'll take her upstairs to the one good room, so she can rest peacefully, all the while admiring her legs in the slightly short skirt she is wearing. I carry her upstairs and place her in the one bed that doesn't seem to be leaking, then start to undress.

      As I do, Ziva comes to, and asks me what's going on. I remind her of the training exercise and tell her she took a bump, and that I brought her up here to relax and maybe have some fun. By this time, I am very close, and lean in to kiss her, and she doesn't seem to have any objections. She does, however, ask what the ground rules are, and how far we want to take this. I tell her that is her decision, but I smile as she says "All the way."

      So we're kissing passionately and undressing each other. I've just managed to remove her top, and am studying her breasts, while telling her how lovely she is, when Tony busts through the door, muttering some of the things we've been saying back and forth in a high falsetto, and we're ready to kill him for spying on us. Turns out the rooms are wired for sound and video, and they have been sitting around in the lobby watching us, but now Gibbs is calling us down for a different kind of action. But we're still going to kill Tony!

      When we get downstairs, we find a sort of dining room with several small, square tables. The whole team is there, including, oddly, McKenzie from NCIS: Los Angeles. She is reading a poem, something very Dr Seuss-like, except it is complete gibberish, and makes no sense. The grammar is also very poor, and Ziva is going nuts trying to correct it with her ever-improving knowledge of English grammar and idioms, but she can't get anywhere, since as I said, it is complete nonsense.

      I glance at her, and see a large wood spider dangling from her ear almost like an earring, and ask her what she thinks of spiders. She admits she isn't fond of them, but doesn't have a particular problem with them as I try to brush it out of her hair. It is a fairly large spider, it's body maybe an inch and a half by a half inch, with long legs, and at first I am thinking it is a non-venomous variety, but moment by moment it is shifting, looking more like a venomous version, and then even morphing into a scorpion, crawling on her hand, but thankfully not biting her.

      Somehow things just shift, and I am now on the new case, which seems to involve something about comic books. At first I am looking at sheets of paper with the pages printed on them, but unbound. Then it turns to more and more sheets, some in three ring binders, some in matchbook covers, oddly enough. I am running down the street chasing some that seem to be blowing in the wind, and have to stop and study a number of squares of toilet paper to be sure they aren't printed on those.

      Soon I find I am facing some odd sort of version of Ultron (in this dream, a silvery robot) as I am turning into Captain America. I have a white, clay-like substance in my hands, and I am kneading it and rolling it into a kind of miniature shield, then it very quickly enlarges and hardens into an almost indestructible form, ready for use. I find myself facing off against numerous bad guys in three trucks, right in front of Marie's house, down near Greenleaf.

      There is a truck running right for me, and I use magic or psi powers (not sure which) to create a kind of force field so it can't reach me, right about the time it blows up. There is another truck behind it, filled with gunmen who are trying to shoot me, and that truck blows up as well, the gunmen being caught in the blast and burning alive, before turning into some sort of undead zombie types, as another truck behind blows up. Though I can't see him, there is a hint of Ultron doing a Green Goblin sort of thing with pumpkin bombs.

      The whole thing seems to be on some sort of time loop, as I find myself arriving, raising the force shield, and watching the guys turning into zombies two or three times before I wake up.
    11. NCIS, Teaming with Gibbs, Fornell, and Diane to Find Evidence in Churchill's Home

      by , 01-06-2013 at 10:09 AM
      01-05-2013 -- [Great dream with some nice details and connections to other dreams. Very long, but the last 'scene' is the longest and most detailed, solely because it is the one I remember best.]

      This one seems to start at a Disney World-ish kind of place where I am looking for work. I am trying to get in at various jobs, but they aren't what I really want to be doing. It seems I can't try to get the job I really want, because that would have me working with Anne, and though I am over the entire thing, she isn't, and is still freaking out about it. At the same time, Agent Fornell can't get the job he wants, either, because he and Gibbs' ex-wife, Diane. Turns out she and Anne work together, and she may have been the cast member arguing with me on my cell phone in the big 'trying to be lucid and not getting there' dream at Disneyland Paris, last night.

      There were bits taking place at the Buena Park Mall, trailing suspects with Gibbs and Fornell, dodging around the various mall customers. I also seem to remember tiny bits that might tie in with long-time hiking dreams, and the area from the 33 cave, but I can't remember the details.

      At one point, I almost seem to be getting close to Diane (God have mercy!) while Fornell may be hitting it off with Anne. Soon, Gibbs is about to split off from us and climb into a helicopter to go undercover somewhere, and we're all kind of worried about it, He is really going to be in danger on this one. Fornell and I end up on the Haunted Mansion, where he is reacting to all the ghosts and things popping up at us, and is close to shooting audio animatronic figures. I know them all, and can ignore them, which means I can spot the real criminals who are coming for us in the ride. I manage to escape, but I think here is where they manage to kill Fornell.

      Soon I have just left my elementary school, and I am a little kid being chased by bullies, instead of crooks. I am considering ducking into one of the houses that have the signs up that they are a safe-haven for bullies, but I fear that they have been infiltrated and compromised by the crooks we're trying to bring down, so I don't dare trust them. I just keep running down Crescent, heading for Hickory.

      Soon I find myself in a large mansion that I've been in before in at least a couple of dreams, though I don't know if any of them were ever written down or entered on the computer. (One of them, a Runescape dream that turned live, and shifted to this location.) Perhaps not in the other dreams, but I think in this dream it is Chartwell ... at least, I think it is a house that Winston Churchill owned.

      This is where Gibbs was working undercover, before he got killed. [Sorry!] I am now here undercover, trying to find what evidence he left here for us, and am dressed up as a butler. I am speaking with Diane, who is also undercover, but only as a tourist. We're in a large library that I think begins on the third floor, and has a domed ceiling going up above the fifth floor, very posh and fancy.

      We're trying to figure out where Gibbs would have left any evidence or clues for us, and I find myself remembering a small, nondescript study from one of those previous dreams, hidden in the back on the ground floor where Churchill spent a lot of time, and thinking how Gibbs would have probably enjoyed using it. I'm trying to think of a method to get us in there without anyone seeing us, when one of the bad guys approaches Diane. Unfortunately, he has recognized her.

      He plans to separate her from the crowd and dispose of her, and he thinks I am just the hired help, so he tries to send me away. Instead, I grab him and start to fight with him. The next bit is unclear, but I think he shoots me, and as I collapse to the ground, dead, the butler turns into Gibbs, while I am now Diane, and I break free and start running, looking for that little study.

      Time passes, and soon I am myself, have visited the study, and have got the stuff Gibbs left for us, enough to put the crooks away. Now I just have to make it out alive, while knowing that my partners have been killed. Bit of a downer dream, while still very cool.

      I burst out a small side door, and run for a gate, but there are crooks right behind me, and they'll set a dog on me, as well. I'm running down a steep hill to a tall gate which is probably locked, with crooks and dog behind me. The hill is so steep, and ends so close to the gate, I figure if I take a running jump, I can jump from the hill onto the top of the gate, bypassing it being locked. Unfortunately, the dog catches up to me.

      I manage to grab its jaws, and am holding them shut kind of like you do with an alligator. I wrestle with it for a few seconds, then throw it to the ground by the gate, and jump. I do manage to land on the top of the gate, and quickly scramble down the other side, where I fall on my butt. I now only have two problems ... first the fence is a chain link fence with a very large mesh. A human couldn't squeeze through it, but the dog almost certainly can, and is in fact squeezing through it now. And secondly, more crooks are running through the fields (including one who looks just like Ducky, oddly enough), approaching me, so I am on the run again!

      [I love NCIS, though I haven't watched all that much of it. I also haven't watched almost any of it in at least two or three years, which is why I am surprised that it seems to be the TV show that makes it into my dreams the most often. I would expect it to be Trek or Doctor Who or B5, but I think I've dreamed more of NCIS than any of them. Oddly, though, I watched a couple of episodes online last night, including one with Diane in it (don't think I have ever seen her before) and I am amazed at how quickly my dream weaved her into a story, since it usually takes my dreams about two weeks to catch up with things from real life.]
    12. NCIS, the Candy Store, and the Superman Shop

      by , 12-30-2012 at 02:27 AM
      12-29-2012 -- Earliest parts are very sketchy, and seem very interesting. There is something about time travel and chase situations, with at least some of the cast from NCIS. Can't remember any details about anybody specific, except that we end up at a shopping mall, where FBI Agent Fornell is trailing an attractive blonde woman, before she wanders off on him. I am with him, and comment that as long as he is here, he ought to stop off at a steak restaurant at the mall and have a meal. The place is perhaps a blend between Ruth's Chris and The Hops. I tell him something like "That steak is so good, you'll feel it's worth the instant coronary!" He refuses, and angrily drives off.

      I head into the mall, and start browsing around. It is one of the big ones that I used to always dream about, like Westminster or South Coast Plaza, and mostly I am just browsing around, but I spot a candy store, and I really find myself in a mood for some large jaw breakers. I soon find a candy store, but at first glance it doesn't look like they have any jaw breakers. But then I spot some special equipment, and it seems like they actually make the jaw breakers to order.

      The person has just finished making some for somebody else, and I indicate my interest. They urge me out a door on the other side of the storefront, when I really want to use the one right next to me, because I am lazy, but I do what I have to. I remember what I've seen on the internet a few months ago (I really did look up how jaw breakers are made) about pans of liquid that they slowly roll around in, as they build up, and I soon find myself standing in front of a sort of pan with several large tubes above it. You select the flavors you want, and they pour them in, so you get the different flavored layers.

      They allow you to choose four flavors, and I want orange in the center, blue raspberry, lime, and cherry. Problem is, they have dozens of flavor choices, and they aren't marked well, but you just have to go by color. The blue raspberry is so dark, I end up adding root beer, instead, and have to add the blue raspberry afterward, my lime, and forego the cherry. Oh well. Somehow the process is really quick, and they soon have four or five jaw breakers ready for me, about two inches around, each, with four layers of flavor, and the common white coating around the outside.

      I step back into the store, to give them a chance to bag them and ring them up for me, and I go to sit down on a sort of a sofa to wait, but there is a cute girl there that I seem to know and like, and a bunch of her friends who are pushy and rude. Dale shows up, holding some sort of Superman-themed staff, and we stand next to the sofa, talking, when it starts to rise up in the air (with the immediate floor area around it) like some sort of giant elevator.

      The girls are freaking out and starting to scream and yell, and Dale tries to explain something about the character of Superman, and points to a huge, curved I-Max screen that we soon find ourselves looking down on. The sofa seems to be rising to it's proper seating location to give us a good view of the movie. But the girls aren't interested. We've reached a place of about 40 feet in the air, and our 'platform' has lined up with another floor of the mall, so they belt out the door as quick as they can, leaving us all behind.

      Wimps! Dal is feeling really tired, and kind of ill, and decides he is going to go home. Problem with this is that he has only partly paid for the Superman staff, and he is supposed to go back and pay the rest of it before he leaves, but he asks me to do it, instead. I take the staff, and my bag of jaw breakers, and also start to try and pick up a sort of sheet of glass. The way things change in dreams, I now have either a clear piece of glass with colored sand kind of etched into it, or a sheet of shiny black material with brilliant colors streaked on it in a design I made on the machine (the one that originally made jaw breakers?) that is now very fragile art work.

      I make my way back down to the main floor of the mall, where I find Dale's Superman store, except moment by moment it is turning into a Star Wars store, instead. The staff is becoming one like the Sand People on Tatooine carried, and the decor is shifting before my eyes. I find myself facing an older salesperson who looks like a cross between KFC's the Colonel, and my Jr High guidance counsellor, Mr. Cravens.

      He understands that I am trying to finish paying for the staff, but he doesn't know the proper amounts, so he says I am going to have to wait for one of the others to help out. She eventually comes up, and I think she tells me that he still owes $500 on the thing, and I say I thought it was $100. She says that's what she said, $100. I start scrabbling through my pockets and count out maybe $200 in twenties, and can't find any more. I just don't have $500 ... wait a minute, she said $100. I have that right here! I hand over the money, and she hands me the rest of Dale's purchase, a very shiny, solid silver model of R2D2, just about 6 inches tall. I don't know how he's affording this very nice piece!
    13. Hunting Implings, Flying Through a Warehouse, and Facing Captain Hook

      by , 12-24-2012 at 05:18 PM
      12-24-2012 -- [Very cool dream, but a lot of running through passageways chasing stuff in a way that there aren't as many details to post as one might like. So a long, great dream that might not make as great a long dream post.]

      Starts as almost a kind of live video game, where I seem to be wandering through a park-like area with a bunch of people I know (not friends, not enemies, just acquaintances). There are enough trees that there is a slight wooded feel, but nothing like forest. There are lots of colorful things flying around. The closest I can come is kind of a cross from a snitch from Harry Potter and Impetuous Implings from Runescape. These things come in a variety of bright colors, and look like the little flying imps, but they almost vanish from sight, move 'wicked fast' and make the slight tinging sound of a snitch in the HP movies.

      Anyway, we're grabbing for these things, and they're dodging us. There are almost sort of paths through the woods, and I am taking a path further south, while many others are taking paths that are more north, except one other person that is following me south. It is sort of like a competition, and each of us is trying to be the one to grab more of the things. It is slightly messy and gross because we swat them and splat them, and get bits of bug guts all over our hands, but it is certainly kind of fun.

      In another comparison to Runescape, the dream seems to slightly merge in strange rocks, as I think there are 15 varieties, and we have to catch two of each of them. But as we keep moving further west on the south path, the wood is soon morphing into a set of hallways in a large building, with hints of a layout kind of like a school, with rows of classrooms separated by narrow hallways, except the entire thing is completely enclosed. There are also hints of many of my old dreams that involve chasing through or hiding in a building, with hints of laboratory to it.

      There's lots of running around, chasing these little things, jumping, diving, and generally doing all kinds of stunts to manage to grab each one before the other person does, and it is long, and very fun, but not detailed enough to write about, on a moment-by-moment basis. But it took a while, and was a lot of fun.

      Slowly things continue to morph, until the building is becoming more a giant department store, with us running through different departments, and dodging between tall aisles of shelving and clothing racks and the like, again, similar to many chase dreams I've had in like settings, but fun. About this time, there is the first hint of personal flight, though it isn't too big of a deal, and doesn't claim too much of my attention, yet.

      We've been moving more toward the east end of the store, but now we turn around, and are heading more west again. The competition is getting less and less friendly, and there is more and more slight hints of me being chased, rather than imps, but it still is fairly friendly. The store aisles are turning more into warehouse aisles, with racks of pallets stretching higher and higher, and the people chasing me becoming more and more military, as the dream begins to feel more and more like a specific warehouse dream I had lately that I will have to track down and try to link to. About this time I think I also run into a large fire-breathing (but flightless) dragon, which I have to dodge around.

      So I am heading back to the west side of the warehouse again, and they seem to be closing it down for the day, as all the lights are off, and it is getting more and more dark. They are still running forklifts, however, and they have lights on them so they can see where they are going, as they approach the trucks for unloading.

      At this point, I hear Abby Sciuto (from NCIS) calling out to me, and she is kind of hitching a ride on me, somehow half climbing on me, half just attaching herself to me. She thinks I have a forklift, and in the darkness, doesn't realize I'm just kind of half-flying, half-hovering around. But she is calling out to Gibbs and laughing and enjoying herself as I quickly swing through the area and around all the others, before heading back on the path toward the East, lighted end of the warehouse again.

      As I reach the other side, I find myself kind of face to face with what seems to be Captain Hook, and he is threatening me. I say something back, which outrages and threatens him, and I am almost sure it is a movie quote, though I can't remember what it was. But anyway, he is challenging me to a fight which will involve flying and sword fighting (very Peter Pan), but it seems to be kind of a play, because he is climbing into a theatrical sort of flight harness, and they are bringing one over in my direction, as well. Need I say they are very shocked when I don't bother waiting, and just begin to fly on my own.

      But the dream adapts quickly, and they are still bringing the harness to me, but it is quickly turning into more of a chain, and they are trying to chain me down, or perhaps chain me to the Captain Hook character, who is growing taller and taller by the moment, and is turning into more of a Galactus type of figure. I am dodging the guy with the harness, having my usual problem of him managing to just barely stay in reach, making it difficult to get away.

      I finally do manage to break free, and since the Galactus character is now big enough that I have no chance of facing him head-on, I fly back into the warehouse to try and hide from him. Except the building has now turned into a fancy looking office building lined in nice red slate-like tiles, and I am dodging behind pillars and through large bathrooms, trying to gain distance and escape deeper in the building.

      I suddenly have a premonition, and know what he's going to do, just before he does it, so I am not terribly shocked when he rips the entire building out of the ground and starts to twist it this way and that, and shake it, so he can manage to shake me out onto the ground where he can stomp on me.

      [I know the last part sounds horrible, but the whole thing was neat, and a heck of a lot of fun!]