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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    1. I destroyed the dream world on accedent.

      by , 09-21-2012 at 11:05 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      The first dream I had was of very little importance. I don't remember much of it, literally the only piece of it I can recall was Mulder from the X-files was gay. It didn't really make sense.

      The second dream that was actually memorable started out with me and my sister Rose at the park. I've been chanting a reminder in my head the past few days to attempt one of the DreamViews monthly challenges where you shrink your perspective down to the size of a tiny bug and explore the world. I finally remembered to do that in this dream, but it didn't last as long as I would hope. So, back to the plot.
      Rose and I were walking around with my niece in a stroller, like we have actually done in the past- nothing seemed out of place. I actually visit this park frequently in real life, it's down the street from my house. We walked along the pathway going through the grass and saw a small commotion over by the Park&Recreation office building, that's also next to the main playground. We made our way over to the side of the building and saw what everyone was buzzing about. There was a strange red-orange orb of energy hovering next to the sidewalk near the street. The orb had a dark ominous larger field of energy surrounding it, but you could tell the it the dark energy was radiating out of the smaller red one. I began to analyze my setting, trying to figure out what that could possibly be. It felt dark, and foreboding. I started to become lucid just then, I'm not sure if it was out of luck or if my critical thinking during the day is just paying off.
      I decided then that I wanted to get rid of that energy in the park. I attempted to create a orb of white and good energy to blend with the red one and nullify it but my white energy didn't seem to last very long. This is the part where it gets interesting. I decided to take an alternate route. I wanted to harness whatever this orb was, it obviously was of great importance in my head. But I also was reminded of my goal of shrinking, so I decided that if I DID get to explore the world of a bug or bacteria, it would be a well precaution to absorb the energy of that orb before going under, incase of any potential difficulties. I calmed my mind and focused on the perspective of my size. I wanted to make focus on both making myself smaller and the things around me larger. I focused my intent and closed my eyes for a technique that I usually use to summon things in front of my vision, but instead- I opened them to be standing next a forest of grass!
      I made my way just through a few blades and onto the side walk. The building next to me was much, much larger than it had been before and the projectile of my vision made the dark orb look like a red sun. This new light made the orb seem even more ominous, and what happened next- I guess I should have left undone. I began to expand the orb in my mind before I attempted to absorb it. I made it grow in size about twice as large as it had been but then, it ripped appart my dream. I guess it turned into some sort of black whole, the world went dark and I saw shapes of space and matter flying into it's spot until everything went dark and the dream ended. I woke up later, excited about the incredible visuals of the explosion but... it was unfortunet that I didn't get to roam around as a tiny me a bit longer.