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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    Saving the world or something.

    by , 09-29-2012 at 06:09 AM (437 Views)
    Last night's dream were a lot more interesting than the other's I've been having recently. They started out at a very, very large fancy school. It had large halls and glass walls, and a very well decorated exterior. I think, that somehow this school was also a private airport in the back courtyard. Also, they had rooms that people could board in for a few nights like a motel. It was a big place. My wife and I, and a friend were boarding there for the night, but things went south when the alarms started sounding. The building began being invaded by a terrorist army. There was a ton of commotion in the front part of the building, but most of the kids at school didn't hear it yet. I sent my wife out of the back to escape, and then ran through the halls hollering at the top of my lungs about what was going on, warning the rest of the building.
    My friend and I went up to our room and grabbed the little things we had, and escaped. He told me he had seen this happen before, and he knew what to do. We escaped the building and fled.
    The whole dream changed to another story, but the measure of alarm was still at large. In this portion of the dream, I was accompanied by the Winchester brothers from the T.V. show Supernatural (Sam and Dean). We were plotting a plan of attack on the enemy invasion. There's a few short sections of this part that I don't remember, but then I remember hurrying into a motel- where I met Bobby. If you haven't watched the show, it won't make sense- but Bobby at this point was a ghost, and he was on the verge of losing his mind and becoming a vengeful spirit. I managed to calm his commotion and level his head after a good minute of yelling and reasoning.
    We came to an understanding, and all sat down to make a plan. I have no idea how it got to this, but the plan was- to crash a plane into the enemy. And they did. Sam and Dean crashed a plane into the bad guys and somehow survived. I'll attribute it to their main character status.
    After that, there was a final battle scene where somehow- the enemies got their hands on a large group of super powers, making their appearance and abilities mimic exactly those of comic book heroes and videogame characters. Luckily, a make-shift group of civilians aided us in gainin those same powers and fighting them back off. Some time right after the large battle of flashing lights and explosions, I became lucid and was walking down the street towards where the commotion had been. Some teenaged boy kept trying to talk to me and panick to me, but... I knew it was a dream then and didn't care much. I floated him up in the air and threw him a good mile or two so I would be distracted. I was in the dream for a while longer but my alarm went off. And I faded into the next set of dreams.

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