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    The underwater alien base.

    by , 09-26-2012 at 06:12 PM (583 Views)
    Last night I had a dream that I was in a city that was actually a mixture of Tustin and North Long Beach, California. The first couple scenes I recall, I was talking to my brother Jeremy. I don't remember what we were talking about, but the next thing I know- I'm headed towards a group of our friends. I'm walking right behind our friend Vinny, but Vinny won't seem to slow down for some reason. He starts ducking in behind walls and making it into a game of hide and seek. I finally seem to catch up with him and lean up against a wall surrounding wherever we were at the time. I notice that a few of my other friends were here, this was were I intended to go in the first place. I start being ridiculed by my friends about being bad at hide and seek, and I return to them that I wasn't... even playing. They went on about how I touched the wrong wall, that wall wasn't the base. I honestly insist I wasn't playing, lol. The normal playful namecalling commenses, and the dream shifts somewhat to where we're all standing on top of a jungle gym. (I guess that was a sign that this scene was a childish one.)
    So I begin to climb down from the jungle gym. But, the thing that I'm climbing down was like one I've never seen in real life. It was an orange piece of metal sprouting in all different minute directions. It was actually very entertaining to climb down.
    So I got down, and took off across the play ground- back to my friend's house. I got to a house that belonged to a friend of a friend. My good friend John was there, and we were outside in the backyard having a few cigerettes with the guy who owned the house. We just talked for awhile, and then walked out in the front yard. In the front driveway I noticed two sleeping bags opened up like they had just been in use. There was a pack of smokes laying on one of them that I picked up to inspect, but then put back down. Later I thought to myself, that's probably what that guy was looking for.
    "Where you looking for that pack laying on the sleeping bag?" I asked. "Oh damn, yeah. Thanks man." He said and ran over to pick them up. Right about then John was ready to leave, so I decided it was time for me to head out too. Then my sister was with me out of nowhere, and it was time for her to leave to- so the rest of the dream was us on our way home. First we took a taxi to the subway station, and the last scene of the dream was me reaching into my pocket and only having a one. The taxi driver started slowly pulling away but I knocked on the back of his car and said "Hold up, man."
    Rose let me borrow five bucks to give him a tip, cause he was nice as shit. He thanked me very kindly and we took off.

    The dream I had after my WBTB alarm went of was a bit more bizzare. Jeremy and I were being held captive by two unhuman humanoid things. They weren't aloud to harm us but they weren't aloud to let us go. So we weren't that scared, it wasn't a nightmare. It was just strange and interesting. I remember twice were taken down in a transport to a small underwater base of operation. When we got to a certain point close to the base after we had been circling it waiting for deploy long enough- our individual bodies were encased in a hard bubble pod that transported us directly to the bay of the base. I remember the bubble pods very vividly, they made me very nervous. They were of some strange technology that doesn't exist, so I didn't know how they worked. It honestly felt like they might miss and I might just float off in the water. But both times it went right up into the ship. The ship was narrow, I remember. We followed the weird alien creatures around. They were about as tall as us or a bit taller. Their skin was a grey color, or grayish blue because of the water. They were a lot wider than us though, very firm and stout body shapes- with differently shape heads. We all walked into the main computer room, it was fascinating. I didn't pay much attention to what they were doing up front, I was looking at the ground. I noticed Jeremy started stepping on all of these little tiles on the ground and they were lighting up as if they were imbueing him with some kind of ability. Like if you stepped on a power-up in a video game. I began to look around, seeing a huge amount of little icons of a huge variety of gaming character abilities. One I specifically remember (Forgive me for being a nerd), was the Poke'mon Gengar's ability to hypnotize people into falling asleep. I grabbed that one, just incase we needed some action tools. I honestly don't remember much after that few minutes of looking around at the abilities and icons. Most of them didn't work, so I didn't fixate on them much. I'm pretty sure my alarm went off shortly after.

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