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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    1. Being a pterodactyl.

      by , 10-04-2012 at 08:27 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I'll run through the first couple dreams somewhat quick to get to the lucid ones. First I had a dream I was at my house, and my sister's best friend's ghost was around bugging me. This weird annoying form of "Haunting" in the dream. (Her friend's not dead in real life) Well for some reason I had control over ghosts in some sort of fashion, but I didn't have control of making them go away or passing them on to the next life. I knew that my sister had the ability to pass ghosts onto the next life, so I went to her, and she did it for me. (Long story short)

      I was put in a mental hospital with my wife's other friend Corey, we met a few people there and had conversations around the table with a few other people. I remember at one point an elder japanese man pulled me off to another room and was kind enough to share his penut butter with me. We talked for a moment, and the dream was over.

      OH! One dream that I had was so interesting to me while I was in it, and when I woke up. I was looking out onto this very, very, very strange highway. It was a highway of hundreds of different auto mobiles not just going past each other, but driving around and over each other like a huge swarm of bugs. It wasn't just normal automobiles though, there was probably one of ever automobile I've ever seen in my life. Real ones and fictional ones. I saw some from old video games, like a Ghost vehicle from Halo III for instance. Everything. So I chose one. It looked nothing like a car, but it owned the highway. I was happy with my choice.

      So, my alarm went off and I fell back asleep. The dream started out with an explanation of a specific being that was a character in my dream. I'm pretty sure I watched her explanation twice. She was a tool of the universe, given the power to paint the world back into health each time that it had been severely damaged throughout history. When the earth would flood or move out of it's destined path, she would come and bring it back to normal. The problem was, she became angry, and wicked. It turned into a scene where I along with my family and a group of other people were being held captive in her house. She had a strange sense of humor, so she was ordering us to do a set of things like arrange her house and belongings. While killing each other and having people dissimbody each other while in the process. I remember at one point I was carrying out a keyboard with two disconnected legs hanging from it.
      At some point in this dream, I realized somewhat that it was a dream. I knew it was a dream, but I needed to save my family out of this house. I told my mother and sister to hold my hand, and I closed my eyes, and made us appear in my back yard. I then noticed.. that I didn't know how to get back to save my dad. I flew over the wall and tried to recall what the previous house looked like... it was too foggy to jump back to. Just then, I noticed my dad walking up to the side of the house. He walked up, not phased one bit with what just happen. He seemed alright. He said something to the nature of, "Eh, I get why she did it. The process just sucked." They all walked in the house, and I went off flying to explore. I flew up above the forest that shows up each time I start flying from my house, but I didn't want to get stuck in it. So I found a place behind the trees that wasn't the same. It was a huge field with a small bunch of very large and fancy houses going down one side of the area. I decided that I wanted to go in and explore the houses. Just as I flew up to one of the entrances, I noticed there was a guy that lived there about to walk in. I didn't want to struggle with this dream character, so I carried him up and put him in one of the tallest trees, then flew back down. For some reason, all of the houses had a bunch of very large books in front of them. The houses turned into bookshelves and there was no entrances. I knocked all of the books off, just a flat wall behind them. So I flew threw a few more scenes, and out the window of some appartment. Suddenly it was rainy, and cloudy. I was over a bay area, and the sea was strongly disturbed. I flew up into the clouds to try to find sunlight above them. The clouds went on for a very, very long time. Unnaturally long. I noticed even back at the appartment that something about my dream started to make me nervous. Maybe there was something wrong with my body, but it started to turn south. I was flying through the clouds some more, and thinking what could possibly go wrong? I'm hundreds of feet in the air. For some reason, I thought of the only dangerous thing I could think of that would be in the air in a dream state. Something like a Pterodactyl. I hope none of those pop up in my dream, I thought to myself. Then what do you think happened. A few pterodactyls flew by and tried snapping at me. HUGE, birds. They looked dangerous. I'm not sure how this happened, but after awhile I thought that I was dreaming with my wife. We both turned into small pterodactyls and flew around with some other little guys. I noticed on the side of the cliff there was a flock of them hanging their tails on little branches over the ocean.
      Brilliant! I thought. I've always wanted a tail. I used my tail to hang upside down and my wife did the same. We 'hung out' for a while. But I started getting nipped by the other birds around me. It actually really hurt. So my wife and I left, and returned to human form. We walked into some sort of storage room, and were about to get it on- when some lady walked past us. Very suspicious-like. In the dream, it was some lady that was supposed to be keeping an eye on my wife and we felt weird about it. That's about where I think it ended. Altogether, a very interesting night. But a little bit nerve wracking during the later parts of it.
    2. My flowers.

      by , 10-02-2012 at 09:10 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I strongly recall two dreams from last night. The first took place in a mall. My wife and I walked through it, looking in the shops and walking down the center hall. We began to argue about something, something not important. I rudely suggested that she... shut up, and she began to go on about whatever it is we were argueing about.
      As we continued walking, I caught the eye of a middle aged women in the mall. She looked at my wife while my wife rambled and muttered "Oh stop bein a lil bitch."
      I turned the the women seeing that she insulted my wife and began yelling at the top of my lungs, "Know what? %&#@ you %#&@*!" '*%&# you!" "You better shut, the *$&@# up!", and she returned my comment with an attitude, so I walked up and got in her face. I'm not like this in real life, honest. I find that in dreams, my emotions (espeically anger) are amplified and they turn on very swiftly. My wife backed me away and we kept walking through the mall. We went in one of the shops, and walked out it's other entrance, and there the lady was again. She gave me a look, and I yell "%*@% you!" as we walked out of the mall. I didn't know why I was acting out so harshly, but I did know that it felt good. (Sigh)

      The next dream was more pleasant. My wife and I had a small garden of flowers. I can't say that these flowers were, "Alive" as a description. Because of course, all flowers are alive. But these flowers, were a bit... 'more alive', if you will. We breathed on them and they moved about, almost snuggling with the other flowers. We began talking to them in gentle voices, routing them on and giving them suggestion to grow. A few of the plants sprouted buds and flowers and gained colors. I grew quite fond of that garden. Hopefully I'll see it again soon.

      Off to another dreaming event soon, goodnight Dreamviews!