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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    1. Urgot Attack.

      by , 09-26-2012 at 01:17 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      The first dream I had was about my friend Nick and I. We were hanging out with a few other people at my house. My house had bunkbeds for some reason though. All I remember is having a group conversation for awhile, and then looking over at Nick because I heard him snoring. He had fallen asleep with his eyes open and was snoring. It was terribly funny to me so I pointed it out and threw a pen at him to snap him out of it.

      The next dream was very weird to me at the time. My family was getting ready to head out for church on a Sunday. I was in my back yard waiting for everyone to gather. I noticed my sister's boyfriend pull up in his car, and opened the gate for him. He was walking in with a toddler boy that looked a little bit like him.
      "Who's this little guy?" I asked him. He told me it was his son. I was so blown away, I said "Oh, alright." Then I walked back into my parent's house and talked to my mom.
      "Did you know that Tristan had another kid? I sure as heck didn't." I said to her. She had no idea either, we were both a bit dumb founded.

      After that, I had a dream that I was back at my old elementry school. I was having a cigerette and talking with someone else. After awhile I began having a very bad feeling like something was there. I told everyone we should leave, it was dark and I could feel something dangerous around. There were kids with us then and I began getting them to the exit. I saw what it was that was prowling. A character named Urgot from a videogame of mine. He was a biological machine that gave himself eternal life by replacing all of his organs and limbs with other creatures bodies and machine's. He looks like a huge wrotting mass with long metalic legs like a spider. We needed to get out. So we got to the exit and everyone was out except for one small boy. He had dissapeared. I ran back in the school and found him propped up against the wall, his chest was bleeding. Part of the skin of his chest had been taken out, so I rushed him away and back to his home down the street. The scene shifted to the next day. There were police in front of his house and his family had gathered to keep him company through recovery. I knew for some reason that I was the answer to Urgot's attacks. I walked in the house and pleaded with the family to let me through, I could help. They let me in, and I put my hand on the boy- and his injuries were healed. There was a bit more after this part but I don't remember it very well.

      The last dream was about my mother and I taking a trip up to the mountains with a little girl we were taking with us. Her parents both recently had died, and her and her sister were being taken in by my family but weren't together at the moment. The little girl wanted to hear about my mother parents, this was in the future some time after they both had died. My mother told me to tell the girl about them, so I did for the rest of the car ride. We got to a cabin we were going to be staying at, then my alarm went off.