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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    1. Persistant Nudity

      by , 06-29-2019 at 03:30 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #531 DILD - 8AM

      I am in some shopping center looking at stuff with my wife. There is a guy looking at Halloween costumes next to us but he keep ramming his cart into my leg. I don't do much or get mad. I'm slightly annoyed and I just move. There is some interaction with the cashier and my wife and we somehow get new debit cards. Now I want a new wallet and I start to look for one.

      Suddenly, I realize that I am completely naked. I run out of the store and grab some random items to hide my private parts. I make it to the car and hide for a moment. Some teenager peer in but I have my face covered with a thin material. I wait until they leave and start putting more clothes on.

      When I am decently dressed, I notice the car has rolled out of the parking spot. I make several attempts at parking but the parking gear and emergency brake doesn't seem to keep the car from rolling. I finally stash it an angle in front of the store. I want to go back in because I still want a wallet.

      I get out of the car but my wife is coming out; done shopping. I tell her what I am doing while awkwardly getting a pair of sandals on. They are muddy. There is a lot of rain water flowing down from and inside corner of the L shape in the building lay out. I go to was my feet but end up letting the water flow on my head and body like a shower. I see my feet and sandals are clean so I step out only to notice that I am completely naked again. I look out into the parking lot and see a nude woman laying across a sports car feeling her breast and looking at me. I choose to ignore her.

      All of this is too much and I now know that I am dreaming. My first instinct is to get dressed. I struggle with the clothing then realize it doesn't matter. I can either go naked or just mentally fast-forward past the physical effort of getting dressed. I tell my self that I am dressed and confidentially walk in the store. I see my reflection in the glass of the sliding doors. It looks like I am at least wearing shorts. I look down and now I am wearing a long shirt. Good enough.

      Not knowing what else to do, I decide to go ahead and look for the wallet. Unfortunately the dream starts to fade. I struggle for visual clarity and now the store has turned into a version of a large church from childhood. There is a kid with me. Seems like it's KW. I hear singing. It sounds like my sister N. We try to follow the voice but the church is turning into a confusing maze. The dream starts to fade and KW say no lets interact and he starts beating a rhythm on walls and pews as we pass them. I do the same. It helps for a while but the dream continues to fade out.

      Other dreams:

      1) I have a horribly clumsy time cleaning the litter box. Stuff ends up everywhere and somehow I have litter grit in my mouth. I am really annoyed and grossed out.

      2) I am driving my truck into my drive way at my house. I'm thinking making a turn round spot in part of the yard. I decide to drive it to see. Seems good but I back out and now I am at a place I liked in as a teen in TX. I turn the car around and realized I hit something. I look there is some random T-posts and a lot of thorny vines. The trees seem to close in on me. I think my dad really needs to get out here and cut this crap with me.I see something else and notice that I took out the entire gas meter. There is natural spewing out from a now single broken pipe coming out of the ground. I marvel how that was even possible but rush to shut the truck off to avoid an explosion. I run in the house to tell my dad. He takes his sweet time calling the gas company then hangs up. Oops that's the wrong number. He starts slowing typing in search on the computer to find the number. I say you know what I'm just calling 911. I dial and then I wake up.
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      lucid , memorable
    2. Coworker Embarrassment

      by , 02-22-2015 at 10:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #414 - 8:44AM - DILD

      WBTB 3:30AM 8mg Galantamine/400mg choline, 400mg DMAE
      This one didn't go so well, but I was lucky enough to pull off one LD late in the morning purely out of desperation.

      I am trying to enter my email login on my phone to see an important email from my mortgage broker. Nothing I type comes out right so I look for my laptop. I have an false awaking and become slightly lucid. I think how typical the previous dream was for electronics failure.
      Next I notice SW from work in bed with us. I know it's not real, but I am snuggled against him and I find it mildly humorous. I push him away and initiate sex with my wife by actively summoning and creating the sensation. Several odd thoughts race through my mind as we do it for a few moments.

      I am now in a classroom in a chair with a trash can between my feet.
      Spoiler for EXPLICIT:
      Shocked at my nakedness and sexual nature, I wonder how my dream would cause me to literally end up like this. I look up and see an and old woman that is an ex-coworker (dead) looking at me sort of curious as well as shocked. I quickly pull my shirt down to cover myself. I feel disoriented and confused. I wonder how I could have had such an obvious sex dream in public. I realize that I am in a room pf coworkers both past and present and if feel embarrassed and devastated that this is happening. I'll never live it down. My life is ruined. I pull my shorts up not really getting my underwear and they king bunch down low, but I don't care as long as I am covered. I feel so sleepy and I rub my face and sigh heavy trying to get my bearings. I still can't believe this has happened. I don't even know how I fell asleep. I try to ignore everyone around me as I deal with this trauma; I just want a way out. I begin to hope that by some miracle of divine magic that I am in a dream. Maybe... I do a nose plug out of desperation and am completely delighted and surprised to blow through. I giggle and the feeling of hopeless despair rolls off me dropping like a lead weight. Forgetting about any nakedness, I stand up and walk over to a group of people talking. I think how I am highly lucid as I playfully push V (fired IWL) over and say I relief, "This is all a dream." V falls out of sight and I smile at everyone feeling triumphant and gleeful. Before I can do much else, the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.

      I had another LD much earlier in the night but I cant recall much so I'm counting. Basically, I was running from some enemy when I became lucid and played with a gun. I wanted a shoot out so I blind summoned a rifle. I goes off against a glass but only scorching it. In some burned out building someones head peaked up outside a window. I fire off a shot, but the dream fades out.
    3. 5 dreams 1 fragment

      by , 10-11-2012 at 12:00 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Thoughts | Non-Lucid | Lucid | Techniques/Aids

      Bed 10:15. 1MG MELATONIN, VILD for 15 minutes. My mind ends up wandering but it is on what I want to do in next lucid so Im ok with it. I have heavy HI. Then I realize how long it has been and rollover. I don't feel sleepy so I meditate and mantra "I will question reality". I am asleep in a minute or two

      Fart Spray Statues 1:43AM

      I some smelly arisol like fart spray. I am in a room full of statues and I go around spray each one in the face. They all start puking from the smell. I laugh hysterically. I see some strange "Were the Wild Things Are" type monsters eating the puke. Then I have a plate full of rainbow colored Oreos. The Oreos are portioned way down in to fourth cookies. I have two fourths. I take a bite and they taste really sweet.

      That Same Baseball Field 2:35AM

      I am at a baseball field that I have dreamed of several times before. It is a small field but there is always this old guy that likes to play there. He is so good that no one can beat him. He pitches to me and I hit it out of the park. He goes and retrieves the ball for me. He hands it to me. I see I hit the cover off. Whats left looks like a skinned turnip with cuts and nicks in it. I assume it hit something outside the fence.

      I start to think of the Sandlot. When that one kid hit the cover off. There are several of the characters around me now and we talk about the time he hit the cover off. I see a sheetrock wall with holes in it from baseballs. I hear the kids say, "Woooowwww!

      I get up to pee. Quick VILD before falling asleep

      Fragment - Jeopardy 4:00am
      I remember seeing the set from Jeopardy. I am a contestant.

      Half naked bike ride 4:00AM

      I go on a rather long bike ride but notice I am wearing flip flops and boxer shorts. I am mildly surprised but don't pay it much attention. I think I have an extra hour to ride because instead of having to be at work at 7 I have to be at school at 8. I ride though what looks like an old childhood neighborhood. I jump off a large curb.

      WBTB - 1TBS PB and 200mg B6. VILD

      Bladder is a dick 5:30AM Vivid and lengthy

      I am in a twin bed. I have some drawing paper in my lap. Someone starts drawing on it. It begins to look like a really cool version of my Arilou avatar. I get excited and look over at him. I expect to see LinkZelda but he looks like Bladder. I say, "Oh wow you are a dream Views member and you live in Joplin. That's so cool" I ask him why I never new before but he says he and his friends didn't want me to know. I try to be friends with him. But he is not interested. I try making conversation but he looks at me odd and continues to draw. I say in a girly voice, "I just want to chaaaatt." Then in my normal voice, "Just kidding."

      He done drawing and gets up. He gives me $2 and then askes if he can borrow $1.50. Im like, "ok whatever." Then I ask him for the drawing. He hesitates and starts acting shady. He changes the suject multiple times. I follow him into a hallway and he meets with a buddy. I get in his face and just look at him. I tell him to give me my ex-wifes wedding ring back. (I don't even have it in RL) It worth money and he has it.

      I pull out my phone to take a picture of him so that I can tell the cops. I tell him what I am doing. Of course my phone is not working right (Dream sign). I look up and he is running away.

      I chase after him outside. It is raining heavily. We splash though the water and I can hear it clearly. Then he runs to a really small drainage ditch and disappears in the pipe. It is maybe 6inches diameter. I get confused and look for him a ways down. I turn around and see another man running out the other end. He sees me and looks scared and runs back in. I know this isn't the same guy. I follow and stop at the pipe. Nothing happens. Then I think if I can run like I am running past it then I will enter. It works. And am in awe that I found this. I am in the pipe but it is a dead end. There are side tunnels but they are clogged with mud. I think maybe I should try entering where bladder entered but I am losing interest. I walk out of the pipe and wake up.

      Half naked at work 6:00AM

      I am at work and realize I am wearing just shoes and some basketball shorts. I am outside at the picnic tables. I feel really embarrassed. I walk to my locker. I see Jamie drive by and look at me. For some reason my locker is outside. I open it and put a hoodie. I feel stupid for forgetting my shirt. I keep saying, "So stupid."

      At some point I woke up and had a sudden urge to try DEILD. I had very mild vibrations and then it went away. I should have done an RC but I was sleepy

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