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    1. Faking the French Language

      by , 11-11-2011 at 12:47 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can only remember a fragment of the dream I had last night, but it is the first dream I have remembered for a very long time.

      I was either in school or in a store of some kind and I went up to a man who was sitting behind a table selling things, but he only spoke French and we could not understand each other. I can barely read French and I certainly can not speak it in waking life, but for some reason in the dream I started "faking" what I thought was good French and apparently it was because the man behind the table and I had a long and cheerful conversation with me. I knew by the sound of it that we were speaking French, but I had no idea what either he or myself was actually saying.

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    2. Adventure on Titanic-like ship

      by , 09-25-2008 at 06:11 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the first dream I had on September 25th, 2008

      The dream takes place on a fabulously luxious cruise ship, like the Titanic, but more modern. The ship is sailing on a narrow ocean channel that has tall cliffs on either side. I am my dream incarnate Chun-li, a young Chinese woman. I have a young girl with me named Sari (who looks kind of like Sari Sumdak) and in the dream she is my daughter. I have the gift of forsight and know that the cruise ship is going to sink for some reason. I am there to try and prevent the tragedy, I think.

      I have to stay on the upper decks of the ship (which also happens to be the upper class section) to avoid running into a previous incarnation of myself who is running around the lower class part of the ship. The rich and the poor are divided on this ship like they were on the Titanic, the poor being restricted to the lower decks. There are always parties going on in the upper class as the vain, rich and influencial show off to, and consort with, each other.

      To pass the time Sari is practicing for a French play being put on by the children of the wealthy passengers, so that she is occupied while I look for something (though I cannot remember what now. Something to do with preventing the ship from sinking anyway). As I walk around the ship I note that most of the upper class lounges and dining halls are void of any furniture, or have only a few chairs scattered about. These rooms have massive, enlongated vertical windows with long, flowing translucient sheers. The proportions of the windows were impossible because they were radically larger when seen on the inside of the ship, than from the outside.

      The passengers in the upper class all dressed stylishly and expensively. Gold, silks, and jewels were everywhere. I was dressed nice but not as elaborate and I did not have any jewelry. All of the women passengers have skirts but I am wearing pants and for some reason that makes the upper class passengers not want to engage with me, even outright avoid me, which is fine for me because I'm still looking for that something.

      The dream skips a bit and it is the next day (or a few days later) and somehow I got Sari off the cruise ship during one of the nights. When I become conscious of this is the dream I am suddenly in the channel underneath the ship and looking up. An Orca swims above me at the same time as the ship passes overhead. This killer whale is the same as any other except that it has a patch of black on its underside on which I can see unique symbols that are glowing white, but I do not know what they mean.

      The night of the sinking comes and I am looking for a way out because there are suddenly no doors from the upper class rooms to the outside deck. The only way out is the climb the curtains of the vertically massive windows to a small opening at the top. (The windows on the outside now match the extremely enlongated proportions on the inside.) I struggle for a bit up a curtain and make it outside, though the ship develops a terrible lean as it goes down, and the part of the deck I was trying to reach is half underwater. There are no ropes or cables to climb down so jumping is the only way to the water, but the distance from me to the water is too much and I am too scared. Most of the people in the first class section of the ship are unable to climb the curtains because they are too physically weak or are weighted down by their extravagant outfits and jewelry.

      I wait for the ship to sink a little more, so that the distance between me and the water is not so great, before I jump. I feared the water would be ice cold and though it was not for some reason I am paralyzed when I hit the water and sink as slowly as the ship. I am conscious and I do not drown, but I cannot move any part of my body. When I am at the bottom of the ocean channel a large white whale (a sperm whale?) swims over me and when I look up at it I can see the same symbols on the white whale's belly that were on the Orca's, but these symbols are black.