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    1. The thing in the basement - dream fragment

      by , 01-05-2015 at 03:23 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in a dark house with old dusty furniture. I am in the living room I think and I fall into a hole in the floor to the basement. It is dark beyond where the light from the level above comes through the hole but I can see rows of pillars or something. At the back there is something moving. I can hear it and barely see, but it is definately not human. It suddenly produces a small light source like a tiny pen light or something. I can see the light searching the walls and floors like it is looking for something. I get very scared and climb a thin water pipe back up into the living room. I am terrified of being found by anyone, especially by that thing in the basement.

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      nightmare , dream fragment
    2. May 22nd, 2014

      by , 05-22-2014 at 11:05 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Two parts to this dream.

      In the first part there is something to do with mini go-karts or remote controlled cars in a forest. Also a four room building where people rotate through the rooms or something.

      Second part takes place in a city that's been destroyed, but I do not know by what. People are scrambling for supplies to survive. There is one train that runs through the center of town. I don't know where it goes but it frequently hits people crossing the tracks or people commit suicide by standing in front of it. I don't know where the terminal is because it never stops, even when it hits someone.

      The buildings are mostly destroyed or empty and many people have gathered together in groups for survival, often attacking other groups to steal their supplies. I am on my own and every day I am afraid of being attacked or killed. One day two men armed with electric drills try to attack me but I am able to disarm them and get away. I run into a large building and find a doctor (A Middle Eastern man with white hair and a white goatee) there who is helping anyone he can and has a small shop where he lets people underpay for many things. Most of the food however is gone. His volunteers find crates of Kraft Dinner and Mr. Noodle Ramen and I trade a small green pencil and the promise of being a volunteer later for one of each. I have to argue with a Chinese looking lady at first, who I think is the doctor's whife, who wants to give me a small fist size ball of rice for the small amount of money I have, because she doesn't want to give me the boxes of food.

      I set out from that place with my food hidden inside a garbage bag and forget my shoes and have to go back for them. It is dark and I don't know how I am going to get home in the dark and alone without being robbed or killed. Dream ends after I leave the doctor's store and head out into the darkness of the destroyed city.
    3. Banned from the forum

      by , 11-16-2011 at 07:54 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Before I went to bed I made some joking comments on an internet forum that I frequent. I had this dream afterwards:

      I am on the forum and necieve a notification that someone has responded to the comments I made earlier. I go to the thread and find that people didn't find my comments funny and are attacking me and putting me down. I reply and point out that these comments were made in the Off-Topic forum and were not meant to be taken seriously. A few people reply angrily and someone says that they have reported me to a Moderator. The moderator replies to the thread and tells everyone to calm the fuck down and stop taking my joking comments so seriously. Then the Moderator bans me anyway, which upsets me, because I have a lot of online friends on that forum and the thought of not being able to interact with them anymore causes me distress.

      I think this dream is a reflection of the anxieties I often have of being criticised and abandoned.
    4. Boats

      by , 11-12-2011 at 07:45 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed that my two brothers, my father, myself (at a younger age then I am now) and a few other men I do not recognize were by the sea side somewhere warm. There were no roads but narrow chanels for small boats and canoes to navigate.

      My dad tells me and one of my brothers that he and the other men are going a head in another boat and leave me and R in the first boat. R makes me sit in the back ignores my complains that the back of the boat is sinking. I was arguing with him to let me sit up front but he ignored me and soon i'm up to my waist in water. My father and my other brother came along in another boat and got into ours. All the older and heavier men were sitting at the front of the boat, yet is was only sinking and below water at the back where I was sitting.

      After complaining and whining I finally convinced my father to let me switch places with them and they all went into the back and I went into the font. The back of the boat suddenly became boyant and the front of the boat sank and I could not lift it above the waterline to help steer. I remember feeling angry and frustrated and sick of it all, like I expected this to happen all the time and I was tired of it.

      Eventually I found a small boat of my own and got out of my father's and brother's boat and tried to make my way through the maze of channels on my own. My both didn't sink this time, but I had no control and would often get pushed backwards by incoming waves or the tide. Even though I couldn't really go anywhere, I was happier in my own boat for some reason. I remember at the end of the dream missing my mom and wondering where she was, and being upset that I could not get to her because I had no control over my own little boat.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. August 19th, 2011

      by , 08-19-2011 at 11:35 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      This dream takes place in a sort of Medieval fantasy world, much like Lord of the Rings. I am my dream incarnation Kalima, who has orange hair and wears a white and violet dress. I am in the center of a large valley of some kind. I am on a flat plain surrounded completely by large snowy mountains. It is cold and dry and it is either late autumn or I am far north, though there is no snow on the ground.

      I know I am trying to find my way to a certain land, but I do not know how to get there. I am in the process of escaping another land where people are trying to kill me because I have been accused of witchcraft. A while ago I was being pursued by a group of men dressed in furs who were riding black horses, but somehow I avoided them and ended up in this valley. I am nervous because there are no trees or large boulders to hide behind and if the horsemen make there way into this valley, they will surely see me.

      I head for the smallest range of mountains and try to traverse over it, but I lack supplies and I am starving, I am too tired and it is too cold. I collapse and some travellers find me and take me to their cabin on the other side of the mountain. I sleep for a long time and when I awake I am in a trance like state and I start drawing maps because for some reason I am unable to speak and cannot tell my rescuers where I am trying to go.

      Some of the older men in the family recognizes the land I have drawn in my map and they gathers supplies to try and take me there. We travel for a long time and are almost at my destination when the horsemen find us and attack us. All of the men I am travelling with, except one, are killed and we are taken prisoner. We are taken to a camp set up by the horsemen and I am interrogated and tortured because the horsemen want to know where I was headed, though for some reason I am still unable to talk. Late in the night thw lone survivor of the men I had been travelling with is tortured and killed. After his death some of the horsemen gang rape me repeatedly.

      Dawn comes and I am traumatized and exhausted and am looking forward to the horsemen killing me for witchcraft because I do not want to live anymore. Before they can assault me further the horsemen's camp is attacked by elven warriors and the horsemen flee or are killed. I am overhwelmed by everything that has happened and pass out.

      When I wake up I am in a large palace somewhere and there are beautiful elven people walking around and whispering softly in the grand halls. My wounds are dressed and there is fresh fruit and bread on a table near by soft bed. I am still traumatized from the torture and rape, and still unable to talk, yet somehow I know that I have arrived at my destination and I fall back into a such deep sleep that I do not know if I am just asleep or if I have died.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    6. Bodies everywhere

      by , 06-29-2011 at 10:06 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with me walking through a field. There is a thick and heavy fog and I cannot even see the ground under my feet but I can feel it - it is very bumpy and unstable, like I am walking on frozen pillows or something, if that makes any sense. I am walking up a slight incline and the fog recedes a bit when I reach the top.

      The unstable ground I am walking on is covered with thousands of bodies as far as the eye can see. There are so many bodies and they are piled on top of each other so high that I cannot see any natural ground at all. Most of the bodies are men in green or grey uniforms but there are also women and children laying about. Despite all of the dead bodies, many of which are in various states of decay, I don't remember smelling the rot around me.

      In front of me is a small pond. There are bodies in the water but not as many as on the ground and the water is a dark reddish brown because it is filled with blood and rotting flesh. I walk past the pond and to the other side of the hill, but it is slow going because stepping across the mounds of bodies is difficult. The fog has lessend, but there are still bodies as far as the eye can see and I cannot get away from them no matter how far I go.
    7. 3 of 3 - May 10th, 2011

      by , 05-10-2011 at 11:27 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in some sort of alternate universe where technologies are mainly the same but humans live in feudal societies and tame and ride dragons rather than drive cars. I am secretly a princess of a lost dynasty and the last of my family's bloodline. I have long black hair, pale skin and blood red eyes, which are traits of my royal family's genetics, though most people do not realize this. I have been rasied as a commoner by an adoptive family in a place called Moon City but civil war breaks out and we are forced to flee.

      My adoptive mother, brothers and I go to the main city of the continent to stay with some family and friends. Politics is tumoltuous in this city and it is ruled by an authoritorian leader who controls every aspect of the citizen's lives. Every night there is a curfew at sunset and people caught outside after it is implemented are arrested or killed by the security force loyal to the iron fisted leader. It is not as bad as it sounds though and as long as people obey the rules and don't openly oppose the leader then they can live their lives otherwise normally.

      The house we go to is at the end of an alley and only has three bedrooms for almost 10 people to stay in. I get stuck sharing a bed with my brothers and one of my friends. All of the older people are up all night talking about the war in Moon City and I cannot sleep because I am in a strange place and the talk of the older folk worries me so. In the morning my mother, grandmother and aunts go shopping and I wander the neighbourhood to orient myself with my new home. I find a vast, white sand beach and happily dig my bare feet in the sand and dip my toes in the cool water. In the distance I see a handsome young man watching me enjoy the beach. He is sitting on a large black and purple dragon and gazes on me with a withering smile. I do notice him but I pretend not to and ignore him.

      Afterwards I am walking along a marketplace and find a used bookstore. I spend a long time browsing the books and I am so happy and content that I kind of get carried away and forget about the time. I finally buy a book and start reading it on the way home. I am walking slowly and so intrigued with my book that I do not notice the sun beginning to set and the streets becoming empty. I finally snap out of my reverie when I am at the far end of the alleyway where my grandma's house is and though I am kind of scared I know that I do not have very far to go. I begin walking briskly but I do not notice the four or five patrol officers appear behind me riding thier massive green and black dragons.

      One of them yells at me and when I turn around they all jump off their dragons and force my back up against a wall. They begin shoving me and demanding to see identification and when I produce my passport they throw it on the ground and begin harassing me for not being a native citizen. They ignore my fearful protests and two of them grab me, turn me around so that my back is facing them and pin me to the wall. Another of the guards starts frisking me roughly and inappropriately by putting his hand under my skirt and rubbing between my legs. I try to scream but one of the guards covers my mouth with a gloved hand and they all start laughing and cajolling me as the assault continues.

      Suddenly a voice shouts down the alleyway and the offending guards snap to attention and let me go. The young man who had been watching me on the beach approaches, riding his mighty purple and black dragon, and demands to know if the soldiers have anything better to do than harass young girls. One of the soldiers starts to stammer and answer but the young muscular man shouts at them that this kind of thing is not what his father is paying them for and he screams at them to beat it, which they do with much haste.

      He gets off his dragon, picks up my passport from the ground and asks me if I am all right. I kind of glare at him with anger and indignation. How the hell does he think I feel after being sexually assaulted? The young man can see they I am distraught, laughs at himself and conceeds that it was a stupid question. He introduces as Mordred and tells me that he is the son of the man who rules this city. He looks over my passport and then seems to inspect me withis sharp and intense gaze before handing my id back. He asks me a few questions about why I left Moon City and I answer as I can.

      He offers to escort me home but I am suspicious and worried that he will take advantage of me too. I am able to tell him that my grandmother's place is just down the street and we walks with me there, his dragon following closely behind. The young man gives me a cell phone and tells me that I can call him on it at any time if anyone else gives me trouble while I am in his city. After he sees be home and bids me goodnight I watch him ride his dragon away through one of the few windows in the house.

      I do not tell my family what happened and the next day I stick very close to my mom and aunts as they travel to a large multi-storey mall for some shopping. I don't know why but it soon seems that I am there by myself and wander past the shops slowly and with much disinterest. I come across a food gallery of sorts but the dream distorts somewhat and while I can see the kind of food being served, I cannot read the menus and names of the food stores for some reason. Near one store that looks like a Taco Bell, I find a glass display case with many little ancient egyptian crafts and I spend some time admiring a little statue of a seated goddess Sekhmet.

      A voice suddenly announces over the intercome that sunset will happen in about an hour and everyone is advised to go home. I am on the second floor of the mall and head towards an elevator, trying to avoid the man people scrambling around as if in a panic. I come across one elevator and there is a stroller nearby with a baby in it, but no adults in sight. I don't know what to do so I just get on the elevator but I am confused by the buttons on it. There are many buttons but none are labelled or clear and I cannot tell which button to press to go down. I make a guess and push one but instead of going to another floor the elevator starts moving along a track from one side of the mall to another.

      I get out on the otherside in frustration and come across another adandoned baby in a stroller. People are running around ignore it so I do to. I am starting to panic because I don't know how I am going to get to the main floor to exit the mall before sunset, let alone make it all the way home before it gets dark completely. I try another elevator (and pass many more abadoned babies in strollers - I think I counted five in total this time) and luckily I find one where there is a woman with two children waiting to get on. I am hoping that the woman will know how to use it and slip in first, but she pushes her children in and then allows the door to close, apparently content to adandon her childred as well.

      I am panicking and don't know what to do because the elevator is not moving and I don't know how to open the door electronically. I pull the doors apart physically but watch in horror as the two children slip between the space from the elevator to the floor and fall down the shaft. Suddenly the elevator starts moving and goes down to the main floor. When I get out of it I find the woman from upstairs holding one of her children as if nothing had happened.

      It is almost dark outside and I am approaching the front doors of the mall when an army of masked soldiers in blue riot gear pushes their way in. The leader of the group points to me and says "There she is - that's the princess." The other soldiers pull out their guns and start shooting in my direction. I run as fast as I can and through a door into a dark room. I pull out the cell phone that Mordred gave me and call the number that is on speed dial. When I hear his voice I break down and start crying and tell him that people are trying to kill me. He tells me to stay where I am and that he will be there soon.

      I don't know why the soldiers in blue do not located me, but I can hear them searching through the mall and shooting any straggler shoppers they find, since it is now dark outside. I am very scared and can only hope that my adoptive family made it home a long time ago. I am also confused as to how these soldiers know that a I secretly a princess.

      A vent opens on the otherside of the dark room I am in and Mordred appears and tells me to follow him. Down the shaft and into the basement we go and we get on a service elevator that goes down deep underneath the mall and to a long forgotten underground street. His dragon is there and we get on and follow the tunnel to where it comes back above ground on the other side of the city. Along the way Mordred tells me that his father's spies have figured out that I am the long lost princess and has ordered my exection because he does not want anything to threaten his hold of power over this part of the land.

      I cannot remember the end of the dream but I think Mordred and I run away together and away from the city.

      (A lot of Dragon Booster influences in this dream.)
    8. Depressing campsite

      by , 04-03-2011 at 09:34 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at a campsite near a lake. I am poor and have few posssessions and I think I either live there or am staying their until I move on to a new place because I am essentially homeless. The roads and campsite grounds are mostly gravel, with tress scattered here and there.

      I keep to myself and mostly stay on my site but for some reason a group of three adolescent boys start throwing small rocks at me. I ask them to stop but it only provokes them and soon their are five boys throwing handfulls of gravel and rocks at me. People on surrounding campsites do nothing to help and only stare. My tent offers little shelter and it collapses. I suddenly remember that I have an archer's bow and I go and get it. The bow I find looks like it was constructed of plastic and duct tape and I only have three arrows. I try to fire an arrow at the boys as a warning shot, but it turns out my bow IS made of platic and duct tape and it falls apart.

      A vagrant old man suddenly appears and hands me a dart gun and some darts, telling me that this will be much better. Suddenly something happens (but I can't remember what) and the boys throwing the rocks suddenly stop and run away. I have not fired the dart gun so I don't know what scared them off. I am exausted and sore but my tent has been destroyed and the only possesion I have left is a blanket, a sleeping bag and a pillow.

      I leave the campsite to find a slab of concrete near a building to sleep on, but other vagrants have picked spots around the building and space is scared. I don't know what the building is or used to be and the windows and doors have been boarded up. There is a road that either leads deeper into or exits the campsite and it runs right only where all the vagrants are trying to hunker down for the night. Many people shout unkind things or throw garbage at us and it is near impossible to sleep. I become so frustrated I go for a walk and when I come back a blond haird man has stolen my spot and is sleeping in my blankets.

      Suddenly I cannot cross the road because it is a deep chasm filled with a raging river and I feel depressed and tired and want to throw myself in.
    9. A lot of water and a white tiger.

      by , 12-02-2010 at 08:15 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at a water front resort and there is a dark unseen presence pursuing me. I am scrambling over and through waterfront shops and bars to hide myself and often find that I am trying to hide myself in pools of water.

      I run out of hiding spots in the resort and run to the wharf where many yachts are tied up. All of the boats are the same size and shape but different colours. There is a wooden yacht just leaving the dock and I am able to sneak aboard and hope that I am out of the reach of my invisible pursuer.

      The yacht travels to the open ocean and has suddenly entered a different world where we are very small and sailing through a pool in what looks like a giant's shopping mall that has waterways and watersliders rather than floors and elevators.

      There are many giant humans lounging in the water while tiny tour boats like ours sail around them. The tour boat that I am on comes to a pool admist a giant's bar and bumps into a large orangish brown blob floating in a far side of the pool. The blob splits open and begins pouring a greenish black liquid into the water, which make any humans or fish who touch it, tiny or giant alike, very sick.

      The contamination spreads to all of the wate in the giant's mall but I am able to escape it by flying away from the boat and floating near the ceiling. This sudden flying ability seems to come from the black ball of yarn that I am suddenly carrying with me but comes at a price because I am now invisible and no one can see me.

      The dark presence that was pursuing me before suddenly finds me and appears as a giant gravity defying white tiger which can cling to and jump from wall to wall and thus continue chasing me without touching the contaiminated water.

      I am able to outrun the tiger for a while, but sudden find myself cornered in a dead end hallway at the far side of the giant's mall. I panic when the tiger draws near and drop the ball of black yarn that I had been carrying. The tiger lunges and snatches the yarn out of midair and takes off. Apparently it was after the yarn the whole time. After the tiger leaves the water suddenly clears up and is a beautiful fresh blue and everyone who was sick from the contamination suddenly recovers.

      I find myself suddenly back on the tour boat as it reenters the normal world and pulls into the wharf area of the water front resort where the dream began.

      The only thing I liked about this dream was that my favourite animal, the white tiger, appears in it. I have never had a dream with a tiger in it before.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    10. Flying, spying, and crimes occuring in my childhood neighborhood (lucid)

      by , 07-03-2010 at 11:23 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am standing at the four way intersection that leads to the dead end street I grew up on. It is night time and must be spring or autumn beccause I am wearing my warm, blue zip-up sweater, jeans, and black baseball cap. The corner of the intersection I am standing appears as it did over ten years ago when one of my old neighbour's (Mrs. Jolleff) lived there, on a quarter acre of land, in a small white house surrounded by maple trees. Not long after she died her land was sold and redeveloped into a townhouse complex. Because the area looks different than it does today I immediately become lucid.

      There is no one around and not much to do so I recall learning to fly and want to give it a try. I spread my arms out and bend my knees and jump into the air. At first I am afraid of being to heavy and not being able to defy gravity (problems with flying in dreams that I have had before) but remembering this is my dream I just think of myself as weightless and I am able to float about fourty feet in the air. I then leisurely glide over the houses and tree tops towards my parent's house. As I get closer I notice that the house I grew up in and some of the houses on either side seem to exist in a void of grey fog and some facades are different that they appear in waking life and indeed when I enter the fog the outside world disappears and while it is no longer visible I can sense that it is still there, though it seems far away. I cannot make the fog go away but I can make myself invisible and see through the walls of the houses with my dream control.

      My partent's house is empty of people but all of the houses to the left of their's have many people living in them, all of them people I do not know as they are not the neighbours who lived there when I was a kid. The first house to the left is empty of people but by the boxes and furniture scattered around the floors I can tell that someone has just moved in. The next house is two storeys high and each level has been split into a seperate appartment. As I slowly fly towards that house I can see a blond woman looking out the window towards me talking on the phone, but I know she cannot see me as I previously made myself invisible. I plan to make no effort to control the thoughts or actions of any character I meet in the dream because I believe they are creations straight out of my subconscious and hope they might have something interesting to say and that I might learn about myself.

      I fly up to the window where blond woman is talking on the phone and childishly revel in that fact that she can't see me by making faces at her. I then fly around to the back of the house and notice through a window a dark haired man and woman dressed in stylish business clothes preparing food on the second floor. I plan to eavesdrop on them next. I fly through the wall and listen in on the blond woman's conversation. She wearing jeans and a heavy light brown sweater and her hair is shoulder length. Her apartment is sparsley decorated with things that look secondhand or very simple and homey. I cannot remember what was said now but I do recall that I found her conversation terribly uninteresting and I let myself float down through the floor to where the dair haired man and woman are. Their appartment is furnished with much nicer stuff and their is a circular glass table with wine glasses and setting for two and it looks as if they are planning a romantic dinner.

      The dark haired woman is wearing a white blouse, black skirt and black high heels and her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. The man seems to have disappeared into another room for a moment while the woman is washing and cutting green and red peppers by the sink. Despite the nice surroundings and stuff the woman has a miserable look on her face and seems very unhappy. I cannot read her mind to figure out why which I find very frustrating. The man reenters the kitchen from another room and he is wearing a white shirt with black buisness pants and black tie. The woman puts down her knife and turns around to embrace him but he grabs her by the wrists, spins her around and roughly pulls up her skirt and forces her to lean over the sink. After undoing his pants he starts having sex with her from behind and demands that she continue washing and cutting the peppers while in that position. She doesn't respond verbally but I can sense that she is even more upset then before and she struggles but is not strong enough to escape the man's grip. Even though I try, my dream control won't allow me to force the man to stop or let the woman escape.

      I become kind of upset myself and start to dissociate, even start to think that I want the dream to end but I hear a phone ringing in another room and go towards it. The ringing stops before I get to the phone (in an office on the other side of the appartment) and I can see a red light flashing on the display to indicate that a message has been left. I pick up the phone because I want to listen to the message (hoping that this will be something important or interesting from my unconsious - and I want to forget about the rape happening in the kitchen that I cannot stop).

      The phone has so many buttons and many of them have symbols that I have no idea what they mean. I am frustrated that the phone is super complicated and has so many extra buttons that seem to do nothing. The woman in the kitchen starts screaming and I drop the phone and fly as fast as I can out of there. I am very dissociated now and cannot end the dream even though I try.

      The foggy void outside has gotten thicker and darker but I can see a row of SUVs in the distance, some of which of have police lights on top but the cars are empty and seem abandoned. I notice that the home to the immediate left of my parent's house has a few lights on so I fly over there to see what's going on. While I cannot end the dream or affect that thoughs and actions of characters in the dream, I can still control my actions and inanimate objects around me. I fly into the living room of the house and see a man sitting on a recliner trying to figure out his newly hooked up cable box on his large widescreen television. Or at least that is what I think he is doing until he figures it out and violent pornography appears on the screen. The man starts masturbating and I lose interest and start flying outside but before I pass the walls of the house I hear a child crying in the basement.

      I go down there and the floor is covered in discarded furniture and various basement junk but I cannot see any child even though the crying has gotten louder. I notice a set of metal grates on the cement floor, half hidden underneath a dirty mattress and some boxes. I telepathically move the junk and open the grates and discover a shallow well which contains the decaying body of a little boy. The boy is obviously dead but the crying gets louder and I use my dream control to undo the decay on the body and return the boy to life. He is surprised as first but then very scared because the man who murdered him is still upstairs. He is unable to talk but communicates telepathically and asks if I will help him sneak out of the house. I pick him up and we float up through the ceiling into the front hall of the house. Several of the SUVs I saw before have entered the foggy void and are either parked infront of the house or are driving back and forth in front of the house on a small section of road that exists within the void.

      A man in dark clothing is at the front door and the word SWAT is printed on the back of this jacket. I tell the little boy that he is probably going to storm the house and arrest the man who murdered him. Instead the SWAT man knocks on the door and waits patiently for someone to answer. Because I am inpatient I use telekinesis to both swing the front door open and grab the man watching porn and force him to the front hall. I make myself (but not the little boy) visible and rat out the man for the murder. The SWAT man looks confused and says that he is there to arrest the other man for pirating cable signals with illegal cable hookups.

      I use my dream control to project everything I have seen into the mind of the SWAT man and tell him that this is my dream and I want him to do something about the crimes taking place. The SWAT man responds: "There are no crimes taking place because this is only a dream." I do not know how to respond to that at first but realize that I have finally met a figure from my subconscious that might be able to give me some answers, so I then ask him: "Why do images like these appear in my dreams? What am I supposed to learn from them?" SWAT man responds: "You cannot learn on the subconscious level that which you have not learned on the conscious level."

      I ask him to clairfy but the dream suddenly... I don't know how to describe this, um, explodes or rips apart. I am still aware that I am in a dream but have lost my control and it feels like some outside force has grabbed the foggy void and is tearing it to peices. The characters arround me are violently pulled into dark holes and tears that have suddenly appeared and the structures and setting disintegrate and are sucked into invisible voids. Everything is pulverized and disappears and a horrible feeling of dread overcomes me and I feel like there is an army of demons standing on my chest, though I am able to end the dream and wake up before anything more freaky happens.

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    11. Dragged behind a car at Grandma's house

      by , 09-21-2009 at 07:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on September 21st, 2009.

      I am at Grandma Currie's house though it is somewhat distorted on the inside. It is winter and everything outside is covered in snow at first. Inside the house are my cousins Summer, Bailey, Keelan and Caleb as they appeared about a decade or so ago. Grandma Currie is there, as well as my parents, brother Ryan and Aunt Beth. For some reason Grandma Carelsa is also with Aunt Estelle. My family still owns the 1986 Westfalia (now sold) and it is parked outside.

      The inside of grandma's house is distorted and everything is shaded in pale blue colours. At first there is discussion among the adults about where everyone is going to sleep because there are not enough beds. I suggest to dad that I would not mind sleeping in the our 1986 Westfalia camper if he hooked it up to the house to work the heater. The convesation changes and I lose interest and go and see my cousins Sumer and Keelan. They are upset because even though there are two computers in the house, neither one have sufficient internet capabilities for their satisfaction. One doesn't connect at all and the other is extremely slow having only a dial-up connection.

      There is a meal being served and my cousin Caleb asks me to get a can of soda pop from the basement for Grandma Carelsa. I go downstairs and in an alcove in the stairwell is a pop machine selling a variety of sodas including a lemon flavored one. There is a small picture of a loonie near the change slot and I assume that this how much currency I need. Because I don't have any money I go back to Caleb and tell him so. He becomes upset and insults my stupidity because family members don't need to pay. I return to the machine and get a lemon soda and take it to my Grandma Carelsa, who is sitting in the distorted living room with Grandma Carelsa. I get the sense that they are watching t.v. yet I cannot see a t.v. in the room which is weird.

      Nighttime is approaching the the issue of where everyone is going to sleep arises once again. Again I tell my dad that I wouldn't mind sleeping in the Westfalia if there isn't any room in the house but he tells me to stop being ridiculous. Mattresses and roll-out beds are placed on the floors throughout the house, three specifically in the basement. At first there is some confusion on whether I or my cousin Caleb is going to sleep on one of the matresses while my brother and one of my other cousins take the other two. Instead of discussing it Caleb just lays down on the mattress he wants and goes to sleep, while my brother and other cousin do the same to the last two mattresses. They won't even consider what I think or want and I am then left to sleep on the solid floor because all the other beds in the house are taken.

      The dream distorts and on wall of the basement opens up to a hilly forest area in the midst of fall or winter, but there is not snow. The tress are bare of leaves and there are none on the ground. It is cold. At the bottom of a nearby hill my Aunt Estelle's car is parked and because the three mattresses in the basement are occupied, my aunt says that she will get me a sleeping bag from the trunk of her car. The sleeping bag is dark blue and zips up all the way to my head.

      I crawl in it to sleep but notice my aunt returning to her car. She doesn't want it parked at the bottom of the hill and wants to move it somewhere else. She starts driving and the sleeping bag I am in gets dragged behind her by the foot end. I cannot see how the sleeping bag is attactched but I am terrified because the zipper is stuck and I cannot get out. My aunt starts driving very fast and circling aroung a very bumpy area of the forest. There are no roads so she is constantly driving over roots sticking out of the ground as well as rocks and sudden inclines or declines. Through my pain and terror I realize the forest we are in is at Lake Whittaker, the trailer park my parents go to every weekend in the summer. (I used to go as well when I was a kid.)

      After a long time my aunt exits the forest and finally parks her car at the top of the hill which is somehow outside of my Grandma Currie's house. Aunt Estelle goes inside without noticing me still trapped in the sleeping bag behind her car badly injured. My cries of pain finally rouse my parents but they don't believe me at first what happened when I try to tell them. They become upset and demand I get inside but I cannot because I have two broken legs as well as an assortment of other injuries. Only after examining me do my parents finally believe me, but rather than sympathy they seem upset that they have to go out of their way to deal with me and call and ambulance.

      Dream ends there.
    12. The Bushmaster Snake

      by , 01-01-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am living with my parents in a run down townhouse apartment, in a small town, amidst a heavy temperate forest. I am younger than I am now, appearing in my early teens. The town house has three levels, but each level is not directly on top of the other, but rather in a cascading design, going down a slight hill:

      The living room is on the top level, the bedrooms on the middle level and the kitchen and bathroom on the lowest level. Outside the lowest level is a small clearing in the forest with a creek. The main door is on the top level which opens to a path to the other houses in town. The entire house is an open concept building that has no roof and the walls only go up to waist level on the two highest floors and ankle level on the lowest floor. The house contains all of the amenities of a regular modern house, but some of the tiles on the floor are cracked and being pushed up by foliage growing underneath.

      The dream starts off with my mother and I in the kitchen. I am sitting on the stairs that lead to the second floor and looking at some of the broken floor tiles. I see a different coloured pattern in a crack that does not match the surrounding blue and white tiles and go over to get a closer look. Before I get there I can see that is a large brown and grey snake that looks thick and stubby, but it quickly disappears into a hole that I guess goes underground. I identify it as a "bushmaster" in the dream, even though it looks more like a cottonmouth because of it's stout body shape. I tell my mother what I saw, but she does not believe me and says that we have never had problems with animals in house (desipe it being so open to nature).

      I see the snake several other times in several other places in the house, but no one else ever sees it and they never believe me when I do. One day I am in my room on the second level while my parents are in the living room on the top floor. I have been sleeping in a small dark blue tent so that the snake cannot sneak up on me in my sleep. I crawl out of my tent to find some of my laundry all over the floor in front of the tent. When I pick some of it up the bushmaster is hidding under some shirts. I try to scramble back into my tent but the snake quickly slithers underneath it.

      I try to scream but I cannot and want to run but my legs are like deadweights and I cannot even stand up. I try to move and scream but all I can manage are pathetic gasps because my throat is dry and I cannot create any intellegible sounds. I am so scared and I want my parents to come and get me, because I know they are so close, and though technically they should be able to see me over the low walls, I am ignored and my distress and terror go unnoticed.

      The snake lunges menacingly at me and I try to crawl away pulling myself along the floor with my arms, but I cannot get very far. My parents finally notice me dragging myself on the floor and crying but when I tell them of the bushmaster they do not believe me and tell me to stop being silly and get up off the floor. For some reason they cannot see the snake, or rather I feel that they choose to ignore it for some reason. I am still desperate to get as far away from the snake as I can but I am exhausted, physically and mentally.

      I was then mercifully awoken by a ringing telephone.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. Gangrape nightmare

      by , 12-22-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am in a ruined and abandoned building that looks like it used to be an office or conference center of some sort. I am hiding on the inside from "bad people" on the outside who I fear will try and force their way in if they see me. I scavenge materials from around the building to create a shelter for myself in the front of the building in a room that looks as if it was once a lobby. Most of the material is an old ripped up tent or peice of canvas that is coloured yellow, which I throw over a table that is leaning to one side.

      I hide myself inside my makeshift shelter to get away from three stray dogs that have suddenly appeared and are sniffing around and will not leave me alone. The biggest of the dogs, a black lab, forces its way into the tent and starts ripping it to shreads. The dog does not attack or threaten me in anyway but I grab it by the scruff of the neck and force it into a submissive position laying on its side. The dogs leave me alone after that and soon disappear.

      Now that the tent is completely destroyed I gather together chairs and small tables to hide under even though I am aware that if anyone looks inside the building through the lobby windows that why will be able to see me. I notice shadows and shapes of people moving near or past the windows and freeze in terror. Then it happens. A man in a blue military uniform passes by a window and looks in. I try to hide myself behind a pile of furniture but he sees me and starts trying to bust the front door down, which I tried to barracade with a few chairs.

      The man marches in and beelines to where I am hiding. He grabs me and ties me to a support pillar in the middle of the room. He uses a large bowie knife to cut off my shirt. He then foddles my breasts before raping me. A line of similarily dressed military men file into the building and do the same, one after another. They all ignore my screams of protest and terror.

      A lone soldier dressed in green suddenly appears in the door way, weilding two handguns, and with lightning speed shoots all of the blue military men before they have a chance to retailiate. He then gently removes my shackles and carries me out of there. I do not know how long or how far we walked but he takes me into a lavish suite in a ritzy hotel and lays me on the bed. The hotel apparently has its own hospital and the soldier summons the hotel doctors to come and care for me. He dutifully waits outside my door on guard and carefully scrutinizes everyone who comes to the room. The soldier does not hesitate to kill anyone who he thinks is suspicious and the people he does kill happen to have blue military uniforms hidden under their doctor coats.

      After a while the medical staff leaves and the soldier and I are alone. Despite being horribly brutalized I feel extremely grateful towards him and I lead him to the bed and we make passionate love to each other. The next day he is gone and I cannot find him even though I search every floor of the hotel. Indeed the hotel iteself is now devoid of all people and staff, even though all the lights are on and it looks as if it should be full of activity. I am alone and feel confused and abandoned.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    14. Rosso and the snakes.

      by , 10-14-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am Rosso the Crimson and I am in some sort of army. For some reason a small group of soldiers including Shelke Rui, Vincent Valentine and I, defect and flee from the main army, which is situated in a sparse and barren, temperate forest. The rest of the soldiers in our group seem to be young adults and children.

      Vincent and I have the responsibility to lead the children away from that place but our ideas and ways of doing things are often at odds and we fall into verbal conflict, though most of the time I conceed to Vincent's way of doing things. I am kind of annoyed at first, but ultimately trust that he will not lead us astray. As we leave the main camp, and out of the forest, it begins to snow and our first night is tryng to find shelter where we can sleep. There are several large gaps underneath logs or holes in the ground large enough for humans to crawl into, but Vincent says to stay away from them because dangerous wild animals, like bears and foxes, might live there.

      We crest a hill and come across a children's playground where someone has thrown a blue tarp over some of the equipment, and while we could all easily fit under it, Vincent insists that we are not far enough away from the main army yet and we must continue. At this point in the dream, Vincent suddenly disappears and in his place is my brother Ryan.

      We do not have to walk far to discover that we are on an island or something and must turn back. We return to the playground and I lay down on the ground to sleep, with Shelke beside me, and hope the man who I still expect to be Vincent to lay down on my other side. Instead the man lays down on the other side of Shelke and I am shocked and angry to see that it is Ryan not Vincent.

      Despite being very tired I refuse to sleep and insist that Shelke switches spots with me because I am afraid that Ryan is going to sexually molest her. One of the other children soldiers cannot sleep and wanders around and finds a radio which he immediately turns on very loudly. I want the young boy to turn the radio off because I think it will give our position away but Ryan says it is fine and mocks my obvious apprehension. I convince the boy to turn the music down and everyone goes to sleep eventually, except for me.

      Suddenly I sit up because I have an overwhelming urge to find Vincent, without whom I do not feel secure. I walk around the playground area and see that while it is still cold, most of the snow has disappeared. I turn off the radio as I pass it by. All of the defected soldiers except for Shelke and Ryan follow me.

      One little girl freaks out because there is a tiny brown snake in the sand. I pick it up and throw it as far away as I can but quickly find another, and another and then many more. There is a reddish brown snake with a yellow rattle on its tail near the playground and the children flee because I positively identify it as a rattlesnake. Suddenly all of the snakes I can see are of the poisionous variety and as I walk back to my sleeping bag I am bitten several times, though I do not seem immediately affected by the poison, which feels hot and firely, almost electrical, coursing through my veins.

      I cannot wake Shelke and since I refused to leave her there I lay back down on my roll to sleep. More and more snakes appear, each is bigger than the last and they are increasingly a variety of bright colours. Soon there are so many of them that I cannot move without touching several of them and they turn and bite me, again with that fiery, electrical feeling shooting through my body. I feel myself becoming increasingly weak and disoriented, but I do not know if it is because I am exhausted or because of the poison.

      I sit up and notice that Shelke and Ryan are gone. Still hoping for Vincent to return I cry out to him to save me. When Ryan appears instead I am very upset, still wanting/expecting Vincent, and fall silent in anger and frustration. I sit crosslegged and completely still and the hundreds of snakes surround me and almost bury me in their mass and I find that I would rather be crushed or poisioned to death (though at this point I notice they have stopped biting me) by the snakes than to have Ryan come near me or save me, the very thought of which makes me feel sick.

      The last image of the dream is looking at the mass of snakes in my lap and taking note of a rather large, bright red one with intricate oriental inspired patterns down its back that are coloured a bright yellow or gold.
    15. Anxiety about appointments

      by , 02-04-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream came about by anxiety about medical appointments I thought I had February 4th, 2008. I thought that I had a doctor's appointment at 2:30pm and then a dentist's appointment at 4:00pm. While the doctor's was actually on that day, I ended up having to reschedule for a later date because my community support worker (CSW) had come down with the flu. I also later realized that the doctor's appointment was actually the day after. I spent the whole weekend worrying about these appointments which I mistakenly thought were on the same day and thought I had missed them. I had this nightmare because of it.

      It is day time, the sun peeks through hazy grey clouds and there is a breeze which alternates between slightly chilly and refreshingly warm. I think I would describe it as a warm autumn day, especially with the breeze constantly blowing brown leaves and various other light debris through the streets. There are many people around, going wherever they are going, but they are all unrecognizable random DCs. Most of them are dressed for the weather, but almost all look like they have hard lives and come from lower class situations. No one is smiling or talking and everyone has a hard, grim facial expression as they go about their business. The surrounding facades are dull and faded but nothing looks abandoned or out of place, just dirty and worn down from much use and low maintenance. Most of the buildings are tall, imposing concrete office buildings with smaller businesses and apartments squeezed inbetween.

      I look younger than I do now, maybe about 17 or 18 years old. I have my big black highschool napsack on and am carrying something in my arms - a book, I think. I cannot remember much about what I was wearing but I do recall that I had on my black banded digital watch on my left wrist, mostly because I look to it many times in the dream. The dream starts off with me walking down a gritty city street, squinting against the sun that just came out from behind a dark cloud and is shining right into my eyes. I am on my way to my community support worker's office but the city is unfarmiliar to anything I know in waking life and I am not really confident about where I am going. I am worried because in the dream I still think I have those two appointments today and I am late already and afraid that I am not going to get to meet up with Susie (my CSW) on time at 2:15 pm. I constantly look at my watch to see what time it is.

      I turn down one alley, hoping it is a short cut, but I end up running into a deadend street. There is a parked car at the one end and the only way out is back the way I came. I cannot remember what happened next but suddenly I am sitting in a four door, dark blue car with a former co-worker of mine, his brother and one other person I do not recognize. Samir, the former co-worker, is wearing a black leather jacket, a dark blue skully and is sitting with me in the back seat of the vehicle. The car is parked in an alley way under a rusted metal staircase. Samir's brother and the other person in the front seat are talking and looking for something outside the vehicle or keeping watch for someone. Samir is leaning towards me and has a sad look on his face. He is talking, but I do not remember what he said. I think he offered me a ride to my destination, but I panicked because I do not know the way and I am uncomfortable being near Samir - not because I hate him, quite the opposite in fact, since I have a huge crush on him and I am afraid of what he will think of me if he finds out that I require community support to work on my life right now. I flee from the vehicle in shame and run out of the alleyway. Samir jumps out of the car and calls after me, but does not give chase. I steal one last look at his beautiful face before I turn the corner out of the alleyway and back into the busy street. He has a worried and confused look on his face.

      Back on the busy street I run into a throng of people I cannot push my way through. The crowd is moving slowing down the street and I am pushed along with it. At this point I realize that my book and wrist watch are gone and I think that I must have lost them in Samir's car, but I am not certain. The anxiety I feel about the appointments is aggrevated by the fact that I still am not certain where I am going, I cannot tell the time now because my watch is gone, I am worried about what Samir thinks of me, and finally I cannot go back to find either Samir or the watch because the huge crowd of people is forced me to go wherever the hell they are going. The sky has darkened considerably but not because the sun is setting. Indeed it appears that the sun had not moved from where it was at the beginning of the dream, but that the clouds in the sky have became thicker and blacker and are moving much faster across the sky, as if a storm is quickly rolling in. The breeze is also picking up and becoming chillier.

      There is a break in the throng of people and I am able to dive into a small stairwell in the side of a beige, bricked building. The steps lead down to a large metal door that was either green or brown but I can no longer remember. Since it is unlocked, and there is no break in the heavy crowd of people on the street, I open the door and go through. I am in a long, narrow hallway with flickering lights, exposed, leaky pipes and broken and decaying floortiles. It is not scary, just very badly maintained. At the very end of the hall is another large metal door and when I go through I find myself in what appears to be a large covered parking garage that is strewn with garbage and debris. To my right there is a brightly lit store or restaurant of some kind but I ignore it because at the far end of the parking garage I can see daylight and lush trees beyond the opening. I still feel bad about missing my appointments and wish I could call Susie somehow, but I figure that it is way too late for that and I want to go over to the trees.

      Some of the garbage in the covered parking area is very large and I have to navigate through it like a maze. When I am close to the exit, I can see a glass building and a garden full of flowers and trees. I step on something squishy and stop to look down to see what looks like a lump of flesh. I am grossed out but determined to make it out of there but I notice as I walk along many more parts of flesh on the ground. I think to myself that it looks like the large intestine of a large mammal and as I follow the trail of flesh with my eyes until I see a human body laying face down on the ground. It is a caucasian man with dark brown hair and wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants. I cannot see his face but I think he may have been a business man or somehing. His entire body is surrounded by flesh and internal organs and makes me think the man was disemboweled. Strangely, there is not blood or fluids, just solid body parts, and near the man is a large translucent tarp that had been wrapped around something long, narrow and red.

      I do not get much of a chance to see what is in the tarp because I hear a group of children laughing behind me. I turn and see about five or six pre-teens standing with their hands on their hips and trying to look tough. I cannot remember the details of most of the kids other than they were scruffy looking and wore dirty, ripped clothes. The only child that stood out was a blond haired girl wearing black goth clothing who seemed to be the oldest of them all and the leader of the group. She said in a matter of fact way that the tarp contained the body of another person. The other kids ignored the carnage and began playing in the garbage and debris like it was a jungle gym, except for the goth girl who just crossed her arms and glared at me. I forgot about wanting to see the trees and wanted to know about the children - why they were there and why they seemed uneffected by the dead bodies and garbage around them.

      The children ran away when I approached them and turned the corner near the metal door that I first came through. I followed and discovered they had gone into the small brightly lit eatery which I now noticed had a large pink sign saying "Susie's Snack Stop" or something like that. The name on the sign reminded me about missing my appointment with my community support worker and I feel pangs of regret, but I enter the resturant anyway. I pass a large white tub as I enter and see many confectionary treats, like marshmellow squares and nanaimo bars but I also notice that some appear to be made of vegetables instead of candy. The kids are all sitting at a table with an older man who seems to be the only person running the place. He is bald, wearing a light blue t-shirt underneath a white apron and is dishing out what appears to be macaroni and cheese into small metals bowls for the kids. I want to ask the bald man how this place can operate while surrounded by such filth and carnage, but I do not feel comfortable discussing it in front of the children. The goth girl is still staring at me, but her expression has softened and she motions to me to come and sit beside her.

      I remain standing at the edge of table and while the children talk and eat I suddenly hear men's voices from outside the eatery. I head for the exit and my eyes are drawn to the large white tub again, but I see nothing significant and continue on to the exit. The goth girl jumps up and chases after me. Outside the eatery the scene has changed. While it is still dirty and garbage strewn, the area appears to be a basement or something. There are exposed pipes and boilers around, but between those are tables and display cases with flags and lights for decorations. It looks like some sort of promotion or fair or something. There are adult men in business suits hanging around the tables and talking with each other. I see a man in a black suit head to the far end of the basement and walk through a solid wall. I start running in that direction, thinking it is a way out, but the goth girl catches up with me and tells me to stay with her. She has an expression of worry on her face that remind's me of Samir. I ask her why she wants me to stay and she says: "Because I love you." I do not know how to respond and turn to leave, thinking that the girl is being ridiculous. The other children come out and stand around their leader and they all watch me go.

      When I get to the wall that the man in the black suit disappeared through, it becomes transparent and beyond it I can see a concrete staircase leading up. I walk through the wall and a freezing cold sensation almost paralyzes my body as I do so. At the top of the stairs things become much warmer as it leads outside into a busy street. It is different from the streets at the beginning of the dream and looks more like the city I actually live in. The first thing my eyes are drawn too is a clock tower down the street and the time on it says 1:48. I become excited because this means that I still have time to find Susie and make my appointments, but as I start down the sidewalk I run into people dressed in marching band gear holding instruments. There seems to be some confusion and they are all running around like they don't know what to do. Suddenly a marching band line appears from a side street and start down the road towards me. There is a large float parade behind them and the sidewalks are congested with people come to watch the parade. I duck into a walled yard to escape the crowd, hoping to find a way through to a street on the otherside of the building, but instead run into a group of inner city youth having a free style rap competition. I am accosted and told that I cannot pass until I listen to some of the contenders. I am frustrated because I know that I can still make my appointments, I can feel the anxiety welling up inside of me again, but I stay and listen for a while. The first young man has black and had a kickin' afro. It was awesome because it was like a perfect circle. His beats were pretty cool but I did not stay to listen to the entire rap of the second guy (who looked like Eminem). I ran through the yard and around the building and to the street on the other side.

      I stood on the sidewalk and looked around to get my bearings. To my right, far down the street, I could see the parade approaching. To my left the road went under a large interstate bridge or something. In front of me was a small park space with trees and benches and stuff. I ran across the street to the parkspace and saw on the far side another road and beyond that a convenience store with a pay phone. I cross the park and come to another road which slopes down and is congested with cars. I think it is the parade again, but it turns out to be a funeral procession when two black minivans, followed by a black hearse, drive by. I almost get hit by the first black van when I try to cross. I do manage to dodge the cars and make it too the other side and I am almost overwhelmed by the emotions I am feeling. I am so close to being able to call Susie, hoping that she will come and pick me up, but my anxiety and frustration only grows as a approatch the pay phone. The walkway leading up to it suddenly narrows and I am either growing bigger or the store is growing smaller because all of a sudden my legs are trapped between the narrow metal railings on the walkway and my head hits the overhand of the convenience store's roof. I am stuck and frustrated and about to give up in despair...

      ...but then I wake up.
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