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    1. Semi-lucid Hockey dream.

      by , 12-19-2010 at 10:48 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I drifted off to a very light sleep just after Coach's Corner with Don Cherry and Ron McClaine at the first intermission of a Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks game. Although there was much imagery and happening that made it obvious I was in a dream, the hockey commentary could be heard the whole time and was not garbled or altered by the dream state.

      The dream starts off with me in a small hockey arena skating around the rink and batting hockey pucks thrown at me by my teammates like baseballs into the net. A couple of visiting hockey coaches asked me how I knew how to do that so accurately and I told them that my paternal grandfather taught me how. My coaches took me out to a secluded road out in the country side that was covered in ice. The coach tied a rope around my waist and pulled me behind a truck while I tried to throw pucks into hockey nets along the side of the road. This unusual practice lasted until early afternoon when the coaches returned to the arena and told the team that practice was over and we were invited to watch the Toronto at Vancouver game on another ice rink within the same arena.

      I wandered though the halls of the arena and found myself in a changing room lined with portopotties and small cubicles where professional hockey players were changing. I did not see anyone I recognized until the last minute when I saw Canucks lead goalie Roberto Luongo sitting in his gear, looking at me with a wry and amused smile on his face but I was then escorted out by a security guard and directed to the rink where the hockey game had started. I was in the second of three seating levels and thought it has weird that the game was playing in such a small arena and that there were not very many spectators there for an offical NHL game. For some reason I had no jacket but a large and very warm brown blanket which I wrapped around me like a cloak.

      The game was in the first intermission so I got up and explored the arena and by the hallways and the layout I believed I was in a high school of some sort. The hallways began changing and the layout became confusing and I believed that the arena was changing shape at random since I could not find my was back to the second level seating area, which was very frustrating but understandable because I know that my dreams frequently do stuff like that. When the game started again I could hear the hockey commentary as clear as day, so I was aware that the game was on but I could not find my way back to the ice rink. I found several rooms where people were watching the game on small television sets or just sitting listening to the commentaty and staring at the walls but I could not find the ice rink no matter where I looked. Even though I could hear the Toronto/Vancouver game the images on the television sets were of Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Montreal Canadiens game. I went up a set of stairs and found the nosebleed section (third level seating) of an ice rink but I found that it overlooked a basketball court where small children were playing with random non hockey related toys.

      I wandered around the arena some more before I found my way to a small area behind the arena that looked like a garden admist fall where some more small children were playing in the fallen leaves. I wrapped the blanket tightly around me and walked through the garden and into a narrow alleyway at the side of the arena. There was a large man standing in the dark in the lonely alley and when I got closer I realized that it was Roberto Luongo, still in his full hockey gear (minus his helmet), and who seemed to be waiting for me. I was all embarassed at first and did not know what to say but he broke the silence by asking my who my favourite hockey team was and I sheepishly responded that the Montreal Canadiens were my favourite and that my second favourite team was a toss up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks. Luongo just laughed in response though it seemed to me that he was a bit disappointed that I had not mentioned his team as my favourite -- though I did make a point of mentioning afterwards that even though the Montreal Canadiens were my favourite team that he was my favourite goalie currently playing in the NHL and that Carrie Price (lead goalie of the Canadiens) was my second, which made Luongo very happy. Every time he smiled at me I felt my heart stir and started to believe that I was falling in love with him even though I was vaguly aware that I was in a dream and was not really talking to Roberto Luongo but an aspect of my subconscious that had taken his form.

      We talked about hockey for a while but our conversation soon became more intellectual and we were talking about these deep universal things which were very personal and spiritual and I was surprised that we shared many beliefs and agreed on a lot of things. Unfortunately I cannot remember any of the details of that conversation because even though I was talking to him I was still hearing the Toronto/Vancouver game loud and clear as if I was right there at the game. I was just going to ask Mr. Luongo how he could be there talking with me while he was at the same time playing goalie in the game when suddenly the hockey commentators said that Toronto finally scored early in the third period after trailing by 2-0. I was very happy and excited and my light sleep faded and I woke up to see the game still playing and indeed Toronto had just scored early in the third period after trailing 2-0. This convinced me that my mind was still focused on listening to the game even though I was dreaming.

      I later watched the replay of the game a few hours later and everything I had heard from the hockey commentators in my dream had indeed been said during the gameplay and I thought that was really cool because I have never simutaneously listened to something happening outside of my subconscious and dreamed at the same time.
    2. Flying, spying, and crimes occuring in my childhood neighborhood (lucid)

      by , 07-03-2010 at 11:23 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am standing at the four way intersection that leads to the dead end street I grew up on. It is night time and must be spring or autumn beccause I am wearing my warm, blue zip-up sweater, jeans, and black baseball cap. The corner of the intersection I am standing appears as it did over ten years ago when one of my old neighbour's (Mrs. Jolleff) lived there, on a quarter acre of land, in a small white house surrounded by maple trees. Not long after she died her land was sold and redeveloped into a townhouse complex. Because the area looks different than it does today I immediately become lucid.

      There is no one around and not much to do so I recall learning to fly and want to give it a try. I spread my arms out and bend my knees and jump into the air. At first I am afraid of being to heavy and not being able to defy gravity (problems with flying in dreams that I have had before) but remembering this is my dream I just think of myself as weightless and I am able to float about fourty feet in the air. I then leisurely glide over the houses and tree tops towards my parent's house. As I get closer I notice that the house I grew up in and some of the houses on either side seem to exist in a void of grey fog and some facades are different that they appear in waking life and indeed when I enter the fog the outside world disappears and while it is no longer visible I can sense that it is still there, though it seems far away. I cannot make the fog go away but I can make myself invisible and see through the walls of the houses with my dream control.

      My partent's house is empty of people but all of the houses to the left of their's have many people living in them, all of them people I do not know as they are not the neighbours who lived there when I was a kid. The first house to the left is empty of people but by the boxes and furniture scattered around the floors I can tell that someone has just moved in. The next house is two storeys high and each level has been split into a seperate appartment. As I slowly fly towards that house I can see a blond woman looking out the window towards me talking on the phone, but I know she cannot see me as I previously made myself invisible. I plan to make no effort to control the thoughts or actions of any character I meet in the dream because I believe they are creations straight out of my subconscious and hope they might have something interesting to say and that I might learn about myself.

      I fly up to the window where blond woman is talking on the phone and childishly revel in that fact that she can't see me by making faces at her. I then fly around to the back of the house and notice through a window a dark haired man and woman dressed in stylish business clothes preparing food on the second floor. I plan to eavesdrop on them next. I fly through the wall and listen in on the blond woman's conversation. She wearing jeans and a heavy light brown sweater and her hair is shoulder length. Her apartment is sparsley decorated with things that look secondhand or very simple and homey. I cannot remember what was said now but I do recall that I found her conversation terribly uninteresting and I let myself float down through the floor to where the dair haired man and woman are. Their appartment is furnished with much nicer stuff and their is a circular glass table with wine glasses and setting for two and it looks as if they are planning a romantic dinner.

      The dark haired woman is wearing a white blouse, black skirt and black high heels and her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. The man seems to have disappeared into another room for a moment while the woman is washing and cutting green and red peppers by the sink. Despite the nice surroundings and stuff the woman has a miserable look on her face and seems very unhappy. I cannot read her mind to figure out why which I find very frustrating. The man reenters the kitchen from another room and he is wearing a white shirt with black buisness pants and black tie. The woman puts down her knife and turns around to embrace him but he grabs her by the wrists, spins her around and roughly pulls up her skirt and forces her to lean over the sink. After undoing his pants he starts having sex with her from behind and demands that she continue washing and cutting the peppers while in that position. She doesn't respond verbally but I can sense that she is even more upset then before and she struggles but is not strong enough to escape the man's grip. Even though I try, my dream control won't allow me to force the man to stop or let the woman escape.

      I become kind of upset myself and start to dissociate, even start to think that I want the dream to end but I hear a phone ringing in another room and go towards it. The ringing stops before I get to the phone (in an office on the other side of the appartment) and I can see a red light flashing on the display to indicate that a message has been left. I pick up the phone because I want to listen to the message (hoping that this will be something important or interesting from my unconsious - and I want to forget about the rape happening in the kitchen that I cannot stop).

      The phone has so many buttons and many of them have symbols that I have no idea what they mean. I am frustrated that the phone is super complicated and has so many extra buttons that seem to do nothing. The woman in the kitchen starts screaming and I drop the phone and fly as fast as I can out of there. I am very dissociated now and cannot end the dream even though I try.

      The foggy void outside has gotten thicker and darker but I can see a row of SUVs in the distance, some of which of have police lights on top but the cars are empty and seem abandoned. I notice that the home to the immediate left of my parent's house has a few lights on so I fly over there to see what's going on. While I cannot end the dream or affect that thoughs and actions of characters in the dream, I can still control my actions and inanimate objects around me. I fly into the living room of the house and see a man sitting on a recliner trying to figure out his newly hooked up cable box on his large widescreen television. Or at least that is what I think he is doing until he figures it out and violent pornography appears on the screen. The man starts masturbating and I lose interest and start flying outside but before I pass the walls of the house I hear a child crying in the basement.

      I go down there and the floor is covered in discarded furniture and various basement junk but I cannot see any child even though the crying has gotten louder. I notice a set of metal grates on the cement floor, half hidden underneath a dirty mattress and some boxes. I telepathically move the junk and open the grates and discover a shallow well which contains the decaying body of a little boy. The boy is obviously dead but the crying gets louder and I use my dream control to undo the decay on the body and return the boy to life. He is surprised as first but then very scared because the man who murdered him is still upstairs. He is unable to talk but communicates telepathically and asks if I will help him sneak out of the house. I pick him up and we float up through the ceiling into the front hall of the house. Several of the SUVs I saw before have entered the foggy void and are either parked infront of the house or are driving back and forth in front of the house on a small section of road that exists within the void.

      A man in dark clothing is at the front door and the word SWAT is printed on the back of this jacket. I tell the little boy that he is probably going to storm the house and arrest the man who murdered him. Instead the SWAT man knocks on the door and waits patiently for someone to answer. Because I am inpatient I use telekinesis to both swing the front door open and grab the man watching porn and force him to the front hall. I make myself (but not the little boy) visible and rat out the man for the murder. The SWAT man looks confused and says that he is there to arrest the other man for pirating cable signals with illegal cable hookups.

      I use my dream control to project everything I have seen into the mind of the SWAT man and tell him that this is my dream and I want him to do something about the crimes taking place. The SWAT man responds: "There are no crimes taking place because this is only a dream." I do not know how to respond to that at first but realize that I have finally met a figure from my subconscious that might be able to give me some answers, so I then ask him: "Why do images like these appear in my dreams? What am I supposed to learn from them?" SWAT man responds: "You cannot learn on the subconscious level that which you have not learned on the conscious level."

      I ask him to clairfy but the dream suddenly... I don't know how to describe this, um, explodes or rips apart. I am still aware that I am in a dream but have lost my control and it feels like some outside force has grabbed the foggy void and is tearing it to peices. The characters arround me are violently pulled into dark holes and tears that have suddenly appeared and the structures and setting disintegrate and are sucked into invisible voids. Everything is pulverized and disappears and a horrible feeling of dread overcomes me and I feel like there is an army of demons standing on my chest, though I am able to end the dream and wake up before anything more freaky happens.

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    3. Sepia toned "Box" world (lucid)

      by , 05-01-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with my parents and I at a cottage harbour resort in Long Point Ontario, in which we used to vacation every year in October. I am standing in the gravel courtyard looking out over the boat launch. The day is a bit chilly, but sunny and bright, and I am wearing jeans and a large, poofy white sweater. There are some random DCs around, as well as people I know from waking life, but I cannot remember what exactly I was doing. For the most part of this dream I think I was peeking into the old cabins that I have not seen for a long time and trying to talk to the DCs that look like people I used to know there.

      The details of this part of the dream are fuzzy but it eventually turns into what looks like an 8-bit or 16-bit RPG. The scenery changes and I am no longer at Long Point but in a small square world. I am floating above it and looking down on a world map, which looks like this:

      Interestingly, the world is a similar sepia tone like the map and there are very few variations in colour. The grass sways in the soft breeze and the water sparkles, but all in yellow and brown tones. The land parts of the world are lush with long, thick grasses and flowers, but I do not recall seeing any trees. When I say it was a square world, I mean it looked like this place existed entirely inside a box. There was no sun (though it was bright like daytime) and there were crudely painted clouds on the walls and ceiling of this strange square little world.

      I am suddenly in a large field in the lower left hand corner of the world. In the far distance I can see something gleeming as if it was glass reflecting in sunlight. I become semi-lucid and float in the direction of the flashing and come across a group of funny looking DCs racing flying teacups around a bay. A pudgy DC motions towards me to join him in his teacup, but I am just content to watch. The pudgy DC was wearing a one-peice longjohn pajamas, a striped scarf, large googles on his head, and leather gloves with the fingers ripped out. The other DCs wore a similar smorgasbord of unusual clothing combinations.

      As they continued to race I noticed another flying teacup approaching from the northwest. It seems to be coming from a large fortress situated in that part of the world. The teacup is black and is being driven by a muscular, clean-shaven man who is wearing a tight fitting body suit. He has a stern expression on his face and is carring a large black whip. The other teacup racers become nervous when he approaches and some fly away in a panic. To the others that stay, the man in the black teacup challenges them to a race to a large whirlpool in the middle of the ocean and back. The oddly dresses DCs agree but I get the impression that they do not have a choice.

      The man with the whip flys over to me and pulls me into his teacup. I lose my semi-lucid state and can no longer control my actions. The race starts and the black teacup shoots past the others, gets to the Whirlpool, and makes it back first. Because the other racers never return from the race and I do not know what happened to them. The man then drops me off on a narrow cliff and sends me on my way. I walk for a while and see a cat rolling around in the soft grass just ahead of me. Unlike the rest of the world which is sepia toned, the cat is grey and white in colour. She looks farmiliar, but at that moment I cannot articulate in which ways.

      A new DCs appears behind me but I ignore him and continue petting the cat. She looks me in the eye and starts purring. It suddenly hits me that this is my first cat Bambi. I become excited and become fully lucid (because I know that she is dead in real life). I turn to the other DC and say: "Look! Look, it's Bambi! It's Bambi!"

      The DC seems to know who I am talking about but is indifferent, which frustrates me. I try to make him care but I cannot. He says something about a cave on and island in the north and that I will be safe from the Bad Guy if I go there. He then says that the Bad Guy lives in a fortress to the north-west. I pick Bambi up, cradle her in my arms and leap off the cliff. I can fly, but only for a short distance before I start to slow down and lose altitude. Once I am on solid ground though, I can jump up or make a running leap and fly for a short time again. I repeat the process several times until I have crossed a small bay filled with islands and reached the entrance to the large cave in the north.
    4. Learning to fly again (lucid)

      by , 02-05-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I cannot remember much from the beginning of the dream and what little I recall is kind of fuzzy. Everything is coloured in shades of dark blue and black. The setting is inside a small village where the buildings are all made of wood and the entire area is surrounded by a stone wall. There is one large building in the cener of the village that looks like a warehouse and has no windows. I am exploring the villiage much like an RPG videogame and everything is in thrid person perspective. The transition from outside to inside (or vice versa) is like the survival horror game Resident Evil where everything turns black, except for the door, which slowly opens and you then advance through in first person perspective before returning to third person perspective on the other side.

      I am moving through some wooded gates and doors, heading towards the large building in the center of the villiage. Whenever I see a cabinent or desk in a room or hall, I open it and search for items. I don't recall finding anything of interest before entering the large building. When I pass through the last door that will take me inside, the blue and black colouring of the dream dissapears and normal colours return, though it is still dark inside the building. Directly in front of me I can see metal frame bunk beds scattered about. There are lumps in some of the beds but it is too dark to tell if it is people or just a bunch of pillows and blankets. The bunk beds are scattered in a disorderly fashion across the floor and not in neat rows. There are a few beds that do not have a bunk and seem to have white hand knit woolen blankets on them.

      I walk towards the back of the room because I can see a row of cabinets in the dim light. As I approach them the room slowly begins to get brighter, as the row of florescent lights on the ceiling high above seem to slowly turn on. As I pass by the metal bunk beds, more and more of them become single non-bunk beds and their placement on the floor becomes more straight and orderly. It becomes bright enough in the room that I can see some young adults in some of the beds, while others remain empty. All of the beds have the white hand-knit woolen blankets now.

      At the row of cabinets on the back wall I find some objects when I search them. In the first I find a little glass vial filled with a clear liquid. There is a white label on the side but absolutely no writing on it. I put it away in my bag and a few cabinets down I find a syringe filled with a translucent redish brown liquid that still has the bright red safety cap over the needle. This item also has a white label on the side and is blank except for a scribble in hand writting in blue ink. The writting is two words and appears to be water damaged and faded. I cannot recall now what it said though I am sure that I could read it in the dream.

      I hear people talking behind me and to the left. I turn and see a row of desks with many older teens and young adults sitting at them. To their left is a chalkboard, to their right are the misarranged bunk beds and an elderly man with wild frizzy white hair and in grey clothing is standing in front of the students, pointing to something on the wall in front of them. I put the syringe in the bag and walk over to see what they are doing. As I approach them the lights come fully on and everything is bright and washed in florescent ambience.

      The elderly man turns and smiles at me and I think he looks a lot like Albert Einstein. He doesn't say it but I get the feeling that he was expecting me. There is something about him that feels "mystical" to me, though there is nothing about his outward, physical appearence that would suggest there is anything special about him. I do not know how to explain it; he was just giving off these warm, positive vibes that grew stronger the closer I was too him. The students in the desks all looked up at me and seemed to be expecting something. I looked back and forth from them to Albert in confusion, before the elderly man asked me: "Are you ready?"

      I have no any idea what he means, but I say yes anyway. Albert asked me to give him my bag, saying that I did not need it anymore. When I did so it felt as a great weight had been lifted from my metaphysical body (if that makes any sense). Albert moved to the chalk board on the left side of the room and said to his students that I could show them how to fly because I used to do it all the time.

      I became lucid because I realized what he was talking about (in dreams in childhood I used to fly all the time), but protested that I could not fly anymore and had not done so for years. I cannot remember what he said next but it was something about making the air below me solid like the ground. I closed my eyes and imagined an invisible platform below my feet lifting me into the air. There was a loud "crack" and a dull sensation shot from the top of my skull and down my neck as something hard hit my head. I thought for a moment that Albert had smacked my with his pointer, but when I opened my eyes I realized that I had floated up above the classroom and smacked my head on the ceiling. I was excited but also kind of anxious and scared because I felt stuck and did not know how to come down. Albert told me to do exactly what I had done to lift myself up, except in reverse. I closed my eyes and imagined a ball of light above my head and shoulders that was heavy enough to push me downwards.

      When my feet touched the floor and I opened my eyes Albert asked me to hover. He said "It's easy. Use the Force." I imagined what the Force (from Star Wars) was like in my own mind, and "felt" the space between the walls, the floor, the ceiling, everything in the room and myself. When I did so, hovering was damn easy. I wanted to show off and fly across the room above the students heads but...

      ...the darn telephone rang and woke me up! D'oh!!! Stupid telemarketers! Who was that old guy? A dream guide? Or just a random figment of my subconscious? I really have no idea, but man, what a trip!
    5. Dream house stripped bare (lucid)

      by , 01-08-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      For many years a particular house has appeared in my dreams. It does not look like any house I know in waking life, yet it looks the same whenever I dream about it, which is approximately every two or three years since childhood. In all dreams previous, the house was full of furniture and appliances and looked as if it has recently been lived in, but empty of people. This dream is slightly different though because, while still abandoned, most of the furniture and appliances were removed, much of the plaster on the walls had been knocked out and the electrical wires, insulation and wooden supports were showing.

      The house sits at the bottom of a hill, close to water on a bay on an unnamed lake. The bay is choked with docks and boats and only narrow passages lead to open water. The area around the house is hilly and full of large houses, many of which have wooden stairs and walkways leading down to the dock. My dream house itself consists of three levels and a basement, and a secret staircase and room that connects the first and third floors. The outside is white clapboard and the roof is light grey shingles. Each floor of the house is long and narrow with low ceilings and all of the windows throughout are small and do not let in much light. The first floor consists of the kitchen, living room and a sewing room. The second floor has a large den, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The third floor is an open space, like an attic, and is always a toyroom in the dream. The basement has a bedroom, a bathroom, a large den, a tool room and a laundry room to the rear.

      I do not remember the beginning of the dream, or entering the house, but I find myself in the laundry room in the basement, and though it is stripped bare of any living comforts, I immediately recognize the place where I am. Despite just coming to awareness in the basement, I know that I am the only one in the house. Because it is a place I know I only ever see in my dreams, I become lucid. I do not try to force any control over the dream and am content to explore the house because I am curious as to why it seems empty except for the outer walls.

      The first thing I notice is that the ceiling seems higher than normal and the windows far out of reach overhead. Actually everything about the laundry room seems oversized. I feel that everything is as a child would see it, though I appear at my current age in the dream. The next thing I notice is that the pipes that once connected to the washer is still pumping out water. The hose from which the water is gushing pours into a bucket on what looks like the burnt out shell of the dryer. The bucket is leaning slightly towards the back wall and is overflowing onto a slanted, beveled concrete trough which directs the water to a drain that carries the water under the house and out to the lake. I also notice at this point that the lights are still on.

      I walk into the next room which also seems oversized, though mostly everything but the counters and wooden supports are gone. I walk towards the hall which leads to the den, but the lights are out and I cannot see where the doorway is. I stretch my arm forward and fumble in the dimly lit hall for the light switch but end up almost sticking my finger in an uncovered electrical socket. I eventually find the two switches for the lights for the large den area on the wooded support to my right and flick them on. When I enter the den I look up and it seems that the ceiling is three or four storeys high. It is only when I look towards the eastern wall that I realize why - I can see the secret stairs and room in its entirety. All of the floors up the the third have been completely removed, expect for the secret passage embedded in the eastern wall. There is no indication that there were any floors above, no debris or any indication of demolition whatsoever, except that I recognize the placement of the windows which correspond to the layout of each floor as I remember it.

      I can see the ochre coloured furniture in the secret room that has always been there, and except for the wall that usually hides the secret room and stairs being missing, everything else looks the same. The furniture is Victorian era style and there are many black and white photographs pinned to the far wall. There is even the single white candle burning on the small mahogany end table which is the only source of illumination for the narrow, windowless room. I am excited that the secret room is the same, and want to go to it, but the entrance to the lower secret stairs is only accessable by the main floor of the house, which is now missing. I start walking towards the easten wall anyway and trip over a pile of toys and clothing and various household items that I did not see until now. I recognize some of the toys as items that used to be in the toyroom on the third floor and pick up some for a closer look.

      I walk over to a black waist high bookcase and find several multicoloured and metallic dinky cars which I recognize from waking life which used to belong to my brother, though in the dream I thought to myself that they belonged to my cousin Keelan. I also found an black and silver flashlight that I used to own years ago and when I switched it on the beam was dim and fading. At the same time an LCD flashlight rolled off of one of the bookshelf ledged and right into my hand. Also at the same time the row of basement lights on the western wall beging to flick on and off seemingly by themselves. I stand up and walk into the middle of the room, trying to see down the north hall in case anyone is there, but I can see no one and both rows of lights on the western and easten wall flicker a few times and go out. It is dark outside so the many windows provide no illumination and it is completely pitch black in the house, save for the small candle in the secret room, though it obviously does not provide much light. I attempt some dream control by saying "lights on" and try to will it to happen, but nothing does. I can hear thumping above me, as if the main floor still exists and someone is walking back and forth across it. I start to feel scared, but the knowledge that I am in a dream does not fade. I also remind myself that I do not believe in ghosts and there really is no reason to be scared because it is only a dream. The thumping continues and though I cannot see anything, I feel the "presence" of something in the hall by the light switches. The terror in me grows, but so does anger and I scream at the invisible presence "TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON RIGHT NOW!"

      There is no answer and I stand in the dark for a short time before the terror overwhelms me and I awake in a cold sweat. Or maybe I willed myself awake? I can't remember now.

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    6. Two false awakenings, brief lucid.

      by , 12-31-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      In this dream I had with two false awakenings. I can't for the life of me remember any details about the dream itself, but I do know that I had a false awakening, after which I did and RC by biting my tongue - but it hurt, so I though I had really woken up. Then I had another false awakening, after which I performed the same RC and became lucid for a brief moment and realized I was in a dream, though I woke up for real immediately afterwards.
    7. Cats in the Valley (lucid)

      by , 12-18-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with my parents and I at a very modern looking train terminal. My parents look the same as they do now, but I look like I did at about age ten. The station we are at sits on a narrow plateau on the side of a snowy mountain and overlooks a wide valley. The valley itself is entirely surrounded by high mountains and there is not way in or out. The train encircles the edges of the valley and the station my parents and I are at is the only station that is located on a mountain; the rest being located on the valley floor. The train itself is silver in colour and very sleek. The engine looks like a traditional steam engine, but it to is silver and has a very modern/sleek look to it. (It was very neat. I'll have to try and draw a picture of it or something.) There were no dining cars, only flat cars. The first two flat cars had metal canopies that were supported by curved beams on the car's outer four corners, and the rest of the cars were uncovered, with railings running down the middle.

      Despite the snow, it is bright, sunny and very warm. We are dressed in winter clothing, but nothing too heavy and I do not recall feeling overheated, even though I had on a wool hat and scarf. My parents are talking with two people near the train's engine, one of whom is a smiling woman in a red sweater. I do not know who she is, but she keeps looking at me and nodding. While there is nothing unusual about her demenor, I feel anxious under her occassional gaze. While my parents are busy, I am looking at a row of machines near the platform's edge that look like ATM machines. They are either gambling videogames or real gambling machines, but I cannot remember which. I played the middle machine and lost two thousand dollars. I recall being confused in the dream about whether or not I had actually lost money or if I had just played a game, but before I could figure it out, my parents called to me because it was time to board the train. They were on the train's first covered flat car and I had to climb onto it even as the train was already moving. No one bothered to help me climb on, but I was able to pull myself up without any help anyway. I glance over at the train's engine and can see the smiling woman in the red sweater looking at me again. I go and sit by my parents and enjoy the scenic view as the train starts down the mountain.

      There is no snow at the valley floor. The train first travels through a thick temperate forest, which soon thins out to an open, tree-speckled countryside. It appears to be autumn as most of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves, and those that still cling to the branches are brown and crumbling. There are no signs of towns or civilization along the way, though after travelling through the countryside for a while, the train suddenly slows down and stops at a brown brick building that seems to sit in the middle of park space. There are no roads or paths, but there are benches and empty flowerbeds. It is not a train station however as I discover when we are let off the train for a stretch and a washroon break. The building is like a kennel and it houses many cats, most of which roam freely about.

      I am petting random cats when I see a cat that looks very familiar. When I pick her up and hold her, I realize that it is my old cat Bambi, and she appears as she did when she was a kitten.

      I almost instantly become lucid, because I know that Bambi is dead in waking life. While I am aware that I am in a dream, I do not have any control over anything other than myself. I am happy to play with and cuddle Bambi but very soon we are called back to the train. It is sort of an unspoken rule, but the cats are not supposed to leave the kennel, but I decide I want to keep my cat and board the last, uncovered flat car of train with her in my arms. The train begins to move and I can feel a tugging, as if some unseen force is pulling at Bambi. I do not have the strength (or dream control) to fight the invisible force and I carefully lean over the edge of the flat car and drop Bambi down to the ground. She disappears for a moment and I panic because I think she has fallen underneath the wheels of the train. I attempt to stop my dream by holding my arms straight out and imagining everything to 'pause,' but nothing happens. The train slowly continues on its way and my parents come up to me, roll their eyes at each other and ask me what I am doing. I tell them that I am trying to stop the dream so I can save Bambi, but they just look at each other again, in annoyance with me, and point out that Bambi is fine, even though they don't look anywhere else but at me. I do not believe their confidence of my cat's condition, but when I turn to look in the direction of the kennel, there is Bambi playing with some other kittens by the brown building's front doors.

      I try to stop the train several times by saying "train stop" very forcefully, but it just keeps on going. I cannot gain any control over anything, though my awareness of being in a dream does not fade at all thankfully. I even try to jump off the flat car but an invisible wall keeps me from doing so. The train doesn't travel very far before it stops infront of a large stage. It is damaged and looks as if it has not been used for a very long time. For the first time since my parents and I left the station on the mountainside, we see other people. They are gathered in a group in front of the stage and eave to my parents to join them, but I am too interested in finding my way back to the kennel so I can see Bambi again, even though I know she is just an image from my subconscious. I am also kind of annoyed by the lack of control I have in my dream.

      The dream gets fuzzy and cannot remember that next part. I lose my lucidity somewhere along the way, but I do end up back at the kennel. My parents are long gone with the train and I am stuck at the kennel until it returns, and I have no idea when that will be. I play with Bambi and the other cats to my heart's content. Though it has only been one day, it has felt like I have been there for much longer. The sun begins to set and the train finally returns. My parents are very upset and tell me that I have been gone for a week. I try to argue otherwise, as it has only felt like one day to me, but they will have none of it. I do not care that they are upset with me because I am still cuddling with Bambi and she is purring anf kneading me at the end of the dream.
    8. Car crash and the mansion.

      by , 12-02-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I cannot remember the beginning of this dream but there was quite a bit about wandering around outside in a semi-arid setting. I was travelling with three women I do not know in what looked like a camp ground. Despite the dry arid atmosphere, there were many thick, dark green coniferous trees about - enough almost to classify the area as a forest in my opinion. I do not recall much detail about the appearance of the three women except the two were slightly younger than I (and one was wearing a pink, wool sweater) and the oldest woman was about middle aged and had short dark brown hair. The four of us walked for a while, seemingly lost in the desert forest the three women conversed with each other, but I lagged behind and was content to just enjoy the setting, though as we walked a growing apprehension developed in my mind and I found myself wanting to be in the company of my parents because I suddenly felt very vunerable and child-like.

      I had not noticed that she had gone, but the oldest woman of the group suddenly turned a corner, driving a red four door car that looked like a Glendale from the Grand Theft Auto videogame series. I never got her actual name in the dream, but from this point on I refer to the oldest woman of the group as Glenda. I never learn the names of the other two women. Glenda tells us to get in and I make myself confortable in the rear rightside passenger seat. The young woman in the pink, hand-knit sweater sits in the left side and I notice at this point that she has shoulder length blond hair. I think that she looks like Cagalli Yula Athha from the Gundam Seed anime series.

      The three women continue to talk amongst themselves but I roll down my window and am content to just stare outside, wondering where my parents are. Glenda drives along a lone dirt road out of the desert forest, heading east, and we travel for a long time with nothing in sight. Soon however there is a wooden ramp a head of us and though it appears that we could drive around it, Glenda is determined to jump the ramp. She floors the accelerator and we speed towards the jump, and I feel that this is a very bad idea. I cling to the Cagalli look-alike and she does the same to me. Everyone in the car is afraid of the worst happening and I cannot talk Glenda out of stopping the car or just driving around the ramp. The red four-door car is heavy and though it hits the wooden ramp at a fair speed and level angle, the vehicle inexplicably flips in mid air, crashes on the roof and slides upside down for a short distance.

      The four of us are able to crawl out of the wreck, and though we are dazed, no one is seriously injured. Glenda is quick to rally the other two girls into following her again by saying something like "the Arizona border isn't far now," or something, but I am not interested in joining them. While they continue along the dirt road heading east, I notice something in the southernly direction that looks like a group of small buildings or tents. It is hazy because of the heat and I cannot tell if what I am looking at is real or an optical illusion, but I start walking in that direction anyway. It is very hot and I take off my overshirt and wrap it around my head as I walk.

      As I get closer to my destination I can see that it is some sort of outdoor event taking place infront of a large gothic styled building which I think at first much be a medieval church or something. There are stone pillars through the square, as well as consession stands and booths selling various consumer goods. There are many people casually browsing the things for sale or sitting on the many marble benchs scattered about. I am aching from the car crash and walk to the center of the bustle so see if I can find anyone I know. I look over my right shoulder and through the throng of people and booths I can see a Texaco gas station and feel drawn towards it. As I try to make my way there, my dad walks by infront of me and heads over to a coffee stand nearby. He did not notice me as he walked by and does not respond when I call out to him. I am sore and feeling needy and want sympathy because I was in an accident, but my dad completely ignores me as if I am not even there. He orders to hot drinks and walks toward a picnic table in the far end of the square, where my mom is sitting. I unwrap the overshirt from my head and follow my dad over to the table and try to get my parents attention, but again they do not respond. My anxiety increases and I desperately try yelling at them again they do not respond. What adds to my frustration is that I do not know if they cannot actually hear me, or if they are willfully ignoring my pleas for attention.

      I briefly become lucid as I acknowledge that this is how it feels my parents treat me in real life, but I do not gain control of the dream because I feel rejected and psychologically exhausted.

      Though I know they will still ignore me if I return to their company, I still desperately crave attention and affection from my parents - but it hurts too much to feel non-existant, so I head over to the large gothic style building and see if I can find a pillar or wall to hide behind. As I get closer to the building I notice that one of the huge wooden doors is slightly ajar. I make sure no one is looking and slip through the opening. While it looks like a midieval church on the outside, the interior looks much more like an elaborate palace. Lush carpets line the expansive halls; gold and jewels are woven into every decoration and peice of art; massive crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings. I stand in awe for a moment, drinking in the magnificent excess of extravagance, until I hear footfalls coming from an adjacent room or hall near the entrance. Because the sound seems to be coming from behind me, I run away from the front doors and deeper into the mansion.

      There seems to be some sort of party going on as in each room I pass I can hear people laughing and having fun, though the doors are closed and I cannot see anyone. I turn down one hall and almost trip over a stack of gifts wrapped in colourful papers and ribbons. Down another hall I find a long legless table with row upon row of crystaline bowls filled with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Because the hall is not air-conditioned, most of the ice cream is melting, and because the table has no legs and is effectively sitting on the floor, much of the melting ice cream is soaking into the lush red carpet. I walk through a set of doors beyond the legless table and find myself in watch appears to be a dinning hall. The place is set up as if to recieve and dine many guests, but I do not see anyone around. I can hear commotion from an adjacent room and hear a woman say something about "having the place ready for the afternoon guests." I quickly run through the room to a narrow hall on the other side. As I make my deeper into the mansion, a feeling of apprehension develops inside of me and I feel as if I am not suppost to be there.

      I enter into a hall with a stairs to the left, a large open kitchen infront of me and a set of double doors to my right. There are cooks in white aprons, waiters in red jackets, and maids in black dresses all rushing around trying to get their jobs done. People do look in my direction, but no one stops what they are doing to say anything about the interloper. I stand in the middle of the hall and notice someone coming down the stairs in the corner of my left eye. A waiter with short black hair is slowing making his way down the stairs and he is holding something I cannot see in his left hand. He makes a funny face and then smiles at me, clearly trying to make me laugh. I do laugh, but try to stifle it with my hand and it is then that I notice that I am wearing a red waiter jacket like the man on the stairs. I am still afraid that I am going to get in trouble because I am not suppost to be there, but being near the man on the stairs seems to make me feel a bit calmer for some reason. Another waiter appears from behind me, carrying a silver tray full of silver dishes, walks past us and mutters to the waiter on the stairs to "leave the new girl alone," or something. The man on the stairs just gives him annoyed look. An aging woman with a scowl for a facial expression, wearing a long black Victorian-era dress and her gray hair up in a bun, appears in the kitchen entrance way and I only get to make brief eye-contact with her when the dream ends.

      I think I can sum this dream up quite easy: anxiety about relations with my parents and anger about the emotional neglect I experienced in childhood.
    9. Flooding and my Telekinesis (lucid)

      by , 11-07-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There was some sort of gathering at a local school, which sits half way up a steep hill. Thousands of students were packed into the school with sleeping bags and other camping supplies. Apparently we were going to be staying there for some time, though there were no actual classes being held. I was there with a boy and a girl that I do not recognize and we pick a spot to camp out that is in one corner of a large room. I am not sure if the room was the gymnasium.

      At one point I was walking through the halls and I see some former friends of mine in the corner of my eye. Because we do not get alone anymore in waking life, I ignored them in the dream and kept walking. There is food venders down the hall, but the two people who run it cannot even bag a salad without arguing. I become upset because I am hungry and I want some food, but the arguing vendors will not even look at me.

      A bit later in the dream there is something to do with some nuns appearing at the school. Apparently they are have to supervise someone, or something. I cannot remember much of this part of the dream because it is very fuzzy.

      There is a sudden influx of people (both children and adults) from outside. The town at the bottom of the hill suddenly floods. There is water up the the roof tops the the houses and the water continues to rise. As more and more people try to get into the school, it becomes very cramped and chaotic. The little boy who I am with tries to climb a rope up to the balcony seats, to get away from the throng of people, but I unconsciously reach out my hand from across the room and the boy is pulled off the rope by an invisible force and is brought over to where I am sitting.

      It only takes a few hours for the water to recede, but because people's homes are completely destroyed, most end up staying inside the cramped school. The next day everyone wakes up and finds that all of the doors that lead outside have been locked. Panic ensues, as everyone starts to believe that they are going to die. I feel something in my pocket, and when I pull it out, it turns out to be a large silver key. As I gaze upon it, the boy and girl I am with say goodbye and vanish into thin air.

      I use the key to open the gymnasium door, but find that not only has the river flooded again, but the waters are much higher than before and has literally washed the town at the bottom of the hill completely away. I step out of the door and am up to my ankles in water. I have to dodge to the side to avoid being crushed by the hundreds of people rushing out of the school.

      I follow the waters edge for a while and find a large stone golem saving people from being washed away, but only if money if thrown into his mouth. I toss a toonie, but miss. Since I am not drowning or in danger, the golem and I just shrug at each other. I can see some office building further up the hill and I start to walk towards them.

      I walk through I parking lot and suddenly stop. Though everthing feels real, I sense something is amiss and try an RC. I plug my nose and cover my mouth and discover that I am still able to breathe. I attempt th same RC several times before I accept that, yes, I am dreaming.

      Immediately upon attaining lucidity, I see my mom walking towards me. She does not appear as she looks now, rather as she appeared in her hippy 20s (which I have only seen in photographs). She is trying to show me an orange and white shirt she bought for me, but I ignore her and continue on up the hill. I look back and see that my mom's face is sad and I feel bad for hurting her feelings, even if it is only a dream.

      I enter an office building and go up to the roof. From there I use telekinetic powers to lift the entire building off the ground and make it hover above the city, like a giant spacecraft. Some people come rushing to see the spectacle that I am creating and some of them claim that I am the alchemist they are looking for. I ask them what that means, but they will not answer and run away instead.

      A bunch of "bad guys" appear. They want me to join them so they can use my powers, but I telekinetically kick their butts and bend them to to my will. They promise to be my loyal lackeys if I spare them from harm, but I am bored of them and kill them with my powers anyway. I fly my building/spacecraft over to the top of a neighbouring building, where I can see some sort of party going on. I invite anyone who is interested to join me on my flying building, but no one seems interested.

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    10. Flooding, the sun and the little grey house (lucid)

      by , 09-04-2006 at 08:04 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      My third Lucid dream experience since joining Dreamviews.

      The dream starts and I am in a stairwell with red walls, standing on a metal staircase, and there is water gushing in from somewhere below. I ascended the stairs until I came to a door. When I go through it I found myself on a fire escape about five or six storeys above the ground, which is covered in brown, rushing water. The town around me was flooded as far as the eye could see.

      I jumped from the balconey to the roof of a builing about 30 feet away and it was at this point that I realized I was dreaming. The dream changed then and I found myself on a gravel road somewhere out in the country. I could see dark forest behind me and a single mid-sized mountain ahead of me. I started running towards the mountain but the sun began to set and it was getting dark. I knew I was in a dream so I attempted some dream control; I pointed at the sun and drew a line with my figure towards the center of the sky. The sun followed the path of my finger and it was noon again, as I seemed to have moved time backwards. This is only the second time I have ever been successful at trying to control something in my dreams, and like the first experience, it involved moving the flow of time backwards.

      I contined towards the mountain and saw that there were several houses at the base and on the slope. Some of the houses looked abandoned while others looked brand new. The first house that I went up to was dilapatated and when I pushed open the door I could see huge cobwebs all throughout the inside. I went to the next house and there where lights on, but no one answered the door. I passed several other houses until I came to a little grey one where I could hear the voices of a man and a woman on the inside, yet they fell silent and did not answer the door when I knocked. I remember thinking that if anyone answered the door that I would try to use my dream control to kill them for fun, but just at this moment an alarm clock went off in real life and woke me up.

      I find it funny that I could move the sun with my dream control, but did not think about forcing the door down at the little grey house.
    11. Public school/Sunday school mashup (lucid)

      by , 08-06-2006 at 05:29 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I had my second lucid experience on this night! I only had very limited control, but I do believe that it is an improvement because in my first lucid experience I had no control what-so-ever.

      The dream takes place about a block from where I live. There is a church with an expansive parking lot near the corner of the intersection and all of the outdoor scenes of the dream take place there. All of the inside scenes of the dream take place in what is very similar to the halls of the public school that I attended as a child. Even though, in reality, there are many apartment buildings, stores and a cemetery in the area surrounding the church and the road it is on, in the dream there was only thick, dark forest.

      At the beginning of the dream I was inside wandering the halls of the school. It was night time and it should have been closed but I saw former classmates and teachers around as well. There were no classes going on and everything seemed very random or downright chaotic. The was some sort of parade thought the halls and people where dragging pieces of electronic equipment or walking with baby animals through the halls.

      Someone walked by with six kittens on a leash and I could not see the person's face, but I remember thinking that the kittens were cute. I also saw someone trying to pull a baby elephant along but still did not realize that I was in a dream. I did not attempt any RCs because it just did not occur to me at the time. I saw an old schoolmate of mine named J.P and I decided to follow him.

      We walked down a long hall and went outside. Rather than the school yard we walked out into the church parking lot. There were several parked vehicles as well as cars driving past on the road. J.P sat down on the front step of the church and looked at me and said something. Though I can remember the sound of his voice, I cannot remember what he said to me. I walked over to one of the parked cars (a light grey or white, two door hatchback) and thought that I would drive home in it. I started the car and pulled up the the street, but I swerved out onto the road without slowing down or stopping and I cut off at least two other road vehicles.

      It was then that I realized I was in a dream, because I knew what I had just done was very illegal and not the proper way to drive. The first thing I did with my lucidity was put the dream in "reverse" and go back to the point of entering the vehicle so I could attempt an exit from the parking lot with the proper driving technique (what can I say? I am neurotic like that). The second attempt at driving was as well as could be but I turned around and returned to the church parking lot because I wanted to try and speak with J.P again. As I pulled in and parked I saw J.P going into the church. I ran to catch up with him and when I went through the church doors I found myself in the public school halls again.

      This time however, the hall was very long and very wide and there where several former male classmates from my grade 7 and 8 years sitting all along the floor. The majority of them seemed to be working on bike or engine parts and their hands were all greasy. Some of them looked up at me and laughed (they used to pick on me and tease me relentlessly) but I ignored them and continued to follow J.P until he too sat down and started working on some greasy mechanical stuff.

      I don't know exactly what happend but I lost my dream control, even though I was still aware that I was in a dream. I am guessing it is because I wasn't really doing anything special with my lucidity except follow people to see what they would do, rather than attempting things myself.

      I turned around and saw some random former schoolmates exiting from a classroom door and going outside. I was pushed by an invisible force (I was fighting to regain my dream control at this point so the invisible force was probably my subconscious trying to move me along) to the door that the students were exiting. It turned out not to be a classroom but a small, single stall bathroom. It was dirty and empty and the fluorescent light was flickering ominously.

      As the male classmates all stared at me, I went into the bathroom and attempted to do my business, but the door would not close properly (neither did the stall door now that I think of it) and I felt embarrased and "on display." I finished as quickly as I could and tried to wash my hands, but the taps spewed some disgusting brown liquid. I got out of there as quickly as I could and went back into the hall to find that all of the male schoolmates who were sitting on the floor laughing at me - except for J.P, who just looked at me with a sad expression on his face before returning to his greasy work.

      I remember running for the exit doors because I was upset and embarassed but the the faster I ran towards the doors, the further away they seemed. I acknowledged that my dream was turning into one of those weird stretchy hall dreams, but I did not have the control over my body to stop myself from running. The only thing I could think of doing was saying to myself over and over again "This is cliche and boring. This is cliche and boring."

      The dream ended there. Only after I woke up did I realize that I should have been said "more clarity" or "more lucidity" rather than "this is cliche and boring." Oh well, next time.
    12. The River Bus (lucid)

      by , 06-17-2006 at 11:33 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      My first lucid experience!!! Well, it becomes lucid only near the end, anyway.

      This dream starts off about a block from my house. All of the roads in the dream are deep waterways and traffic consist of a variety of boats and other watercraft; there are no ashphalt roadways or land faring automobiles. My parents and I were standing at a bus stop waiting for the "bus" boat to pick us up. There were other people waiting there as well but they did not have any significance as far as I can tell; just random people waiting for the "bus." Apparently we were going to take a boat tour for somewhere but at this point in the dream, I had no idea where.

      When the boat tour arrived, it consisted of three small, old-looking, wooden boats rather one medium or large sized modern boat, which is what my parents and I had been expecting. The three craft were tired together with ropes and I could not see what drove the boats forward, as there were no sails on the masts or engines on the stern. The first of the three boats was full so my parents and the group of people got on the middle boat. Since the middle boat was filled to capacity I had to get on the last of the boats by myself. I was kind of resentful at first, because I felt insecure and I wanted to sit near my parents.

      The boat tour/bus boat (whatever) started down the um, street... er, waterway... and at first the scenery around the boats looked like how the neighbourhood actually appears in waking life, but the farther we went the more the scenery changed from an urban landscape to a natural one. Soon there were no human-made buildings or other boats and it seemed that we were in some thick temperate forest. No one on the boats was upset because this all seemed to be a part of the tour.

      Not long after the scenery changed into the forest there came a bend in the river. There was an old, dilapitated wooden mill at the bend and the three boats pulled up to a small dock and stopped. Most of the people disembarked and dissapeared into the forest. My parents stayed on the middle boat and I stayed on the last boat. I could have gone up and sat with my parents at this point and I do not know why I did not do so. As we waited for the boat tour to get moving again the water began rushing like rapids and tore the boats away from the dock. It was not scary at first, just unexpected, and no one panicked or anything.

      The rushing water pulled the boat a long for a while and soon we came to a fork in the river. The left waterway was clamer and seemed to lead to an opening in the forest. The right waterway was very eeirie and seemed to lead deeper into the forest. There was also strange blue-grey mist above the water that lead down the river on the right side of the fork.

      The boat tour turned towards the left river but just before it went past the actual fork, the rope holding the middle boat and last boat snapped. The first two boats drifted down the left waterway, but the last of the little wooden boats, the one that I was on by myself, got pulled down the river on the right side of the fork. I yelled to get my parents attention, but they did not seem to hear me. A few of the other passengers on the middle boat glanced at me, but then looked away and ignored me.

      My little boat was pulled into the deep dark forest and I remember feeling really scared for a moment but the fear soon passed. I became more curious then anything because the forest seemed to thin out a little and it did not seem so threatening. I do not know how far I travelled but it seemed like I was on that little boat for a long time. Eventually it became standed on some rocks in shallow water and I was able to step out and walk to the shore. Right off the shore there was a path that led into the forest and to a small Oriental looking building.

      It was as I was walking along the path that I began to question my reality (mostly because there was an Oriental style building deep in a northern Canadian-looking forest), so I did a RC by plugging up my nostrils and I could still breath! I realized that I was in a dream and became excited! I did not seem to have control over anything except move my own body so I ran into the building, which was very much like an ornate Zen garden on the inside. In the middle of the room there was some sort of small, stone statue that some Oriental looking men (I do not know if they were Chinese or Japanese) were sitting around smoking pipes. They all sort of looked at me and laughed and I tried to say something to them but the dream ended and I woke up.