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    1. best friend moves away

      by , 09-28-2015 at 03:32 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I just woke up from a dream

      ….where a long time friend of mine was moving away forever and I had to write her one last letter (for some reason I could never contact her again after she moved). I could not just write whatever I wanted though because the letter had a set amount of blank spaces depicted as underscores (like this: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) where I could only fill them in one letter to a blank space. This made writing the letter with anything meaningful really difficult. For some reason my house had covered slides coming out of some walls and all the slides went down into the front yard but they were water slides and couldn’t be used unless they were wet. We were out of luck because for some reason we had no water. My friend was waiting for my letter in a station wagon in the road in front of my house. It was only herself in the back and a male driver in the front. I know my letter mad little sense but I had written it as quickly as I could and ran outside to give it to her but the station wagon was already driving away down the street and there was no way I could run fast enough to catch up with it. I was inconsolably sad.

      There was a fragment where I was following a seeminly endless dirt path through a thick dark forest but I don’t remember it’s placement in the dream.
    2. Medical Trash

      by , 05-26-2015 at 10:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I just woke up from a dream where I had to sift through piles of trash looking for medical trash (bloody bandages, amputated body parts etc.) so I could then take that found trash and put it in the “proper” trash piles. Also something about lots of poor and destitute people living in underground parking garages that had no working lights.
    3. The thing in the basement - dream fragment

      by , 01-05-2015 at 03:23 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in a dark house with old dusty furniture. I am in the living room I think and I fall into a hole in the floor to the basement. It is dark beyond where the light from the level above comes through the hole but I can see rows of pillars or something. At the back there is something moving. I can hear it and barely see, but it is definately not human. It suddenly produces a small light source like a tiny pen light or something. I can see the light searching the walls and floors like it is looking for something. I get very scared and climb a thin water pipe back up into the living room. I am terrified of being found by anyone, especially by that thing in the basement.

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      nightmare , dream fragment
    4. The Unfinished Birthday Card

      by , 06-19-2014 at 12:35 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed I am trying to finish the birthday card for my nephew who is turning one year old soon. The background is finished and it's a card painted in watercolor paints. I draw six wolves howling to the moon around a birthday cake. The wolves are all grey and white at first but near the end of the dream they all change to different colors. The wolves are drawn in a sort of stylized cartoony block style. I am upset in my dream because I don't think I can actually paint that good and I won't have the card or my nephew's present done in time because I only have one day to do it.

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      dream fragment
    5. Three art assignments

      by , 06-18-2014 at 05:23 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was in a classroom being led by my high school visual art teacher. She gave us a drawing assignment for our sketchbooks to complete by the end of the week. I flipped through my sketchbook and found that I had not completed the previous two drawing assignments. I felt that I couldn't even start the third assignment until I had completed the previous two so I because drawing frantically with dark pencils and charcoal.

      In the first assignment I needed to draw a Christamas tree and the second assignment had something to do with an outdoor landscape. I cannot remember what the third assignment was.
    6. May 22nd, 2014

      by , 05-22-2014 at 11:05 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Two parts to this dream.

      In the first part there is something to do with mini go-karts or remote controlled cars in a forest. Also a four room building where people rotate through the rooms or something.

      Second part takes place in a city that's been destroyed, but I do not know by what. People are scrambling for supplies to survive. There is one train that runs through the center of town. I don't know where it goes but it frequently hits people crossing the tracks or people commit suicide by standing in front of it. I don't know where the terminal is because it never stops, even when it hits someone.

      The buildings are mostly destroyed or empty and many people have gathered together in groups for survival, often attacking other groups to steal their supplies. I am on my own and every day I am afraid of being attacked or killed. One day two men armed with electric drills try to attack me but I am able to disarm them and get away. I run into a large building and find a doctor (A Middle Eastern man with white hair and a white goatee) there who is helping anyone he can and has a small shop where he lets people underpay for many things. Most of the food however is gone. His volunteers find crates of Kraft Dinner and Mr. Noodle Ramen and I trade a small green pencil and the promise of being a volunteer later for one of each. I have to argue with a Chinese looking lady at first, who I think is the doctor's whife, who wants to give me a small fist size ball of rice for the small amount of money I have, because she doesn't want to give me the boxes of food.

      I set out from that place with my food hidden inside a garbage bag and forget my shoes and have to go back for them. It is dark and I don't know how I am going to get home in the dark and alone without being robbed or killed. Dream ends after I leave the doctor's store and head out into the darkness of the destroyed city.
    7. April 24th, 2014 and April 25th 2014 - Two morning dreams.

      by , 04-25-2014 at 12:57 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      April 24th, 2014 - I dreams I was pregnant, but single and unemployed. I was almost at full term and lived with my family in a small sea side town. I did not want the baby but could not abort because everyone else in my family was excited about it. I could not even talk about not wanting the baby because it would have appalled everyone in the small town. I was expected to be a good little dutiful mother even though I did not know where the father was. (In the dream I literally could not remember who the father of my child was at all). The dream ended with me going to give birth soon and I was emotionless and still conflicted about wanting the baby, even dreading it's arrival, while everyone else around me rejoiced.

      April 25th, 2014 - I was male and a vampire with medium length white hair and wearing a long black trench coat. I lived in a small Medieval village that was surrounded by a thick stone wall. Outside the wall was a dense, maze-like forest filled with many nasty creatures like other vampires, werewolves, and demons, as well as normal forest animals. The wall was there to keep the other bad creatures out so they did not attack humans but I was allowed to sit on the roof tops of the villager's houses at night and drive away any infernal creature that tried to attack the people. In the morning, before the sun rose, the people would leave me jars of pig's blood, on their doorsteps, as payment. I slept during the day in an old gated cemetery just outside the town wall, which the forest was slowly overtaking. There was something in the dream that magic was normal in this world but forbidden in town because the blood of magic users would be specifically targeted by vampires and demons seeking to feed off of "powerful" blood.
    8. April 23rd, 2014 AM - Circular Hotel School

      by , 04-23-2014 at 03:41 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream was long and detailed but when I woke up it fragmented and I find it hard to describe some of the things I saw and experienced, even though I can still "see" it in my mind. There were two parts to this dream. (Possible Trigger Warning for some people near the end of these dreams.)

      First part:
      Hotel on top of the Mountain.
      A short, corpulant man with short dark hair, who looks like Danny DeVito (so I will call him Danny though he was unnamed in the dream) invites me to his room in a highly populated hotel on top of a steep mountain for sex. Though it is a large, lavish hotel, people live in the rooms like apartments rather then rent them. I agree but he then insist on taking me to a privacy room, called a Sky Room, so we can get it on in peace without people listening in. The rooms are very close together and very small, all with a light yellow colour scheme (walls, sheets, carpet, all light yellow coloured) and it's easy to hear your neighbours.

      From the outside the hotel looks like an ancient European castle of dark grey stone, but inside the layout is not square but cylindrical. In the center of the hotel is a large shaft called the "Elevator" which goes up to individual themed rooms for rent that exist high in the sky and supposedly offer the hotel residence some privacy for a few hours (hence why they are called "Sky Rooms"). To get to the hotel on top of the mountain, people must take a large ski lift (called the "tram" in the dream) from a valley far below. The journey is long and dangerous because sometimes the wind blows the tram right off the wires and people die plummeting hundreds of feet to the ground below. After learning about the dangers of the tram I understand why people decide to stay and live in the hotel rather than risk coming and going on the tram.

      Danny and I look around for one for rent but they are all occupied and the next one won't become free for two hours. I see a timer slowly counting down the time. The countdown time 1:31:00 sticks in my mind for some reason, after I see it on Danny's countdown clock. Danny and I sit in silence in his hotel room, occasionally smiling at each other, but our passion for sex quickly fading as the time slowly ticks away. I vaguely recall being in one of the Sky Rooms and hearing people in one below ours having sex and thinking "These are not as private as advertised." Despite remembering thinking that in the dream Danny and I never actually rented a Sky Room because none became free before we both lost interest in each other and went our separate ways.

      I woke up and laid awake for a few minutes, contemplating getting on DV to record this, but I was too tired and decided to go back to sleep. I am surprised I remembered as much of the first part upon awakening as I did, but maybe because the second part was similar in some ways.

      Second part:
      Space Military School
      The same circular hotel with the large elevator in the middle still exists, but now it is located in orbit around earth. The hotel rooms are now classrooms or training rooms and not living residences. Some students and faculty members do live there if they are rich and can afford to, but most of the students are poor and live down on the Earth, and have to use the Elevator everyday to get to class. The base of the Elevator is located in a thick, dark temperate forest and it's shaft reaches all the way into space.

      I am waiting for the Elevator car to arrive and I wander behind the shaft and see a two-storey log cabin with many windows. Through the windows I can see dozens and dozens of owls and they all seems to be flapping against the windows in an attempt to get out. The owls looks like snowy owls, but most are all different sizes and there are a few color variations other than white and brown. I notice one very small owl that is colored bright red with golden tips on it's wings and tail. I can't see anyone inside the building and I can't stay to help the owls as the elevator car arrives and I have to get on it or I will miss my class.

      The school is run with very strict rules and poor students are treated with less regard than wealthy ones. The Principle is a Commander from the Earth based Military and treats all students of all levels and background as soldiers in training. He dislikes being the school master and dreams of the glories of war. The Principle is a handsome man who shows interest in marrying me for some reason and one night he kidnaps me after class and takes me to his quarters. He leaves me in the care of three of his male subordinates with strict instructions that I am not to be harmed. I am imprisoned in a white room and not allowed to leave until I agree to marry the Principle. While I am locked in the room the Principle organizes the students and uses them as soldiers to attack facilities on the earth. The subordinates in charge of watching me hear about the attacks and get drunk to celebrate. The three of them become so inebriated they forget about the command that I am not to be harmed and I am viciously and repeatedly gang raped. When the Principle returns he is furious that I am bruised and bleeding and emotionally detached because of the rape and he violently kills the drunken guards one by one with his own hands. The dream ends with the Principle trying to comfort me but I just gaze out the window looking into space without responding to him.
    9. Early April 2014

      by , 04-20-2014 at 03:13 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The last few nights I have dreams of planes crashing.

      Date unknown - The first dream I was on the plane that was crashing. It was a small passenger plane, with about 6 or 7 other people, that was trying to ascend over a mountain after take off. I knew there was going to be trouble because the aircraft tilted heavily to the left as it left the pavement. The plane struggled but it did not make it over the steep mountain and crashed near the top.

      Date unknown - In the second plane crash dream I can't remember the plot but I remember looking out a large window in an old Victorian style building that overlooked a large modern city and towards a river. It was night time and as I gazed out the window a large passenger plane fell out of the sky and crash landed nose first, where I could see it in the distance. It caused a huge explosion not of fire but of light and it illuminated the whole sky before it faded and everything went dark again.

      April 20th - I don't remember the subject of the dream I had last night but one image stayed with me when I woke up: I am looking down on a wooden coffin. It is open and inside lays a deceased woman wrapped tightly in a white shroud so that only her face is visible. Her body from head to toe is covered in brightly colored flowers of all sorts. The flowers around her head are arranged to look like a halo and the flower over her heart is a large sunflower. She looks peaceful and her pale skin contrasts the bright lively flowers all around her.

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    10. Airports, Sadie's ghost and travelling with Kali

      by , 04-01-2012 at 03:10 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am heading towards an airport with the sister and brother-in-law for a good friend of mine, as well as my at Kali in a small animal carrier. We are on a small charter plane and it is full of people but everyone besides one man and us is elderly. Someone says something about not telling customs where we are going and to say that we are travelling with the elderly people as relatives. For some reason we fear being turned bak if the security and customs people at the airport learn why we are really travelling (which was a really mundane reason in the dream but I forget the reason now.)

      We get to the air port and my friend's sister and husband and I are seperated and I panick because I do not know what time to catch the next fight or where, because they have the ticket. I eventually figure out that I have to go to a nearby town, callled Pickwick in the dream, to catch the connecting flight, but in the partking lot of the airport I am currently in, my cat deficates all over her carrier and I have no where to clean it and I cannot catch a cab because of it.

      I eventually ditch the carrier itself, clean off my cat and place her in my carry-on bag (in which she sleeps peacefully) and I run into the man who I met on the charter plane who was not elderly, just as security comes to check our ID and bags. Not having my bording pass (it is with the people I got seperated from) the man I don't know takes me in his arms and tells me to say that I am his fiancee. He tells me his name is Anthony. Some how this is enough to convince the security guards and they let us through the gates and out of the airport, where Anthony and I catch a bus to Pickwick, where our next plane await. I meet up withmy friend's sister and brother-in-law when we get to that town's airport, though Anthony disappears and I do not see him join us on our connecting flight, which makes me sad.

      We far in the south in our destination (Florida?) walking through a forest of some kind. I want to say it was a bamboo forest, but I am not sure. Most of the trees were tall and narrow anyway and the shrubs were short and thin branched and few had any leaves. There wer many tourists on the path of varying age and we all walking in one direction on the winding path. The path passed a large circular pond that was dried up and in a bush near the edge of the pond I saw a dog laying on it's back.

      When I got closer I saw that it was my dog Sadie who died years ago. I looked at her chest and saw her breathing, but I knew in the dream that she was dead, especially since branches of the bush she was laying on protrouded from various parts of her body, including her mouth, as if her body had been laying there for a long time and the bush just grow through it. She was not in pain or distress and I could sense she had appeared to me for a reason but I could not figure out why, though I did take this chance to say goodbye to her properly, since I did not get to do so in waking life when she passed away.

      The tour group is moving on a head of me and I do not want to be left behind so I run to catch up but I stop and glance one more time at Sadie when I am at the other side of the pond. Her body has turned to a wooden log and her limbs and tails knarled branches, and I feel a sense of relief, like I know she has finally moved on and her body had returned to the earth.

      I catch up to the tour group and they are staring at a large pit filled with alligators. I panick because I realize at this point that me cat Kali had been following me like a dog and I haven't seen her for a while. Now that I know there are alligators in the forest I am afraid for her safety. I search everywhere, even go back to Sadie's pond, but I cannot find Kali anywhere. Later I find her near the rental car that the people I am travelling with have.

      On our flight back to Pickwick, I see Anthony on our plane but he does not talk or even look at me, like we never met before and he does not recognize me. Back at Pickwick we find out our luggage has gone to the airport we first landed at near the start of the dream. While there I try to retrieve my cat's original carrier, but not only has it not been cleaned yet but someone has broken it down into little peices. While the large commerical jet that took us to Florida had no problem with my cat Kali travelling in my carry-on bag, the small charter plane that is supposed to take us home will not let me board until my cat is in a proper carrier. They do agree to wait for me however and the rest of the passengers get grumpy and upset with me because they have to wait while I find a new carrier for Kali.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    11. 2 dream fragments

      by , 03-16-2012 at 08:51 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can remember only little parts of two dreams I had last night.

      In the first on I am in my apartment and for some reason I have a pet alligator. It is still a wild and dangerous creature and I have to be careful where I walk in my own house. I have two cats and constantly fear that the alligator will eat them. On morning I wake up and find the alligator surrounded by bloodstains on the carpet and walls. I fear that is has eaten my cats but I look around and see one of them under a table near my bed. I don't know where the other cat is. With the amount of blood on the floor and walls it looks like something bigger then a cat was killed though. The alligator sleeps contently, in the middle of the floor, like most creatures do after eating a huge meal.

      In the second dream I am visiting a friend in another country. Most of the dream is blurry until the end when I have to go to the airport to catch my flight. My friend and her family and friends are having a good time around a campfire and I do not want to disturb them so I quickly and quietly take off alone and catch a bus to the airport, which is 30 minutes away. The airport is small and there is no security checkpoint the the boarding pass desk is just a fold-out table by a collapsable wall. There are only two flights leaving the airport.

      I go to reach for my passport, and while I find it, I realize that I have left my suitcase at my friend's place. I am kind of panicking because my boarding pass is in the suitcase. I call and leave several messages on my friend's cell phone asking if she or a family member could drive my bag to the airport because there are no more buses going back in that direction. I look at the clock and see that it is 5:30 pm and my flight does not leave until 9:30 pm so I know I have time. I sit in the waiting area for over an hour and their is no sign of my friend or my suitcase. I call again and leave another message and wait for another hour and still nothing.

      I am very upset and panicking for a bit but then I realize that I have my passport, my identification and my money so I can just buy another ticket, even if it is inconvenient. The thought of just returning to my friend's place to get my bag myself never enters my mind. After I have bought a new ticket several waiter's arrive pushing a cart of delicious smelling food and place it on a long narrow table covered in a white table cloth. For some reason I think I am not allowed to have any food and I wander around and watch the other passengers and airport staff eat.

      I meet a little boy who is wearing a fox hat and seems to be by himself. He eyes the food while clutching his little napsack but is too shy to go get any. I grab a plate and fill it with candies and sugary pastries and take it over to him and share. He doesn't say anything but seems really happy. His favourite treat seems to be a pasty that has a sweet lemony filling on one side and a spicy filling on the other.

      I can not remember any more of this dream.
    12. M looks for his love

      by , 03-11-2012 at 08:39 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I do not participate in this dream directly and I see everything happen in the 3rd person, like I am watching a movie. There is a tall muscular man with long black hair (I will call him "M"), and he is working as a bodyguard for a gangster. It is night time and the gangster's entourage is driving slowly along a road by the sea. There are many people out walking along the beach and many are drunk or having wild parties. The town not far away is a tourist destination with many shops and historical buildings, but those are only fronts for the many criminal activities that go on. There are many gansters vying for control of the area and right now the one M works for is on top.

      The limo goes to a mansion by the sea and the gangster throws a huge party filled with celebrities, drugs, and prostitutes. All of the other bodyguards partake in the indulgences but M sneaks off to have a look around town. The town is empty and the shops closed and the silence is only broken by M's footsteps on the cobblestone roads. He is looking for someone, a woman with red hair whom he loves, but he does not know where to find her.

      M returns to the party and his boss insists that he have a woman for himself that night, so he picks one from a line-up that is presented in front of him and takes her to a room upstairs. M knows that she is a sex slave in a trafficking ring and doesn't want to be there. He has not desire for sex with the unwilling or drugs and offers the woman some food until she falls asleep on the bed. M stares out the window until morning comes.

      Early next morning, while his gangster boss and fellow bodyguards sleep off their hangovers, M heads to town again to ask shop owners if they have seen the red haired woman. No one can help him but he indadvertantly stumbles upon a rival gangster's sex slave trafficking ring behind one shop and finds a woman he knew long ago in other country. He buys time with her from the rival gangster and takes her to a room where he wants to ask her how she ended up there.

      The woman knows that the gangster is having them watched and tells M to be quiet and that they have to have sex or they will both be killed. M tries to fake it at first but the woman is insistant that their intercourse be as real as possible so M complies. After they have both orgasmed and collapsed from exaustion, the rival gangster's goons come and take the woman away before M can ask her anything.

      M is very angry and after redressing himself he goes back to the slave shop and beats several of the goons unconsious before confronting the rival gangster, who gets away on a motorbike. M's boss shows up and congratulates him on driving the competition away and offers to promote him from bodyguard but M refuses. His boss leaves and M can finally talk to the woman he knows and she tells him that she was kidnapped and forced into slavery while looking for her husband who went missing after visiting this town. She says she does not know where the red haired woman is.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    13. Bed fire

      by , 03-08-2012 at 09:02 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I had three dreams last night but I can only remember a fragment of one.

      I am laying on my bed in my bedroom and I notice smoke coming up from where the head of my bed is pushed up against the wall. I pull the bed back and see that a small part of the sheet is smoldering. The heater along the floor underneath the head of the bed is a water heater so I cannot believe it would burn my sheets, but it is turned up very high and my bedroom is sweltering. I run into the kitchen and grab a large blue plastic cup and fill it with water. I go back into my room and dip the smoldering part of the sheet into the cup to put it out. I am reluctant to fall asleep after that because I am afraid that another fire will start and I will die in my sleep.
    14. First remembered dream of 2012

      by , 02-15-2012 at 08:38 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in this old Western style town that has narrow dirt streets and wooden plank buildings. I am wearing a white dress and carrying a grey coat in my arms. The streets are filled with rough looking men, some of whom heckle me as I walk past. I do not see any children or women other than myself.

      I come to a part of the street that opens up to a small lake. On the other side there is a man hitting baseballs in the direction of the street I am on. One of the baseballs hits my wrist and several men on the street laugh at me. As I am reeling from the stinging in my wrist another baseball suddenly hits me in the head and I fall down. I pretend I am unconscious to see if anyone will help me. My eyes are closed but I can hear footsteps approtching.

      A heavy leather jacket is placed over me like a blanket and my grey jacker is put under my head like a pillow. I can sense several people around me, but all are silent and there is no conversation between them. Slowly I open my eyes to see who came to my aid. There are several men I do not recognize and one I do. The one who is farmiliar is my dream character Walter, who often only appears when I am my dream character Chun-li. I think it is strange that he is here, because I am not Chun-Li and he has never appeared before when I am any other character. Walter senses my thoughts and telepathically I can hear him say "Welcome back."

      At first I think he is welcoming me back to consciousness but I figured he actually meant "Welcome back to the world of dreams" because I have not remembered any dreams for months, and also because he is not a character that shows a lot of emotion and he seemed really happy to see me again.

      Walter picks me up and carries me to an area outside of town that has a medical ward of some kind. On the inside of the building it looks like a modern hospital but on the outside it has a complicated security system with checkpoints that you might find at an airport, prision or even military base. I still see no other women besides myself. After Walter checks me in he says that he has to do something and leaves. I beg him to stay because I feel safe when he is around but he insists that this thing is really important and disappears out the door. I do not see him again in this dream.

      Not long after he leaves I explore the hospital a bit but when that gets boring I head outside and try to navigate the maze like security/check point system. I am held up at one gate and questioned intensely bye two guards but they eventually let me go. After that however, I notice to different men following me around, keeping just enough distance from me so as not to raise suspicion, though I can see them no matter where I go.

      The sun begins to set and I want to get back to the hospital room but I find that I am lost and don't know which security gates I have to go through. The men following me are getting closer and closer and I fear they are going to tackle me or something. My last thoughts in this dream, before I wake up, is wondering where Walter is and why he left me all alone.

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    15. Demons and Dragons

      by , 11-23-2011 at 03:28 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off very surreal and erratic like and I am viewing what looks like life size political cartoons on a amphlitheater stage. One image morphs into the next and soon the images are animated like a cartoon. There are many random images that constantly change and only one sticks out and it is near the end of this "show" which is a burly, orange bearded man who is naked except for a green leprechaun hat that he is wearing on his head. The amphlitheater dissolves and I am standing in a Medieval town with a circular shape. There is a park space of some kind in the middle, littered with what looks like ruins from Greek or Roman ancient cultures, and I am there watching the naked man with the leprechaun hat talking to some villagers. I am there, but no one can see me or hear me, not even the naked man.

      The people of the Medieval town are mostly peasants and superstitious and they call the naked man wearing the leprechaun hat "the Joker" and are afraid of him. Many villagers run away and hide in their homes while others try to either scare or bride the Joker to go away. Instead of leaving, the Joker splits in two and creates a double of himself so there are now two Jokers. The second Joker looks exactly the same as the first except he is wearing an orange leprechaun hat and has a black heard, though otherwise he is also chubby and naked.

      People's spiritual auras become visible and most of the villagers have blue auras and the two naked leprechauns have red auras. The villagers who have red auras are drawn to the Jokers in a trance while the blue aura villagers run away because they know that something bad is going to happen. Though no one can see me I notice that I have a green aura.

      The first Joker creates a beam of light from his hand and makes a big "X" mark on a crumbling brick wall. This creates a portal to a dimension where only red aura creatures lived, which in the dream meant twisted and evil things. Monsters and demons start pouring out of portal in the hundreds and attack villagers and buildings in the town, though many also fly away, presumably to attack distant towns and castles. The two Jokers fuse together again and twist into a grutesque form that is part fat leprechaun and part scaley demon.

      Admidst the stream of horrible creatures exiting the portal I spot a young woman, with a white aura, who is naked and laying on the ground. The demons do not seem to see her and march right on by. The woman is conscious and enticing a large shadow above the portal towards her. I cannot tell what the shadow is. I could "sense" that is was a mighty dragon, but the shape of the shadow suggested a muscular man. The dragon joins the woman on the ground and they start having intercourse, though the scene isn't animated and I see it play out in front of me as panels in a manga. The monsters and demons continue to exit the portal and go by without noticing either of them.

      When both the woman and dragon man have orgasmed they disappear (and the dream is animated again) and a very large golden egg appears in their place. The demons coming out of the portal do actually notice the egg and they know it is a bad thing for them and they start attacking it. Even though the egg seems indestructible, I feel a strong desire to protect it and put myself between the attacking monsters and the egg.

      I get hit by the Joker demon and I am thrown back into the egg. The impact doesn't hurt me and I do not feel a thing, though it was strong enough to crack the egg. A flash of brilliant light pours from the crack and instantly vaporizes any demons it hits. The crack gets bigger until the egg smashes open and a glowing white ball of light is left in its place. Hundreds of full grown, winged dragons, of all different colors, come flooding out of the light and begin attacking the demons until almost none are left except for the Joker demon.

      The Joker demon reverts to his naked humanoid form and plays innocent, but the giant and mighty dragons surround him and prevent him from escaping. They seem to have an angry conversation, though I cannot understand what they are saying because the language is what I can only decribe as "reptilian."

      I am guessing the dragons convince the Joker to close the portal because he does so. As soon as the portal is closed one of the largest dragons uses magic and skrinks the Joker down to a size so small that he can fit in the palm of my hand. This dragon then tells me that it is my duty to watch over the Joker and make sure he never causes trouble again. I am given the miniature Joker and I put him in the breast pocket of my coat. Thankfully he is wearing clothes, which were put on him when he was shrunk down in size, and he is visibly unhappy though seemingly resigned to his fate.

      The dragons all fly away in different directions and I watch then until I can no longer see them on the horizon. The ball of light where the dragons came from fizzles out and only shards of gold egg shell are left laying on the ground. The gold egg shell turns out to be real gold and when the villagers who survived gather in the park, many of them begin fighting, often literally, over the valuable egg shells.

      The dream changes a bit and I am in the yard of my first public school, standing on a hill and looking at what looks like a doll house sized version of the Medieval town I was just in with a friend. The school yard is full kids playing all around us and at the top of the hill there are some dragons about the size of dogs staring down at me and my friend. My friend is pointing to the minature town and mocking the idea that the dragons of the small Medieval town are in anyway better than the dragons sitting at the top of the hill, as if the dragons in the previous segment of my dream were not even real at all and it was ridiculous to even consider it.

      The dream ends here.

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