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    1. Reflections

      by , 01-28-2018 at 10:12 PM
      Jan 23

      I find myself in my childhood school yard with high awareness. The scene is quite dark, but I nevertheless take the time to inspect in detail all of the dream characters that surround me. While some of them look quite ugly or even menacing, I live out the realization that all these people are just a reflection of my mind, they are all me. I spend some time happily shouting this and engaging the DCs.

      A bit later, I recall I was planning to do the task of the month (basic ii). A wave of urgency hits me as I remember the month is drawing to end, and also the dream may be over quite soon too. As I walk down the street, I follow the plan in case I found myself outdoors, to look for a mirror on a nearby car.

      The dream scene is quite dark, but I am still able to locate a car and move closer to examine my reflection. The image looks a bit smaller than it would in real life, so I lean even closer. I don't look quite like myself initially. The effect seems more like a dream quality issue - the image is quite distorted, although, as the mirror is slightly curved, one would actually expect it to be.

      After gazing into the reflection for a while, it starts to resemble me more. My hair is a bit wavy though. Overall, the dream reflection is quite happy. I finally get to the task of making my hair longer, although this proves more challenging than expected. I try to will my hair to become longer, but dream control's not quite working. I then decide to take things into my own hands, literally, and gently pull my hair down to stretch it. This seems to do the trick and it increases in length. I enjoy the completion of the task for a brief moment, waking up shortly afterwards.
    2. Caffeine storm

      by , 02-09-2015 at 12:16 AM
      Almost skipped wbtb, but woke up had around 80 mg caffeine double espresso, 500mg lecithin and spent some time reviewing the goals but not too much.

      I feel some pressure in the bladder and make a note that preferably need to go before lds start. I'm in the process of falling asleep and I begin to see this picture more clearly, it's useless as a scene (drawn face open mouth), but just concentrate on it to focus, it begins to move inside like a tunnel. Scene change ethereal layer, running backwards, then new scene.

      Finally, a bed scene, very realistic and with full body, got integrated in the body really fast, ready to move, carefully get up from bed. Move around a bit. My old room, head towards the balcony. Old doors, closed but not locked, open them. I go outside, it's magical. The sun is shining, the sky is clear blue, very vivid colors. I can feel the warmth of the sunshine and also hear a happy song coming from far away. The change in colors and light from the darkness in bed the moment before is impressive. I can also feel a very pleasant breeze and notice the plants to my side and remember one of my goals to interact with them.
      The dream thins out and I wake up.

      I pay a short visit to the bathroom and review the dream.

      Soon after I fall asleep, find myself back into our old place again. This time I face a dark room but decide to go inside. There is a sofa right in front of me and I roll it over, thinking super strength it becomes very light. Beneath it another sofa covered with clothes. I recall my clean up goal (try to bring order into ld, see what happens) and start throwing clothes to the sides, cleaning up the sofa of objects. Some more appear but I am almost done, finally I sweep the last clothes to the side and just observe if anything will happen (but with blank mind). The dream thins out.

      I find myself in the living room of the same place, parents here walking around, we talked about something (rather made some comments). Everything is super vivid, bright and colorful again although the definition of objects not as good, rather blurry. I walk around the room and look at as many objects and furniture as possible, noting how orderly this room is. Everything seems at the right place and the furniture is more or less the same. The only objects not quite from this room originally are a buddhist medallion and a large chunk of amethyst crystal on the floor. I tk it up and dad catches it.

      I recall the storm task and head towards the balcony. I'm thinking, ok, how am going to change the weather which is bright and sunny as can be perceived inside the room to bad weather. By the time I reach the window, the sky is fully covered in clouds and it's already raining. Well, that's quite convenient and I take a moment to think how my thought manifested so quickly. The only thing I need right now is some wind and I want to add a few tornadoes too. I stare at the horizon which brings the memory of many storms and alien invasion dreams and this facilitates the creation of more stormy conditions. I tell dad to help me with this, more as an act of self assurance, then twist the clouds a bit till I form a tornado and another one just next to it. I look to the side and see a huge one has appeared very close to where we are now. I think briefly about this, then the dream fades.

      I find myself back in my old room, thinking that I've been having all my dreams in our old place today. Mom and dad are still here too, they come and start hugging me while I'm watching our reflection in the window. I remember the candy store task and decide it's time to leave the building, heading over the balcony. Mom is overly concerned about this but I go ahead and stretch/climb down and then jump the last part of the distance. Some slight instability but the dream is still here. I walk around and move my eyes from object to object trying to simulate and stimulate REM as I feel the dream slipping away. I think about where I am headed, my instinct is to go to where there are some stores down the street, though that feels too far for me to make it. I wonder if just turning right the other corner wouldn't be a better idea. Still decide for the original stores. All this contemplation leads to the place changing and something that looks like a street pops up where there isn't one, I examine it to see if there are any stores but it's more like residential buildings.

      I continue down the street where there are some scary looking guys with guns. There is another group fighting them, later the two groups mix. The whole street changes and while I'm trying to evade them I lose lucidity.

      Wake. Review.

      Other dreams I can't recall. Short ld moment where I watch my reflection this time in a tv. I make myself float up in the air and then plank while floating. My reflection does the same, perhaps even better than me. I'm excited because I realize that I am also manipulating my reflection's movements.
    3. Multiverse mute

      by , 07-02-2013 at 05:03 PM
      Comment: A bit behind with updating

      Date: 30 June

      Pre bed: 3mg mel

      WBTB: Some latte

      Total sleep time: appr. 6 1/2 hrs

      Early dream1: I am posting to our conversation in DV

      Dream Fragment2: There is an old apple pudding that I try to throw away in the sink but the apples won't dissolve.

      Dream3 Irritating Kitten: I am on the street where we live and there is a grey kitten that catches my attention. We play for a while but as I leave it starts to behave like a crazy cat, always coming back to me faster and faster. Its claws and little teeth are sharp, I want to get rid of it. Finally, I toss it aside and as it lands on the other side of the street, it turns into a dead rat, with its insides open. I have concerns of what will people think about hygiene, having a dead animal on the street, but then some guys come pick it up.

      WBTB: I was initially worried that I am not wakeful enough, so headed for the latte. It was not the best morning to do so as there were lots of distractions and I ended up very nervous, struggling to fall asleep for an hour and a half.

      Falling asleep/LD: I can't even remember where, it was a dream forming around me but I woke

      Falling asleep/LD: I appear walking down the street of my hometown. Some people are passing by, I try to hold on to a big tall guy but the dream slips away and I wake up.

      WILD (Nyx style): I find myself in some room with soft light, as the dream forms. For some reason, I attempt to control the dream by using a touchpad screen? I stop doing this and look around. The dream is unstable and I try to engage whoever is around. There are three-four DCs and I immediately recognize my parents there. The memory of quickly phasing through the walls comes to mind but I dismiss it, then run through some tasks that I remember and decide to ask the DCs there including my parents how to find Xanous. Unfortunately, these DCs are totally dumb, so I get almost no reaction from them, no matter how many times I ask. They go to sleep on the few beds that are in the center of the room. The dream is still unstable (possibly because I am super wakeful), so I start jumping on the bed (white bed sheets) to engage myself a bit more. I find it quite pleasant and I don't have to worry about breaking anything. I am bounce-walking now, trying to stabilize this way, as I notice the instability is still here to an extent. Then as I am jumping in front of a wooden desk, my leg hits some small item on the floor and it even hurts a bit. I find this strange.

      Finally, I calm down, look around the room and ponder my next action. The light in the room is very soft and pleasant, as if coming from a lamp. Lots of the furniture that I barely notice is wooden. I remember three wooden doors on the two walls in front of me. They are all closed. Initially, I decide to stay in the room and explore it, but then the door in front of me is open. It is dark but I think of playing a bit, open the door with TK, nice! I go forward, now there is light in the room. As I am slowly and carefully moving forward, I notice that there are windows showing the reflection. Very interested to check it out, I concentrate on it and worryingly see someone else's reflection there. So behind the door as I am entering is another DC that obviously corresponds to this reflection and she just...well I just didn't expect her to be there, so got a bit scared.

      I fully enter this new room and look at the DC in front of me. At this point the dream is super stable and vivid. I carefully examine her looks and try to memorize as much detail as possible.Ok, I now try to talk to her, but as she replies there is no sound. I continue asking her questions but can't understand anything, just that she answers "no" about something and she moves her head in negation. My speaking is more like thoughts and without sound, but she understands me. I truly start to believe that I have crossed into another multiverse and that this is the cause of our inability to communicate. I ask her if it is because of energy? Does she see me at all? Her mother comes around as well,I continue questioning them - do they see me, or can they only hear me? I realize that I am spending way too much time and concentration on this apparently useless conversation, and orientate myself in the room so that I can report in what kind of room I was. It is a kitchen, no, a dinning room. There is a large table with some chairs.

      My attention is caught by another reflection in the window. It is day outside. I am curious to see how I look so move closer and notice a white T-shirt with some red flowers on it, find the clothes interesting. These DCs are all around me still in another section of the room, now that might have been the kitchen. Going through tasks again. Ok, let's do "lucidity DC" just in case. I don't believe I will see these DCs ever again, but I still tell them that if they ever dream of me and see me they have to tell me it's a dream, etc. Since the dream is quite stable, I once again I think I might try to find Xanous. I ask the DCs to help me find him, pause for a moment and listen. There is no single sound in this dream. They are still trying to interact with me, saying something but in vain. The mother holds a roll of blue paper in her hands and I come up with the idea that they write down whatever they want to say. They take too long and as I wait doing nothing, the dream dissolves. I do a lousy DEILD attempt then impatiently wake myself up

      Maybe I should have been more persistent with my attempt to go back there but I was way too awake and overexcited.

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    4. Obsessed with TOTM

      by , 06-25-2013 at 05:08 PM
      Date: 25 June

      Pre bed: SJW, 2xdrops p.oil

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      WBTB: 1 capsule p.oil, some frap

      Comments: The sleep quality was very nice, so if I was simply looking to get some great sleep with vivid dreams and a nice atmosphere, this was the combo. Unfortunately the frap didn't help me much during WBTB. Managed to get another of my from scratch LD pack just before final wake.

      Fragments: the whole night was about me and my classmates, back to my hometown and meeting everybody, birthdays, calls, etc. I have enjoyed the set of dreams, the mood was overly positive. There might have been some short lucidity involved pre WBTB but I have little memory. (susp.)

      There also were some attractive items in a store, cakes with cream on top, and interesting looking flowers. Later on, a man was in the ladies room with a camera, I found that strange, but needed to dream pee.

      LD Pack: I experienced two blackouts during the dream and this I guess made remembering it much harder.

      I find myself on the top of a building, in front of me is another building, some kind of balcony and kids are jump falling downwards. This looks pretty weird but as I move forward I see that they falling on the surface of another level. They quickly come to me trying to interact but I am not interested, plus I need to stabilize. I rub my hands and concentrate on the feeling, there is some numbness below one of my thumbs. The dream feels fine, so I turn around and continue to enter the building, some kind of store initially. It seems like I am wearing tons of winter clothes and am sweating. I think at this point the dream fades and I wait.

      The dream continues and I rub my hands again. There are little drops of sweat all over my palms, I try to find something to dry myself with and get some paper from my pockets. I go on with entering this store on top of the building and now find myself in some kind of a corridor. I decide it's time for my transformation, so go on all fours and pretend that I am a tiger. To my right is the glass of the corridor, dark outside, and I can see my reflection, the reflection of a tiger. I move around and try to behave like a tiger, roar although not as loud. I look at my paws but they keep shifting, the size of a tiger paw, and morphing between a fist and a paw. My reflection in the glass remains that of a tiger and that gives me some confidence. I keep on roaring and pretend now that I am fighting an invisible enemy so stand on my tiger feet and beat the air in front of me with my paws. At that moment some kind of a strange creepy mask flies out of nowhere straight into me/my face, but I attack/catch it with paws. The dream destabilizes and all is black.

      I wait a bit and the dream comes back. More or less the same location but the surroundings have changed. I am happy because everything is much more stable at this point. It looks a lot like some kind of subway passage now. The way splits in two - stairs that do down and some other area that looks more appealing, but following the momentum I go down. Lots of DCs on their way as well. I have the feeling that I will get lost there, so go back up the stairs and to the other area. Some moment if enjoyment again because I was able to go back where I wanted to? It looks like a station and there is a sign with the name and of course I go closer to have a look because I want to know where I am. Dounut station? I concentrate but more letters are added. I realize that what I am doing is pointless, so move to the side. Maybe this isn't such a bad time to get naked, although I am really tired of trying and it not working out. I decide I will let my DCs undress me this time. Gosh I have tons of clothes on me. Anyways a DC woman in front of me is trying to take off my dream green cashmere pullover but stops before it covers my head. Another DC is working on my jeans and panties. This is very close to turning into a dirty scene. But that female DC is just so stuck dealing with my clothes, the dream fades and I find myself in bed. I wait but can't go back and maybe for the best.

      Comment: OK, I really hope this is the last dream I am trying to do that. I really have no more interest in it, and my prospective memory should be concentrating on other tasks.

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