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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    1. Sat. 10/12/13 - RPGs and Dead People

      by , 10-12-2013 at 04:51 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      Gray parts are not part of the dream.

      Went to bed at 11:02, woke up at 6, wrote down a dream & tried WBTB. Then woke up at 10 or so? In any case, I got out of bed around 11 after writing down a bunch of stuff. Note: writing on paper works really well if I want to write full sentences.

      First dream (recorded ~6 AM):

      A (a friend from school's robotics team) is in this room with the rest of the "working class" people; he has a gaming system set up on his bed. The gaming setup was so that he could stick his gaming equipment under the bed once he was done, and someone else in the room made a remark about that. He was like "How do you like the setup?" and said I could stay over and play games or whatnot. I was like "Are you seriously asking me that? I'm just filling in for D (also friend from robotics team), I'm not actually him. My parents would never allow that ('cause I'm a girl)." And he was like "Oh, right."

      I was in the room in the first place because I was apparently investigating something. I stuck my head around the corner of the doorway? to the room where the workers were. On the right, a few guys were talking on a few couches. They looked like - or I got the impression of - richer people/businessmen. On the left were the "working class" people (another impression). They were milling around the room, which was messy and filled with boxes & possibly included a kitchen. Further in the room was A and his bed, which was a low mattress w/ white spread and no pillows or blankets.

      Second dream (recorded ~10 AM):

      Map: towns with names like an rpg, one spot was something like "The Beast Awakens", or just Awakens (It's probably a different verb that I don't remember). A group of adventurers were passing through. A really bright, pulsing yellow light appeared on the screen (apparently I was playing my DS) when they got near a tiny yellow dot (which also appeared on the minimap as a big glowing light). Walking over the dot w/ the main character/ party leader? triggered a cutscene in which they met/talked with a female ghost/spirit, probably well known/revered/somehow important to the story.
      The DS screen was cracked on the left side of the screen, and that part was darker than the rest of the screen. (Which did happen to my real DS, only it was never cracked and was eventually fixed). I had to move some of the menu (UI?) items out of the way so I could see the character on my screen better. At one point I had to turn the DS upside down because the character was going the other way and the whole thing flipped.

      The plot(?) of the game was something like the party was accused of killing someone just because they were near the scene. The party also came upon a girl (possibly the spirit), dead and buried in the ground so deep only her head stuck out. An arrow stuck out at an angle in the dirt, and I assumed that it struck her chest and that was how she died. The person who killed her was actually one of the villagers. There was a scene where someone - a party member? = picked up her ear (she was decomposing :S ) to do something like talk to her. The dream ended with the party stealing a precious jewel from the village just because they were there and could do so (out of revenge?).

      Another fragment was one in which I was a hawk or some giant bird and I flew up along the side of a building.

      Third and final dream (recorded ~10AM):

      Finally, I either dreamed or imagined that I had woken up during the night and wrote several pages in my DJ. I did not remember waking up at all (I think I read something in DV about this). Then I actually looked at my DJ, and only one entry was there. I was disappointed, because one of the entries - the last one - involved me trying WILD and a dream where I was struggling to control a car. It was unclear (in the DJ) whether I actually had a lucid dream or not. I got excited over that, but I had never actually written that in my DJ :/

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