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    1. Nov 2 2013 - Second Lucid Dream

      by , 11-02-2013 at 03:21 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      (Part 2/2)

      0833 - I find myself in my bedroom and I might be lucid from the start, but I do the nose plug RC anyway and it works. I go try to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands and looking around and saying "Stability now." After it seems like it's more stable, I say something related to glasses, "Clarity now" or "Clear vision" and the dream becomes less blurry. I head toward the glass doors of the balcony and think "step through glass" but I can't, so I back up and try again. The balcony vanishes at some point, and I eventually get through the glass. The outside of the house, which either is one of those white and gold stone mansions or a brick red one (or just a very big house) is clear, but the surroundings are very weird looking. Some part of the house or the surroundings look like they're wobbly sketches and/or drawings, and the sky is gray/blue and featureless. I fly around and try to change the surroundings. As I swoop down towards some structures on the ground, I think of trying the November TOTM but I end up circling back to the room where I started.

      Then the dream yanks me in another direction, and I can't control it. Eventually it turns into a dream where I was (or was watching) a guy in an RPG like game. There was a minimap on the screen (wherever that screen was; it popped up randomly as I wandered around) depicting where I was. The guy did something in the room, and then went to this graveyard place where he stood in front of a grave and talked. The screen was narrating his actions at the point, like "A went to the graveyard. He was blah blah blah..." (That wasn't what it said, but I don't remember what it did say) On the arch over the entrance to the graveyard, there were emails and links, etc that I briefly wondered about and thought about googling (though I can't because I don't remember them). I also copied the words in the narration, thinking that I could put them in my dream journal, but then I realized that the laptop wouldn't have the data when I woke up. The guy left the graveyard after a while, and the scene changed.

      (I think I lost lucidity here, but it was hard to tell since all I was doing was observing) The guy woke up surrounded by people who knew that he was having a dream. I got the sense that they were from a forum. He talked about it and answered questions from the people, one of whom had a recorder with them. When the guy found out that, he was thankful and replied that he never remembered what he said on the spur of the moment. The dream he had was apparently about his pony/dog and how it was hurt. He remembered someone doing horrible things to ponies or dogs (e.g. beating them up) a long time ago. One of the people asked him if his grandma was the culprit in the dream, and the guy said that she couldn't be, because there were two old cars in the driveway (he mentioned their brand names), one of which was his/his grandma's while the other must have been the culprit's. Sometime after all of this I woke up.

      Dream fragment: Earlier, I had a dream involving a forum with a colorful website. The forum may or may not have had anything to do with lucid dreaming.