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    1. 01.26.15 LD: Second Market

      by , 01-27-2015 at 02:45 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      LD. Ran around place. Met lots of DCs. Forgot a lot of things. It's funny how my personal goal is to talk in-depth with a DC because my usual LDs are devoid of people, and then my brain starts throwing DCs at me... heh. Too bad everyone was in a hurry .-. Still haven't had that conversation yet.

      I'm in this city where there's snow and something is happening and apparently someone is also named Ivy and I am also. I end up climbing up walls sideways and then I start tossing vines to tree branches. I begin swinging on them faster and faster and then I end up in a place that looks like my neighborhood. At some point here I become lucid.

      I do an RC (nose pinch) and then start walking around, and the place becomes similar to Manhattan with the sidewalks and buildings.

      At some point I run into Castiel in his trenchcoat and all that (from Supernatural) and he's rounding the corner and I'm like "hey Castiel" and I don't remember what he says but it wasn't anything notable probably?

      I run into these two guys who tell me their names when I ask (McGebbers and Eddy) They're stereotypical goons. Apparently I saw their boss somewhere on some tv show or movie) but I can't remember what he's called now.

      I see this girl walking and think she's Emily so I go up to her and say "Hey Emily!" And she turns around and whoops she's not Emily. She starts going down this subway station but I call down to her and ask if she has anything interesting to tell/show me and she says something in response.

      While running around I run into these two men in suits and sunglasses. I ask them their names and they look at each other and one of them presses a gun to my head but I don't remember what they say. I escape unscathed, though.

      I get to this park or sth and see Noah. He's going somewhere but I pull him back and he's really light. I tell him that we're in a dream and he says, "Oh cool, is it my dream?"
      "Mine actually."

      I also meet this serial killer somewhere? Or someone like Ted Bundy, only not Ted Bundy.
      I meet a lot of people but I'm starting to forget what's happening and I run into this wall with a list of "have you seen these people " sort of task list and I wish I had paper or something to mark them off. I realize I don't have my backpack with me, just my regular clothes. I think about conjuring up some paper but I don't. I read the lines and some of them mention "Elmo" and "McGebbers" and "Eddy".

      I go into this school but I change my mind since I don't want to be stuck inside for the rest of my dream and I turn back and of course the entrance is blocked off by a stone wall. So I go to the edge of it and dig my fingers in and pull, and I get out.
      Possibly see the night sky and stars and cliff?

      At one point I end up near these creepy windows with this thing peering out, like those movie posters where a creature is looking through a crack in the curtain and you can only see their eye. I just remember that it was creepy, though.

      When I wake up I'm in this FA where I imagine myself writing down the stuff in a Muji notebook and noting it as Second Market. Apparently I've met the two goons before and I've drawn one of their faces and it looks remarkably similar. I write about sleeping in and how it's like 1:30 pm. And then I fade back into reality, and it's actually 9:10am or so.

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    2. Competition Night #3: Math, Mars, and a short LD

      by , 07-31-2014 at 12:23 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      I'm on a train station platform. Am with a bunch of people like a girl like Regina and a girl who has an unzipped hoodie and who's not wearing anything underneath. We are trying to figure out something given t and m (3 and 2) and find something per sec by picking an arbitrary number and dividing (wanted it to be 2-3 but I kept getting 5 or so). I had a pencil (wooden) but dropped it on the tracks while trying to board the train. The people were going to leave but they're delayed because I need to get on with something (calculations or equipment?). There is also this black dude who also needs to get on (possibly Teal'c).

      Also, recursion—kept getting a method stuck in an infinite loop so inside this thing is infinite repetition. I fire up google to show someone what recursion is and the example is different—instead of did you mean: recursion? it's like "google x = recursion y" and it repeats on the platform somewhere. I point to both and explain how it "works".

      Woke up, back to sleep.

      First, an FA in which I think it's almost 6. Then a very brief LD? I am on DV and my username is antioa instead of antoia, but the thread name is correct.
      I realize it's wrong and RC. I grab my glasses from my desk and put them on and everything becomes clear. I go onto the balcony and look to the left. Everything fades into sepia there. I look back inside my bedroom. Everything is brightly lit and different and there may have been some random people in there. I remember the competition and try to fly which sort of works but not really. Dream fades.

      Woke up, back to sleep.

      Mars is taken over by people possessed by Goa'ulds and pokemon and stuff. Mr Z (CS teacher) is the leader of the anti-Goa'uld (?)movement (the opposition, anyway). I am possessed by a Tok'ra. The symbiote helps me become stronger and fight. Teal'c may be there. I jump around the place going to "the Court" where people are meeting because these worm things have grown really really big and are scattered all over the place and on the roof and stuff. I accidentally crash the enemy camp and they freak out. I get the hell out of there and head towards the soldiers who are on our side. Lots of arrows are flying around, and there is one part where we have to hide out in what looks like pillow forts against an attack, probably because I crashed the enemy camp...

      There is also a part with t-shirts and quotes from said Mars thing and pretty cool designs. The problem is that no one will get the reference because the thing is an obscure show.

      Fragments: I have a DJ app just for lucid dreaming and it's like Evernote with notebooks and stuff and it's really nice looking like an actual book and the sidebar is filled with categories like "LDs" and "For reading (secure)" and things like that.

      Sometime: there are 100+ year old people recorded and birth/death dates written on paper next to them. One of them is from 10XX to 11XX. Supposed to be Japan. I comment that the Franks took over England in 1066.
    3. Dreaming 101

      by , 07-12-2014 at 05:38 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      Dreaming 101 (DILD)

      Forgot to post this a while ago. One of my favorite dreams.


      0040 - I'm rushing to my college class. (Note: IRL, I'm not in college yet, but I don't notice this) I'm taking 5 courses at a time, as my schedule says, and one is on the 10th floor. At first I go up to the 8th or 9th with my friends, but realize that my class - D--- 101? is in 1029. Someone else and their mother is looking for the room as well, and notices me going there. I go in - it's a tiny entrance - find a seat, and sit down. I find out that we actually weren't supposed to be there, and that we were really lucky. I don't know what the class is about. The people in charge tell us to form groups of 5 or so, and everyone starts mixing together. I start panicking. I look around and see no one I can ask. I go up to this girl and ask, but she's doing some homework and says no. I look around again and Emily waves to me from across the room. I am relieved, and go sit down next to here. I say something about her saving my life and she laughs. Even so, I am disappointed in myself for not having made new friends in college. The people start talking, and it becomes apparent that we're supposed to "take a hit" of this substance. Me and Emily have never done drugs, and we don't want to. (Someone I know, possibly Emily, is sitting next to me) We get cups of this liquid gas and the person next to me decides to drink it, which we're not supposed to do. I inhale the gas, once, twice, imagine dropping into the ocean, and feel water all around me. I am asleep, and dreaming, and know that I am.

      I don't remember what happens next. I think I start exploring. Oh - the other person may have been Stephanie. I'm with her in the dream. We're in a city, and I keep jumping and flying up and up and up, and she grows really big. I reach this overhang/cliff and grab onto the building, but it's weak and can't support my weight. I notice the big drop down to the street below and the arrows pointing in a line underneath me and tell S that she can go through the tunnel underneath to see me do an awesome drop. She doesn't really want to, or doesn't care either way. Not sure. Anyway, I keep holding onto the building wih a hand or two and my body keeps jumping up or floating up - perhaps on its own, or I have to keep doing so for some reason. It feels like I'm in space or constant antigravity or something. Eventually I jump too far and my legs overbalance and I flip over the edge and fall down.

      It was realistic, I think. Fairly vivid. I fell down but I knew I could fly up, and so I did. It was somewhere around this point that I really realized that I was dreaming. I did an RC and everything. Things became clearer, more vivid without me trying. I fly around the city, looking at the cars, which weren't rendered properly, and we get up to the point up there. All the while, I remember the college course, and realize that it's about being about to control your dreams and trips and all that.
      When I meet Snape and crack my eyes open briefly in real life - or was it the college class? - I close my eyes immediately and imagine a well in the ground. A voice says, "Hover, don't drop," and I think I return to Snape and all that. New Yorkin' 2 on a billboard in rainbow letters somewhere in a city. Across the billboard there is another big poster, where the words all fluctuate. Snape is there, rather scary. Had to somewhat DEILD back in. He made a potion and reluctantly gives it to me, but says that if i take it, my other class will not be something. I decide not to take it.

      I decide that I've had enough of a cloudy, foggy atmosphere and fly up past the overpasses crowding the city. The sky is beautiful and rainbow and full of stars. For once I am truly excited that this is a dream. There may have been an airship. I looked at the cars, which looked wonky and all that. At some point, the dream ends.
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    4. 4/2/2014

      by , 04-03-2014 at 04:10 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      Apr 2 2014 - 2308 to 0630
      10 min meditation to 2320. Then MILD. "I realize I am dreaming in many dreams tonight." (Actually, fell asleep).

      0249 - Have to release balloons, fairly heavy, out a window. The balloons had been released in tens, etc, made of recycled(?) material and generally creeping me out. The floor of the platform is yielding and unstable, and I pitch towards the window-wall. I grab that side of the platform wall but that too is not stable. My friend Noah tries to adjust the platform for me so it isn't as tilted, even going so far as climbing on the wall ledge and adjusting things from the outside. The handle breaks off in the middle of his attempt, though, and we are left with no platform floor at all. I try to toss out the balloon anyway. It is feeble but somehow makes it out with the help of the god of wind(?). The god comes over later and converses with us. I describe my siblings/not-siblings (total four, two gold and two not, two girls and boys(?)). He realizes that I was the one who tried to throw the balloon and scoffs at my terrible attempt.

      Before: The street outside. I'm flying around at night, and giant/regular sized men grab at me. I'm looking for Kings Highway but I seem to have misplaced the street. Every time I head towards something that seems to be the st, it turns out to be a small side street that is just as shady and dangerous.

      Fragments: I have the policemen call for another ambulance, because the guy on the ground in front of me may or may not be hurt. He says that he had been called Peter(?) and was with a few other people. After the fact, I worry about whether I have to pay for the ambulance ride.

      0545-Community (or was it HIMYM?) cookies are good but Noah keeps tricking me into thinking that they might have bugs in them :(
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    5. Nov 3 2013

      by , 11-03-2013 at 05:54 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      Recall was a bit iffy today. I think it was because I was too lazy to write down my dreams as soon as I woke up...

      0100 - Something about fish?
      0240 - There's a forum type website where they implemented a feature about sleep or dreaming. Some of the members commented on it and tested it and they added some of their suggestions to the features as well.

      After waking up the second time, I tried to WILD but couldn't relax enough. Then I tried to just go to sleep, but I couldn't. :/ I stayed like this until I finally managed to WILD for a few minutes. It felt like my body was either floating up or sinking down.

      0443 - As always, started in my bedroom. The bed was bigger than usual, and the room seemed emptier. My brother E was there, saying something or smirking (or both). I was lucid from the start, so I told my brother to get out of my room. I then turned to my balcony doors. I could see that the side railings were there, but not the balcony itself. That convinced me that I was dreaming (you can never be too sure). I'm unsure how I stabilized, but it was probably by saying "stability now" and "clarity now" like last time. This dream was definitely more vivid and real than the last two.

      I leapt out of the balcony opening and tried to fly. It was wobbly and hard to control at first, but I managed. I flew for a while and the ground underneath me turned into a green landscape with trees and lakes and grass. I flew over a big lake and over/through some trees, and I saw them vividly. I then landed and tried to create fire, but nothing happened (I tried imagining the crackling of the fire and it winding around my arm, but nothing worked). I also talked to a random guy who was sitting on the grass. At some point during the dream I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom but since I was actually in bed, I didn't risk it. I eventually lost control and the dream turned into something parodying the opening of "the Suite Life of Zack and Cody" where I was the character the camera was following. As I approached another DC, however, I suddenly became aware of my body back in bed, and I woke up.

      Tried WILD from 0633; eventually just slept from 9 to 11 (yikes!)
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    6. Nov 2 2013 - Second Lucid Dream

      by , 11-02-2013 at 03:21 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      (Part 2/2)

      0833 - I find myself in my bedroom and I might be lucid from the start, but I do the nose plug RC anyway and it works. I go try to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands and looking around and saying "Stability now." After it seems like it's more stable, I say something related to glasses, "Clarity now" or "Clear vision" and the dream becomes less blurry. I head toward the glass doors of the balcony and think "step through glass" but I can't, so I back up and try again. The balcony vanishes at some point, and I eventually get through the glass. The outside of the house, which either is one of those white and gold stone mansions or a brick red one (or just a very big house) is clear, but the surroundings are very weird looking. Some part of the house or the surroundings look like they're wobbly sketches and/or drawings, and the sky is gray/blue and featureless. I fly around and try to change the surroundings. As I swoop down towards some structures on the ground, I think of trying the November TOTM but I end up circling back to the room where I started.

      Then the dream yanks me in another direction, and I can't control it. Eventually it turns into a dream where I was (or was watching) a guy in an RPG like game. There was a minimap on the screen (wherever that screen was; it popped up randomly as I wandered around) depicting where I was. The guy did something in the room, and then went to this graveyard place where he stood in front of a grave and talked. The screen was narrating his actions at the point, like "A went to the graveyard. He was blah blah blah..." (That wasn't what it said, but I don't remember what it did say) On the arch over the entrance to the graveyard, there were emails and links, etc that I briefly wondered about and thought about googling (though I can't because I don't remember them). I also copied the words in the narration, thinking that I could put them in my dream journal, but then I realized that the laptop wouldn't have the data when I woke up. The guy left the graveyard after a while, and the scene changed.

      (I think I lost lucidity here, but it was hard to tell since all I was doing was observing) The guy woke up surrounded by people who knew that he was having a dream. I got the sense that they were from a forum. He talked about it and answered questions from the people, one of whom had a recorder with them. When the guy found out that, he was thankful and replied that he never remembered what he said on the spur of the moment. The dream he had was apparently about his pony/dog and how it was hurt. He remembered someone doing horrible things to ponies or dogs (e.g. beating them up) a long time ago. One of the people asked him if his grandma was the culprit in the dream, and the guy said that she couldn't be, because there were two old cars in the driveway (he mentioned their brand names), one of which was his/his grandma's while the other must have been the culprit's. Sometime after all of this I woke up.

      Dream fragment: Earlier, I had a dream involving a forum with a colorful website. The forum may or may not have had anything to do with lucid dreaming.
    7. Nov 2 2013 - Trains, the Ghost Network, and Crappy Friends

      by , 11-02-2013 at 11:06 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      (Part 1/2)

      0500 - Some other friends and I are riding trains through three countries. The last country is Italy, and one of the others may have been France. It was probably a weekend, because as we were traveling, T mentioned how I wasn't going to be able to finish my homework. I thought of Mr H and how I didn't have him anymore for history. The thought of homework filled me with that "ugh" feeling, though, so I stopped thinking about it.

      In the second country or so, I was on the platform with several other friends. We were trying to get on the train, but we were on different platforms. I leaped from one to the middle platform and thought how much easier it was now that I was older and bigger/taller. But then I tried to leap to the last platform and fell/got hit by a train. It seemed like I "respawned" in the same area, at pretty much the same time. We eventually succeeded in hopping around and getting on the train.

      After the second station/country, before me and T got to Italy, a taxi came and most of the group left in it, leaving me and T behind because we couldn't fit. I motioned with the thumb-and-pinky finger gesture (the one that means "call me") that they should give me a phone number so we could stay in contact, but they didn't understand me and just left. Me and T ended up taking another train to Italy, because we didn't know where they were going.

      The trains are occasionally filled with homeless and smelly people lying down on the seats covered with blueish blankets. In one of the trains in Italy - a sleek and gray thing, sort of similar to NYC's trains - there were several cars just filled with the homeless. We wandered around two of these cars before leaving (I apparently was expecting one of the homeless people to tell me if the seats across from him were dirty. Nearby was a guy dressed in a suit) and finding out that the train was part of the 'ghost network' (as labeled on a map nearby on the platform), which meant the trains were made of souls/ghosts coalescing into a semi solid material (how I knew that, I have no idea).

      The alternative, which was for normal humans, was near the front of the platform, and looked like it was underneath a guillotine/chopper like object, which were horizontal supports on the ceiling. The train itself was not a train, but several metal platforms chained together into a line, with little to no handholds/barriers. We didn't want to get on, because it seemed highly suspicious and would probably end up killing the passengers, but we had to move for some reason. I led the way, jumping past the train and onto the beams near the top of the entrance, past which were stone stairs leading down to a wide space (a station-like area?). We jumped to the rafters or the stone/metal supports that made up the top of the hall - for a moment it felt like I was going to fall or crash into the supports painfully - jumping and running and jumping. I was continually casting powerups, etc. One point, T nearly slipped and fell, but I grabbed her by the leg and hauled her back up.

      We took off our shoes and continued running along just in socks. On the wall there were screens showing facebook-like posts and comments, one of which involved doing badly on tests and LH. Next to my replies, it showed what I really typed then erased and sent. That part involved some text like "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK S H E", the clacks standing for backspace, with your original message without edits underneath. It also said "you're seeing this because you typed this."

      Near this part, T and I backed up against a wall/slanted support so that T was bracing against the support and I was somehow pushing off of her. (I think my position looked like the one you use in swimming when you're pushing off the wall.) I had wings, so after I pushed off, I swooped around with my wings some more, until they timed out and I started dropping. I'm not sure what I did when that started happening, but I woke up afterwards.

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    8. Nov 1 2013

      by , 11-01-2013 at 11:21 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      Ms S, my English teacher, is the instructor. We are (re)learning how to use these giant spinning glass spheres. You go inside and you either use the controls (not sure if there were any) or you somehow use your body to move it. The spheres go around and rotate from one side of the tunnel to the other (like an upside-down U). The spheres spin as well.

      In the beginning I had one arm hanging out of the sphere and I was going to fix that, which I did, because it was dangerous and I felt like my left arm could get cut off any moment. Somehow it slips out again and Ms S comes over to tell me that I can't have my arm like that. I say something along the lines of "yeah, I know, I was just going to fix it" and I do. T and possibly C are also there.

      I explain stuff to newbies and some understand and Ms S says that I'm really good with kids because they understand me, and I'm like "well I have to understand the thing first, which is saying something..." T says that she used to be able to go faster (prob in the AP course or something, I used to take it too).
    9. Oct 31 2013

      by , 10-31-2013 at 10:33 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      Oct 31 2013 - 2310 to 0500
      0500 - In drafting or some other classroom, Ms. A (who normally teaches Spanish in a totally different classroom) asks "who has a random generator" or something regarding our projects. She had written down our names in random order in a list. I sat at a desk that wasn't my usual seat because I wanted to finish up a part of my project. I assumed that she asked because she was going to pick a random person to present first.
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    10. Oct 30 2013

      by , 10-30-2013 at 10:36 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      (Welp, haven't posted here in a long time... I guess I was too lazy to type up my handwritten journal :/ )
      On another note, I might have had my first lucid today.

      Oct 30 2013 - 2213 to 0500

      0240 - I was apparently in my high school (though it looked different). J (an old friend that I haven't seen since... elementary school?) was there and I showed her my list of osu! beatmaps and she got excited over anime for a while, especially Puella Magi Madoka Magika. Well, she paused when she saw Madoka Magika, anyway. A teacher/janitor came by and we pretended to be fixing a poster on the wall. They started moving all the carts so i had to go back to my backpack (which was on a cart but they took it off and tossed it on top of a cabinet or something).

      A seahorse sticker backing is on a poster on the wall. I realized that it was a reference to M, my friend. B (a classmate) said it was a Daily 20(?) challenge to find people who got it. She mentioned a difficult class with lots of free courses and I was momentarily confused before I realized she was talking about APCS. Because i got it, she thought I was on the making posters crew. (Or was that J?)

      0412 - had a lucid dream, or a non-lucid about lucid dreams. I woke up and it was 0630 or so. I felt really tired even though it was 0630. I thought I slept through the 0500 alarm and was disappointed because I didn't want to give up on CAT. I also thought it was a bit strange that I didn't even wake up when my phone vibrated, because usually I do. And then I thought, "what if this is a dream?" And I pushed my finger through my hand and tried breathing while plugging my nose.

      I realized that it was a dream and became excited, though I tried not to be too excited. I kind of failed at staying calm though, because instead of stabilizing, I tried picking up various things like a thin black cone and using it as a wand, and I looked outside and the street was flooded with water. I jumped outside and flew around and came back, and tried walking into the living room, but then I "woke up." Apparently it transitioned into a non-lucid then.

      When I "woke up," the room was in disarray. My pillow was on the floor, and strangely my laptop was charging but on the floor as well (it was supposed to be on my desk) and the browser was open to Facebook. I think I was on the floor as well, though I got up and tried putting things back. My mom came down quickly and asked if I were alright, because she heard a thud. I was like "yeah" and said that she should worry more about herself because she was bleeding a bit from her nose. She touched her finger to her nose, but couldn't get at the blood.
      And then I woke up for real.

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    11. Sat. 10/12/13 - RPGs and Dead People

      by , 10-12-2013 at 04:51 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      Gray parts are not part of the dream.

      Went to bed at 11:02, woke up at 6, wrote down a dream & tried WBTB. Then woke up at 10 or so? In any case, I got out of bed around 11 after writing down a bunch of stuff. Note: writing on paper works really well if I want to write full sentences.

      First dream (recorded ~6 AM):

      A (a friend from school's robotics team) is in this room with the rest of the "working class" people; he has a gaming system set up on his bed. The gaming setup was so that he could stick his gaming equipment under the bed once he was done, and someone else in the room made a remark about that. He was like "How do you like the setup?" and said I could stay over and play games or whatnot. I was like "Are you seriously asking me that? I'm just filling in for D (also friend from robotics team), I'm not actually him. My parents would never allow that ('cause I'm a girl)." And he was like "Oh, right."

      I was in the room in the first place because I was apparently investigating something. I stuck my head around the corner of the doorway? to the room where the workers were. On the right, a few guys were talking on a few couches. They looked like - or I got the impression of - richer people/businessmen. On the left were the "working class" people (another impression). They were milling around the room, which was messy and filled with boxes & possibly included a kitchen. Further in the room was A and his bed, which was a low mattress w/ white spread and no pillows or blankets.

      Second dream (recorded ~10 AM):

      Map: towns with names like an rpg, one spot was something like "The Beast Awakens", or just Awakens (It's probably a different verb that I don't remember). A group of adventurers were passing through. A really bright, pulsing yellow light appeared on the screen (apparently I was playing my DS) when they got near a tiny yellow dot (which also appeared on the minimap as a big glowing light). Walking over the dot w/ the main character/ party leader? triggered a cutscene in which they met/talked with a female ghost/spirit, probably well known/revered/somehow important to the story.
      The DS screen was cracked on the left side of the screen, and that part was darker than the rest of the screen. (Which did happen to my real DS, only it was never cracked and was eventually fixed). I had to move some of the menu (UI?) items out of the way so I could see the character on my screen better. At one point I had to turn the DS upside down because the character was going the other way and the whole thing flipped.

      The plot(?) of the game was something like the party was accused of killing someone just because they were near the scene. The party also came upon a girl (possibly the spirit), dead and buried in the ground so deep only her head stuck out. An arrow stuck out at an angle in the dirt, and I assumed that it struck her chest and that was how she died. The person who killed her was actually one of the villagers. There was a scene where someone - a party member? = picked up her ear (she was decomposing :S ) to do something like talk to her. The dream ended with the party stealing a precious jewel from the village just because they were there and could do so (out of revenge?).

      Another fragment was one in which I was a hawk or some giant bird and I flew up along the side of a building.

      Third and final dream (recorded ~10AM):

      Finally, I either dreamed or imagined that I had woken up during the night and wrote several pages in my DJ. I did not remember waking up at all (I think I read something in DV about this). Then I actually looked at my DJ, and only one entry was there. I was disappointed, because one of the entries - the last one - involved me trying WILD and a dream where I was struggling to control a car. It was unclear (in the DJ) whether I actually had a lucid dream or not. I got excited over that, but I had never actually written that in my DJ :/

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    12. 10/5/13

      by , 10-06-2013 at 02:00 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      October 5 2013 - ~11:00pm to ~9:00am, woke up at ~1:30am and ~4:45am

      I woke up at 5 to try WBTB (Actually did this in real life, but the rest was a dream)
      Mom had this app that let her know when someone connected to the wifi
      I had turned my light on just for a moment but she/dad noticed
      She was like 'wanderingoak's using the internet that early' etc
      I tried leaving to tell her that that wasn't true, and that evernote automatically syncs, but I couldn't speak, so I decided to tell her in the morning
      Imitation of an old man teaching
      Lego game with magnetic walls
      Superhero vs superhero/villain, one on one
      Half-human, half robot
      man with wife and children was normal from the waist up but his ribs/organs/? were exposed from the waist down
      He wore a blue dress into the water, was supposed to count to three and go back up, but didn't, and drowned
      (Wife - black haired - was trying to kiss him on the shoulder underwater but then that happened)
      Children had something to do with a white towel, a cheese grinder, etc
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