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    Fantastical Adventures

    You can expect to find Time Travel, Game Elements, and Pony, among other things.

    Definitions. I use a 5-Layer system for classifying levels of lucidity without mentioning control. Each Layer has two optional variants, "Minor" and "Major", where one variant isn't necessarily better or worse than another.
    Layer 0 - The dream gives hints that you may be dreaming.

    Minor - You dream about lucid dreaming subject matter, usually in the form of conversation, text, themes, etc.
    Major - Something may not feel quite right in this level. There may be a sense that there are no consequences to your actions, or that you can stop the experience at any time.
    Layer 1 - You realize you're dreaming, but you are barely lucid. This isn't limited by time. Layer 1s can still last very long, just like any other layer.
    Minor - You wake yourself up within seconds.
    Major - You lose lucidity within seconds either by distraction or false awakening.
    Layer 2 - You realize you're dreaming, but complete understanding of the situation does not properly sink in. Not caring enough to continue may occur.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.
    Layer 3 - The full implications of the situation are understood. You are aware of what DCs are.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.
    Layer 4 - The full implications of the situation are understood, and you have full waking consciousness. Memory and logic function properly.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.

    Abbreviations: Layer X = LX. Variations are like this: Layer X Minor = "LX-", and Layer X Major = "LX+".

    Procedure - A routine I use to increase lucidity.
    Initialization - Stabilization at the beginning of the Plan
    Plan - A routine I use to reach Layer 4 and solidify the environment.

    -1-, -2-, -x-. - Indicates the start of a new dream.
    [New Scene] - Indicates the start of a new scene from the same dream.

    Color Key:
    Layer 0
    Lucid, Layer 1/Layer 2
    Lucid, Layer 3
    Lucid, Layer 4

    1. January 2, 2015 (L) L2 FA | Melee, Wolf TF, Metroid Prime, 007

      by , 08-29-2017 at 12:15 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-In this scenario, I was doomed by something or someone to play smash for a long time. I had a choice—either 64 and Brawl, or just Melee. Of course, I chose Melee. The scene depicted me training tech skill and finding ranges and stuff as Marth, fighting a Ganondorf CPU. I landed at least one tipper Fsmash, and he landed at least one dark dive.
      [New Scene]
      One time as Greninja and Link, I ran around a path across WWHD-textured grass. Also, I parkoured a few times through a town(at least once with Snickers), over a creek, through some trees, and beside someone’s wall-sized window to get to a building on the other side that Dad was in. The neighbors (someones) were one guy that looked like Mack, and a teenager lying down and doing something on a laptop. The door on the right edge had a paper sign that said, “Do not open.” That’s what Dad had said too. Also, he was covered in shaving cream.
      -2(L)-I noticed it was a false awakening by seeing a piece of duct tape on the wall that normally isn’t there. I did a reality check and confirmed that I was dreaming. However, I again forgot all about the first priority(Layer 4 Lucidity, Full Stability, Consistency in those), so I didn’t last as long as I wanted to. I did, however, get out of my dream bed and tried to TF into a wolf. I got as far as being 90+% covered in incredibly soft, dark gray wolf fur. I also grew a tail, but wasn’t lucid enough to remember to feel it. I felt near-euphoric sensations when I spread my right hand across my furry stomach. No wonder cats like being pet.
      -3-I was playing a non-existent metroid prime game. At first, you start with all of the MP1 equipment, or at least the plasma beam and power bomb, as well as the space jump. I entered a room via the plasma beam. The plasma doors were orange instead of red. For game reasons, the other side of the door was blue. Upon entering the room, I saw the location where Samus is supposed to have most of her equipment. I scanned a wall above and slightly behind the location. The text indicated that the wall was made of Denzium. I used a power bomb on that, as well as another wall on ground level. Both walls housed power bomb expansions, so I decided to do a glitch, where I would take back the power bombs early. I stepped into the cutscene location, and then I lost equipment. Then, I climbed back up to where the power bomb expansion was. When Samus touched it, the ‘power bomb get’ animation didn’t play. Instead, Samus’ animation froze until I made her float backwards and off of the blue orb that was now where the power bombs used to be. Suddenly, someone said that the “Gibdus Orb Glitch” was the fastest way to do something. They also said that it was see-through and squishy. The orb would sometimes switch appearances, from a light-blue outline with dark-blue animations of stuff very quickly heading from the outline to the center, to a simple balloon, and finally to something very similar to Skyrim’s ‘Candlelight’ spell. The orb could also be used for floaty transport. I grabbed it, floated around with it, and tried to increase altitude with it.
      [New Scene]
      Before all that, I was at my grandparents' house playing a collab of 007 games, which included, but wasn’t limited to, Goldeneye 64, Wii, and 007 Legends. First, I tried some Goldeneye Wii to see if the online was still active, which it was(confirmed by a scene where I used a Sigmus 9). Then, I was suddenly playing MP. I’m not sure which one. I tried some powershots and missiles at this one space pirate.
      Lucid Time: 45-90 seconds

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    2. January 17-23, 2014 (L)x5 | Charizard TF, Aperture Science, Top Gear

      by , 07-11-2017 at 03:36 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      1/17/14 | Charizard TF
      I was watching my older sister draw some sackgirl with a super long electric tail. Next, I was in my room on a Sunday morning. [TF Start] Two bony structures grew from the back of my head as I observed them. Later, wings formed as my skin turned orange and my clothes ripped off. My legs started to resemble those of a Charizard. This was about as far as the TF progressed, because I didn’t remember what the full anatomy of a Charizard was at the time.

      1/20/14 (L)x3 L2(x3) | Aperture | DILDx3
      1,2,3 – forgotten.
      4—Starting with playing Portal-style game. I could take two paths, one into another chamber, another going outside. I got outside by momentum. later, I had to wear a certain type of glasses so I would remain undetected when I went back into the building to retrieve stuff. Later, someone killed GLaDOS.
      Time: 15-60 seconds

      1/22/14 (L)x2 L1- L1 | Evil Cop, Walmart, Driving, Shoelaces | DEILDx2
      -3-Some evil cop guy was trying to follow me and arrest me for nothing, so I ran as fast as I could (hey, I could properly this time) into the woods. I ran at top speed for about 60 seconds before I emerged on the other side, to the left of a Walmart. The police guy showed up in the car again. Upon seeing him, I quickly hid behind what should have been a freeway divider. When he gave up and left, I entered a room inside Walmart with a Pavlov ASR to protect a group of people on a staircase.
      [New Scene]
      I was learning how to drive. Everything was messed up and against me, so it was incredibly difficult to even stay on the road period. Next, I looped back to the beginning; this time in third-person. The speedometer reading showed values that were 180°b of what they should have been.
      [New Scene]
      I was in a very very short race on roller skates down that same road. Strangely, 90% of the racers crashed into each other and ended up 8ft off the ground, all hanging from their shoelaces.

      -I won a launch PS3 from a youtuber. Interestingly, I was replaying TP on it.
      Time: 10-40 seconds

      1/23/14 (L) L1+ DILD | Top Gear, Movie, Bomb
      -1-First, Top Gear was on. They were in a special, and Hammond said something along the of “James, what are you doing?” Later, narrator Clarkson said something like, “We looked at the values and first decided to travel 44°N and 75°W. However, this location was over 9,000 miles away, so we figured it was an elevation marker. I was lucid for a few moments.
      -2-Dad and I watched inaccurate 2x speed replays of me walking about my grandparents' house. A few seconds in, it transitioned into a movie. Some guys brought explosives to blow up a floating building. While the 3 mean were escaping, <cliché>one of them stopped to stare at the bombs for 2-3 seconds. </cliché>
      Time: 10-30 seconds

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    3. September 16, 2013 - Snow, Street, Candy

      by , 06-19-2017 at 02:56 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-First lucid, I was on my bed, in a FA.
      -2-Next dream, I was in my bed with snow all around outside, looking at the street light. All around, there was snow on a street with many buildings and stuff.
      -3-Third lucid, I had another false awakening, but I calmly opened the window, and walked out onto the same street with snow and saw my bed from the previous false awakening. In the distance, there were buildings on the street corner and more all around. There were also these shelves that hold food you would usually find in a shop. Then, I was playing on an emulator playing Kirby Air Ride and listening to its music. Next, I watched a short disaster movie. I said, “I wish this movie was real; it’s so good!” since I was still lucid. One scene was on a staircase another was watching a structure fall with awesome effects. Next, I was outside next to one of the shelves with a random person that gave me a candy-like food that was going to help me shapeshift. I ate it. (it tasted like a normal candy) Next, I was standing on an empty freeway with a blue car driving towards me. I got out of the way. For the next car, I grew six arms and held them all in front of me for when the car hit me. When it did, I turned my feet to hands and gripped the road, but I didn’t have any traction. Next there were chairs with red and blue covers on the snow street. I don’t remember much other than jumping out a high window twice and constantly trying to shapeshift.
      Time: 5min10sec--10min40sec
    4. August 16-23, 2013

      by , 06-13-2017 at 04:59 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/16/13 | Vibrations
      Something like using vibrations to use things, or to progress, or to attack.

      8/17/13 | Minecraft 1.4.5
      I dreamt that I bought Minecraft. First, I spawned in an area where I had to spawn a cactus in the middle of some grass. Then I turned around and made a pile of blocks to sleep on, but I knocked it down to collect them again. Suddenly, mom and my younger sister were there, using legos that also acted as blocks.

      8/18/13 (L) Value: 0 | Toothpick Snap
      First, I was playing Twilight Princess for half a minute when I became lucid. When I became lucid, I snapped a toothpick in half and was teleported to the bathroom for shapeshifting. I don’t remember exactly what I did then, but my heart rate momentarily increased, which I calmed down a moment later. But then, mom showed up and I went to the stairs to find my older sister sitting on them, playing StarCraft 3. I thought about Star Trek Online for a moment. Then, I found myself playing it. I unfortunately lost my lucidity there because I got distracted by some DCs.
      Time: 30-90 seconds

      8/19/13 (L) Value: 0 | Underwater Wheezy, 6-Armed Wall Climbing
      -1-Yet another boring everyday life dream. Dad put stuff in the bathtub, and mom drove into the water in Wheezy(the minivan) before I picked it up and put it back.
      -2(L)-Just two parts. I grew some more arms to help me climb a wall. After that, the dream began fading away, so I spun around while focusing on my hands, but the transition was too fast, and I woke up.
      Time: 30-40 seconds

      8/20/13 | Escaping Yellowstone With Rockets
      Apparently, Yellowstone was the safest place on the planet. I said, “If it erupts, then it obviously won’t be the safest place on the planet. What do you know, it did erupt. [Skip the boring parts] I was escaping the eruption with some people at high speed with rockets.

      8/22/13 (L) Value: 4 | Hill With Deadly Mountains, FA, Partial Progress
      -1-It started out with me in the car and mom driving us to a BBQ. I looked to the north and could see a nonexistent, steep hill with mountains nearby, which some others and I eventually climbed. I found myself coming down from the top after a beautiful scene of mountains. Some deadly rocks detached from the side of the hill and fell on top of someone, killing them instantly. I saw a potential one, thinking it might kill me, so I took a different route down and then I suddenly had a FA with sleep paralysis engaged. I thought I had woken up, so I decided to do a FILD. No more than 5 seconds had elapsed before some really weird things started happening. I felt like my right shoulder muscles were stretching and being pulled in weird directions.
      -2(L)-So the FA began right after another FA that I didn’t catch, and I became lucid by doing an RC. I could breathe with my nose plugged. It works every time. I forgot to stabilize the dream here. The first thing did was say, “Tail, grow.” That didn’t work, so I walked over to the door, and said, “Tail, grow through my clothing.” That was more convincing for me, so my tail grew to 24 inches. I grabbed it, and felt the whole thing! I scratched the end of it, and felt that too!
      Time: 1-2 minutes

      8/23/13 | Forgotten Mountainous Scenery
      At one point I was at this grassy place with mountainous scenery to the N, E, and SE. Apparently it was same world and place that I walked up and down 3 times.
    5. August 15-16, 2013

      by , 06-12-2017 at 12:09 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/15/13 | Partial Success For Tail
      I was somewhere in this awesome place where it was underwater and the only way to get in was to let go of all your breath at the bottom of the body of water it was located in, and then breathe once you were on the other side of the gate. It had all this amazing stuff. I didn’t want to leave, so I came back several times later. [Nearby Location Skip] I was outside next to the water than housed the secret location when I finally began to grow a tail. I also said to myself that I needed to grow fur. The biggest thing about this tail was that I was a huge step in the right direction; I felt my tail; I felt my hands through it.

      8/16/13 (L) Value: 3 | First False Awakening
      I seriously thought I had woken up, and I wanted to do a RC without moving too much. First, I tried to push my fingers through my left hand with no luck. But then I tried to breathe with my nose plugged and it worked. As soon as I realized I was in a FA, my heart rate spiked and I was frightened for a few seconds. It was just as vivid as real life, except in the dark, and it was harder to see. When I sat up to check my alarm clock, the display showed 8:53 when I pressed the alarm button. (When I truly woke up later in the morning, I pressed the alarm button on my real alarm clock and it happened to be 8:53.) When I looked forward, I demanded the lights to turn on, but it didn’t work. I got up, looked out the window, and walked onto my bed in preparation to break the window to get outside, where there was light on the street. However, I wasn’t fully convinced that I would break the window, so I stopped right before I hit it. When I was going to open it, the thought of growing a tail and fur had crossed my mind. By now, I had mostly calmed down, and the display on the heater said “Corr.” which meant “correction error.” I fixed it, and I sat down next to it(It said 77°F now, as it was that temperature in my real room.), about to grow a tail, and the REM period ended at 3:15 am and I woke up.
      Time: 30-90 seconds
    6. August 2013, 8-11th

      by , 05-04-2017 at 12:09 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/8/13 | Fuzzy Legs, blimeycow Cliff Jump
      I dreamt that I had the particular version of digitigrade legs (couldn’t feel them because it was a non-lucid dream) that I wanted, and I could run 3x faster than my normal speed. [New Scene] This is where it gets really weird. I don’t remember some things prior to this, but I was at some sort of outdoor education place or a camp. I looked straight up at the sky(I was on a hillside with some gravel and some grass and trees around the sides), and looked at a box with some paragliders on them. Then suddenly Jordan and Josh (blimeycow) were there. The other guy was controlling his glider and keeping it really high off the ground; I could barely see it. Then we suddenly ran up another hill, in which a bridge was anchored to. Jordan and Josh actually jumped off the 50+ft cliff next to the bridge.

      8/9/13 | OoT 3D Inside Fish as Adult

      The only part I remember was that I was playing Ocarina of Time 3D and I was in the fish as an adult. Also Link swam underwater some.

      8/10/13 (L) Value: 0 | Put Your Cups Here
      The only parts I remember were running away from loads of beehives, and using site-to-site transport to become invisible. Also, I was at a random building with someone saying, “Put your cups here!” The voice sounded like it would come from an old, cranky, abusive, female head of an orphanage. Also, while a bunch of people along with me were running north on the street, some of them picked up the hives and threw them at me and the others. Also, there was one part where I was lucid, and when I started to wake up, I rubbed my hands and spun around, and it stabilized the dream. From there, I don’t know what happened to it.
      Time: 20-40 seconds

      8/11/13 | Bike, Concrete Sign
      There was this British actor parade after I landed on someone’s moving bike and crashed into a concrete sign. Also, a model of a 19th-century ship was taken apart and flattened.
    7. July 12, 2013 (L) Value: 1 | Attempted Wolf TF

      by , 05-01-2017 at 05:59 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      The first thing I remember is getting into cold water and then changing into dry clothes lego-city-style(I pressed ZL). [Next Scene: Lucid] I was in what appeared to be my garage, but I was able to see both doors. I flicked the open close switch several times, trying to open the doors. Then I remembered that they would not open unless I expected them to. So then I took 3 seconds to convince myself that the left garage door would open when I flicked the switch. When I flicked it, both doors opened conveniently. (Note: This is where I made the mistake of not remembering to stabilize the dream, even though everything already looked solid and complete when I looked around.) I walked outside, and I found a blue car with the hood up with a bunch of random tools/objects, bench with random stuff, trees all around, and a glove in some webs. Since I wanted to use the glove for something, I said, “I need some supplies,” and got a random object from the car instead of just pulling the glove out of the webs like I would in real life. So, I suddenly decided that I never required the glove in the first place.

      Next, I wanted to shapeshift, but I thought that getting ‘super powers’ would assist in it. I said, “Can I have sup—okay, I wish I had super powers.” It did help quite a bit, I said slowly, “I wish I was a wolf.” (<-- I had been planning this since I was in the garage) I slowly morphed into a wolf. It didn’t complete so I will try again more slowly next time. Next, Dad came over and showed me a sculpture that induced fake memories. I said, “I wish I had a tail,” and suddenly, without warning, in no time flat, without me expecting it,
      the scene flips into a non-lucid dream where a crazy guy is transforming life forces (depicted by a 1-inch star) into alien bodies. The third time the guy attempted it, the classic cartoon fail happened—the star bounced on the metal floor and went into a slightly bigger alien body than what it was intended to go into. Then the guy said something, put an octagonal shape high on a tree, and I woke up.
      Apparent Lucid Trigger: Garage
      Time: 2-3 minutes
    8. 1/24/17 (L)x2 | Rotating House, Ponies

      by , 01-24-2017 at 05:27 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I became lucid for no apparent reason. I did part of the standard procedure while trying to turn my right hand into a cartoony hoof. Then, I became Twilight Sparkle, and ‘galloped’ west. (still felt human tho. I hate that) I saw a pony very similar to me, (clone?) so I ran back east while carrying someone on my back. (I may have been carrying myself) After I returned to the spot where I started running west, I found Rainbow Dash standing around with nothing to do.

      The whole area was grassy and sunny, with rows of trees surrounding modern rural homes. I had passed one while I was running earlier.

      Lucid Time: 45-60 seconds
      -2-I climbed on a cliff, grabbed toxic vines, and ran up a road with some friends.
      -3-In this dream, I was navigating a house/building that constantly rotated around a horizontal axis. It was like the stage “Revolution” in Super Monkey Ball 2.

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    9. Somewhere else in late september 2012

      by , 07-09-2014 at 03:33 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      1. Sort of a type of block arena where I punched miis and threw them over a wall.
      2. Narnia-ish. I can only remember the first visit, which involved leaving to use the bathroom.
      3. Nearly submerged into the dream world completely. Goldeneye 007 Wii Map: Docks. I picked up some black weights along with a cat. Moments later, I picked up an MP7, which was somehow connected to the disappearance of the dinner table.
      4. Briefly shapeshifted into a humantaur at a private pool.

      5. A friend was dropping me and a few others off at house "1c".
      6. I was is this expansive cave that was turned into a house. Then, I teleported myself to yellowstone.
      7. Looked west toward the olympic mountains. Considerably dark and cloudy.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. You're kidding, right?

      by , 01-06-2014 at 09:06 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      So I dreamt that I was in the downstairs bathroom shapeshifting myself into stuff. I thought it was real life, so I thought, "AWESOME SHAPESHIFTING CAN'T WAIT TO DO STUFF." Out of habit, I did a reality check. The check itself worked perfectly, but I didn't care because FREAKING SHAPESHIFTING POWERS. So, not conscious enough to prolong the dream, I woke up a few minutes later and was disappointed.

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