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    Memorable Dreams

    1. December 20, 2014 (L) L3 | Tukwilla, Tornadoes, Kid

      by , 08-16-2017 at 04:02 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-The dream started out with everybody talking about plans to fly to northeastern Kansas, drive south to “Tukwilla,” drive south into Oklahoma, drive west along the border, north into Wichita, and go east from there and eventually and at the east coast. Meanwhile, I was looking at incredible shots of multiple tornadoes. The first shot was with 2 of them really close to each other, and the second shot was with 3 tornadoes each behind the other, all silhouettes in front of a sunset.
      [New Scene]
      The picture of those 3 tornadoes became three storm cells to the south of us in northeastern Kansas. It was during the night, and they may not have been tornadic, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I looked at the radar to see where the cells were going, and it looked like they would pass by the coming city way before we would arrive. Before we got to the city, a sudden hailstorm happened. A passing cell was dropping roughly quarter-size hail on the freeway.
      [New Scene]
      I was driving, and we(referring to family) arrived in “Tukwilla,” in southeastern Kansas. The skyline was beautiful, at least at night. It was composed of 7 buildings, at least 5 of which were standard skyscrapers, one of which was forgotten, and the 3rd from the left was pointed at the top. I wanted to take a picture, but when I did, all I got was the side of the van somehow.
      [New Scene]
      We arrived at a toll booth somehow. A dream thing happened where a broken, seemingly impassable, almost vertical path onward, apparently blocked by a tiny gate. Of course, it worked, because the car became a plastic tub and could be pulled through.
      [New Scene]
      We stayed at a house overnight. The far door opens to a junction between stairs, a living room, and another room with a PC in it. While on the PC, I googled ‘PS4 WiLD’ to see if there were any further announcements for the game.
      -2(L)[WILD]-The first scene was the same that I left for the most part. I got out of bed, and threw punches at the window. This didn’t break it, so I opened it instead. Next, I stood on the patio on the west side of my house. I thought of using a rectangular force field to block any annoying family DCs from interfering with me. On the double doors I used a second set of green doors and locked them.
      -3-There was a kid that ‘looped’ (this is unclear; his muscles kinda warped about and stuff) around 6pm every day. His mum said, “…it’s also the time that he’s open world.” (6pm-9pm, refers to the time that the kid is outside)
      [New Scene]
      Location: living room. Scene: DC[1] in a huge plastic tub with a cat sitting on his left knee; DC[2] sitting on the piano bench to my left; I am either sitting or standing in the computer room facing south; Forgotten DC sitting in the secondary rocking chair; no couch; pules of legos where the couch used to be; Dad sitting in the primary rocking chair. DC[2] had a gray wishing object, and he wished for something. Next, I decided to test the object as well. For the first test, I wished for one cat to like his sister slightly more. I didn’t see any conclusive results.
      Lucid Time: 2-3 minutes

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    2. August 15, 2014 | Fruitlick Beef, Weird Game

      by , 07-25-2017 at 05:03 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-A portal opened up next to me with a woman on the other side. The environment on that side was covered in snow. It appeared at first to take place in the Middle Ages, however I had thought that it could prove wrong later. She said,
      “Can’t you hear the fireworks? They’ve been incredibly noisy.” I said,
      “No, they haven’t been heard in this dimension.” After a little more dialogue, I entered her world, and she said,
      “You’re in another dimension.”
      Me: “Yeah, I got that from the portal opening.” I can’t remember exactly what she said, but later, she said something about “fruitlick beef” or something. In the dream, I was then suddenly eating at a table with her. There were people all around at other tables eating food. I got out a notebook so I could write down all the wacky food I may come across in that universe.

      -2-A game where you were this blue thing that had that had the shape of a portion of a sphere, and you had to ground-pound your spot to keep every one of the other things out. You would have to repeatedly pound to kill all the remaining enemies. In this dream, I had a false awakening, where I was irritated because my lamp had failed to turn on so that I could write down a bunch of stuff in this dream journal.

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    3. August 25-28, 2013 - (L)x2 - DILD, WILD | Longest LD (up to this point)

      by , 06-17-2017 at 03:25 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/25/13 (L) | Generic Lucid 3
      When I became lucid in the dream, it wasn’t very stable, so I spun around and rubbed my hands together, as well as verbally instructing the dream to stabilize. It worked. One of the conditions was near-optimal—it wasn’t too late in the REM period, but I forgot my dream intention.
      Time: 20-30 seconds

      8/26/13 (L) | Successful WILD, Longest LD Milestone
      It started out right at the beginning of the REM cycle. I lost lucidity for a moment, but then I regained it. I noticed that I wasn’t fully anchored in the dream and I was getting excited, so I did a reality check and calmed myself down. I grew my tail to 38 inches. I felt it and controlled it. After that, I had minor difficulties and suddenly had 3 legs. [New Scene] It was an urban area and a guy, a girl, and another guy were around. There was snow on the ground. I strangely forgot my dream intention again. There was this purple liquid that the girl had to use for something and it wasn’t completely edible, so I made a green liquid that was. When I drank it, it tasted like soap and did nothing. [New Scene] I was on a bus and wanted to do a whirlwind sprint through the window and on to another bus on the freeway exit. Instead, I froze time and rode the bus. [FA] I thought I had woken up, so I looked at my heater, but I couldn’t see it enough. SP was engaged. I waited for SP to disengage so I could see what temperature the room was, but the display was off. The fan was still running, however. Because of that, I again reconfirmed my lucidity and another dream scene happened. [New Scene] A camp-like outdoor place during the day. [FA] This time I was standing up, and I saw a few zeros on my alarm clock display and I was still lucid. [New Scene] I don’t remember anything after that, but I eventually woke up because the REM period ended. I was lucid the entire time.
      Time: 10-20 minutes

      8/28/13 | 19 Purple Coins
      It started out on a freeway, driving past a fair that I suddenly teleported to. I was riding on a Kirby Air Ride rail that transported me to the entrance. When I arrived, I was handed 19 Mario Galaxy purple coins. I stood there for 5 minutes or so.
    4. August 15-16, 2013

      by , 06-12-2017 at 12:09 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/15/13 | Partial Success For Tail
      I was somewhere in this awesome place where it was underwater and the only way to get in was to let go of all your breath at the bottom of the body of water it was located in, and then breathe once you were on the other side of the gate. It had all this amazing stuff. I didn’t want to leave, so I came back several times later. [Nearby Location Skip] I was outside next to the water than housed the secret location when I finally began to grow a tail. I also said to myself that I needed to grow fur. The biggest thing about this tail was that I was a huge step in the right direction; I felt my tail; I felt my hands through it.

      8/16/13 (L) Value: 3 | First False Awakening
      I seriously thought I had woken up, and I wanted to do a RC without moving too much. First, I tried to push my fingers through my left hand with no luck. But then I tried to breathe with my nose plugged and it worked. As soon as I realized I was in a FA, my heart rate spiked and I was frightened for a few seconds. It was just as vivid as real life, except in the dark, and it was harder to see. When I sat up to check my alarm clock, the display showed 8:53 when I pressed the alarm button. (When I truly woke up later in the morning, I pressed the alarm button on my real alarm clock and it happened to be 8:53.) When I looked forward, I demanded the lights to turn on, but it didn’t work. I got up, looked out the window, and walked onto my bed in preparation to break the window to get outside, where there was light on the street. However, I wasn’t fully convinced that I would break the window, so I stopped right before I hit it. When I was going to open it, the thought of growing a tail and fur had crossed my mind. By now, I had mostly calmed down, and the display on the heater said “Corr.” which meant “correction error.” I fixed it, and I sat down next to it(It said 77°F now, as it was that temperature in my real room.), about to grow a tail, and the REM period ended at 3:15 am and I woke up.
      Time: 30-90 seconds
    5. 1/19/17 (L) WILD, Layer 3 Minor | Traffic, Lost Green Rock

      by , 01-19-2017 at 08:50 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-A sister of mine was driving us west to a grandparent’s house to do some work and play D&D. On the way, I had a decent view of a forested, snow-capped mountain. This was viewed from a low bridge over a large, but calm river.

      -2(L)-I entered the dream spawning at my old house at night. I jumped through the ”window” (that didn’t care to exist) and landed on the patio. Next, I performed one half of my routine, solidifying a Layer 3 for the time being. The second half would have really helped keep me lucid for longer. I first decided to teleport across the street.
      With a snap of the fingers, I was there. I preferred the other side, however, so I walked back to the side I was on previously. Next, I summoned 2 cars from the right. “Pause,” I said, with my hands in front me. Time then paused. I edited the vehicles’ speed, rewound time, and started it again. Then I summoned the rest of the traffic from both directions. Everyone had bright blue lights all over their vehicles, except for the SUV in front. I walked up to it and said,
      “This here’s a truck!”
      A DC said,
      “No it isn’t.”
      I then slapped the SUV with both hands, instantly turning it into a truck. After that, I commanded the truck to move and it did. A couple DCs were like,
      “Ah, what the f***?”

      All the remaining traffic slowly dispersed. Next, a story arc started.

      [Lost Lucidity Here]
      The driver of the SUV-turned-truck had a large rock collection. (still near my old house, but it’s daytime now) There was a large box of them. Later, we had moved the box over to a grassy part of my yard. I was eating a green rock, which tasted like bad chocolate. There were 2 Spocks to my left—one in a blue uniform, the other in a white robe. I asked the robed one, “Do you think it’ll become a story arc?” (referring to the lost green rock, but not the one I ate) He said something I don’t remember, but he ended with a nod after I replied.
      Lucid Time: ~8 minutes

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    6. 1/16/17 | Celestia, MacGyver, Hitler, Kidnapping

      by , 01-16-2017 at 10:51 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I was in a field with about 20 random teens. The sun was at a 9:00am position. The environment was a grassy field. Trees acted as portions of its border. Beyond them, there were implied buildings. At one point, I accidentally inspired a minor historical event. Also, this scene took place in the recent past.

      I felt human, but the dream labeled me as my unicorn OC. (For all intents and purposes, I wasn’t human at all.) I wanted to use magic to take care of an enemy, but there was a serious problem—if I were to use it, there was a high risk of becoming ‘integrated’ with a certain artificial system, trapping me in something or somewhere. For about a full minute, thoughts were going back and forth. If I used magic, the biggest threat would be eliminated. On the other hand (hoof?), I’d be trapped.

      Suddenly, a yellow ball with a similar appearance to the sun (but dim enough to look at directly) appeared north relative to the sun, and in a 7:30am position. It turned out that Princess Celestia was behind it (not literally), proven by her studio-quality voice.
      Celestia: “Look at me as if I were not a threat.” (‘threat’ referring to the ball’s high brightness)
      “Use your powers to defeat the evil in your world!” she continued.

      Then, it clicked. I decided to use magic to take out whatever antagonist there was. I forgot what it was.

      -2-I was inside my house, watching MacGyver with my family. The episode started with a camera panning to the right over a quiet, lit, residential street. The light was white, as was the supercar parked on the side of the road. Then, I found myself along with everyone else in church, watching MacGyver from the pews. I was reading a newspaper. (what? I never read those)

      -3-In my house, the staircase was completely blocked by presents. Nearby, Adolf Hitler was discussing something trivial with a subordinate. There was a horizontal Nazi banner on the wall near the floor.

      -4-Four kids were kidnapped and placed in a building. When I found theme, they seemed almost bored with their attitude. They were aged around 5 or 6. I asked a boy where my sister and my mom were taken, and he told me, “The apartment building.” He pointed at it. I then left the kids behind in the room.

      Eventually, I and a friend snuck inside that building, and made our way undetected to a room on the ground floor. Here, we knocked out a guard by hitting him with a soft blanket. Later, a female guard spotted us, so we did the same thing to her. We hid both their bodies in the closet. I also looked out the window to find my mum. She noticed me, so I put a finger on my mouth. However, she didn’t give a crap, so she walked up to a window and tried to talk to me, somehow not getting caught. Her voice was inaudible from where I was.

      Right then, the now four unconscious guards in the closet woke up at the same time, and they were all wearing tuxedos, except for the woman, who wore a generic black set of clothes. We were kind of screwed, but it wasn’t of much consequence. The ex-guards seemed pretty nonchalant about everything.

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    7. 1/14/17 (L) | SSILD, Layer 2 | Vin Diesel, Mercury, Loth

      by , 01-15-2017 at 03:17 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -Fragment: Something called a “Stugelblitz Tower”. (funny how this is 2 letters away from Kugelblitz, which is a black hole formed from light. Also, Stugelblitz is apparently German for "Lightning flash" according to google.)

      -I was in/watching a movie where Vin Diesel was the antagonist in a futuristic sci-fi. He was armed with a normal shotgun, bossing around the crew of a small ship. He forced them to travel to Mercury. The camera was positioned above and well behind the planet, with the close, orange sun in the background. Mercury was covered in cracks filled with lava. As the spacecraft descended toward the previously installed platform, temperatures heated to 36,000°F outside. This was due to high-speed entry of Mercury’s new, thin but dense atmosphere. The average temperature was 3,000°F.

      Finally, the ship landed on the platform. The floor was a metal grid, and there were hexagonal tubes filled with a specially heated liquid, used for mining. Vin Diesel yelled at the crew to get out of the ship. Luckily, they were already wearing Quantum Heat Suits. They could withstand very high, even star-level temperatures. However, they required energy to run, so such high-level heat shields could only protect the user for so long. The higher the temperature, the less time the user had before vaporization.

      After the crew left the ship, Diesel followed, shotgun in hand. He was fine, even without any sort of protection from the extreme heat. Next, he forced a male crewmember to grab a rope and repel down the central heat chamber to retrieve something. Suddenly, after the sound was muffled from entering the chamber, the time left on his suit dropped from 6 hours to 15 minutes, indicating a very high temperature.

      [Switch to first-person] I was now the guy. I noticed that some skin was showing on my wrist, so I covered that up to prevent inefficiency. Aside from being in danger, I felt warm and cozy. Also, only the surface of the liquid was opaque—the rest was transparent. The walls of the chamber were a metal grid surrounded by superheated material.

      [Switch back to third-person] Eventually, the guy returned to the surface with the thing from the bottom. Diesel grabbed it, while the crewmember struggled for his life to get out of the chamber and into the ship. He failed to even climb out of the chamber, because Diesel shot and killed him. The only female member successfully returned to the ship. The entire platform was about to be destroyed, so they had to get off the planet immediately. The other member outside didn’t make it. The ship took off, leaving me in first-person, and in my old house. This concluded the dream.

      -Fragment: I was inside a green building, looking at a sign hanging from the ceiling that said, “Loth and Luna Forever”. It referred to some kind of bonding. I wondered, “Who is Loth?” Suddenly, a grayish-blue alicorn with a green mane appeared. He/She (couldn’t tell, probly female) looked quite derpy in the eyes.
      [New Scene]
      Fragment: I was on an NCIS ‘adventure,’ trying to find the cause of death of a guy in 1980. I don’t remember much except for a golf course(I thought that a thrown golf ball might have hit the guy), and a baseball-sized, metal sphere.

      (L)-I spawned in a bathroom unknown to me, and I forgot to perform my routine, so I grew a simple tail with a middle finger at the end of it.
      Lucid Time: 2-3 minutes

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