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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    1. Expected Visitor DILD

      by , 01-15-2019 at 03:31 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in a building and notice the lights were completely off. As I am walking I become lucid and notice a person with in the darkness. I go to them and realize this was someone I had been expecting to see from yesterday. We begin talking and ended up showing me around the place. I wake up
      Tags: dark, stdc
    2. Seeing Ice.

      by , 11-07-2015 at 05:47 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I initially found myself in the room and suddenly it began to become extremely dark. I could tell from my window something out of the sky had to have made it become instantly dark. I for some reason was thrown in a state of panic requiring some sort of light. I attempted to to turn on all the lights in the room but none of them would work. This made me more paranoid and suddenly I thought lights are a dream sign. This spark of lucidity died quickly as I saw one the doors opened up to the living room. I began running on top the stairs seeing my brother and mom. They greeted me and I could see the sky from the window is now sunny. I wake up. Lucidity Time: 4 seconds
      lucid , non-lucid