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    Late I think DILD

    by , 02-15-2024 at 05:08 AM (65 Views)
    I woke up and checked my phone to see if I had more time to fall back asleep. Only to be shocked that it stated 1:51 pm. "This can't be" I said before checking to see why my alarm didn't go off. I began to panic, realizing that I am late for work and there was no way I'd make it to work early enough where no one would notice. "Something is wrong, this isn't making any sense to me" I continue to stare at the phone and decided to start looking around.

    "This has to be a dream, it has to be. I don't care how real this feels, I know I must be dreaming" But still nothing would confirm or reveal itself to be an illusion. So I decided that I'm done with this and found any way possible to wake myself up so that I can check to see if I truly overslept or not. I closed my eyes and tried my best to wake up. It took awhile before anything felt like it was happening. I eventually woke up.
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