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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #234 - Train crash / Casino lucid

      by , 04-24-2016 at 10:07 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Train crash
      There was a bit more to this dream but I'll start from where I can remember clearly.. It was snowing outside, nearby was an old run down rail track with a shitty small train. I had a little white dog with me, he had cute curly hair and resembled my friends dog from when I was at uni. I got into the train, the driver is an old man and I see him get on the train and we start driving. My dog is on the ground somewhere near the entrance. There's a big crash nearby and a bit of shaking goes on. The train stops and the driver comes back to check everything is okay, the sound came from where my dog is. He picks up a large metal bell that had apparently fallen off, my dog jumps up on me and I'm relieved he's ok. The driver continues driving, there's a few missing pieces in the rail track and the train goes 'off-road' in a sense as it goes between these gaps. There's a gap that's a bit bent and the train ends up capsizing, I hold onto my dog as things get momentarily fucked up. I hop out of the train, OH GOD. The drivers legs are sticking out underneath some snow, his top half completely covered.. H- help! Help! I try brush some snow away, I see a person nearby that's walking towards the direction we came from. He's an old man with a strangely expressionless face. Hey, you! Help! He continues walking on, I chase after him as he rounds the corner.. He's peddling along a vending machine that has a dead man attached and I think that he must be a murderer that is trying to get away. I turn around and head back to the crash site, I see a car in the distance and think I may be able to get help from them.

      Dream 2 - Casino lucid
      I realized I was lucid pretty randomly, I was in a casino like building that had a lot of people in it. I distinctly remember a blue haired girl sitting on a catch to my right. I continued walking forward past everything without doing any RC's, kind of not tuned in or understanding the significance of being lucid. Nothing really happens from what I can remember, eventually I have a FA and recall typing my dream up on DV and sending a message to my dream buddy.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. #205 - Blueberry pizza

      by , 03-04-2016 at 10:43 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember being in a lecture theatre with a bunch of other students. We had a bunch of ovens at the back of the class where everyone had pizzas cooking. I had to start 10 minutes later than everyone else due to running errands (can't remember what I was doing though). Me and someone else who had been delayed like me both put our pizzas in the oven (totalling to 2 pizzas each). We had the same pizzas as the other students except ours also had blueberries!
      Some time passed and everyone was getting their pizzas but mine wouldn't be cooked yet. I came up with a 'genius' plan to flip the pizza to make it cook faster, I did this and all the toppings went everywhere. Wait, we only have 2 pizzas now? What the... The pizza is back the right way up, with toppings scattered around... Didn't I flip it? I decide to leave it and someone gives me a clean up task, they hand over a bag with a bunch of wood-working tools and I think I have to go outside and feed a hamster.

      Dream fragment - I remember yesterday I was sitting at the train station and talking to a man and his 2 year old. The kid dropped his raisins on the ground and his dad let him eat them off the ground, it was kind of gross because the kid literally had black dirt and hairs on his hand as he was eating them off the ground... In the dream I had, I was at the train station and I looked down and saw some more raisins, "Oh look there's some more for you" I said to the kid
    3. #183 - True SC1 / Boar hunt / Bomb shelter / Balding / Restaurant / Disgusting Toes

      by , 12-18-2015 at 06:43 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 12:51
      True SC1
      I woke up and had some small memories of dreamlets but nothing solid enough to put on paper. I did a WBTB to let the cat out of my room and also to eat some apple crumble (because why not? )

      I don't usually wake up at this time so this is the first I've woken up for the 1st sleep cycle of the night.

      SC2) 02:32
      Dream - Boar hunt
      I was in my house, yet it didn't exactly resemble it at first. It seemed that we were on a camp (university camp?) and I found out there was a huge pig/boar running around in the house. I decide to deal with it, it's in a small room that has a refrigerator and other food stuff in it. I knock the boar unconscious somehow and wonder if I should put it into the freezer and let it die that way? Hmm oh well I'll leave it for now. I decide to go ask for help, I head outside and on my way out of the small room I see a stack of bagged pig meat and blood and guts. When I get outside I see 3 guys and maybe 4 girls all sunbathing. The guys have their shirts off and the girls are bikinis, they're all lying on beach towels on the back deck of my house (though it's clear it's not my 'house' if that makes sense). I also remember one of the guys who was called Alex Sigley. I speak up and ask if someone wants to go half with me on the boar I just killed, 3 of the guys say yes but none of the girls want any. One girl then gets up with a sigh as she knows how to deal with the boar (butchering it or something) which is what I wanted, I have no clue how to deal with this thing.

      My current WBTB alarm is set to 02:00 and I need to set it to 02:30 I think, as that seems to be the right time to wake up.

      SC3) 04:18
      Dream - Bomb shelter
      I'm on a road near where I live there the road forks off. There was quite a few people here on the road with me and we were chatting (though I don't remember who they were). We must have been doing some sort of roadworks. Things were pretty happy during most of the dream but towards the end a train arrived. It turned the corner out of one of the roads that forked off and headed onto our road (this is impossible, and also there's no train there in RL). We alert each other to the train and head over to the pavement, I have to pull along a retard who was clapping his hands. There's a person doing the announcements, he berates us and I notice we're missing some people. The missing people had been 'dealt with'. "Keep away from the manhole cover!" the announcer announced angrily. I can tell he's evil. The manhole cover he spoke of was a sort of 'time capsule' for the rich, so they could be protected in the case of nuclear fallout (Fallout 4 reference I guess). There's a bunch of rich folk (who look like they're from the 1950s) streaming out of the train I think, but they had also supposedly just exited the manhole, but they were walking towards the manhole (rather than away from it), and also seemed to be walking past it. (Poor dream logic but I didn't catch on so no lucid ).

      SC4) 05:58
      Dream - Balding
      I'm in the bathroom looking into the mirror, WHAT THE HELL. My hair has bald patches all through it! Ugh, oh no... This can't be real? I have a FA and I'm in the bathroom again, but this time my hair is normal. Phew, it was just a dream . I keep looking at the mirror just to make sure, my reflection is quite accurate. But as I look at my eyes... My iris' don't seem right, they look like solid green disks with a black pupil that isn't quite in the center. Hmm??? It changes a couple times, why is it doing that? Oh wait, I must be dreaming. It all seems so obvious now. I take a step back and my vision is that of a severely drunk person, why can't I see well? I decide on going straight to doing telekinesis on the toilet. I raise my hand and will the toilet to float but to no avail. Meanwhile I'm still seeing the world in a sort of drunken state. Geeze maybe that's why I can't do telekinesis? Oh! It must be because I went cross-eyed looking at my reflection earlier? ( best dream logic) I 'uncross' my eyes and the dream becomes less shaky. That's better. I walk out of the bathroom and to my room, I try to do telekinesis again but my vision kind of becomes a bit drunk once more and I'm unsuccessful at telekinesis.

      SC5) 07:00
      Dream - Restaurant
      I remember being in a restaurant and I think I'm an employee. The restaurant has a dark wooden texture and has an appropriate dim mood-light setting for dining out. I'm at the checkout talking to an Indian girl who is a fellow employee, I think we're talking about something and she might be teaching me how to work here. Her face is next to mine, side by side with a bit of a gap between us. She says something and it's a bit flirtatious and she moves in to kiss me. Our lips touch and I'm like 'Oh shit, have I just cheated on my gf? Well... I'm in the middle of the kiss, I'll wait until it's over' (for some reason I thought this was the only option ). The kiss was very vivid, I remember closing my eyes to it and feeling the texture of her lips, they soft and have a smooth feeling which made me think it wasn't quite right for how kissing should feel. She gets into the kiss, I wake up before it finishes.

      I tried writing this down but all I wrote was 'Kiss in restaurant, I'm an employee'. I must have really struggled to stay awake O_O

      Dream fragment - Disgusting Toes
      I'm in the living room at home and see that my mum has just gotten home from work. She's taking her shoes off as I go and talk to her about my toes. They have these absolutely revolting, putrid, disgusting bubbly veruca wart growths on them, mostly on my big left toe, the bottom of the toe next to it and a couple other toes. My mum doesn't take it seriously enough, can she see how disgusting it looks? I'm a little stressed and anxious about the whole thing. I remember that I may have gotten them from an earlier dream in the night where I was running at night time with a couple people. Something happened and there was broken glass on the ground which had the blood of someone else I was with on it. I got a few shards in my toes and that's how my foot got infected it seems.
    4. #125 - Spec ops

      by , 10-08-2015 at 11:21 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Went to bed at maybe 12:15, then fiddled around trying to find an alarm app for DEILD until I found a pretty decent one that you could change the length of the alarm and set it to turn off by itself. Then I proceeded to lie in bed waiting for sleepdom for roughly 3 hours. I fell asleep somewhere between 3-4 and woke up at 6:50ish. I then couldn't get back to sleep until 8ish and woke up at 9:10 I think. I had planned to get up earlier so I could actually fix my sleeping issue, since waking up earlier helps me sleep. I was too tired to wake up any earlier and my friend came over knocking his fist on my door so I couldn't go back to sleep anyways . My insomnia might be getting worse because of the approaching summer and intense heat we've had lately, along with the shorter nights (sun sets earlier and rises earlier).

      Dream - Spec ops
      I seem to be hopping from train to train at different points in the dream. Towards the end I was on a train with another guy, the trains weren't even really trains now that I think about it. It looked like a bullet train that was squashed dorso-ventrally, there were two seats which you had to lie down on your stomach to be in. I think I was some kind of spec ops unit operating on infiltrating something. The guy next to me was the actual driver of the train and he got a call from his boss and they said some name for the location which I forgot... Started with a 'P' and 'ong' in the name. I try to explain to the other that we're in a predicament, I show him there electronic dog tags that have the name on it and a little bit of history. They're some kind of organization that was going to kill us once they got the delivery to leave no witnesses. We arrive at the location (I think we went through some sort of train tunnel), which is in a desert looking area. We go 'inside' the train, and sit in the cockpit seats, it looks exactly likely the inside of a safari kind of jeep. In fact, it's almost like the whole vehicle turned into a safari jeep. I tell the other guy to leave the talking to me and step outside to talk to the an approaching man. He's wearing military gear with a rifle strapped around his shoulder. I try to act natural because I'm not actually supposed to be here. I kind of wake up after this in a haze and start becoming more conscious of the dream floating around in my head, thinking of different strategies to deal with the situation until I realize that I'm awake.
    5. #107 - turtles

      by , 08-21-2015 at 10:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - beach with turtles
      I think I flew into town on a plane, but it became a train at some point.. I'm on the beach now and I hop off of the train. The sand is wet and stretches far with the suns orange sunset glow giving it a nice sheen at the right angle. I see the train turning to leave but I'm not ready to go with it, it disappears and I continue on with walking around. There's a little pond of water in the sand and I spot a couple turtles in it, they're just chilling out. I think I circle round and find another hole that has turtle eggs. They're pretty big and look so delicate, they have this lime green spider web pattern over them which looked cool. I continue walking again and come to another hole, this time I realize that it's not habitable for turtles due to the giant centipedes in there, I decide to kill them via cutting them in half with something(?).