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    1. #216 - Are you my dream guide?

      by , 03-24-2016 at 11:33 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Another lucid there was more to the dream prior to getting lucid but there wasn't much. Last night I meditated for 10 minutes and had a more realization about how being too tired before going to sleep can reduce the chances of me getting lucid. So when I stay up for another 20 minutes and then feel really tired and 'ready' to sleep, I find it harder to dream journal or wake up during the night for LD practices. I decided that this probably affected how tired I am when I do my WBTB, and that I should extend my WBTB's. During my WBTB this morning I did the usual toilet run and mirror RC and then came back to bed and started reading my book. The following lucid was actually 1 of my best in terms of stability and control, while also being able to properly remember dream tasks.

      I'm walking home from the village, I've already passed the school and I'm pretty close. The road is the usual unlaned p.o.s. that it is, with the boughs of manuka trees arching overhead forming a sort of tree cathedral. It's quite a sunny day, there isn't much going on. I start realizing that this is a dream, I decide to stabilize myself and feel the sensation of touch. Being able to feel my dream body so clearly tethers me there and stabilizes, but I notice that the world around me darkens. Fuzz. I need it to be light! What makes things light? Fire!
      I start focusing on creating fire with my mind, but it's weird.. This is one of those dreams where the world is down-to-earth and things like flying are difficult. I point the palms of my hands at each other and will there to be a spark of fire, but there's nothing..
      A blanket of darkness covers everything now, but I spot a couple street lights in the background of the dream. I have a certain understanding that if I can position my hands looking up
      at the light then I can trick the dream into thinking it's a fire spark. Doing this the palms of my hands suddenly have a ball of fire growing between them. I lift it up and throw it onto the tree above, it slowly spreads and the world around me begins to brighten with the flickering tongues of flame.
      The dream stabilizes once more, I focus on my body now and maintain the sense in the back of my mind so I don't wake up. It's properly night time now and I decide on doing the TotM
      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I shout out to the world, I start heading back down the road towards the village.
      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I continue to hail, above the power lines crossing the street I spot a flying batlike demon. Blagh, no thanks. I keep moving on until I see the group of people that I had seen earlier on in the dream (before I got lucid I passed them on my way home). I spot a very pretty blonde, I approach her and say "are you my dream guide?"
      "no" she says, "But would you like to come with me?" a coquettish smile on her face. For a moment I feel the full of caveman mode, but say "no thanks" and leave. About 20 metres later I've passed the school and reached the end of the road, leading to the roundabout by the village. I spot another cute blonde (what's with me and blondes lately?) and think that she probably isn't my dream guide. Butttt... She's cute. I decide to go after her and ask anyway

      It was about here that I woke up.
    2. #77 - Thought I was awake/Lucid and then evil lanterns/Lucid and god damnit chucky x2

      by , 03-12-2015 at 04:51 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Thought I was awake
      I decide to get up and go toilet, everything is completely normal, I'm in my flat and the locations are all correct. I notice that my flatmates door is open (in retrospect I realized that it was the wrong flatmate) and that he must be in the toilet, so I wander down and he just gets out, I then proceed in. I take a leak but cannot aim at all >_< I just get it everywhere, I want to clean it up but then my other flatmate turns up knocking on the door, I say that I'm in there but he still comes in! He just reaches in and grabs some object and then leaves. The door is still kind of open and I hurriedly clean up the mess... I then wake up in my bed thinking thank god I didn't wet the bed O_O

      Dream 2 - Lucid and then evil lanterns
      I'm lying in bed after having a cup of mugwort tea, deciding to give it a try once more to see if it actually does anything. I close my eyes and roll through my SSILD cycles trying to pump up my awareness. Once finished I imagine the feeling of running, I was just lying there and then I actually started to FEEL it... Surprised but calm, I went with the flow, a few seconds later I was running down a road... I immediately decided that I wanted to complete a dream task for once instead of mucking around (saying this out loud in the dream too, a bit curious to whether I was talking out loud IRL), I had already previously decided to drink a potion that revealed the ultimate truth. I see a man cycling uphill on the road I'm on and he has a potion in his jacket, I try to get him but he's too fast. I then use my dream powers to force-smash him off the bike like a Jedi, then force-pull him towards me. I loot the potion and read it, it's some kind of olive oil, delicious . I seem to be in a different area now too, it's kind of dark and in the distance there are these bobbing lights, I'm standing in the shadow of a building and I think I destroy a couple skeletons. I consume the 'potion of ultimate truth', lo and behold I realize... that the skeletons are the helping me, it's those bobbing lights which are evil sentient floating lanterns trying to take over my dream world. I don't remember too well what happens next, but I beat up some more skeletons, kind of forgetting the 'ultimate truth'. I think I kind of follow the dream and lose a bit of lucidity, but my brother approaches me, he is a skeleton too. He tells me to do something, but I can't remember that either, I end up in the area where I first spotted those bobbing lights, there's a girl on a bridge where zombies are trying to get her. She's a beautiful redhead and no one that I recognize, I smash through the zombies and take her with me, running past zombies which are now strangely sessile and passive. Maybe the zombies were risen by the lanterns?

      I felt like a lot happened and I assumed I'd be able to remember most of it, but I think I forgot heaps after losing a bit of my lucidity.

      Dream 3 - Lucid and god damnit chucky x2
      After the last dream, I found it easy to slip straight into lucidity the same way. It's extremely low level, like I knew it was a dream but I didn't really try to do anything. I'm at someones flat, the girl wants me to crash there and the other guys don't. I get sneaked into her room or something after a long disagreement in their hallway. I wasn't trying to get laid either, it was purely friendship, we started reading a book and I saw a house, it was moving and I could see Chucky the evil doll... I don't want to see him so I try dismiss him, I don't think I had much success because as I looked out the girls window I saw several Chuckys climbing out the window of a neighbouring house. I do a wave of my hands (this has been pretty much the most common way for me to dismiss or interact with the dream world) and try to make him disappear, but it's hard because I keep thinking about him >_<.

      I wake up after the dream and after cementing it to memory I slip straight back into the dream, I end up in a similar scenario and pissed off with it I just wake myself up and get up for the day.