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    1. #276 - I died

      by , 09-03-2017 at 10:18 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It's been 3/4 of a year since I stopped lucid dreaming, lately I've been making an effort to take it up since I can fit it into my life again. I've made no real attempts, just meditating and going to sleep earlier... But last night I got home late and had one heck of an experience.

      Dream - I Died
      I'm in a museum with someone else (a friend I think), it's no where I know IRL. I look up and see a huge dome shaped skylight and on either side of the room there are stairs spiraling up. Me and my friend move on to another room where there's a lot of clockwork items behind glass display cases. I look around a bit and see that they're really varied in purposes, I thought at first they were actual clocks but begin to see that they're actually ancient and steam-punk.

      (gap in dream/memory)

      I'm at my friends place in their living room, it's a small flat with simple furniture but the place has a lot of character (dark goth art and melted candles, looks like a witch's coven). My friend and his gf who live there together have gone somewhere and I'm sitting on the sofa, it's dark and wet outside. The front door bursts open and my friends GF's dad walks in and sees me - he thinks I'm a burglar. (IRL I know he's a gang member and he's the standard 'big dude with a motorbike and leather jacket' type). He's instantly mad and rushes up to me and pulls out a gun - I panic and put my hands up saying "No don't shoot I'm Daniels friend!" but he doesn't hear me. He just screams "What the F*** are you doing here and who the f*** are you!", but he doesn't wait for a reply - his gun fires and shudders my ears. I feel the hole it ripped in my chest, and the blood spilling from it. I'm breathless and in shock, I knew I was going to die.
      I wake up but I still feel like I'm dying, the memory of being shot was so vivid that I was confused about where I was - am I in hospital? No.. I'm okay. I had to physically check my chest was okay since it seemed so real, I think this is the 3rd death-by-gunshot dream I've had and it's the most vivid one too.
    2. #274 - The sky is so orange and blue

      by , 12-12-2016 at 05:12 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It's been a while since I've dream journalled anything - life happens sometimes. I've got 2 dreams in the back log which I'll write up after this dream which I had last night.

      I was in a building, possibly a generic wide open-spaced mall with a blue colour the walls. Me and my ex girlfriend were hanging out here and something happened.. I really can't remember what, as I just remember running through hallways that angled off and winded around. I saw a horseman running past me at some point. I came upon another ex girlfriend but didn't talk to her, it felt like she was looking up at something she was trying to read, like a billboard. I then saw my other ex, the one I was with before. She ran past, I think we interacted a bit and I directed her to safety? The story isn't too important here it seems . I came across my mum right after this and she too was looking up and reading, though I know it was a digital board reading the arrival/departure times of planes since we seemed to be in an airport hallway.

      I then made to go across a bridge in the building, leading to another room..
      Only when I got there I looked outside to see something so beautiful that it shocked me into lucidity.. Before me was the sky, an incredible colour of blue with orange tinging the horizon. I realized I was on a small boat that was flying through the air, though I was confused as to how this was possible after just leaving a building. I tried to fly out into the openness but I really struggled, I could only fly within the boundaries of the boat, like a bird unable to leave its cage. My struggle to fly made me wake up and I forced myself to remember it.
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    3. #262 - 3 nights of dreams

      by , 08-14-2016 at 09:47 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream night 1
      -I thoroughly enjoyed the environment of this dream, it was like a whole different universe. I was in space pretty much, but it was a dimension where a species of ice monsters lived. I was a young adolescent ice monster brawling with a friend who was older and stronger. The older our species gets the we bigger we get, and we never stop growing. We also don't die of age, but are usually killed due to power struggles to become the guardian leader. As we brawl we I hurl chunks of ice at my friend which are floating around in this dark space. We barrage each with these huge ice chunks, and the scene kind of zooms out. It reveals that we're not really throwing ice chunks, but the remains of the head of one of our species... The size is absolutely insane. The size I am now is bigger than a human, but the size of the head is like a small mountain, lifeless and floating through the ice-space dimension. I know the context of this thing in the dream, apparently we have a single leader or 'guardian' at a time, and the only way to become the guardian is to kill the current one. As this thought goes through my mind I see in the distance the current leader... It's grabbed a huge pillar of ice floating through the space and smashes it against another giant chunk of ice. It then shoots a roaring blast of frost and snow out of its mouth, like a dragon would breathe fire. The dream refocuses back on me and my friend. He sees the leader and wants to 'challenge' him... It's such a stupid idea but he grabs me by the ankle and drags me through space with him to attack the leader. We immediately upon encountering the huge ice monster realize that we have to escape. We've pissed it off and it charges after us. There's a bit more to the environment at this point... There are these ribbons of ice lined up like soldiers, they stretch upwards into infinity where they seem to be hanging from. They're wide and extremely thin, there's lines and lines of them stretching into the distance (trying really hard to describe this properly). Me and my friend charge into this forest of ice-sheet ribbons and commit to the 5 D's.. dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. We split apart and double back, the giant monster is faster and bigger but we're small and can hide easy. It also seems like the monster is really animalistic and dumb.
      I end up getting caught, it grabs me with it's giant hands that completely encircle the length of me. I struggle to get free, knowing I may be killed here. I think he smashes me at one point too... I bite his hand but my neck gets crushed. Fuck. He drops me for a bit and I'm now next to him gasping, he is pretty much toying with me. But then something odd happens.. I cough and a flurry of snow and icy coldness sputters out as I try gasp for breath.. I then do it again and it's even stronger, and each time I cough the ability seems to grow in power. The guardian ice monster is interested and confused, watching and hesitant to approach me. The wounds in my throat have sealed because of the ice I breathe out, acting as a sort of ice-plaster that prevents me from drowning from the bloody cuts. There are others too that have popped up due to the commotion of the ice monster chasing and smashing things. They watch me intrigued, as does my friend (who has poked his head out of his hiding place). Everyone is surprised because I'm supposed to be MUCH older before being able to breathe ice blasts at this level.

      -Another ice monster story occurred sometime during the night where I entered a human world (since we can jump dimensions). It felt like a cross between LoL and 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them'..

      Dream night 2
      -Me and some friends have gone rock hunting, they apparently explored an area and couldn't find anything but I decided that I would use my geological expertise to double check.. I head to what looks to be an opening of grassland amongst trees near the road. It's kind of like a park really. I seem some rocks jutting out very slightly in a single spot and decide to head there to check it out.. I immediately find some incredible beautiful geodes of amethyst and some really nice agates. I think that it would be really hard to get all this home.. Did I bring my car? Hmm... My train of thought gets interrupted as I see an old lady arrive, she drove up in her car and gets out to walk towards a house that's just behind some trees. I smile as she passes so as to seem friendly and also in case I have to talk to her. I hadn't been able to see the house earlier but now realize that I'm on someones property... It's pretty much stealing if I take these and I don't feel good about it especially since she saw me O_O maybe I could leave and then come back later? But what if they take the rocks... Fuck. I'll have to charismatically talk my way through this one.
      I spot a woman emerging from the house, maybe the child of the old lady. The woman sees me and approaches to ask why I'm on her property. I explain that I truly only just realize, you see.. "I had been out looking for interesting rocks and thought this was a small glade or park. I didn't spot the house until I noticed the old lady as my eyes were glued to the ground." I apologized for not realizing sooner and purposefully omitted the discovery of some extremely incredible rocks on her property. Not sure how but I talked my way through it and she invited me into her house, she mentioned she had a son and I ended up meeting him, he is a bit younger than me. He was a typical westy bogan type that's far too common where I live. I hit it off with him and his friends, he was really nice and I complimented them on their hair, almost saying they had dreads but as I was speaking I looked closer and noticed it was just unruly, wavy and long. It set them in a good mood and they liked me even more and eventually the guy gave me a tinny of weed and what looked like a lolly-bag of these black and white pebbles (it was a new kind of drug that was low-key like weed or something.. Not 'bad'). I'm amazed by how nice the guy is and thank him (fully intending to just give the drugs to my mate when I get home). We all get up and leave, head out of the house and to the road. We get into a car and drive off to enjoy the encroaching night by hanging around a beach or something.

      Next thing I remember is that I'm arriving home.. I come into Josh's room and hang out with him and Daniel. I'm surprised I'm not tired after being out all night and only just arriving home, maybe I slept at their place? I am considering a good time to announce free weed for them but Josh apparently scored a bit of weed too. He gets it out and slams it down as he announces, I then pull the stuff I got and put it down too but the timing was off and it didn't have as much effect as it could have. Josh starts grinding some weed up in this grinder that's bigger than the size of his hand. Dan gets up and leaves the room and at some point people start coming into the doorway and peering in. You can't really see what Josh is doing because he's angled away from the door though. I'm just sitting in a chair at this point and I get more nervous as people keep peering in, like my ex and my mom came at one point and I felt like I disappointed them which was unfair since I hadn't done anything.

      This dream kind of reflects a bit that's been happening.. I've been better good at talking to people and articulating my sentences in such a way as to get people to help me or do their work --> this is a thing because the company I work for requires people to do jobs (no shit right?) and a lot of the time they ignore it and I end up needing to rope people together. I've also been able to get small things here and there, like free lessons or free coffees from the cafe. It's a weird thing to happen for me since I'm severely deaf and have always struggled with communication. Also with the drug part I got questioned if I was high by my friend when I wasn't and he said it in a really accusing way -.- it ticked me off at the time as I was really fatigued from work.

      Dream night 3
      I remember a little bit about telling off the dog, I was annoyed at her and wanted her to learn not to do it again so I did the whole 'pinching' thing so as to teach her properly. But I overdid it a bit and felt a little bad about it.

      I had a dream that was like a video game RTS, where you have a civilization (1 of 5) which you use to fight the other civilization. It had a really interesting graphic design too but the game mechanics were dumb as fucking shit. There were only 2 civilizations you could win with because they had units that could fly and also were 'good-aligned' and therefore had a much lower risk of accumulating bad karma. Apparently if you get too much bad karma you can summon an evil demon god that fucks everyone up.
      I played the game mostly from the skill tree panel for some reason (instead of actually playing the game I guess..??) and had been playing the bad evil civilization which I ended up losing with which really sucked.
    4. #260 - Vivid long dream

      by , 08-07-2016 at 07:38 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I really am kicking myself for not writing this up sooner, it just HAD to be a great dream that happened on one of the busiest days I've had this month :/ it's faded a bit from memory but it was still a cool dream.

      First off, I was watching a transformers movie.. It was really good, the first one (though nothing actually like the movie), it flicked to the adverts and I saw some sort of advertisement about old pop songs. There was a dude at a really nice beach in the water with his surf board and he was in the music video, selling his sex appeal in the way that the 90s pop songs did.

      I forget how the dream transitions.. But I finished the movie and had left to go somewhere. There's a bit of context in the dream now, I'm a demigod of some sort, I live in (and apparently own) a semi-underground building that houses parties for the local monsters (vampires and other stuff). I'm walking through the stone corridor and meet Alexis Texas, she comes onto me and we briefly do adult stuff, but the thing I really noted was that my hands were FREEZING cold. Another girl joins while I'm kissing Alexis, my mouth is full of gum for some reason... I kiss the other girl and her mouth is full of gummy bears. Weird. Then there's an ad for gummy bears, like I was briefly watching TV again.. I saw a bottle on a table with a bunch of gummy bears, I can't recall more than that.
      I'm back with the girls but I open the door nearby and head downstairs, leaving them. I'm in the foyer of the building where people have begun showing up, some guy talks shit and I grab his head and slam it into the ground with inhuman strength, killing him instantly and sending blood splattering everywhere. Some of the audience is unphased by this (the monsters). I turn and grab another human and slam his head against a wall repeatedly until he dies too. The remaining humans have scattered out the entrance to escape.. I look around and head up some stairs with some friends joining me, let the party begin. I spot Hamish on my way up the stairs and say hello, he's super non-chalant about the interaction. I thought he was meant to be sick yet he is going to the club, I decide to not bring it up as it's not a big deal. Our group arrives at the top of the stairs, opening up into a large spacious redlit room with music pumping. There aren't many people yet as the night only just started. I start dancing and people start joining, I'm just enjoying myself rather than trying to show off, occasionally dancing in sync with some mates which I found really fun ^_^.

      This was another very vivid dream, I think somewhere in the dream I watched transformer 2, and saw bumblebee riding on top of a train as the opening sequence. I remember thinking that the movies budget was way bigger but the movie itself was much worse than the first... Can't remember when this happening though, possible at the same time as the gummy bear advert.
    5. #256 - X-Men, youtube babes

      by , 07-17-2016 at 01:32 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - X-Men
      I have a dream about x-men, it's dark and we're on top of a building, it feels like I'm watching a movie. Wolverine and Storm are there, maybe someone else. There's a helicopter too, and the weather is stormy. Wolverine had the best hair I've ever seen, it was long and flowing, black with brown and gold highlights. Storm had lightning flashing around her, and she walked up to wolverine and the lightning engulfed them both in a wicked display of effects, teleporting them somewhere else. I remember thinking "That's bullshit, she shouldn't be allowed to teleport with her power" as if she had cheated in a game or something. It was a pretty epic dream and there's a lot more to it, but this dream was like a week ago. Also it occurred during my 3rd sleep cycle which was unusual since I've been slack with my dream journaling lately and would usually only remember the last dream of the night.

      Dream 2 - Youtube Babes
      I remember a dream where I was at my laptop and I was fighting the urge to fap (since I've recently started up 'No PMO' again). I was on Youtube and saw a music video that had hot chicks in it, and I thought "Hmm well it's only Youtube". I watched the video which had lots of hot chicks in tight and revealing clothing dancing around each other, I had the feeling like it would lead to me searching for porn after but then I woke up.
    6. #249 - Free the ghost and burn the bridge

      by , 06-20-2016 at 09:39 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      The dream begins with me and someone else running towards a house at night. We're trying to free the ghost of a girl who was murdered, she haunts the house we're heading to. We go inside and walk around for a while, I can't remember how but we avenge her spirit. I'm in the lounge with the ghost while my friend heads off somewhere. She looks about 17-18 with medium length Egyptian style black hair, she's quite attractive but I'm nearly 5 years her senior so I have an 'eh no thanks' thought going through my head. I sit down on the couch, it's a pretty simple square room which has either a beige or light yellow wallpaper to colour. She wants to thank me for helping her, so she flicks the lights off... It's pitch black and I can feel her getting closer to me, she kisses me but I have a feeling she's up to something. I turn the light back on and tell her I'm not interested, I say something like "I'll go check to see if my parents are ready to leave yet". I still felt some kind of evil about her, I didn't want to fall for her seductive ruse.

      I head into the next room, it's a lounge that resembles the one in my parents' house. My mum is sitting on the leather couch with my dad sitting on the arm of the chair, between them is a damply lit lamp that sets a heavy tone. It feels like they were talking about some adult problems before I walked in and interrupted. "Are we leaving soon?" I ask, "yes we're just about to head out" my mum replies. I get changed into my pj's, they have dinosaurs on them I think.. I feel like I'm a little kid and we're heading home after being out camping for a week. We're in the car now, I'm sitting in the back seat, my parents are in front with my dad driving. It's still dark outside, though not completely. There's a torrential downpour too... The road we're on is coastal, to the left is a rocky cliff rising up high while to the right is a rocky seawall with big waves lapping up against it. We drive around a bend on the road and an epic scene awaits, a huge shape bursts from the water. At first I'm unsure about what it is, but I recognize that it's something from Avatar the Last Airbender (it isn't...). I think to myself that it must be a multi-legged bug monster or the evil mecha episode, except it's happening live (it strikes me as odd that it's only just happening yet I've supposedly seen the episode). I get a closer look and realize it's the evil mecha episode, oh fuck. I remember how in the episode it gets chased by a good mecha and they collide near the bridge crossing, breaking the bridge. Fuuuuu... It would take forever to get home if the bridge broke :/. "DAD! Speed up! We have to get across the bridge!" I yell, hoping that I've convinced him despite knowing that I'm a kid and that no one believes kids.. He speeds up though, we're flooring it and the evil mecha is accelerating with a huge gush of water jetting into the sky from the speed its going at. We come to the turn at the bridge, my dad does a turn and break to skid the car to a stop (no easy feat with slick of water), we bump into a side wall slightly before accelerating again. The evil mecha has arrived at the bridge and turns around to face the approaching good mecha. Our car crossing the bridge, the torrential rain pelting the roof, the huge mechas shrouded by a thin mist as they charge towards each other. Everything happens in that moment, the mechas collide as the car touches the otherside of the bridge, a huge force explodes outwards and obliterates the bridge behind us. I'm thrown out of the car as it skids to a halt by the edge of road. I fly through the air and land in the ocean, there's something else that flew out with me though and I try to swim and get it. Fuck, it's too far... There's a dinghy nearby, I'm anxious about the water depth so I swim over to it. It's almost completely submerged, but atleast I put it under me to ward any sharks away. There's a rope attached and my parents start pulling me back to shore.

      There's a minor scene change, instead of heading back to the shore I'm in the water again. My parents are in the dinghy and I swim over, my dad wants to show me what to do in this sort of situation and is being all like "Oh so just in case this ever happens to you and you're on your own I'll show you what to do". He was just inferring it was good time to practice. The dreams ends here .
    7. #243 - Tsunami and avalanche

      by , 05-15-2016 at 07:16 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was watching a commercial ad being made. We were afloat a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean, on it were 3 famous actors with abs, pearly white teeth and charismatic smiles. They magnetically attracted all these beautiful women around them (the girls were on a boat that was next to us, it was like an old frigate ship). They each chose the girl they liked the most, and in turn they would descend onto the raft to be with the man, then disappear off some where (to root). There was another man on the raft, except he wasn't famous yet. He manages to attract a girl and she descends onto the boat, they're totally going to go off and root but he falls into the water. Oh shit :/ we manage to get him back on deck but he's not breathing. I have to do CPR, ugh geeze how does this work again? There's another lady next to me who tells me to do CPR, she's all mystical and wise or something. I think she was wearing a loosely fitting dress that swayed in the wind, while having nice sandy blonde hair. I put my hands on the actors chests and push down, am I doing this right? I can feel a weird lump on his chest that really shouldn't be there. Ok... Mouth to mouth resuscitation? I try blowing air into him without blocking his nose, whoops. I try again while blocking his nose and his chest inflates, then switch back to pushing against his chest. This feels like something a professional should be doing...
      The guy coughs back to life, ejecting a rather large sponge shell out. He picks it up and says something like "uh god damn metalliferous shells". I correct him by saying "Well, actually it's carboniferous" (this is also wrong... It was calcium carbonate >_<). The girl he was going to root isn't interested anymore, they both aren't in the mood after what happened I guess. The wise woman says we should head back now, after peering behind us and seeing a tsunami O_O. She guides the raft onto a wave which we ride all the way back to shore, we can see the tsunami in the background swallowing up other people, but they look like they're fine since it only gets big near shore.

      We're back on shore now, except there's snow everywhere after a massive avalanche covered the area. I remembered something about this before we left (the dream was pretty long so I think this is true). I assumed they were looking for the actor we saved from choking so I pointed at the guy as we passed people trying to indicate that he was safe. I received a confused look, then questioned who they were looking for.. My heart dropped when I heard a voice crying 'daddy'. Next thing I heard was "I broke through!" and I sprinted over, something in the script of the dream meant that my daughter was trapped in the snow, why would I ever leave her, how could I forget? I pushed through the excavation and into the shoveled tunnel. I can see a plastic barricade they uncovered, behind it a figure walks past. What the...? There's a large cavernous and well-lit room beyond, the figure was actually a small boy. But the more I look at him, the more fucked up he appears to be. He has a cyclops face, but his eye is missing. He waddles in an odd fashion and wears a loin cloth around his waist. He's saying random and weird things too.. I push through the barricade into the room. The others would be waiting on the surface so I'll do my best on my own. I'm in the cavern now, all I want to do is save my daughter. I spot her down on the ground floor of the cavern, smashing a pot and spoon while calling out daddy to try and get people to save her. I realize that there are other children huddled together, they're cowering in fear. A sense of pride goes through me about how brave my kid is .
      I run on down, but I have to face the weird cyclops monster kid, I rationalize in my head that he's better off dead. If we let him go free he may grow into an adult and come back one day to torment us. I can't remember what happened next but I feel like two scenarios played out in my head as I woke up.
    8. #241 - Bus fight / Death

      by , 05-14-2016 at 03:35 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Bus Fight
      I remember being in the village where I live and I was on the bus with some friends. There was some kind of dickhead who was being a dick to a friend of mine, he wasn't on the bus so my friend got off and started walking to a better place to fight. The bus I was on followed them, the guy driving was a pasty white guy with glasses. We turned up at a grassy every enclosed by trees, my friend (Daniel) is fighting the other guy (who is now Johnny). Dan is a Tae Kwon Do black belt in real life, and Johnny (in my dream at least) was super buff. The bus driver steps out and is now a big black super buff guy now. He knows that a fight is unavoidable, so he smacks the two fighting and gets their attention. He says "kicks allowed only to the neck and below", asserting himself as the judge. Dan immediately launches a low kick to Johnny's knee which cracks. Johnny lets slip a yelp of pain and steps back. He's a big guy and decides he should just charge at Dan. Dan, being the comical guy he is (IRL) scuttles back super quickly while squeeling loudly, poking his tongue out and doing jazz hands. Johnny doesn't want to look 'silly' in the fight so he doesn't chase too much. I can't remember what happens next.

      Dream 2 - Death
      I recall heading out somewhere with some friends, but I hadn't had any lunch yet. The area was suburban with nice green scenery, it reminded me of Dunedin a bit. We were walking up a slope and I figured I'd ditch, I wanted to head home and eat and it looked like we weren't going to eat for a while if I stayed. I headed off back towards the house we came from at a jogging pace.

      I'm back at the house now but we're leaving in a car (me and a friend). He starts reversing but isn't paying attention, he goes too far and I start freaking out because there's a cliff behind us. "Dude, stop! Look out!" I say, he doesn't stop in time, I feel the car lurch as it slides back over the edge. Nonononononononoonononoononononoo.
      The sheer fear and panic that rose in me was enough to jump my heart to my throat, I knew it was over and that I would die. The car slipped over and started plummeting and I could see the ground racing towards me. Right before impact I woke up in a panic, it had felt TOO real.

      That dream was a bit of a reflection of me having just learnt how to drive and also the experience I had during rock climbing 2 days ago.
    9. #240 - Oh so powerful

      by , 05-10-2016 at 10:42 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Surprised how much I managed to write down in the morning.. I typed it out on my phone before I got up, it didn't feel like much to remember though. This will probably be the only way for me to write my dreams up now, since I'm rising at 5:30am and then I'm hustlin' and bustlin' around to get to work.

      I'm outside where there's green grass around, there's supposedly 3 classes (there's 3 of us). 2 of us are running around chasing the one another, they resemble Sterling and Lana from the show 'Archer'. They're just being goofy, I kind of see things in 3rd person next to the other class character. There's something about a hedge wall they're running around, it shifts and moves places which doesn't make much sense to me. I forget how, but 2 of the classes die and I'm the last one remaining. I think how silly it is, I'm not even the strongest. The other guy was super powerful and talented for his class but I ended up being the one to live (I seem to miss them or something).

      I'm in a cave now, there's a huge tombstone sized book latched across my back. I swing it off and plant it upright on the ground, then kneel before it. It has 'game-like' options displayed on it, oddly enough. Is it really a book? I'm quite powerful at this point, having gone a long way since my friends died. I'm trying to get some sort of power from here though.

      Now I'm at a place that resembles my old primary school, I'm brawling with this ginger white guy but he's not really a match for me (I don't think there's anything 'power' or 'magic' related going on either). We fight 2-3 times without really going hard enough to have a 'winner'. The guy is also a real douche, like SUPER douchey.

      I'm now in my house, just randomly sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with the door open (NO I'm not doing anything, the seats were down, I might have been brushing my teeth and too lazy to stand I think?). The mother of white ginger guy comes in, she's super hot and beautiful dark skinned woman, but a bit older than me (in her 30s I think? But still really hot). She gives me a bag of pills, it's supposed to be medicine for helping with my eating. Apparently she thought I had vomited because there was a bit of pumpkin in the sink. I have to explain to her that it was from when I rinsed my bowl, since I made a red curry with pumpkin in it (the bathroom is right next to my room, I don't do this but it's really plausible in RL). It's considerate of her to do that, she's nice. Much nicer than her douchey son. I get up and we walk out into the hallway, we're talking by my room and I kind of head her in there. She's in the doorway in front of me (I'm still in the hallway). I say how it's kind of her to give those to me, then say "But I'd much rather have you". She gets all bashful and blushes, I lead her further into my room intending to tease her. There's people in the house and it's broad daylight and we know we really SHOULDN'T, but it feels naughty . I start kissing her, we're in my room now and the door is wide open. We're still safe since I can't hear anyone down this end of the house. I sit on the bed and pull her onto my lap so she's riding. Kissing her again, she turns away shyly so I can't see her blushing. I make her turn back look at me, she's really pretty. We start having sex *somehow* through our clothes, enough to make us really want it but we have to stop before someone passes by. I then wake up.

      Sooo yeah, from goofy start to adventure, street brawling and sexy time. Twas good.
    10. #226 - Magic world

      by , 04-11-2016 at 11:24 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Last nights dreams were pretty awesome but I had to get up early and then had a pretty shitty day. Still, I wanted to write this up since it was so cool. I would have been able to write more if I had been able to do it in the morning but oh well.

      I was in a world with magic and stuff, it was pretty mind-blowing.. Around me is a forest full of glowing fauna and flora, it's sort of a high-fantasy realm or something. There is a couple other people I think, and you can travel to this magic world by a portal using certain magic items. I've got a couple and I share them so that me and the other people can travel to the other world. I think I go there twice in the dream, the first time I recall being chased by a bear-like magic beast that was indigenous to the area. The second time was the time I remember properly and was when I brought the other people with me. I gave one a nut (as in a nut and bolt) and I had one too, except mine had another ornament in the centre. In the (somewhat ordinary though still slightly glowing) forest, we walk up to these 2 stone marks on the ground and the nuts activate, teleporting us to the magic world. When we arrived we got chased by a few monster animals, I decided not to kill them, thinking it'd just be easier to take my friend(?) to a safer area. We sprinted through the forest and ended up at the safe zone. I have a feeling it might have been a colossal sized tree with a grassy area around it.

      There were other dreams I had last night which were awesome, and another hyper-realistic dream I had during the day today. I've been napping most days for about a week or so now, which is really unusual for me.
    11. #216 - Are you my dream guide?

      by , 03-24-2016 at 11:33 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Another lucid there was more to the dream prior to getting lucid but there wasn't much. Last night I meditated for 10 minutes and had a more realization about how being too tired before going to sleep can reduce the chances of me getting lucid. So when I stay up for another 20 minutes and then feel really tired and 'ready' to sleep, I find it harder to dream journal or wake up during the night for LD practices. I decided that this probably affected how tired I am when I do my WBTB, and that I should extend my WBTB's. During my WBTB this morning I did the usual toilet run and mirror RC and then came back to bed and started reading my book. The following lucid was actually 1 of my best in terms of stability and control, while also being able to properly remember dream tasks.

      I'm walking home from the village, I've already passed the school and I'm pretty close. The road is the usual unlaned p.o.s. that it is, with the boughs of manuka trees arching overhead forming a sort of tree cathedral. It's quite a sunny day, there isn't much going on. I start realizing that this is a dream, I decide to stabilize myself and feel the sensation of touch. Being able to feel my dream body so clearly tethers me there and stabilizes, but I notice that the world around me darkens. Fuzz. I need it to be light! What makes things light? Fire!
      I start focusing on creating fire with my mind, but it's weird.. This is one of those dreams where the world is down-to-earth and things like flying are difficult. I point the palms of my hands at each other and will there to be a spark of fire, but there's nothing..
      A blanket of darkness covers everything now, but I spot a couple street lights in the background of the dream. I have a certain understanding that if I can position my hands looking up
      at the light then I can trick the dream into thinking it's a fire spark. Doing this the palms of my hands suddenly have a ball of fire growing between them. I lift it up and throw it onto the tree above, it slowly spreads and the world around me begins to brighten with the flickering tongues of flame.
      The dream stabilizes once more, I focus on my body now and maintain the sense in the back of my mind so I don't wake up. It's properly night time now and I decide on doing the TotM
      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I shout out to the world, I start heading back down the road towards the village.
      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I continue to hail, above the power lines crossing the street I spot a flying batlike demon. Blagh, no thanks. I keep moving on until I see the group of people that I had seen earlier on in the dream (before I got lucid I passed them on my way home). I spot a very pretty blonde, I approach her and say "are you my dream guide?"
      "no" she says, "But would you like to come with me?" a coquettish smile on her face. For a moment I feel the full of caveman mode, but say "no thanks" and leave. About 20 metres later I've passed the school and reached the end of the road, leading to the roundabout by the village. I spot another cute blonde (what's with me and blondes lately?) and think that she probably isn't my dream guide. Butttt... She's cute. I decide to go after her and ask anyway

      It was about here that I woke up.
    12. #209 - War / Cops / Ancient tortoises

      by , 03-13-2016 at 07:45 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - War
      The context of the dream was that we were in the Middle Earth universe and there were elves who refused to help the mortal races or something.
      A female elf similar to Arwen had joined Rohan's side in a skirmish to convince her father, the elven king of (Mirkwood maybe?) to join their side. I remember a huge amount of mounted horsemen charging forward, lead by the elf girl, for some reason we were absolutely thrashing the elves and storming through them. There was another elf on our side and he somewhat resembled Legolas. They began to route and after continuing to chase them the only one left was the elf king. He reached the forest edge with the Rohirrim right behind him and started skirting the forest instead of going into it. The reason was because soldiers began to emerge from behind the trees, and at this point I remembered that we had established reinforcements in the forest to ambush the elves. From the group of horsemen in pursuit of the king, the elf girl shot out on a white horse really fast. As an elf she is supposedly meant to be really fast on horses or something . She dismounted the king but he continued to fight, that male elf leapt after him and began freezing his legs with a stream of ice magic. The king was resistant to magic and the ice was rapidly thawing, though it still slowed him enough for someone to grab him. The king continued to resist, his elven pride relentless, and then I woke up .

      Dream 2 - Cops
      Spoiler for Warning, R18(ish) content!:

      Dreams 3 - Ancient tortoises
      I was somewhere with a small fungi-covered tortoise that could talk, we were outside and the scenery was bland. There was some dream-context to this, we were meditating to reach some sort of state or possibly just a certain age. The tortoise left at one point to head to the place where all the ancient tortoises go when they've reached that 'level'. I think I headed there with him, but my memory gets a little confused here.
      I'm at the place where tortoises go, but only when I get there do I actually know that it's the place where tortoises go. I look around and realize that what at first look like a green-fungi ridden stone was actually another ancient tortoise.
      "That must be your dad?" I asked the tortoise.
      "No, that's my wife. She did get to meet my dad before moving here though" the tortoise replied, I guess that means that his wife is a bit older than him?
      Looking around I can spot about 5 more tortoises sitting still. The scenery is like a desert, there's a palm tree in front of me and some small green tussocks of grass that are around too. It looks like the Sahara meets Tropical rain forest, though with more sand? The reason the tortoises come here is because of the old man sitting cross-legged near the palm tree on a little sandy slope. His hair is white and his skin is a deep tan. He's really old and looks quite withered, I know that he wouldn't respond if I tried to get his attention and for some reason I the thought of even talking to him doesn't seem possible anyways. Like he was god or something?
      The confusing part in my memory is that now I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing the journey towards where the tortoise and I were heading. The tortoise isn't there this time, and I'm walking through jungle that has some sand scattered on the ground here and there.. There's maybe 2 other people with me as well. The jungle is really dangerous, everything seems alive and at one point a plant opened up revealing these thin long vines with little sharp jaws at the ends, I clambered away from it as it tried to nip me. Straight after I looked up a slope to where we needed to go, just beyond would be the end. I remember seeing 'me' climb it, but from 3rd-person. At the top was a wooden log and I fell on my ass for some reason, only to have a GIANT python land next to me! I clambered up over the log and ran for it. The python didn't even bother noticing me .
    13. #200 + #201

      by , 02-14-2016 at 11:53 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      What an awesome dream to have on my 200th DJ, it was really stable and quite long. I entered that old 'cave-man mode' once I couldn't think of anything to really do.

      #200 - Telekinesis is a wonderful power
      I was in a hallway during day time, I followed the hallway until it led me to the back entrance of the building I was in. Ahead of me was a kid, I don't think we were supposed to be there since there was a wedding event going on or something and only the staff were allowed back here. A waiter comes out the back in the standard dark trousers, dress shirt and lower waist apron. I wrap an invisibility cloak around me and the kid, the waiter is suspicious though and gets some dust to blow into the air. He's trying to detect us, we hold our breath until he gives up and leaves. Phew!
      I talk to the kid a bit about how invisible people can be really difficult to fight, "I'll teach you a spell just incase you need to use it on invisible people" I say. I raise my wand (where did I get this?) "Ignitus!" I say with force, a bright blue flash radiates out in a delicate fashion, I show him twice I think. I talk about how invisibility is easily countered otherwise it'd be a real pain to deal with, many mages have come up with ways of dealing with people who use it, the spell I taught him is just one of many. I think I walk outside a bit and sit on the grass, there's a gravel driveway for cars to come up to the building nearby. I turn around and head up to the entrance to the building, as I go inside I notice that it's night time.
      I'm aware enough to become lucid and I turn around and head back outside. I'm in a botanical garden with the sky dark above me, there's some white-lighting from a lamp in the garden. I decide to give telekinesis a go for the dream challenge me and Emnition have going. I look to the side and see four chairs lined up (I assume they were for the aforementioned wedding gig), raising my hand I will them to lift up... Obediently they all fly up a metre of the ground, I'm a little amazed at how natural it feels and how stable the dream is. I swiftly swing my arm left, hurling the chairs with an intense force directly into the brick walls of the building I came from. Next I look at 2 nearby large green rubbish bins, raising both hands they rise before me.. I scrunch my hands into fists and the bins crumple and compact. I release them and they fall to the ground as a plastic heap .
      Next I look at a wooden park bench + table nearby, once again I telekinetically lift the object. This time I want to rip it in half. Using both my hands I make a ripping motion, but instead of getting torn in two the bench has this strange glitch effect. The two halves I intended to split kind of rolled outwardly without separating or tearing in any fashion. Bah, whatever. I decide to move on from telekinesis and find something else to do in the dream, it's been going for at least a minute already and is quite stable, though not the most exceptionally vivid (still really good though). I decide to try summon my first ex girlfriend, intending to complete that old dream goal which I no longer care about (though at this point in time I thought I did). I call her name and walk around the edge of the botanical garden, I round a corner expecting her to be there but no luck. I try again, calling her name twice more before rounding the other corner. I see a figure up ahead, success! I run on up to her, her back is facing me. I swivel her around and start flirting + kissing, she's really receptive and things progress instantly Things got sexual pretty quick as cave-man mode consumed me, it was a little more vivid at this point which is great for obvious reasons unfortunately like in most sex-dreams I woke up before getting properly satisfied.

      Dream 1 - Candy store lucid
      It's night time and I'm in a small well-lit candy store. I turn to my right to see my friend Daniel and his gf Josie bouncing around in an action that looks like they were having sex. They weren't, thankfully, otherwise I would have felt pretty awkward. Apparently it was some new dance craze O_O I head over and start talking with them, there's so much candy around us. I think Josie and Daniel both work here since they're behind the counter. I seem to realize that I'm dreaming, upon this realization the dreamscape changes dramatically but I don't even notice. The light in the room goes out and beside me is a cute chick but she isn't very busty. I'm pretty much in cave-man mode as I instantly decide that I want her, since it's a dream I decide to enhance her bust with my omnipotent dream potential, I place my right hand on her left breast and will it grow . Unfortunately the dream wasn't particularly vivid or stable, I had intended for both breasts to become really nice but instead only one grew... And pretty weirdly. It kind of just shot out, it was longer and harder than it should have been. I became aware of how dark the room actually was and looked up at the the girls face, she really is quite skinny. There's a certain evil feeling coming out of the dream that I tuned into."Ugh, well if I get her other boob to grow then take her shirt off I can just rely on the dream to correct the weirdness" is what I thought. But before I could give it a go I ended up 'waking up'. In real life I was lying on the couch and when I woke up I was the wrong way round, I had this feeling that I was drooling intensely and was slobbering everywhere. I then checked my phone and saw a message from my ex saying "Hey! Hows it going? I really love you and your fossilized wood stuff ..." there was more to the text but I can't remember it. I had told her about all the fossil wood and stuff I had found on my recent trip, which is actually true in real life. But I stopped as I read it and was like "Uhhh what?! O_O", I was confused about why she would say 'I love you' in that sentence and found it a little inappropriate. I had a feeling that she meant it as a friend but it still felt weird, I didn't manage to click to the fact that it was a dream.

      Dream 2 - Baby crazy
      I remember looking after my daughter, she was just wandering around in my parents house and it was when she was quite a bit younger than she is now. We entered the kitchen and I was practically hover handing to make sure she didn't fall over, she wandered into the kitchen cupboard and my mum came in and distracted me somehow. I was really annoyed because it was somehow inconsiderate and I wasn't able to talk with her because I had to look after my daughter. I turned back to look at my daughter but she was gone. I instantly freaked out and we started looking for her, at this point I looked around at my surroundings and saw my cat Peaches lounging around, as I looked around I kept seeing lots of her. I rounded the corner and looked down the stairs fearing that my daughter had fallen... I was really scared. I look down and saw at the bottom of the stairs... My cat peaches O_O. Lying on top of another Peaches, there were so versions of my cat.

      I woke up and next to me was my cat sitting there sleeping...

      Dream 3 - Old friend
      I must have had a dream much earlier on in the night where I had discovered my friend Aaron, it was insinuated somehow that he was dead and I made a burial for him (thought there was no body I think).

      I'm in an institute in what I think is post-apocalyptic (non-zombie, possibly nuclear). It was a concrete facility at the bottom of a deep crater. I have a feeling there was a water on one side. I can't recall what I did while I was inside this facility but I remember that there was a doctor who decided to break the rules and tell my I had to GTFO. He punched a button and sprinted, dragging me and throwing me through an opening outside, then jumped to follow. A door slammed down behind us and we high tailed the hell out of there, it was really intense. I think they were planning on capturing me unawares and using me as a guinea pig (I have a feeling they experimented on lots of animals too). We made it to the top of the crater and sat side by side... It was a calm moment, the person next to me was no longer that doctor, but instead it was Aaron. We talked, I hadn't seen him in so long. Then it dawned on me... And I punch him really hard. "I thought you were dead!!" Tears instantly start flowing and I'm consumed by this extreme sadness, I'm holding him with one hand while the other is on the ground keeping me stable during my emotional fit.
      I wake up, a little stunned by the intensity of the dream.
    14. #197 - When I get that feeeeling / Shark and poison

      by , 02-01-2016 at 10:14 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I had two lucids last night, the only thing I did different was meditating for 30 minutes before bed.

      Dream 1 - When I get that feeeeling
      This dream was pretty long, so there's a big segment from the beginning which I forgot

      Me and a friend and I think possibly a couple others have screwed up a heist during the night or something. The building we're in is the typical giant company building with glass windows, very modern and clean looking. We make a plan to place the blame on one of the members and then safely get him away, for some reason the name Todd comes to mind. We place some stuff from what I think may have come from a dead security guard (which may be why we're in trouble) into a giant pebble bowl which has a large stone statue of a man in the centre (about 2m high). Morning comes and we're all prepared, the building we're in starts busying up. We pretend to find the stuff in the pebble bowl and the blame gets put on Todd. Poor Todd :/ but we planned for this, he's the scapegoat with a getaway car. I remember some vague understanding that we had prepared a helicopter to come pick him up, but we also prepared some other surprises for the cops. Todd gets put in cuffs and is escorted behind me with two security guards at his side. I remember looking back and seeing him as we continued to the back of the building where the cops were waiting. Todd grabbed a huge platter of food which was being carried by a waiter and wrestled for it, trying to stall for time so the plan would have a chance. He does this to two different waiters. As we make it outside it's time to activate the plan, we see two men on a bridge nearby who get sniped with tranquilizer and then jets fly over bombing them. The two security guards behind me get knocked out (I forget how) and a black helicopter swoops down. I'm now 'Todd' and I leap up into the helicopter. Hell yeah lets go!

      Me and a dark skinned man are flying away in the helicopter, at some point the dream transitions to us driving a red car on the road. We're going downhill and I see Zeph walking uphill on the pavement. The guy next to me yells out "Chocolate!!" to him as we pass by. This triggers memory of this having happened already in the dream, I ask the guy what he means by yelling chocolate. He explains that it's to do with how his grandpa on his deathbed had a final wish, it was a block of chocolate. Then apparently Zeph said that on his deathbed he'd like the same thing.
      The guy next to me driving the car is now a skinny redneck man with a moustache. Hmm, odd. He starts talking about how the ladies don't want him because he's older and no longer has that 'sex appeal' or something.
      I realize I'm dreaming, but I'm surprised the dream is so stable upon this realization. I decide to go with the flow of the dream since the guy next to me is really dropping some passionate feels about how ugly he is. I look away and look back at him, wow he's uglier now. Half his mouth swollen, oh my god that's gross O_O. He says "my face just doesn't have that sexual healing factor". I instantly think about the song, the car stops as we arrive at our destination and I hop out. "it's that feeling which gives me sexual healing" I sing loudly.
      "Oh wait, that's not how it goes.. Ah!" I say to myself, but also to the moustache guy as if I was asking him. I remember how it goes now.
      "When I get that feeeling, I need, sexual healinignggngngg!" me and the moustache guy sing really loudly in sync, I really exaggerated the end of it too I know that I can't sing for shit and I wondered if I was singing in my bed as this was happening. Felt pretty good though .
      We're walking forward, we're at the skytower (although it doesn't look like the skytower). I decide it's time to ditch this moustachio and enjoy the lucid. I start by running and jumping a few metres high, touching a part of the skytower above me. Damn this is stable, I had a feeling that 'reality checking' may only destabilize the dream, like becoming too aware will wake me up. I couldn't think of anything to do though, so I decided I'd jump to the top of the skytower. I jump on top of the ceiling part which I touched before and look up. Wow, so high, it's completely shrouded by clouds. I crouch down, knowing that I'll have to charge up to jump really high or fly. Just as I was about to jump I wake up though .

      Dream 2 - Shark and poison
      I'm at home and my brother comes over. I decide it's time to move out, me and my cat leave to a trailer park place where I plan to live now. It's apparently a cult or something though, I remember being in water (like a swimming pool, but also the ocean). There's sharks swimming around so I hop out of the pool, damn sharks are scary. I'm in a fancy mansion house that the cult leader owns, I know that they're going to try poison me. The lady tries to jab a needle of poison into me but I keep dodging, she then gets a 4-barrel sawn-off shotgun poison shooter thing... It fires right at me and I try to dodge it but I think it got me. I run like hell, on the way I see my cat, she's been poisoned. I pick her and her body is limp but she's still alive, there's still a chance to save her. I'm outside running down the road, I see a person from high school and his older sister jogging together, I think they're a part of the cult but they're not after me. I see a random guy on the street and I run up to him. I tell him that he needs to look after the kids in that building (I point up towards the mansion, it seems different some how).

      The scene transitions, wasn't I poisoned? I'm surprised how resilient I am to its effects. I'm drunk in an apartment now with my ex girlfriend, I now realize that I'm not drunk though... It's the poison and I'm dying. I go into the bathroom and vomit blue (apparently from a blueberry smoothie). My ex comes in, we share a moment and kiss. It's actually pretty gross though, she now has blue on her mouth (wow that really is gross O_O). If we're going to kiss I should wash my mouth first,
      I look into the mirror above the sink and realize I'm dreaming, I go to wash the vomit out of my mouth. I look back up at the mirror and realize that the wax has gone funny on my braces. I fiddle around with it for a while but it's really soft and not the consistency + texture it should be. Argh I'm wasting my time, I'm dreaming so I should do something. I then wake up. damn it..
    15. #186 - Skiing / The Orb Apocalypse

      by , 01-14-2016 at 04:55 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Feeling tired as hell today and only just managed to start writing this up.. >_<

      Dream 1 - Skiing
      I remember being on a tall snowy mountain, me and another person had been airlifted to the stop and skied down it. It was pretty cool, I remember about halfway down there was a sort of plateau where we slowed down. I think we talked a bit and then continued, then backtracked and went a different way. I can't remember why we backtracked or what we talked about.

      Dream 2 - The Orb Apocalypse
      I remember there being an apocalypse of some sort (not zombies for once! ) and me and a bunch of other people headed south. We arrived at a special city which had a huge tower that shielded it. In this city there was an award giving ceremony for our people. There were 2 rooms where these awards were given out inside a large stone building (it was a bit smashed up from the apocalypse though). In the room I was in I was pretty bored, I wanted to leave and when there was a short break in the ceremony I decided to leave, despite knowing that I was going to be getting an award in the second half. I exited the main doors and saw across the hall the other award ceremony room. I think I saw someone familiar getting an award but decided to continue outside. It was such a nice bright sunny day in this slightly run down post-apocalyptic abandoned city . I looked up at the shield tower protecting the city, hmmm... It's.. Not on? Or is it? I notice 2 of the elder mages/warriors talking to each other (one teleported to the other to start the talk) and they were talking about how the tower wasn't working. Oh shit, it's collapsing! It happens too fast, it falls onto the two elders who were talking. As the tower hits the ground it creates a rupture in the souls of the two, converting them into orbs of electric energy that are 'absorbed' by an explosion that progresses out from the tower. There's a swarm of orbs that streams across the sky at the now vulnerable city, they coil into a snake-like shape (and I think I even see the orbs turn into snakes) as they attack the denizens in the city. This city is lost, I have to escape now.

      Some time later on I'm in a large grass field, I forgot the more important part of this... But I remember the ending . It seems that I'm with a group of people and we just defeated some evil thing (maybe the orbs) and the apocalypse is over. We talk amongst ourselves and share a laugh. We call over a few horses and a lion to ride, I think I ride the lion? We then ride off into the sunset in a pretty cliche movie way.

      This dream had a similar world to the dream I had during my nap yesterday, in which I was able to stay in the dream even when I was awake and rolling around in my bed - and when I fell back asleep I'd still be in the same dream world. I've been pretty interested in creating a permanent dream world so the experience is pretty interesting to have it recur the way it did.
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