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    1. #221: Gojek gone wrong / Uber / Mall chase

      by , 12-02-2016 at 12:33 PM
      Gojek gone wrong
      Im in a shop, together with the gojek driver that took me here. Hes asking me to pay for my ride. What? No, Im using go-pay, so its handled automatically. He informs me that theres an issue and shows me his phone. The ride was only supposed to be Rp. 4.000, but somehow the price changed to around Rp. 70.000 and I'm now significantly in the minus. I'm discussing the matter with the driver, though I'm not certain whether it's in English or in Indonesian. I use my phone as well to check up on my account. My battery is nearly empty though and I don't have a charger with me. Perhaps I could borrow one from this store without actually having to buy it? I'm in the Hema. I realise that I have a cable from this store myself.

      I'm with Caro and I believe Cam. We enter a car. Caro is the one driving. We're driving on the left side of the road. Considering that she is not used to this, I think Caro is doing a pretty good job. She is working for Uber right now, performing the same function as Rei. She says she is filling in for.. Emily(?) today. She also has a laptop with her in the car. She is wearing something of a vest that has Uber written on it. She decides to take it off, because Uber might not be allowed here. She makes a u-turn to take us back to our starting point. After going straight for a while, she overshoots and needs to make another u-turn. I tell her she did a great job driving. Just make less u-turns. She doesn't look very pleased at me.

      Mall chase
      The feeling of this dream is very unpleasant. I'm in a mall in Kuala Lumpur. I'm buying something from a food vendor, but he rips me off. I don't get what I paid for. I try to get my money back, but that's not happening. I end up using physical force. I think I give the guy a shove. I quickly realise my mistake and make a run for it. A girl comes after me. She's not chasing me very fast, but she is following me everywhere I go. It's intimidating and I need to get away from her. At the end I consider that my only option is to get out of this mall. Take the LRT to Chinatown.
    2. #208: Fragments

      by , 09-09-2016 at 03:43 AM
      I'm a spectator. I see the tarmac of an airport from the side. Meanwhile I hear an explanation being given. There's a sort of rocket ship, with a plane attached on top of it. It's taking off, but at a slow pace. The explanation is that the Dutch rapper Sevn Alias has funded/invented this. It allows for a plane to take off cheaper and faster than with the currently accepted method. The rocket ship flies slowly above water, to my surprise dives in, resurfaces and then the plane detaches and takes off. The rocket ship stays put for a bit, before flying back, using vertical thrusters. That was.. an usual way to take off. Also, is Sevn Alias really already that rich that he can afford this?!

      This dream is all over the place. I'm near an airport and see an Indonesian girl working at an office. She's not satisfied with her job, because her boss gave a crazy assignment. She has to write a certain number of pages on a topic, which she considers a crazy amount. She is wearing a black skirt and a striped shirt. The office is open, as in no walls. Somehow the info reaches me that I will be taking a trip to Maluku. I think it's business, because it will be paid for. I look up flight information. The quickest flight has 1 stopover. The total flight time is 24 hours. What the hell?! It's quicker to fly back to the Netherlands. Also I think I will shit my pants if I have to fly for 24 hours, considering Indonesia's poor safety record.

      I'm sitting in my dormitory living room, together with a few guys. We're eating grapes. I take 3, one of them smaller than the other two. I start juggling them, to the amusement of the other guys.

      I'm in a street in the Netherlands. I'm in the old car of my ex' brother. I'm not sure what I did exactly anymore. Park it all over the place?

      It's night and I'm with my cousin and my little brother. My brother and I are inside a vehicle that's seems like a crossover between a double decker bus and a rolling restaurant. Downstairs is the 'restaurant' section, upstairs I think the bedrooms and what not. I've pretty much locked up for the night. My cousin shows up. We talk for a while. He's planning to go somewhere. I think I tell him to be responsible and don't stay out too late, or something along those lines. At the end of the dream the vehicle is out of control. It keeps moving down the street towards an intersection and no matter how hard I try to break, it keeps going. Eventually we collide with a car. Fuck.

      If I dream about cars they rarely/never seem to have functional brakes.
    3. #177: Faulty brake / Break out

      by , 07-13-2016 at 03:32 AM
      Faulty brake
      It's daytime. I'm driving a car in what seems to be the Netherlands. The steering wheel is on the left side. I think it is my mom's car. I enter a street with a dead end and some parking spots on both side of it. There's a supermarket here. I try to park for what feels like 5 minutes, just failing and failing. First I use the sidewalk to get past 2 cars which are blocking the street. I find some parking spots, but they're all marked with blue lines and a wheel chair. Handicapped spots. Damn. At one point I consider just standing on the spot for a moment, cause it's just going so ridiculously bad. I go back a bit down the street again and find some parallel parking spots. There's 3 in a row, all empty. I try to park, but even here I mess up. I can't get it between the lines. I use the handbrake and the footbrake at the same time, yet the car keeps moving. Eventually it just moves all the way backwards into a container or something, coming to a standstill. While it was moving backwards I realised that this is too messed up to be real. Plus, a car with faulty brakes has happened more often in my dreams. I don't even care what happens to the car anymore. I focus on pushing the index finger of my right hand through my left hand. There's one second where nothing happens and then it suddenly sinks in. Cool! The tip of my index finger emerges on the other side and I wiggle it a bit. I'm not sure if I should keep it there to make it easier to remain stable, or if I should move it out again. I do the latter. This is the first moment that I become aware of the car radio playing music. I make a gesture with my right hand to turn off the sound and it works. Sweet! Now, to summon a fireball to win my bet with werty52. I become anxious for a few seconds at most and suddenly I'm awake in my bed. I didn't RC to check if it was a FA.

      I used to push my finger from my left hand into my right hand. I switched it the other way around about 4 days ago.
      My bet with werty52 is actually to conjure up a waterball.

      I'm in front of a hospital or something. I just arrived by car. There's someone else with me. My mom? I'm supposed to see the doctor, but I can't recall why. There's a railing in front of the hospital and I decide to bust some parkour moves. I do a few vaults, one of them going ridiculously bad. Guess my muscle memory has 'forgotten' these moves, cause I haven't done it in so long. I should practice them again. Not now though.

      There's a very trippy fragment from something happening out in the universe. Two of my friends / people I was with had to kill themselves to go back to the normal dimension.

      Break out
      I'm inside a police station. We've just been arrested for.. dunno. We're in a group. The woman in our group gets escorted to a cell with a glass door that says VIP and looks freaking fancy. Damn. She's escorted by a female cop (wearing a hijab I think and middle eastern style outfit). They start struggling as the woman tries to escape. In the end we all break out. I go by every door, checking if there's someone who might go after us. I have a gun.. a gas gun (or something). It's supposed to knock people out, but it doesn't do much. I still use it anyway. There's only one person in one of the rooms who I know. Kristen, my classmate. I ask her if she will snitch on me. She says she has no clue where I'm going cause we never hang out, cause she thinks I'm crazy and this just proves it. Thanks! She knows exactly where I'll go. Indonesia. I give her a quick hug and run out. We've only got half the crew assembled, cause the other half didn't get arrested. We need to get to them. Someone wants to make a call to them. I tell him not to, cause it may be traced. We walk for a bit (not the mad dash you'd expect from having just escaped police custody). We end up passing my old high school. Two police cars and a third, not police car but looking official, pass by. I turn my head and pretend to be talking to my friends. One of them tells me that I can tell the story that I was trying to tell. As soon as the cars have passed I explain that I didn't have shit to tell. I just wanted to hide my face from the cops. Let's get to the rest of the crew. It's my cousin, her husband and kids.. and an old man.
    4. #154: Class / beat down

      by , 06-08-2016 at 04:43 AM
      The seating arrangement feels as if Im in a classroom. There are perhaps 3 long rows of seats. The topic is renewable materials and questions arise regarding the recall of a specific phone and the reuse of the materials. At one point I feel like the questions are getting way too specific about this phone. This is not anything academic anymore.

      Beat down
      Im in a car, together with another person, a woman I think. It may have been my mom. We enter a parking garage and drive towards a higher floor. There we witness a guy on the ground who looks as if he had just gotten a beating by the group of guys standing next to him. One guy and one girl seem to be the leader behind this. At first I want to intervene. Then I consider two things: 1) maybe the guy got a beating because he sexually harassed the girl; 2) Im severely outnumbered.
      Tags: car, university
    5. #132: Every man's dream / Graceful crash

      by , 04-25-2016 at 06:44 AM
      Bed time: 23.00
      Get up: 07.00

      Every man's dream
      I'm in the living room at my mom's house, close to the door to the kitchen. In reality there's a table positioned on the spot where I'm standing. I'm with my girlfriend, who is standing right in front of me, facing me. To her left (from my point of view) is another girl that I don't recognise. Then the best thing that can ever happen to a man happens

      Graceful crash
      I'm with a group of about 10 people, I think most of them family members. We're about to get into 2 cars. One of them is my mom's boyfriend's, the other my mom's. There's a pile-up of people in my mom's boyfriend's car. My cousin, my mom and I decide to take her car. I think it is my mom who mentions something about being fucked if the police passes by. We turn onto a highway. There's a building standing right next to the highway, just about positioned against it. My mom thinks the exit ramp should be around this point and starts going to the right. My cousin and I both warn her not to go.. and we're flying. There's no exit ramp. We're just falling to the ground. I brace myself. The impact is surprisingly low. We continue our way through a lot of smaller streets. I ask my mom if we can please just for once stop using the navigation system that her boyfriend has given her, cause it messes with us every single time. She finally agrees and asks me for my navigation (Google Maps on my phone). The display is totally different from reality though.

      I'm standing outside in a parking lot. It's dark. I'm with some people, though I can't remember who. There's something going on that has to do with Mexico. Cinco de mayo perhaps? At some point there's a lot of fireworks coming from a building. I think our intent was to fuck up the people who were inside it and this was how.
    6. #127: Moves / more moves

      by , 04-16-2016 at 06:12 AM
      I'm at a sort of apartment complex. The scene is about two students, a m/f couple. They're about 24 years old and the girl is pregnant. It feels as if there's a television programme being made about it. The white male presenter mentions something about that they're at least still getting free money (student aid). I don't like the comment. We don't know for sure that they do and it's wrong to pretend as if they will use it all on the baby in a irresponsible manner.

      There's a hallway / stairway leading to the 3rd floor. I go up and on my way say bye to the pregnant girl, who is walking down. She still has a flat stomach, so she's probably not far along. I look at her for a moment, but not too long cause I know my girlfriend is close. I reach the 3rd floor. There are a lot of people partying and there's music. I'm in Miami. There's a fence / railing in my way, so I go over it with a front handspring, with my hands on the bar. In the process I drop a small white towel on the ground, which I pick up. I see my girlfriend [who doesn't resemble my real life girlfriend]. She's smiling at me and I smile back. I feel good about myself for being able to do that move and I think she may be a little proud as well. She's dancing and just in front of her is a girl dancing with her pants a little too low. You can see some buttcrack. I continue my way. There's another railing which I pass significantly less elegant. I place my hands on it and jump with my legs extended to the left. My bad side. I pass it though. My friend in the mean time (I think it was Irli) takes a small run up and does a backflip so far that he just disappears behind a pillar a few metres away. What the hell?! That was insanely awesome.

      More moves
      I'm at my old elementary school. The buildings look more like what it was like when I still went there. I'm standing outside the building that was meant for the 3rd grade. My little brother and his friend Tony are hanging around there. I'm assuming they might get into some trouble at some point. I'm here to practice my parkour skills. I attempt different ways to climb up onto the roof of this building. There is one route that forces me to be careful because of two rows of spikes. There's another route where I first have to jump towards an emergency ladder and can then climb onto the roof. I practice jump that one, first practising what I will do in case I don't make it. I jump below below the ladder, land on the ground and roll away. I'm a bit scared of this one because it's similar to how I ended up messing up my knee in reality. I do it and manage to succeed.

      Other dreams I had were about my housemate tricking me into playing League of Legends and me not wanting to, having sex with a girl who I assume to be Japanese (all I know for certain is that she was Asian), playing a game of tic-tac which evolves into chess, moving to a city at the very edge of the country and driving a car on the highway (with my mom?).
    7. #105: Fragments

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:24 AM
      > There's an action scene going on. It may have been with Bruce Willis. He and two others have crammed themselves into 1 F1 car and are fleeing from some dictator or something. The type of car alternates. At one point he's at a provincial road with a type of farmer pickup truck, with a tank approaching from another direction. I think about how this would be so much easier with a superfast car such as a Bugatti and voila, it happens. In the end he returns to the racing track, where two guys who are on his side are waiting for him.

      > In a forest with some people, including my cousin. He's picking red berries?

      > There's a conversation going on about Jackie Chan. It's about how he is very muscled, but also very short. For stunts involving gymnastics equipment a quite tall white guy comes in to check everything. Instead of using adult equipment, he'll use equipment for the age category 9 - 13 (or something along those lines).

      > Fairly certain there was something that involved a train, but can't remember what.

      > I have a new phone. It runs on Android. I like the functionality of it, but I'm still on the fence about the look. It's like it isn't entirely finished.

      > I'm playing/seeing a game that in terms of graphics looks like the Pokmon games from when I still played them. I notice something odd, but it doesn't trigger a response from me.
    8. #96: Highway

      by , 02-19-2016 at 07:19 AM
      I'm driving a car in the Netherlands, somewhere at the edge of Amsterdam, going up to a highway. It's starting to rain quite heavily. I swerve a little bit because I wanted to move right towards the run up a bit too early, crossing a line. I move back to my own lane but a few seconds later I already have to move right again to go onto the highway. At first everything is fine, but then there is oncoming traffic. I appear to be headed in the opposite direction, though it doesn't cross my mind that it's my wrong doing. I stay on the left side, as the approaching vehicles are using the right lanes.

      > I'm with a group of people. We seem to all be sitting on a bunkbed. Someone is standing in front of it and is asking us a question as if this was a lecture. It's about the warning system for extreme weather. No one seems to know the answer. I know I know the answer, but I can't think of the correct word in English for the name of the system, though I know its workings. Matter of fact, I can't even think of the correct name in Dutch.

      > There's something with a sort of library where I stayed for a few hours. I walk out of there, laptop in hand, but I gotta pay a type of parking fee. That fee seems to be in the range of 80 - 90 something (not sure which currency). It's a really high amount.
    9. #78: Arrow rain

      by , 01-26-2016 at 08:44 AM
      I think I went to bed around 23:30 last night. Woke up several times around 08:00 and it's now 08:30

      Arrow rain
      I'm outside during daytime. I think I'm out in the woods or something alike. There is a battle going on in which I'm involved. It's with old weapons, such as spears. My group is somewhat surounded by another group, but we're doing alright. I'm keeping guard on one side to make sure that no more hostile troops enter the area. In the distance I see a third party coming up. I warn a woman that is fighting along my side. It's a bunch of samurai. They unleash an enormous amount of arrows. I take cover. I'm lying on the ground somewhere, hands over my head and still not feeling safe. I take out my two swords, but that doesn't do me any good. It later turns out that the leader of the group of samurai is a guy that is on our side. He nearly got me killed though...

      I'm with the ex-girlfriend of my housemate. She's lying a bit balled up on a couch. We're talking and she tries to flirt with me and even make a move. I don't think I allow anything to happen though.

      I'm in the toilet at my mom's house. The tap is slanted towards the left. It just does that. It follows the gravity of the Earth, so in the morning it's slanted to the right and in the evening to the left.

      Harvey Spectre from the series Suits is giving an explanation about tar sands. He drops a few names in the Netherlands, but also one in Indonesia, despite these tar fields being right next to one another.

      I'm driving a car on a road outside an urban area. I pass two cars who seem to have gotten into an accident. The front one is a car2go.
    10. #71: Fragments

      by , 01-19-2016 at 09:03 AM
      I think I went to bed around 23:30. I woke up around 08:00 and it's now 09:00. Really didn't wanna get up!
      All I remember now are some fragments

      I'm driving the moped that I don't have anymore in a town close to the city where my mom lives. It's already dark out and the moped doesn't have any lights. A police car with sirens comes up to me to stop me. I talk with the police officer for a while. He didn't only stop me for having no lights, but also for going through the intersections without slowing down. My counter argument is that I had right of way.

      I'm in my mom's kitchen, doing some of the dishes for the neighbour, a white male. Near the end of it I feel like I am doing way too many dishes, considering how little time I spent here. I take a small cake that's wrapped in peppermint wrap and walk out the kitchen.

      I'm driving my mom's new car on the highway. It's pretty deserted, save for a truck which is standing still across multiple lanes in a tunnel. I try to manouvre around it, but I damage the car anyway. The left side scrapes along the wall of the curved tunnel. When I check it later there isn't that much damage though.
    11. #61: Parking / Fight / Jessica Nigri

      by , 12-22-2015 at 10:14 AM
      I went to bed around 23:10 and spend the next 30 minutes reading. Woke up around 08:00 and went back to bed, but couldn't really sleep. It's now 10:00.

      It's daytime. I'm in the car with my aunt and my mom. My mom is the one who is driving. We're in a parking lot and she's about to park, but she keeps messing up. There are parking spaces close to the water. The only thing separating the parking spaces from the water is a sort of sidewalk which is elevated. Eventually I get out of the car and I have a look. No wonder my mom can't manage to park. She's been trying to park perpendicular to the sidewalk, but the parking spaces (marked by white lines) are parallel to the sidewalk. Though that's only in one specific area, because a bit further there are perpendicular spots as well. I tell my mom I'll park the car. I aim for the perpendicular parking spot. My mom tells me to back it up far, until my back wheels are on the sidewalk. Are you crazy?! No way I'm gonna do that. That's scary as shit. I might drive the car into the water.

      I'm in my mom's living. I'm with my little brother and his dad. My brother is laying in the corner of the big, black couch. His dad is standing on the couch, sort of hovering over him. He's either about to or he has already hit my little brother. I don't intent to let this happen. I consider my options. I can fight him now that I'm also an adult, but I might have to be careful with my knee. I consider the idea of getting a knife from the kitchen and just stabbing him instead.

      Jessica Nigri
      I'm in my room at my mom's house. I don't know where I see it exactly, but there's a picture of Jessica Nigri, with on her right a girl with a lot of tats. I'm whatsapping with one of my best friends and he comments that the tatted girl is only 14. I have a hard time believing it given her figure and the amount of tats she has. I think back to a joke someone once made. "If there's grass on the field, play ball". I'm not sure if I make that joke myself. The sight of Jessica induces a lust in me and I consider looking up some porn. No! I'm on this nofap challenge so I can't. Ah does it really matter?

      I've just arrived at the toilet in my mom's house. I pull down my grey boxershort and sit down. I can clearly see a few tiny holes in it while pulling it down. Damnit. I look into the toilet bowl while sitting down. I notice that I have cum. Without me even doing anything? Wow.

      I have my iPhone in my hand. I want to use Google Translate, but it requires a lot of actions to get to the point where I can actually type the word I wanna translate. I assume this is because my classmate logged into his Google account on my phone.

      I'm in a house with my housemate and a bunch of other people. Lipbalm is being passed around. We all gotta put it on as we're gonna share some glasses with each other and it would be dirty to do so without lipbalm. I hate lipbalm. I don't like the feeling of it. I think at some point I can feel it on my lips.
    12. #35: Woman behind the wheel / Little boy

      by , 11-21-2015 at 10:01 AM
      Woman behind the wheel
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a car. There's a girl who is driving the car. She is still taking driving lessons. The male teacher is somehow sitting in the back and I'm sitting in the passenger's seat. I look at the mirrors and I feel like they aren't well adjusted, which would explain this girl's mediocre driving.

      At one point she has to stop for a red light, but stops too late and crosses the line. She puts the car in reverse to go behind the line again. While she is still driving backwards the light already turns green and she goes forward again. At another moment we pass a zebra crossing and she lets a pedestrian go first.

      Somewhere later I'm alone with her teacher, who tells me he is satisfied with her driving. I'm surprised by the fact that he's satisfied.

      I walk into what seems my elementary school building. In front of me I see my old co-worker. I doubt for a moment if it's him, cause he looks skinnier. It turns out to be him. We make some work related small talk. A second co-worker joins in.

      Something about an argument between my mom and my little brother.

      I think there was something about a tram.

      Little boy
      I'm walking on some streets with a guy. It's already semi-dark. We talk about some stuff and he also asks me a question related to the police. Across the street are 3 boys, 12 years old at the most, standing in front of the small entrance of a shop. One of them is pressed against the wall and receives a punch to the head from another one. The 3rd one just stands there doing nothing. I go up to them to intervene. I'm in doubt about smacking this kid, cause he's still a kid. I don't remember if I ended up punching him, but both boys ran away. The kid that got punched is now even younger. He's really small. I think he's crying and I ask him if he's ok and where he lives. He points to the door next to the shop entrance. I knock or ring and his mom comes out. I explain the whole story. I'm in a low squatting position so I can give this kid a hug to comfort him. He walks inside. Hey my coat! Ow wait, I'm still wearing it myself. I'm still standing at the front door, which directly leads into the living room. The decoration is more what you'd expect from an elderly woman. There are also two cats. The woman is grateful and offers me her house for just 5. There won't be anyone here for a while, so I can housesit, provided I behave. I consider it. It's a bit closer to the city centre than my own house, but not by much. I tell her I would still have to get rid of my contract. I tell her that I know where to find her and I'll let her know.

      This was a memorable dream because there was quite some detail in my conversation with the little boy, who was really sad. I waited too long with writing it down and lost details though
    13. #17: Lecture / Car / Languages / Boring sunset

      by , 10-23-2015 at 09:01 AM

      Dream 1: Lecture
      I'm sitting in a lecture hall. It's one of those classrooms where the rows to the back are way higher than the rows in the front. I think the lecture was already over. There are just a few people left. I myself am somewhere halfway to the back, perhaps a little bit further. I remember a girl sitting a bit further to the back. Also a classmate whom I rarely talk to because I don't care for her too much is there. She asks me how I'm doing with the final assignment. Ow man.. I'm too busy with the exams right now to do the assignment. I walk with her a bit, down the steps. She mentions that the assignment is already due this week Thursday. Wait what?! Isn't it the week after? I'm fucked. I realise that I need to go back to my seat instead of walk out with her, cause I'm barefooted and my shoes are still at my seat. I end up having the attention of the girl in the back for just a split second, while I'm standing in a row that's further to the back than hers. I do a diveroll [parkour move] over a row of seats.

      Dream 2: Car
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in the car, back row to the right. On the left is my girlfriend. The driver's seat is on the left side of the car. Cas, someone who I haven't talked to in years, is driving. In the passenger seat is at one point his ex-girlfriend and at one point a different girl. We are driving to the airport of Jakarta. I've got a sort of comfortable foetal position going on. At one point it feels like I kinda pretend to be asleep, but eventually I actually do fade in and out of sleep [in the dream only, I didn't really wake up]. I think about having to spend 14 hours on the airplane back to Amsterdam. So long... I don't really remember the conversation, if any. At one point we were just there. I do remember being able to look at the girl in front of me as if there was no chair between us. I also remember an oddly shaped part of the car, underneath the dashboard.

      Indonesian cars have a steering wheel on the right. Also, this car [kinda beat up] is definitely not Cas' real life car.

      Dream 3: Languages
      I'm chilling with my housemate and Indonesian classmate, both girls. We're at one point at 'home' [it doesn't resemble our home] and at one point standing in front of it. My housemate has a lot of thick fantasy books, which were left behind by the last person who occupied the room. Nice for her. She has some stuff to use to her liking, or just sell or whatever. We're outside, but it feels like we're just sitting.. on the ground perhaps. My housemate spends about 90% of the time talking in Dutch to me, which I think is mean to my classmate who barely understands Dutch. I try to talk mostly in English. I don't remember my classmate talking at all. My housemate justifies talking in Dutch by saying that there's no need to talk in English if my classmate doesn't participate in the conversation. I explain that it's a vicious cycle that I've experienced myself in Indonesia: because people speak a language you don't understand, you don't participate. Because you don't participate, they continue using a language you don't understand.

      Dream 4: Boring sunset
      I'm in what's supposed to be one of the rooms I lived in during my time in Indonesia, except it's much more luxurious, with a balcony and such. There is ok-ish scenery with a sunset that is supposed to be beautiful, but right now [while writing] I don't think of it as such. I remember I promised to give my friend pictures that I made from my window. There's another guy in the room with me.. and a baby, a boy. I film the baby, who does some funny stuff.
    14. #16: Driving / Leaking

      by , 10-22-2015 at 08:34 AM

      Dream 1: Driving
      I'm driving my old moped. I've got my Indonesian classmate on the back. We're going to the train station. She handles navigation but is not too good with left and right. It's mostly a curvy road with just a few options to go left or right. Ahead of us we see her [so she's there twice] going to the left on her bicycle, while the train station is on the right. I mention that that is what happens when you leave navigation to her. Luckily I know the way a bit. Just before the end there is a small uphill part. I struggle with it, as if I'm bicycling instead of using my moped. As soon as I'm on top I smoothly park to the right side, just left of an orange beat down motorcycle. Another Indonesian classmate and one of my best friends show up with another moped and park to the left of me. I open the seat of my moped and allow for them to put their helmets in. My helmet is too big to fit, but my classmate and my friend can easily stuff their helmets in there.

      It's daytime and I'm sitting on the couch with my girlfriend. On the right side of us is my little brother. My girlfriend and I get a little bit flirty. On the left is another block of houses. There's a dude with an afro who spots us and says something. I think it's about something sports related, though I don't remember what exactly.

      It's daytime and I'm riding a bicycle, with someone on the back. Perhaps my girlfriend. I'm going through a neighbourhood and a part of the road has been blocked for construction work. I take another route.

      Still daytime. Walking outside, I think with some friends. We pass an intersection where a car accident has happened.

      I'm having a fight with my mom, though I don't remember what the fight was about.

      Dream 2: Leaking
      Daytime again. I'm sitting in a public transportation bus with one of my best friends. It's just us and the bus driver. There is a pipeline similar to that of a sprinkler system on the left side of the bus, near the ceiling. It's leaking in several places, causing gas to come out. I mention that it's dangerous as fire is put out by taking away oxygen, exactly what this system does. I turn one of the handles to close it, but this just increases the pressure on a different leak. I don't wanna close them all, afraid of what all the build up pressure will do. In the end we exit safely. I remember the bus driver having brown hair, almost shoulder length. With curls. [aka: he had a mullet].

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      by , 10-20-2015 at 08:18 AM

      Dream 1: Number
      I'm scrolling through my Whatsapp conversations. I see the name of the girlfriend of my housemate. I see a message popping up that she has accepted me as a contact. I figure that it must have happened through Line [whatsapp alternative]. I had her number, Line automatically added her, which notified her and allowed her to accept me.. and that passed through to Whatsapp.

      In reality I don't have her number. The process through Line is accurate, but the Whatsapp part makes no sense.

      I'm talking to my friend T. She asks me how the Amsterdam Dance Event was. I tell her it was fine.

      I went to ADE last weekend.

      I see my ex-girlfriend dancing. She's always been a good dancer. Her moves look good from the waist up, but if you look at the feet it looks really weird. A ballerina on her toes, but that doesn't fit what she is doing at all. Her feet are covered in bandages

      Dream 2: Cars & girls
      I'm standing in front of a counter with someone. There is a girl working behind it. It's like a reception desk, made from wood. There is a box-shaped item on the counter and from my perspective, in front of this item are her car key and another key. She mentioned something about keeping our stuff safe and in return I mention that her keys are here and I could've swiped them if I wanted to. I also say I did it once when she wasn't looking, though I didn't. We try using the clicker, to see if it will unlock her car from here. To my right is the exit which has some glass walls and immediately after is the parking lot. She tells me it works. I ask her where her car is cause I don't see it. She mentions a car type, but I can't recall which one, just that it didn't make much sense and I still didn't know what to look for. I scan the parking lot from left to right and see her car to the right all the way in the back. I recognise it from the orange lights blinking once you unlock it remotely. Her left passenger door has opened cause of it. An older man who is walking by closes it.

      My cousin and I are getting a ride home from Sophie, a girl we met years ago and haven't seen since. I'm sitting in the back to the right. Sophie is driving, her steering wheel on the right side.
      In the Netherlands, steering wheels are on the left side. She has a cigarette in her right hand, but has crossed her arm over her body so that her hand is to the left of her body. I look outside. We're in my mom's street. The playground looks awesome! There are a bunch of canoes about 3 meters from the ground, connected through pipes or something alike. Some men are chilling on top of it. I notice quite a big spot of sate sauce on the interior of the car [on the plastic 'wall' to the right, which has a brown/beige colour] and mention it to her. I manage to wipe some off with a banana peel. She looks behind her to see what's up. It's a straight piece of road now, so it's ok for a moment. I tell her to watch out, cause there is a 90 turn to the right ahead, and a car parked just ahead as well. She reacts really slowly. Less than a meter before impact I reach over for the handbrake, but I'm too late. She has already hit the brake though and miraculously not hit the parked car. Her car came to an immediate stop just a few centimetres away from the parked car. We both wonder if she didn't hit it. Well we didn't feel a bump, so...

      It's now my best friend and I who are getting a ride from his sister. She parked the car in front of my mom's house. She gets out, I get out, my friend is still inside. He's somehow laying all the way from front till back, apparently exhausted. His sister says that she knew she he wouldn't be able to make it home the moment she saw his bike. I look at his sister attentively. Wait.. am I starting to fall in love with her? No way. His sister! I look again. She isn't even attractive to me, braces and all. Why am I falling for her?
      It feels as if the feelings for Sophie [who we thought was an attractive girl] are projected unto her.

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