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    1. #181: Another short lucid / Motor

      by , 07-20-2016 at 12:40 AM
      I woke up naturally around 5.30 am and decided it would be a good moment to become lucid. I went to the toilet and then started performing SSILD.

      Another short lucid
      I'm lying in my bed in my room in the dormitory. To the left of me is my Mac. There are two guys in my room. One of them is my dormmate, the other a guy that frequently visits. They are tucking me in for bed. At first I'm ok with it, but after a while they get annoying. They keep on tucking the blanket and touching my head and generally just preventing me from falling asleep. Then it occurs to me that I might already be asleep. I attempt to push the index finger of my right hand through my left palm. It works. I should put more attention into stabilising before doing anything else. I leave my finger in my palm, wiggling it around every once in a while. At one point my eyes are closed. I'm afraid to open them, cause I'm afraid that I will open my real eyes. After a few seconds of indecision I slowly attempt to open them. I believe I can feel my real eyes opening, though I'm not sure if that's true. I'm not sure whether this was still in the dream or after, but I turned around in bed and tried to push my left index finger through my right forearm.

      I'm in a city in Indonesia, riding a motorcross bike. The body is predominantly green. Behind me is my girlfriend, also driving a manual motor. I switch gears a few times, though I think not so smoothly. Across the street is a woman who is just getting on her motorcycle. It seems like she has fallen off. I cross the street to ask her in Indonesian if she is doing fine. She replies in English that she is. It surprises me slightly that she would reply in English. I focus on getting back to the other side of the street. My motor has shut off and the electric start won't turn it back on. I switch gears down 2 times. The motor changes gears quite violently. After this I believe to be in first gear and try again. It works.
    2. #178: I hate this game / Attack

      by , 07-14-2016 at 04:39 AM
      I hate this game
      It feels like Iím playing a very realistic game. It starts with me and some other guy being stuck in a run down room about the size of a smallish bedroom. The walls are grey from dirt or whatever. There's also a small dog. In the corner is a messed up wooden door with a padlock on it. On the other side of the room is a dark hallway that will lead us to who knows what. There's one more door, to a storage closet or something. The guy enters the hallway to explore. On the other side of the door I can see an older man. I think he has a tanned skin. He definitely has some dreadlocks, though I think not all of his hair is dreads. For a moment I wonder if there is some understanding between us. I vaguely feel a connection. I open the door to the storage and accidentally hit the dog, who was just digging for something it seems. It seems like he's found something. The dog has found a tiny hidden space in the ground, which contains a key. I use it to open up the padlock. I think at first the door doesn't open yet, but eventually it's wide open or it has disappeared. This happens while I'm on the other side of the room. The man starts using blow darts to shoot at me. He doesn't shoot me directly. The darts ricochet off the walls 3 times before getting to me. He doesn't always hit me, but it's scary enough. A few times I get hit on the back, which hurts. I grab a large bamboo pole from the closet and attempt to scare him off. It works a bit. I follow him outside. I know I should be waiting for the other guy, as I shouldn't leave him behind, but... The man has upgraded to actual bow and arrow now. He's perhaps 5 metres away from me. I need to cover this distance fast if I don't wanna die. I smack the bamboo pole around, trying to distract him and throw him off balance.

      I'm sitting in a tram in Amsterdam, as obvious from the lay out of the tram and the blue / grey colours. To my right is my girlfriend. We're sitting sideways, on the left side. Somewhere in front of me (so on the right side of the tram) is a black guy about my age, with a backpack. I've got a bad feeling that he's gonna be shooting up a lot of people, though I don't remember why. I think I saw a gun. I'm not sure whether I should say something. In the mean time I'm still trying to figure out where I need to go, using my girlfriend's white iPhone SE. She mentions a stop and I hope she's wrong about it. I quickly unlock her phone with the finger scanner. Damn. She's right. This is also the place where I suspect the guy will start shooting. He and some other people have already exited. I can loudly hear the first two shots. My girlfriend wonders what it is. I immediately tell her to hit the floor. A few seconds later we run to the back exit and to the other side of the tram stop. There are still people just sitting there, unaware. I see the guy again. By now he's moved close to a grass field behind the tram stop. At this point I get separated from my girlfriend. I think I leave her behind, though I'm not sure why. The guy is still shooting people and I'm getting way too close. I hit the ground, pretending to be dead, but doing a shitty job at it. I still crawl around a bit. Is that.. yep, that's dog poop quite close to me. I think I can also feel some underneath me. Fuck. I take on some more dramatic positions to make the guy think I'm dead, though I've crawled already. He's shouting something which seems to be aimed at me. That he'll shoot me too I think. For the time being he seems to be focused mostly on getting other people. He shoots a bit in my direction, but not with real intent to kill. I can't help but wonder if this is a form of solidarity cause we're both black. At this point the dream kinda happens several times, or it is just my imagination running wild. He runs out of bullets and needs to reload. I get up, dash over and tackle him. I sit on his chest and pummel his face. He's still got a grenade in his left hand though. Hope he doesn't blow me up with him, or throws it down my shirt or something like that. I see all these things happening, but none actually happens. In the end I've pretty much beaten the guy to death. In the aftermath I (as the other black guy) end up being mistaken for him and getting arrested. Surely there must be witnesses around who can state my innocence.

      Now for some lightheartedness: I'm.. at home? I guess. I've got a magazine which the AH [Dutch supermarket] mailed to me. It's still wrapped in plastic. They've included a live hamster or guinea pig or a similar rodent. It's in the plastic, together with the magazine. It can barely move. I take a moment before releasing it. I thought it was sad, but I needed to process the fact that the supermarket had just sent me a live animal through the post.
    3. #169: Fragments

      by , 07-02-2016 at 02:24 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 07.55
      Now: 08.05

      Ľ I'm along the side of a highway. There are some metal fences and quite a large gap which I use for parkour practice. I perform several precision drops to the fence below me. At first it's going quite alright, but as I move further to the right, the likelihood of falling into that deep gap increases. I become more careful and as a result, don't execute my jumps well.

      Ľ I'm with friends, on the bicycle. We're with quite a large group. There's one couple, who are friends of mine. A girl who is supposed to be my girlfriend is also present. I'm just having fun together with the guy of the couple. We're at the front of the group and my girlfriend is more to the back. I think this is gonna cause me to get into some trouble with her later on. It feels a bit as if some part happens twice. At some point I'm in a bookstore, when my girlfriend catches up. She mentions that something that she was cooking was slightly burned.

      Ľ I'm sitting at a table, with my old classmate Re next to me. It's evening. It's kind of a warung type of place. She has her head placed in my lap a few times, which ultimately leads to some sexual jokes. At some point I wonder where this could go, but there are people around, so it's best not to do anything.

      Ľ I meet a white guy who seems to be an Australian in his 20's. He tells me that he has been appointed as the new manager of BAM cafe for a few months.

      Ľ I'm riding along a big road on a motor, together with a friend, who has his/her own motor. It's a little bit of a rundown road. We actually seem to have gone in the wrong direction, not that I really manage to care. There's an explanation of sorts. A voice over? At one point there is an explanation about poor people taking out loans and carrying the money home with them in inconspicuous bags. I consider for a moment that I could easily steal this woman's bag. I won't. It'll cause a lot of trouble for her.

      Ľ I'm with my friend Julia. We just went out (with a group?). It's evening, dark. At this point it's just the two of us. We arrive at what's supposed to be my place. There is some chemistry, but isn't she married? Nothing is going to happen at my place anyway, as it's a men only building. I ask her how long it would take her to get home. She mentions it's 20 minutes walking. I tell her I can take her on my motor. She refuses at first, but because it's quite long and it's dark out and she's alone, I offer again. She says it's a good idea and thanks me for it. She also tells me not to expect anything to happen, but in a way that says that there is a possibility of something happening.
    4. #155: Tooth / Touch / Wolfish porn? / Sleepy head / Going crazy

      by , 06-09-2016 at 09:27 AM
      Bed time: ~23.00
      Wake up: ~07.00
      Now: 07.25

      I was awake for an hour from 04:00 to 05:00. Itís Ramadan right now and the mosque nearby likes to remind everyone in the vicinity of that through praying loudly through a speaker.

      Iím standing next to a building, which may have been an apartment complex. One of my teeth (right side, upper row) is annoying me. I fidget a bit with it, because it just doesnít feel good. Itís very loose and even though Iím trying to push it back, Iím afraid it will fall out soon. Suddenly it hits me that this is an issue I only have in dreams. I try to push my fingers through my palm. No success. I loose the idea of a dream for a moment. Iím not sure if I woke up for a few seconds. A few moments later I ask myself why I didnít try multiple RCs when the first one failed. I try the same RC again, confident that this is a dream, despite it failing the first time. It works. Immediately I start levitating. I try to remain calm and keep looking at my hands. One of my hands is sort of wavy. I try to bend the fingers that are in my palm upwards and backwards. I get quite far. Meanwhile Iím levitating a few metres above the ground, not necessarily against my will, but also not because I wanted it. After just a few moments the dream starts to fade. I try to remain in it. I canít rotate like this. I try to focus on my hands. I also shout stabilise (or a similar command). Itís slowly turning dark before my eyes. One of the last things I do is raise my arms. I can feel the sensation of doing so. I wonder what my real body is doing in bed.

      Iím at what is supposed to be the city hall of the city my mom lives in. Itís the old building, which has been abandoned and been overgrown by plants. Iím interested in going through this abandoned building. I approach it, trying to squeeze myself in between the roots of the plants and what not. I scratch myself on some thorns. It hurts.

      Nothing about that building resembled reality. Also, I donít experience a sense of touch very often in dreams.

      Written the following dreams after a few hours, because I didnít have enough time in the morning to write it all down, meaning Iím missing some details.

      Wolfish porn?
      I have my laptop with me I think. I am in the mood for some porn. At first I consider that I donít watch porn, but I think I give in. It turns weird real quick. Next thing I remember is that I am seeing something happening in front of me. There are 3 people. One girl, one guy and the otherÖ I think is also a guy. The guys turn into part wolf part man beings. Iím not sure what happened after that (also not sure if I want to know).

      Sleepy head
      Iím at the train station. Thereís a sprinter train [common type of train in the Netherlands]. Iím waiting for people to get out, so that I can get in. The door is not where it is supposed to be. It is located at the short end of the train. There are some particularly rude people who squeeze their way into the train before everyone has exited. At one point, even a white female staff member does the same, blocking off her colleague who is trying to exit. I finally get into the train. There is something going on, some obstruction I guess, so the train turns into the bus and we hit the road. I fall asleep and when I wake up, weíve gone past the stop where I wanted to get out, which is my momís city. I consider asking the bus driver to stop, but I know that heíll stop at the next stop instead.

      Going crazy
      Iím riding a motor, with my girlfriend on the back. We have to stop somewhere for a police check or something. The person behind the counter is asking me to pay Rp. 3.000. Itís not a lot of money at all, but I am frustrated by the corruption and refuse to do so. Next thing, weíre having lunch at the same place. The owner, a guy, offers us something thatís not on the menu. It turns out to be insanely expensive and I go crazy over it. Somewhere in between him bringing the lunch and me figuring out how crazy expensive it is, there are dogs trying to eat our food.
    5. #153: Climbing / Dorm / Tram

      by , 06-03-2016 at 04:47 AM
      Bed: ~00.00
      Wake up: 07.55
      Now: 08.05 (totally canít focus on this due to arguing roommates)

      I'm sitting on a small balcony I believe. Iím with my friend Alex (and my girlfriend?). Alex is returning to her own country somewhere in the very near future, but sheís still got a grey Mercedes parked somewhere. She wonít drive it back to her country, so she hands me the keys to take care of it. Sweet! I donít care about the car, but that means that she will come back. I already start imagining driving the car back together during a road trip somewhere in the future.

      At some point the keys fall off the balcony. The balcony is on the 2nd floor. I scale down the balconies to reach the ground level and pick the keys up. Thereís another set of keys on the ground. I pick those up as well. A few seconds later a white girl with dark brown (curly?) hair emerges from a front door just 1 metre away. I ask her if these keys are hers. I take a good look to make sure that Iím presenting the keys that I found to her and not my friendís keys. I think she says those keys are her roommateís. I hand them over, then climb back up the balconies. A bit later I scale down the balconies again for some reason. I do it quickly this time and catch myself thinking that Iím taking unnecessary risks the way that Iím dropping down right now.

      This may have been a continuation of the last dream. Iím finally alone now. Iím outside on the street and the sun is still out. I consider what I want to do. I start thinking about watching some porn. I know that I havenít watched it in a while and actually banned it from my life, but Iím really in the mood for it right now. A group of guys approaches me. They look Indonesian. They ask me if I know where they can find the dormitory for international students. I tell them that I live there. I canít recall in which language we were speaking. Where are they from though? Itís only for foreign students. These guys all look Indonesian. They mention being half Indonesian, half Dutch. I tell them that itís cool as long as their passport is not Indonesian. I point them in the right direction. Someone suggests that I walk with them. Sorry, I canít, I have something to do right now. I think it has to do with the porn, but also with something else. Someone suggests waiting for me. No need, itís easy-ish to reach the dorm. I point them in the right direction, showing them the location on Google Maps as well. They start joking around a bit. One of the guys grabs my butt. Ok, too friendly there. Some more stuff happened, though I canít recall what.

      Aside from people I personally know and who are close to me, I normally dream about white people. Interesting that I dreamed about Indonesians (though I'm living in Indonesia right now, so *duh*).

      I'm taking the tram and perhaps also the bus. The streets are unfamiliar, but the bus operator is definitely the one that operates in Amsterdam. I remember getting on the wrong one and needing to switch to another. I think Iím with someone. Itís dark out already.

      If I dream about public transport, I dream about taking the wrong direction 99% of the time.
    6. #146: Travel / Game / Work

      by , 05-14-2016 at 07:59 AM
      Bed: ~00.00
      Wake up: 08.15
      Now: 08.30

      I'm in Indonesia, together with my girlfriend. We're travelling around the country. I think that at the start of the dream we are in Sulawesi and we're deciding on our next flight. I think I'm alone at some times. The details are a bit blurry, but I've missed a flight that I had already booked to Singapore. Ah well. At one moment we are walking around in the streets, which are sand-covered. In another moment we seem to be at the airport.

      This dream also alternates with a bird's eye view of several places. I see the very south-west part of Java, at the coast. There's a section where there's a relatively thin line of sand, with water at both sides. It looks like a great place to go. In another moment I also see Singapore, though not where it's supposed to be. There's another country attached to it's eastern border, which is only a bit bigger. I'm considering flying to Singapore and then travelling to this country by land. I could make this trip in 4 days, 2 days per country. I think the other name was similar to India. I'm not sure what I would do in that country though, I'm not even really interested in it. I'm also considering the amount of days I have left before university supposedly starts.

      I'm playing a game with Justin, my cousin's boyfriend. It's a game we seem to control through our phones, but which takes place in reality at some points. It's a game where we're both controlling soldiers, or opposing units at least. I think at one point he's controlling a big cat like animal which is pretty much invincible. He's trash talking the hell out of me. The style of the game is quite cartoony, like Big Little War Game. A few times I take control over some soldiers who have a gatling gun. I manage to take out a few of his soldiers every time before mine get taken down, yet he's still trash talking me and making me feel like I suck.

      I'm at a fancy work place. I'm not sure whether I work here though. The place looks very modern, mostly clean white. The people that I do recall seeing are dressed in suits and similar attire. There are two white women walking just at the top of the stairs/escalator. One of them is a bride and the other seems to be her friend. The bride is not wearing anything bride-like though. I quickly go up the stairs. There's one corner to the left in the stairs where I decide to jump on the cylinder shaped grey railing. I jump on it, jump to another part and then continue my way to the top. I wanted to get there quickly cause I thought the bride looked really beautiful and wanted to see her better. Once I'm a bit closer I realise that her friend is actually way prettier. I walk past them inconspicuously. Once I'm past them I decide on another approach. I rewind time a bit and then decide to freeze it. It places me just in front of them and allows me to take a close look at the woman's face. Time is not totally frozen though, it's just in slow motion. The woman is still moving a bit. I decide to fake that I wasn't spending any attention on them. I'm walking with my classmate Wil towards a narrow gallery, with the women walking in the same direction. One of them says something of which I'm not sure whether it was a joke or not. She says we're stalking them. Nope! We got here first. Now we're pretending(?) we had a bet going on and I just won it. I get all excited about my win. I'm thinking up the narrative on the spot. This could be our yearly bet that I have just won, explaining my excitement.

      Ľ There was a party today or yesterday. My cousin didn't show up, even though I thought he would. I'm quite disappointed, cause I was looking forward to seeing him.

      Ľ I'm at the apartment complex where my mom lives, at the ground level. I enter through the door at normal pace, but make a sharp move several metres to the left, taking a big ball with me using my feet. There's someone waiting for the elevator who by now must think I'm avoiding him. I go to the storage units (which aren't like reality), which creep me out a little bit in this dream. My mom's unit is on the opposite side of where it's supposed to be. Also, the lock is totally different. There's a guy (Koen?) inside. I don't think he's there against his will, but still I'm a bit iffy of the whole situation. A few units to the left is a grown tiger.
    7. #145: Dejavu / Chicks with dicks

      by , 05-13-2016 at 06:31 AM
      Bed: ~23.30
      Wake up: all the time, cause I'm taking care of my sick girlfriend
      Now: 07.05

      I'm in my old student home, on the top floor, together with my girlfriend. I'm just visiting I guess. For some reason I go downstairs. My old room is there, with two thrash bags in front of the door. Really? They [old housemates] put them there instead of just throwing them out. There are flies circling the bags. I go into the kitchen. There are several trash bags right in the middle. There are flies circling them and the number of flies increases quickly. I exit the kitchen and go back to the upper floor. I don't remember the transitions from second to first floor and back occurring (i.e. climbing the stairs).

      I'm outside with my girlfriend. We're on our way to the city centre of my student city. She has something in mind and I have no clue what it is. We enter a weird looking subway station [that city doesn't have a subway]. We don't check in and I'm wondering if we should, to avoid a fine. There's someone up ahead checking if you checked in, but we take a left down a hallway. She's walking quite a bit in front of me, to my annoyance. I'm trying to ask her where we're going, but she's pretty much jut ignoring me. We're going up a set of stairs, I think with a purple railing. There are some people coming down as well. We're walking on the right side. I'm silently saying 'goddamnit' cause my girlfriend is way ahead and not letting me in on the plan. We arrive somewhere at a door. A white guy opens the door and tells us we need an invite [happened in the movie I was watching before going to bed]. I'm somehow allowed to enter. My girlfriend stays outside for a bit. The guy asks me a question (what I'm doing here I guess?) and I'm not sure. I decide to let my girlfriend in. When I open the door, immediately to the right there's a white couple making out. My girlfriend is the only other one standing there, not even a metre away from the couple. She comes inside. Apparently this is an apartment she came to check out. She'll be living with two white guys if she decides to take the room. The other guy is lying on the couch, talking in an eastern European sounding language on the phone. I look out of the window. I can see a lot of typical old Dutch buildings standing in a line. This place looks great and is in the city centre. I wish I had taken the effort to check around when I lived in this city. But then again, it would've been a waste of the fees I paid to change rooms. Suddenly my girlfriend is behind the other guy in terms of distance from me. I think she went into the room and I wonder how she did it so quickly. I see a door to my left. Then I realise that she is just also on the couch, or a similar object, but just further to the back. In the next moment, she is cuddling up with the guy. She's sitting on his lap. This is... weird. I had a dream just like this recently [no I didn't].
      Dejavu moment. I realise this might be a dream and try to push my fingers through my palm. Success! Ok, take it easy. You should stabilise. I continue moving my fingers around in my hand a bit, while wondering what I should do with my lucidity. I consider tinkering with the gravity. Naaahh. My girlfriend comes standing next to me and starts trying to distract. I consider building a cell out of thin air to trap her in, so she won't distract me anymore.

      Chicks with dicks
      Had a weird dream where I was reading an article and there was a term in there I didn't know. I figured the term would be NSFW, so I went into private mode. I searched for it and I landed on a tube site. From the look of the previews, the term referred to women who have two penises. I scrolled through it a bit, in a sense of revulsion mixed with curiosity.
    8. #142: Dealing / Fragments / Physical / Magic

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:05 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 08.20
      Now: 08.20

      I'm at some guy's apartment. He's a drugsdealer and apparently a tad dangerous. My girlfriend is there as well. At some point he calls her a bitch. Not for having done anything wrong; that's just how he refers to all women it seems. I don't like the way he disrespects her. I take one of my soup bowls; white with grey and black flowery decal. I hit him over the head with it and he goes down. I keep smashing him, not sure what with at this point, but I make sure he's dead or else he'll kill me for this.

      A bit later someone is at the door. A customer. I open up the door and I try to fake my way through it and start talking more roughly than I normally do. I throw in a 'motherfucker' every other sentence. I also start talking a lot of Surinam [a lot of Dutch slang comes from Surinam]. At some point the guy at the door starts talking about Sergio, an elementary school friend. I've seen him as an adult and he is quite a big guy. He's a few metres away and he's tiny and mentally disabled. I start asking the guy what happened to the motherfucker. He's got an "i know right" kinda attitude. It is something drugs related. I'm not sure what happened next, but shortly after there's another customer. I think at some point we're all in the house. Not sure what happened to the body though. I think I may have made up a horrible excuse. I remember that at the end of the dream the situation has evolved into a gun deal. Ok this is getting way out of hand.

      I watched Drugs Inc. on NatGeo about an hour before I went to bed.

      Ľ I don't remember my surroundings. All I remember is one of my teeth being wobbly. Eventually I break off a piece of it, cause it's annoying the hell out of me. I can already see (don't know how actually) that there's another tooth inside this tooth, like a Russian nesting doll. I consider just removing the whole tooth and be done with it. I'm slightly worried that it might not be a good idea.

      Ľ I've taken a train. I'm supposed to get to my mom's city, but I can't get there directly. Instead, I take a detour. I have 2 options and both of them will bring me 2 stops away from my mom's city. Somehow I feel like things are not going my way.

      Ľ I'm playing football at first. This changes into korfbal and later into basketball.

      Ľ I'm sitting at a round table with my friend's mom and 2 of my friends. We're eating (dinner?).

      Ľ I'm just about exiting a subway station. I'm going down an escalator and I see Milad going up the escalator to my left. I think we say hi. After that I'm distracted, I think by my phone. I've been walking for a bit, but not getting anywhere. This escalator is suddenly going up. Wasn't this one going down. Whatever. I hop down a few times and I'm down.

      I'm at what's supposed to be my physical therapist, but the building is vastly different. There's multiple storeys. I go into the basement to go to the toilet, which is way bigger than in reality. There's a row of at least 6 urinals and then there are stalls as well. There's an older man in one of the stalls. I take a urinal somewhere on the left. There's a glass wall so you can see into the garden it seems. There's an oddly shaped pool there. Makes sense I guess. Some people have injuries that require swimming. For some reason I decide to finish up at another urinal all the way to the right. I then have the issue of not knowing which urinals to flush. I decide to just flush em all and then make a run for it, before the older man comes out and identifies me.

      Still in the same building. There are signs to public transportation on every floor. So convenient that you can just take the public transport from inside this building. At some point my friend Wina goes down some stairs. A white dude about my age is following her, or perhaps she's already blacked out and he's helping her down the stairs. Either way I know exactly what's going on. I go down the stairs, damn near action hero style and beat the guy up for trying to rape my friend.

      Somewhere in this dream my physical therapist tells me I still have an appointment for next week. This confuses me, as I thought this was supposed to be our last session. I already moved out. Now I have to come back specially for this?

      This is a Harry Potter dream it seems. I am Harry, or I am myself and have taken over the importance of Harry. I'm in what seems like the University Library, somewhere near the top floor. I think Dumbledore is also there. He has given me command of a sort of army of students. They are all walking down the stairs. I'm having a bit of fun translocating even for the smallest distances. I'm not aware that I'm dreaming, but I'm aware that I can make anything happen that I want to happen cause I'm a wizard. I make a joke that I should go check out my army, as there are a lot of girls in it. At some point I allow myself to fall flat onto the floor, wanting to translocate at the last second. I fail to do so, but I do manage to float just above the floor so I don't hurt myself.

      Something else pops into my mind. I'm not sure if it's a thought. It seems more like a commercial. It's about Harry Potter or some other wizard and going on vacation. It's about him not having to go to the airport early, nor having to stand in line, as he just translocates there. Man that's stupid. Just translocate to your final destination.

      I'm outside. It's night out, nearly pitch dark with just about no lights. It looks as if I'm standing on a miniature island shaped exactly like Africa. There's a very dark skinned woman swimming west to east the whole time, despite there being land. She's doing so around the longitude of where Cameroon should be. I go to talk to her. She's swimming around a little buoy or something alike on both sides and then goes back. She's supposed to make this trip perhaps once every X minutes or hours, but she is doing it on an endless loop. Eventually she comes out of the water and walks somewhere. Woow. Quite a big woman. She has a bit of a weepy story. At some point I don't really feel like listening anymore and I somehow sort of delegate this task to the dude that's with me. While walking, I spot two girls in the distance. One is a black girl with glasses that I've met at a language cafe in reality. I can't see any defining traits of the other girl, but I assume that to be the friend who was with her. I look the other way. I'm not feeling conversations right now.

      I get a message on my phone. It seems like whatsapp. I'm tasked with babysitting the army right now and someone has gotten themselves into a situation. This person has sent a picture of what seems like 2 barrels near a beer place where they're trapped and there's fire or something like that. I ask the guy that's distracting the 'swimming woman' if he recognises this place. It's just down one of the side streets. That particular street is glowing with green light because there are several beer companies next to each other; at least Grolsch and Heineken. I go over and make a quick entry to the 2 barrels, which I immediately try to extinguish by conjuring up a big amount of water. There's no fire to be extinguished though and no water appears. Still I persist. I try to start with a droplet of water, which appears, and add more and more to it. I've got a little string of water going now.
      Suddenly it dawns onto me that I should try harder, cause things in dreams only happen if you believe in them. I'm now thinking about whether I should just continue the water or solidify the dream. I choose the latter and try to push my fingers through my hand because that will give me a sensation that the water won't. The RC fails. I know that I'm dreaming though. I just shouldn't let go of it. The dream slowly starts fading. I believe that my hearing starts being influenced by the real world, even though this is not true.

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    9. #139: Football / Moving / Dick!

      by , 05-02-2016 at 07:51 AM
      Bed: 23.45 ish
      Wake up: at 05.00.. at 06.00... :/
      Now: 08.30

      I'm watching a football match. Not a real, professional one, but a competition/tournament that seems to be for fun. The field is small, as are the goals. The dream shifts around a bit. At one point it's football, at another it's rugby with a full size playing field. From the rugby part, all I remember is a combination of the dream with memories from years ago. I'm playing touch rugby and taking it chill. I come up to someone one on one and start making speed, throw in some manoeuvres and I break through. There's another part where there's another object that's also used for playing. It's near the end zone and before it touches the ground, someone from my team manages to hit it spot on with the ball. Good throw! For some reason that's a very good thing.

      From the football part I remember sitting on the grassfield, close to the goal together with a girl (my girlfriend?). We weren't the ones playing, we were just chilling there and watching the game. At some point in between games we're chilling further to the back. A girl who is on one of the teams is supposedly my friend. She asks us to please join her team because else she doesn't stand a chance. I tell her that I'm not allowed, because this competition is only for.. her school? Idk. Eventually she persuades me and I put on my beaten, white sneakers. I distinctly remember first putting on the right shoe, then the left. I walk into the field. Our team is just her and me. The other team consists out of 3 people. I tell her that no wonder she felt like she needed me.

      I've arrived in the city that I'll be moving to in reality in 3 weeks time. I am together with someone in a dormitory. We're looking to find someone who has a key so I can get a room. One of my friends sends me a message telling me who I should find to get a key. She tells me I need to find Ryan or Yang. I don't know this Yang guy. I go down a flight of stairs, while holding my phone in my right hand. I can tell that the battery is nearly drained.

      I'm with my girlfriend in my room at my student home. My housemate comes into my room. I honestly do not feel like talking to him, so for the most part I just ignore him. My girlfriend does talk to him cause she doesn't realise I'm mad at him. Multiple things happen and also my room changes a bit I think. At one point I'm brushing my teeth, at another point we're eating noodles, I think all 3 of us. I'm talking to my girlfriend in Indonesian to update her on how I feel about the guy.
    10. #136: Girl / Girlfriend

      by , 04-29-2016 at 07:15 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 07.45

      It's daytime and I'm waiting next to the bridge that leads into the city centre. There's a girl I'm waiting for, though I don't remember what my relation to her is. We meet and can't really decide on what to do. There's a bus to the central station that we let go, in favour of a bus in the other direction. My idea was to go play pool. Turns out that she doesn't like pool. Damn. We let the bus in the other direction slide as well. I'm not sure what we end up doing. I remember thinking that she's cute.

      I think it's within the same dream that I'm still with the girl and we have a weird camera. I'm trying to figure this thing out and I think she already knows quite a bit about it. Overall the vibe of the dream was very pleasant thanks to her presence.

      I'm somewhere with my girlfriend. At one moment we're walking, at another moment we're lying down. In the mean time we're checking someone's social media account. It's an Instagram-like medium, because there are only pictures. It's the account of a pornstar, who is posting a lot of pictures of herself with a pornstar friend. We've made a bet on this account for some reason. In the mean time we also start making out.

      Found out while writing this entry that Chrome's dictionary doesn't know the word 'pornstar'. How prudish
      Tags: girlfriend
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. #133: Shopping theft

      by , 04-26-2016 at 06:34 AM
      Bedtime around 23.30
      Wake up around 06.30

      I'm walking into a supermarket it seems, together with my girlfriend. I think we're holding hands. She wants to have something (hair bands I think), but she doesn't feel like holding it, so she clasps them underneath the backside of my... bra? [I'm a very not bra wearing type of guy]. I don't fully realise it. We continue walking towards the exit and the anti theft detection gates go off. I'm surprised by it. We stand around for a few seconds, not knowing what to do. A white woman with short hair approaches us. She's probably in her 40s and is a bit bitchy. I think she's the store manager and she is 'detaining' us. My girlfriend quickly walks back into the store for her 2 small beer bottles she forgot (huh?). The woman takes us with her. Fuck. This woman is a total bitch so we won't get off without a fine and a record. I can't have a record. Then I can't work for the government. It's all my girlfriend's fault really, I'm just caught up in the mess. But I don't want to throw my girlfriend under the bus like that. The woman leads us into a backroom.
      Tags: girlfriend
    12. #131: Pee

      by , 04-23-2016 at 07:13 AM
      I'm in Indonesia, somewhere in the nature, a jungle area. Something tells me that this is Pangandaran. I'm driving a moped with my girlfriend on the back. We're going back to.. a building or something? I don't know. A bit of a starting base. En route we pass my friend Sander, who is going in the opposite direction. I shout out to him. He's taking a mudtrail straight ahead. There's also a semi-trail a bit to the right. It's a more interesting location I think. I thought about turning around and following him, but I don't.

      My girlfriend and I are at the 'building'. I don't even really remember a building. I guess it's more of a resting area. At some point my cousin and her husband show up, along with their 3 kids. Suddenly I'm standing in the bathroom in my mom's kitchen, brushing my teeth. I exit to greet them while they walk through the hallway. My cousin's husband is first. Awkward handshake cause he's holding the baby. I'm not sure if we talk about motorcycles or that that happened in a later dream.

      I'm inside a building now with some people, including a few of my best friends. I'm sitting on a chair. A few people enter, including a blonde girl. She is somehow pretty and ugly at the same time, making her interesting. I think it's a shop we're in. The shop owner at the back wants them to speak in Indonesian, just as a friendly joke. The girl asks for help from us. I ask her in English what she wants to say. Somewhere early on I figure out she's Dutch, but still we talk in English for a bit more.

      A bit later on she decides to sit on my lap. My girlfriend is in this time room, so I wonder for a moment how this is going to go down. After a few seconds I realise she is in fact sitting on the lap of the woman to my left and her feet are on my legs. Her feet.. while she's wearing dirty shoes with some mud still stuck to the bottom. I think "takroe maniri" to myself [rude manners in Surinam]. I don't say anything for some reason. The woman on who's lap she is sitting does. She changes position so that she is still resting her legs on me, but not her feet, something like that.

      There's a big brown, old-looking bookcase. For some reason it's been decided that this is the ok place to pee, so I do so. The blonde girl is looking at me from an angle where I'm sure that she can see quite a bit. First I make an effort to conceal myself, but then I think 'fuck it'. Later on I go there to pee again. Somehow my aim is bad and I manage to splash myself. I can feel the warmth of the pee dripping in my pants. My hands are also wet. I dry them on a towel to my left. I'm feeling quite uncomfortable.

      I woke up immediately and went to the toilet shortly after. I couldn't fall asleep for another hour at least. In the beginning I felt very uncomfortable as I couldn't shake the feeling of having peed my pants, even though that didn't really happen. After that I had a load of short dreams about a lot of different things.
    13. #130: Laptop

      by , 04-22-2016 at 07:00 AM
      I'm in an electronics shop. I've brought my Macbook Pro in because there is an issue with it. The thing I'm focusing on right now is that one of the rubber feet has fallen off (really happened). The employee I'm talking to is an older white man with grey hair. He presents me with a DIY fix which involves cutting out a makeshift rubber foot out of some different material, which is grey. I can get the perfect shape by placing the fallen off rubber foot on it and cutting around it. I end up with a hole in the material though and cause the material is a bit stretchy it doesn't really work. I wonder if the guy is going to charge me for this. He starts asking me how old my laptop is. I immediately recognise that this is a sales talk. I tell him and he comes up with packages of cables I could buy. My laptop will be obsolete soon and then I will have a hard time finding spare parts, so best to buy them now. I tell him I've already replaced a cable recently, so I'm good. While I'm placing my laptop back inside my bag, he walks over to his colleague. They're a bit in the distance, but I can clearly hear and see the frustration of the guy over my refusal to buy anything off him. I consider telling him to be more professional.

      I know I've also dreamt something about my girlfriend, but I can't remember what.
    14. #129: Language fragments

      by , 04-19-2016 at 06:34 AM
      Bed time: ~ 00.30
      Get up: 07.30

      I don't remember a full dream. All I remember are a bunch of fragments of a language related event. I'm talking with multiple people in multiple languages. I'm talking with a British guy who's planning to stay in the Netherlands for 6 years and who already speaks Dutch quite well. We're standing somewhere in the city centre during the day, close to one of the canals. Later I'm talking to a group of people. I think it was in English. I believe I also spoke some French somewhere. At some point I enter a restaurant. A white, male staff member is asking me the regular questions and I tell him my girlfriend is already sitting in the outside area. He seems quite bend on etiquette and quite annoying.

      I remember I had another dream. I think it may have involved my mom. I can't remember it at all though.
    15. #128: Motor fun

      by , 04-18-2016 at 07:17 AM
      Bed time: 00.30
      Get up: 08.00

      I woke up a few times during the night and tried to SSILD, but I didn't have that much focus. I also fell asleep way too soon again.

      Motor fun
      I'm driving through the city to the campus with someone. At first it is my little brother, but at some point it becomes my housemate. First we're using bicycles. He's driving on my right side. We're talking about something, but I can't remember what. Eventually the topic of school comes up. It's a somewhat negative topic because something happened, though again I can't remember what. I avoid asking him any questions. We pass a group of police officers who are walking across the street. My little brother gets stopped by them. I continue a bit further. I think it's at this point that he turns into my housemate and I'm now riding a motorcycle. From the looks of it, it's quite lightweight. I'm standing at the end of the street, waiting. It's a T intersection, with traffic coming from both sides. There's a tram line as well. The shape of the street is like a Bell curve, with me being at the top part. I wait from the traffic from the left to pass (some motorcycles I think). I look right.. just enough time to cross the street and take a left. I do so with quite a lot of gas. A bit too much maybe, as I slide just a little bit. I hit 90 km/h before I slow down at the corner of the street to wait for my housemate. I then have a look at my lights and realise that I have been driving this whole route without. I fiddle with the buttons on my steer. It's a combination of a button on the left part and a button on the right part which does the trick. A bit weird, but ok. Somewhere along the way I think of this as my mom's motorcycle [my mom most definitely does not own a motorcycle]. My housemate shows up. I tell him I was waiting for him here.

      I'm somewhere inside a house. The same housemate is seated and I'm standing. I'm excitedly telling him about the dream above. I make sure to mention that I hit 90 km/h just mere seconds after opening the gas.

      The first dream I can remember from this night (which was a profoundly disturbing one, so I don't feel like writing it out fully) was one where I was in the train with my girlfriend and we were talking about a dude who has been stalking her. He's quite the creep. She ends up going to his house to confront him with a knife but he overpowers her. I step in and overpower him, which creates a hostage situation.

      Another (non-disturbing) one was where I helped my housemate put together some wooden shelves. I put them together in my room to later put them in her room. I don't know why I'm helping her. I don't even like her.
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