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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal!

    Dream Key:

    I won't write all my dreams here, just interesting/lucid dreams.
    For fun, I might track some things from my dreams here.

    Personal goal attempts: 17 (Been trying to reach a planet I visited in a dream in 2013)

    Alien worlds visited:

    Spoiler for the list:

    1. Dry spell over

      by , 05-14-2020 at 11:05 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      LD 120 - Gliding and Flying Again
      After struggling to fall asleep again, I sink into my thoughts about my sister keeping a vlog on youtube, which happened in a previous dream. While thinking about commenting on the videos and stuff, a dream has formed around me. Iím gliding on the floor of an empty apartment and spinning too. Iím in a resting position like in waking life, but just spinning and gliding. Suddenly Iím outside on a sunny day, gliding on a street through a city. My thoughts rationalize slowly that I must be dreaming.

      I continue to glide down the street until a store stops me. I donít want to go inside again, I remember struggling to get outside in previous lucids. I stand up and start flying over the city. I cross over a small river and notice thereís a dark spot covering half of my vision. Itís my waking life hand thatís resting on my face. I try to ignore it and make it go away, but I focus on it too much and wake up.
    2. Teleporting to a Tropical Island

      by , 06-03-2017 at 10:45 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      It's cold and gloomy in Finland, so I decide to teleport somewhere nice and end up on a beach somewhere near Brazil. I see tourists around, it's 5pm here and sun is scorching me. I'm a little worried because I burn easily, but I love the place in front of me. A tropical island, beach with a raised wooden walkway that occasionally touches sand, waterfalls and a jungle. I realize I have another ability. If I get a running start, I can launch myself in any direction and glide down. I jump up the waterfall, dive into a big pool and all that. Gliding around is great too. After a while I teleport back to Finland, to a school that doesn't look familiar. I meet Meri, a pretty girl I used to know. I tell her about my teleporting. Her expression made me feel like she didn't believe me, but she didn't say that. I teleported home too and met my dead cat, Nuka. I petted her for a moment and teleported back to the tropical island.
    3. LD 89 - Saturn's Moon

      by , 02-04-2017 at 05:57 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm on a road going through a snowy pine forest. The road is covered in frost. False memory claims that I'm on Saturn's moon. I doubt that. I feel further away and I can't see Saturn. I climb a hill and get off the road. There's a holy tree and two humanoid DCs there. The tree is white, big and has no leaves. Reminds me of Game of Thrones. Lucidity slowly creeps in. One of the DCs throws a special looking mortar and pestle in the air. It's their holy symbol and it can't touch the ground. The DC asks if I could help him. Maybe put the mortar and pestle in the orbit so it never falls. "Sure" I say and grab the items.

      I jump up and fly to space without effort. I see the blue hue of the upper atmosphere and the darkness of space beyond it. I see the horizon starting to curve more and more as I rise. I try to guess what altitude is good for a stable orbit. "I'm probably a bit too high." I make my way down to a good level and start accelerating.

      I reach my top speed pretty soon and I'm not happy with it. Underneath me I see a medieval countryside and spot the Norwegian Flag. Not the first thing I expected to see on an alien planet tbh. I relax my body and focus on more speed. I get a small boost and see a massive castle in the distance. It is so huge that I have to look up to see the top of the main towers. The walls disappear into the horizon. The whole thing is about one third of the planet's surface area.

      My top speed is still too little. I extend my left arm in front of me and hold one finger up, stating "GEAR 1!" I raise another finger and state "GEAR 2!". I feel a significant speed boost. I'm getting closer to the castle wall. I keep counting up and accelerating, until I reach gear 9 and the castle walls block my path. I slow down and fly up. I appear to be at some kind of dam. I see three massive blue holograms on the wall next to the dam. Some sort of ads, it looks like. Alright. I think I'll fly back to the guy and say that it's not possible to put this item into orbit due to the castle. I wake up speeding up again.

      YEAH! I had fun. Great to have a lucid dream like this, compared to the struggles I usually experience.
    4. 31th of August: Games, death and concern (4 non-lucid dreams)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:36 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      1:00 - 6:40
      Demonic Crime Scene
      I'm a disembodied observer inside a game world. I follow a playable character around as a youtuber, Rockleesmile aka Nick, talks about the game. I just see the game, but Nick's voice is easy to recognize. Nick is giving praise to this game and calls it Dead Space 2. The playable character does look like Isaac, but the game is an open world puzzle game with monsters that remind me of Dark Souls. Then Nick shows me the jetpack and how fast you can go with it. I am impressed. It looks fun. My memory here is a bit fuzzy, but I feel like I took over the playable character for a while to just fly around the level.

      I continue as a cameraman. Nick explains that he has been stuck on this level for a long time. He goes into a large metallic building with wandering demons and two robots. These robots switch between a sad expression to a happy one. The two seem to be important to the puzzle. I force Nick to focus on this. With my influence, he solves the puzzle. The two robots start to fight and draw attention of a tiny demon that is wandering outside. This little black, transparent blob that's no bigger than my fist. The demon is annoyed by this fighting inside the building. It slaughters all the robots and demons inside the building. The path in no longer blocked.

      I manifest a body and go deeper into this building. There's a crime scene and I have to solve puzzles, a lot of evidence on the ground. There is a cross on the ground made of black smoke. Red light shines from inside the smoke periodically. There are glowing red marks on the ground, about 15 of them. There is a big orb floating in the middle, I know that it's a soul. It's black, indicating that it belongs to a demon. There is a calendar on the ground and small vials on certain dates. I investigate these vials, at least one of them should have glowing green liquid inside. I break the first one I pick up. I notice that it's hard to do things that require precision, I feel like I'm drunk. (I should have RCed.)

      WBTB from 6:40 to 7:10

      Short dream: Hanna and Tuomas called me. They asked why I hadn't contacted in a long while. I started telling them about my health problems. As I focused on talking, my mind wandered like it does in waking life. The result of this inside a dream is a new dream scene. I was flying above a small fantasy village, like Shire from LotR, while still on the phone with Hanna. Hanna and Tuomas were very understanding. (It's like I see a dream with my mind's eye, while focusing on something else. I do it all the time. I also woke up after this.)

      Fighting Tooth Fairy
      I see a map and believe that I'm on a sailing ship. I'm trying to find the dock. I zoom in the map, but it doesn't help me too much. I force my vision out of the map, we are about to crash otherwise. As the map closes, my vision is in the sky, same angle as Diablo-games. The ship hits the dock and disappears. The crew is safely on the dock. A bit bizarre, I think. The wooden planks of the dock are a few centimeters underwater.

      Dream skips a bit. I'm a cameraman again, following my brother's character. He went inland from the dock and is fighting a fleshy bull monster. I tell him how the monsters in this area are difficult. A charge attack will straight up kill you. Then I remember that my brother is level 38 and I was here at level 20. I tell him he might be ok. My brother is using a bow and arrow.

      The next monster he encounters is a massive black salamander like creature with a large head and a huge mouth. The monster has small dragonfly-like wings. Reminds me of Dark Souls a lot. The arrows are not doing anything. I notice that the monster opens it's mouth periodically. I tell my brother to aim for it's mouth. My brother does so and it seems to work. A bright white light shoots out of the beasts mouth. Then we see a huge crystal inside it's mouth. The monster stops fighting us. It congratulates us on figuring out his weakness. I ask what the things around his neck are. "Extra teeth. I'm a tooth fairy."

      The monster goes back down to a small canyon it crawled out of. We approach the edge of it. There is a small giant lying dead in the canyon. The corpse has some sick armor on. "Can we take those boots?" I ask the tooth fairy. "Sure, you earned it. Just take the boots though." The boots are shiny white metal. (And I think the real name for these are greaves and sabatons) I still have no body and my brother's character seems to be gone. A female knight in white armor takes the giant's boots and puts them on. She now has the complete set. She looks badass. (I woke up and focused on recalling as much details as I can, fell asleep for a bit more.)

      Short dream: People gathering outside, getting ready for a competition. There are teams of 3-4 people. I see this vividly. I just stare at each character, because I don't usually see dream characters this vividly, their faces are often blurry. Not this time, I see everything clearly and without needing my glasses. (Some level of awareness, but not quite lucid.)

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