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    1. Amazing bicycles & ledges

      by , 10-11-2016 at 06:02 AM
      I was at a dinner of some kind w/ my extended family. Meaning my uncles & cousins even were there so there were a whole lot of ppl including a lot I didn't know at all. I try to score some pot from my uncle but to no avail. I get up & walk out into the hall & go up the stairs. I see all of these young girls acting inappropriately around some man. I go into another room & I saw the weirdest thing. Bicycles. Like hundreds of bicycles. They are all facing inward & packed together perfectly. They were stacked some how in between them too but perfectly, no leaning. They created the spectacular circular tower. It was most accurate thing I believe I have ever witnessed in any dream. Anyway, it had no part to play in my dream which was even more strange. I then notice the girls walking up another flight of stairs & follow them. One of the girls looks like one of my girl cousins but turns into my granddaughter Booga Bug. The 2 girls lead me up to the roof. They both are doing this synchronized balancing act by standing on the ledge & balancing on one leg w/ the other over the side of the building. I'm holding Booga's hand while she is doing this because I'm freaking out that they are both about to die by falling off of the building & come crashing down to the earth. But I look at her & let go. I decided to have faith when I let go & both girls fell. But while my heart was freaking out as I ran over to the ledge, there they both are laying on a second roof only 2 feet below the ledge. They are just fine & laughing. I then see the creepy man again & he looks kind of like Robin Williams. The dream is very long. In the end they are doing nothing more than making organic dehydrated vegetables. Part of a self sustaining food source of some kind.

      I did an inner meditation right before I went to sleep. I have put off doing this kind of inward meditation because I can't sit still during the day to save my life or w/o a Xanax. I'm always fiddling w/ something. That's why I've stuck w/ doing jigsaw puzzles as a serious form of meditation for me. That's where the faith came in, which was actually more cool than even I could have imagined. And the bikes! Wow! That was really amazing to see. It seems I am always in protective mother bear mode so the guy in the dream was harmless in the end even though I was skeptical. I think I'll keep my skepticism at the healthy level I believe it to be.