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    1. Unspeakable things!

      by , 02-27-2017 at 08:54 PM
      Saturday night Dream 1: I was somewhere in the early 1800's in an outside market of some kind. Some creepy guy took one of my grand daughters. He was doing unspeakable things to her. I was outraged of course which turned me all lucid & angry. Then an evil man tried to say it was my fault that I let this happen yet he wouldn't give her back to me. I woke up, thx Meesha Cat .

      Saturday D2: Chained right back into the dream angry & hell bent on revenge & very lucid! I went back to sleep & went back into the dream. I then had to sneak in to where she was being helped & took her back. Everything was made of weathered wood. I ran at superspeed & had great strength so I sent the men flying like rag dolls. It was very detailed for the era. We then escaped & I then woke myself up.

      My other daughters kids were staying with me this weekend & her 2 yr old was acting strange. (These are not my grand kids I normally refer to. These are my other daughters kids.) She lives with her dad's father & her father who have made her afraid of other ppl so when she stays the night she always wants her father. He's a manipulative prick. Some how I ended up with this horrific nightmare. I don't necessarily think this kind of thing is happening yet it does represent my concerns as a whole. I went back into this dream to rid myself of anger which was therapeutic..... I was able to help my grand daughter to not feel scared to be at my house which made me feel better also. Her & her brother have never been okay sleeping in the kids room w/o me before until now. He fell asleep & I stayed w/in earshot & went in periodically to soothe her & to reassure her that I will always be just a few feet away & can hear her. They went to sleep the next night w/o incident at all! I told my daughter about all of this when she came by. Hopefully soon she will get her new job schedule & daycare fixed to get my grand kids back w/ her, her new baby & new baby daddy soon! What a mess.

    2. A Rape, a pillage of a house & flying hospital

      by , 09-27-2016 at 06:52 PM
      D1: Non-lucid nightmare: I was being held down & raped by some man I didn't know. It was so intense I woke up.

      I tried to go back in to get a lucid out of it to do the TOTM but no dice.

      D2: Non-Lucid: I was with a big group of ppl & we were pillaging a house for random stuff. We were lost & just came across it. The family was the Duggar Family from the show 19 kids & counting, (Was weird cuz I quit watching that show some time ago) The father got really angry & was trying to make us leave.

      D3: Non-Lucid: I was in a flying hospital. Yup, I flying hospital indeed, lol. I needed to get medical attention for something but never new why. I had 2 female friends w/ me. I was trying to find my husband (not any husband I've had in this lifetime) I didn't look like me. Both mine & his appearance kept changing. It was really weird. And our genders kept changing too! Finally I found him & we closed the curtain on an open ER Room w/ the curtain but it wouldn't close all the way around. A couple of my friends, both women whom I seemed to be really good friends w/ were saying "GO for it!" And watched us have sex, lol.

      About an hour before I went to bed my husband & I had an intense conversation about how we met & a revelation I had during the day. We both feel that some other force kept pulling us together no matter what we did. He pursued me for 3 yrs before I gave in. It was an intense 3 yrs. We also both married other ppl briefly but it just wasn't right. He would always turn up behind me at work & freak me out, lol. But I would anticipate him & he would make my heart about jump out of my chest each time w/ attraction. I was always afraid he was a coke/meth addict because he is tall & slim & has a lot of energy. I was afraid because I used to be an IV drug user in my twenties & I don't want anything or anyone like that around me. But then it turned out I should've just asked him earlier & believed him. Everyone we know was like "It's about time!" in the end. We still till this day call him my stalker, lol. But ironically we both believe we were supposed to marry to the ppl in between all of this, because they both died during the year following our marriage (also 3 yrs later, I made him wait again, lol). But before they died they both changed in some ways. My ex was always very bitter & angry. He was dying from liver & kidney failure & turned to God in his final months & Mike's ex was never bitter towards me & actually liked seeing us happy together, she died in a fire... Ironically my marriage to this man ended because of his health. I told him he was going to die & had to change his eating habits & I refused to sit back & drag my kids down this road of slowly watching him kill himself in such a way. I new w/o a doubt he would die. He then went back to live w/ his mother & sister whom he had lived w/ many yrs before he was w/ me so he was never alone... Anyway I think that's where my dreams from tonight came from. Except the first one. I think that was because Meesha Cat was mauling my head to get up & feed her & it triggered that rape dream cuz he kept grabbing my hair. Of course I'm sure some of what we talked about that I didn't mention here was helpful w/ that dream. We had a pretty in-depth conversation./COLOR]