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    Ranking of "checkpoints" in dreams

    , 12-10-2020 at 05:14 PM (148 Views)
    I recently had a dream where I saved a very nice checkpoint that I could reload like in game. For fun, I ranked my top dreams up to the "Checkpoint" dream, determining the best checkpoints I could have in previous dreams. This considers if I want to have fun, do activities, or retreat to a safe haven in the midst of a dangerous fight.

    1. Enigma: The basic premise of the dream, revisiting 6 past dreams.
    2. L: the sheer amount of control I have here is insane, and the aquarium seems safe and beautiful enough.
    3. Perfect Plan: very cool and has myself to consult in case something goes wrong.
    4. The Dream Guide: The titular character could be very helpful.
    5. Nice Meal: at a beach with my sister, en route to good food and music. What more could you ask for?
    6. SERENDIPITY: the cool beginning may be double edged, but meeting two of my friends and the potential with amazing ending is promising.
    7. Hypothesis: Also with a really big amount of control and potentially able to go anywhere
    8. Beautiful Garden: The titular location is very pretty and I have telekinesis.
    9. Deja vu ii: has a similar theme and is very nice, only problem is it seems to be going nowhere
    10. To the Sun: The hill is very pretty and it's worth seeing where Jamie is going off to or using the lighthouse as vantage point.
    11. Detective Noir: I'm in a bar with black and white style which is pretty cool.
    12. High Level Area: The challenges and the obstacles seems pretty interesting.
    13. Dream Competition: I had gone through quite a bit to reach a relatively safe place. The titular event also seems interesting.
    14. Checkpoint: Truly one of the outliers of the 3/5 dreams, it has the best "checkpoint" out of them all -- a beautiful girl greets me and says it's a nice day. Though simple, it surpasses a lot of one-time 5/5's and even 6/5's.

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