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    The Alien Adventure.

    by , 09-06-2011 at 11:33 PM (722 Views)
    I am at this place similar to somewhere in the Sierra mountains, and I decide to go off on an adventure. I then decide to go the long way around and climb this mountain. As I am scaling down it, I see all of these small scale cul-de-sacs that are in the midst of a disaster. As I go further down, they get larger scale, and I see this one figure that looks like Bart but with long spiky black hair. I am now in a gift shop, and when I look out the window, I see Christina. She sees me as well, and runs and and hugs me. I see Dad as well, he comes in and says something to me. Now, the DC's disappear, and an older middle - aged man comes into the shop. He asks me if it's OK, and I say yes (There is a lot more dialogue).

    I feel an unpleasant sensation in my man melons, and feel a moving sensation. During this, I can't see, but I feel a feminine presence over me. Now, I am aboard a flying ship, in a room with the old man. I want to know if I can ask him a few questions; he isn't sure because he should be in NY by now. I ask him if he is an "alien", he says yes. He then tells me the word for when one truly reveals themselves to you, whether your a robot, alien, or whatever, no disguises. He tells me this word. It starts with auto, and I ask again what the word was. I repeat it to myself as to remember what it was, but when I awoke, it was almost as if it vanished. He then showed me these pictures of little children on what looks like a curved piece of white leather. He then tells me that "It's best to come in when they are young!" I tell him that I have 1, maybe 2 more questions. I want to know when we will be able to talk through info packets of thought, and he says when we raise our vibrational frequencies, then I ask when that will be, and she simply says "Soon." I wake up.
    I am at my North Grandparent's house, and Jackie some chick from school is sprawled out on the couch. She tells me to make a portal here, here, and here. I do it, then jump into a portal in between the chair and the couch.

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    1. Geodae's Avatar
      "I feel an unpleasant sensation in my man melons"
      Probably my favorite quote ever from a dream journal. Hahahaha
      Aeolar likes this.
    2. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      I want to know when we will be able to talk through info packets of thought, and he says when we raise our vibrational frequencies
      Do you mean telepathy? Love the vibrational frequencies bit.
    3. Aeolar's Avatar
      ^.^ yeah I mean telepathy, but like very advanced telepathy