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    Das Goop

    by , 07-18-2012 at 05:33 PM (414 Views)

    I'm with three other boys, we're all outside looking for this bird right outside a huge forest. We're running around in the grasslands searching hard for this bird. One of the boys sees it and shouts to us to help him grab it. We chase it in the grass for a while and we catch it finally. It looks like a pheasant except it looks like it's been cooked in the oven and it's skin is starting to peel off. The three boys want to eat it right there because it will give you "special powers " One boy can't wait and throws his face into the live bird and starts ripping it apart with his teeth. Disgusting.

    As he is devouring it, I look around to see this yellow goop seeping out of the earth and worming towards us from all directions. The sky begins to turn black and I get rather frightened. Lightning begins to strike around us as thunder rumbles the earth, and we hear a boy next to us yell as he gets taken away by the goop monster. We sprint back to our home and lock the doors. Inside is our family: 3 girls and 2 older men. We frantically tell them to shut and bolt all the doors and windows in the house, before the goop gets us. They don't listen and very soon after this goop breaks through the windows in the shape of hands and attacks the family. Once it touches a person they turn yellow and try to eat us! I'm terrified and run out the front door, hoping to run to town. Outside it's completely black, a void, and I think that the town would be a much worse place if there were infected. I turn around and the whole group of people is coming towards me. I panic and the dream fades.

    As I'm lying in darkness, I become lucid, and think to myself that I could have handled that a whole lot better than I did. I hear a voice telling me to "face your fears", so I re-visualize the dream and enter right where I left off. They're about to attack me when I say, "I'm sorry! We didn't know what we were doing! I'm sorry!!"
    Everything stops.
    My infected family forgives me, and immediately changes. I hardly believe it, but I have to. I turn to see my normal family next to me, and the infected family in front of my. I ask the infected's what they're going to do now, and they reply that they are going to live upstairs now. I feel satisfied and ask one of the infected girls how she feels. She kisses me and thanks me.

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