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    Exam day?

    by , 07-18-2012 at 05:35 PM (367 Views)

    I'm in school taking final exams and I see Aldo, my old school friend. I get all excited when I see him. We hug and I stay in his class for a while before I get kicked out by the teacher. I try to go to my regular class to take my exam, but I see Aldo again. Dreamskip. I'm walking down this forest trail with my cousin James and I notice two naked women lying up ahead in the path. One of them runs when she sees us and the other stares at us. The dream begins to fade as we walk closer and I become lucid, trying to stabilize the dream. I turn really fast trying to look at everything, but I can start to feel my body lying in bed, and lie very very still. James yells something which helps keep me in the dream. It fades and soon I see this spinning Super Mario sign like the one in SM64. I reappear in a room with James and the two girls but also with my little cousin Jacob. I walk outside and stabilize, and think how cool it would be to ride in a limo with a hot tub with two girls!

    Sure enough a black limo does pull up, and it... Does have a hot tub. More like a hot foot bath, for one person. It's so disappointing, but I say to myself beggars can't be choosers and get in anyways. But just to put salt on fresh wounds I get kicked out by one of the girl DC's who tells me I'm not good enough for it!! xD

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