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    A Beach, a Party, and Princess Peach

    by , 08-24-2015 at 12:17 PM (1309 Views)
    Night #5:

    I remember having three other lucid dreams that night but every time I would wake up, I wouldnít be able to remember a thing about them. It was quite frustrating! Maybe it was because I kept waking up coughing and being a sicky.

    I had a short moment of being lucid while driving some girls around in a van. I lost control of the car and ran into a brick wall, but I realized that it was only a dream and I could change everything back. So I rewound time until the car was fixed and we were going around that stretch again, and I didnít crash the car that time. Then I lost lucidity while talking to the girls and got absorbed into the dream again.

    Night #6:

    DILD #1:
    I donít remember most of the details of this dream, only a small fragment of it. I remember being with some cocky real estate guy and transforming a house into a giant birthday cake but thatís about it.

    DILD #2:
    The same thing happened with the poor recall. I actually woke up from this dream super excited about just having had a lucid dream, then I looked over to tell Dreamer about it but as I opened my mouth to tell her, I had forgotten all about it.

    I just remember becoming aware while meditating in the dream and I turned my body green and this vivid green, glowing aura appeared all around me.

    Night #7:

    My sickness turned into a sinus infection. So Iíve been having awful headaches and almost all foods smell strongly of rancid vinegar to me, but I think Iím starting to get better now, so hopefully my recall will start to improve!

    DILD #1:
    I became lucid while asking a receptionist guy about some mean DC girls that were bullying other girls. He said that they were Ďstudent leadersí and they worked for the school. Suddenly I was in a prison filled with prisoners that happened to be old friends of mine from high school. I started flying around their heads by humping the air Ė Each time I would thrust I would get a little bit higher.
    I told them that if I kept doing this I would eventually build up enough power to be able to teleport out of prison and escape. I teleported to a shopping center. One of my old best friends was there and he was chugging a gallon jug of chocolate milk. He said that it gave him the energy he needed to teleport places. I drank some of it and walked through the automatic doors of the store. Then a commercial for the drink started playing that talked about how this drink would give you reversible weight gain, so that you could use all your energy in a flash. There was some kid going down a waterslide into a giant pool of chocolate milk.
    I lost lucidity and appeared at my parentsí house when the commercial ended. My mom was going through my childhood room while eating a bag of old potato chips and saying something about Rum Ham. There were Australian $2 coins on the floor and I had a feeling the cops were coming to get me.

    DILD #2:
    I donít remember this one very well either. I just remember being lucid and having Dreamer sing for me, it was beeeauuuuuutiful!

    WILD #1:
    There were all kinds of noises going on outside (see ~Dreamer~ís latest DJ). Some lady was yelling at her dogs for barking and it would only make them bark even louder, maybe they thought she was barking with them or something.
    But I was feeling really peaceful and content despite all the chaos around me. I sat with the wonderful feeling and waited for a dream to start.

    I started outside of a lovely beach house. I thought to myself, ďYes! Iíve always wanted to go to a beach houseĒ, then started to wander up the front steps.
    I made the front door open with telekinesis and took a peek inside. There were huge windows on all of the walls which let soft morning light come in from all sides to illuminate the parquet floor. A woman was sitting in a chair at a small table, sipping coffee and reading a newspaper. She had short, light brown hair, green eyes, and an olive complexion. I went over, kissed her, and gave her right boob a little squeeze. She looked up at me with a very kind face and smiled at me. I tried to change her face into something else but it didnít work very well. Only her nose got a bit thinner and her skin color became more vibrant. There was another woman that was standing across the room, fiddling with some papers on a table. She said something about celebrating my graduation. I ignored her and saw a bowl of fruit on a table. I looked intensely at it and made 2 apples, 2 oranges, and a banana fly up into the air. Then I casually strolled towards the backdoor so that I could go outside. I stood on the read wooden deck and leaned against a rail while I stared out at the ocean and tried to remember what I wanted to do.

    I remembered that playing with the elements was a fun one to do. I turned around and saw my university diploma hanging on the wall. I raised my finger and tried to make flames erupt from my hand, but nothing happened. I touched the diploma and it wilted everywhere that I touched, as though my hand was fiery hot. Still not satisfied, I turned my hand over and saw that I was holding a grill lighter. I pulled the trigger on it and a nice flame came out. I used the flame as a source of my fire power and made a stream of fire burst forth from it. The flame danced in the air in whatever pattern I told it to. I drew shapes and words with it all over the place by tracing with my finger exactly what I wanted it to do, it was pretty fun! I turned my hand over and the lighter disappeared.
    I turned around to see what was going on inside and I noticed that a giant Santa Claus looking fellow had joined the ladies. I tried to make time slow down for all of them by imagining a ticking clock sound getting slower and slower. It wouldnít work, so instead I imagined pushing a fast forward button, and they started zooming around the house. I changed it to slow just for fun before returning time to normal. I walked back into the house which had transformed into having an enormous ballroom with greenhouse style skylights, fancy dinner guests, and a band that was playing soft jazz music. The party was to celebrate my graduation I guess. I was suddenly wearing a suit and I think that I had a glass of wine in my hand, and Iím pretty sure I tried some as well. I saw these beautiful women walking in. They were wearing very expensive looking dresses. I turned to the lady bartender and asked her when the strippers were going to arrive, using her to summon some strippers. She turned around to get right on it. While I was looking at the bar, I remembered a dream that Dreamer had recently told me about, where she dove into a brick wall. I decided that I liked that idea and that I was going to dive straight into this bar. I jumped towards it head first and smashed my face into barís hard surface. I was not be deterred though! I slowly pushed my way into the bar and then moved through it until I was on the other side. Everything was dark at that point though. I could feel the room around me but I was like a ghost in that world now, unable to interact with or be seen by anyone. I moved around the bartender lady to try to get her attention, then gave up and teleported.

    I opened my eyes and saw that I was now in front of a giant video game museum (it was like I was in an RPG, the museum wasnít dedicated to video games). I was with someone too, and Iím pretty sure it was Dreamer, it felt like her energy anyways. I remembered that I wanted to open Pandoraís Box, so I turned around expecting to see someone there that would give me the box.
    There was this magnificent park with a huge open space in the middle where a giant Princess Peach was sitting. She was about twice the size of a large house and she was surrounded by bright green trees. She had a large chest in her hands that was Pandoraís Box!

    I ran up to her with Dreamer and a huge grin spread across my face. I jumped up super high to try to get to the box but it wasnít enough, so I took a second jump mid-air (by stepping on the air). Then I did a couple front flips and landed in Princess Peachís hands. I opened Pandoraís Box and there was another chest inside that was covered in gold and various colored gems. An RPG like cut-scene happened with beautiful animated graphics, but I skipped it because I wanted to open that second chest! I appeared outside a shop in an animated Japanese town. I had light brown hair, a white shirt, and black shorts. I didnít like my appearance so I changed into Cloud from FF7, then got ready for an awesome RPG adventure!
    I woke up. I stayed still and tried to imagine opening the chest because I was so damn curious and there was a golden key inside of it that was called ĎThe Key of the Abyssí. Aw well, fun dream! It was really cool seeing such an enormous Princess Peach.
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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      nice long dream you had. you close your eyes and imagine where you wanne be and teleport that way?

      must be nice to had sooo much lucid dreams that you cant remember them. you forgett more LDīs + remember more than i can remember NLD xD

      but i am happy with my progress and its nice to see how far one can go when i read your DJ
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    2. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Thanks relaxanddream, I'm really impressed with your dreams. Do you think that the competition has helped you to push yourself further?
      ~Dreamer~ and RelaxAndDream like this.
    3. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I'm sorry you've been so sick, and sorry that my coughing and nose blowing has kept you awake too...

      Quote Originally Posted by AnotherDreamer
      I actually woke up from this dream super excited about just having had a lucid dream, then I looked over to tell Dreamer about it but as I opened my mouth to tell her, I had forgotten all about it.
      I remember that night - you looked over at me excitedly, and then the first thing you said was "goddammit!"... I was quite confused!

      Too bad the commercial break made you lose awareness! They're renowned for doing that IWL too.

      Wow, that last dream was so long and stable, very cool!
      You used so much awesome dream control, and I'm glad you weren't deterred by the little hiccups and overcame them in the end!
      Lol @ you trying to summon strippers and randomly honking that nice lady's boob... staying focused on the tasks at hand, I see.

      Awesome dreams, you are rocking this comp!
      AnotherDreamer likes this.
    4. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      I'm sorry I made you sick, that's some serious sabotage.

      You're still doing so amazing though, despite being sick. I always knew you would too, I told you that you were the best!

      Lol @ you trying to summon strippers and randomly honking that nice lady's boob... staying focused on the tasks at hand, I see.
      You know me.
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.
    5. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Thanks relaxanddream, I'm really impressed with your dreams. Do you think that the competition has helped you to push yourself further?
      It sure has. in the last time i had like one or max 2 lucids in a week. in the first week of competiton i had like 8 or something. not everyone was long or high quality but still. also dreamcontrol rised up because i had so much "Lucid Dreamtime" to practice. i am very happy about my choice to participate the competition
      AnotherDreamer likes this.
    6. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Man, that's really cool.
      The competitions make me have a lot more lucid dreams as well.
      I'm glad that they've been so beneficial for you.
      I hope you get to try a ton of things that you've been wanting to do in dreams in this next week!
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