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    Just To Get A Rep.

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:09 PM (477 Views)

    I got home from long day of school today and wanted to take a little nap(it turns out that this "little nap" lasted for a long time lol. But anyway before I went to sleep I decided to try an expirement I wanted to do. I put my iPod on shuffle and fell asleep. I woke back up in my second period class it was just about time to go and I was walking downstairs to my locker with my friends Alec and Chris. It was cloudy outside and the hallway was pretty crowded. I got to my locker and kept hearing random songs in my head. Soon enough I was singing them outloud. Alec and Chris looked at me like I was supposed to be noticing something(THIS WAS LIKE THE BIGGEST HINT I COULD EVER GET!)They went their seperate ways and I was walking back upstairs when I saw a little freshman being jumped by a bunch of seniors. The seniors were wearing clothes from like the 90's and they all had hoodies and shades on. I walked up to them and ask them why did they do that to that defenseless kid. One guy wearing a big chain that he probably took from the kid walked up to me and said "Just to get A rep."One of them had a phone that was playing a familiar beat but I just couldnt get my mind on it. They walked off and now I was just standing in the staircase with the freshman.The freshman came up to me and asked me a stupid ass question so I pushed him into a wall.

    Thats when it clicked to me(my iPod probably shuffled to the song Just to get a rep by gangstarr!) I yelled yes it worked! really loud but then I stopped because I wanted to make sure I knew I was dreaming so I did a nose pinch(for the first time) and it worked!(woot) I looked around and decided to continue with the story of the dream so I went looking for the group. I walked into a bathroom and found them all near the sink smoking weed. I made it seem like I had to use the bathroom so I went straight into a stall. After about 2 mins I came back out and walked toward the group. I didnt want to just start fighting them so I took it easy and went to the sink to wash my hands. There were bags of blue weed in it and it looked kind of freaky. I wiped my hands off with a towel that had a naked picture of Megan Fox on it and saw the leader with the chain standing next to me(it turns out that he was guru from gangstarr!). I thought to myself and said this is my chance I tapped him on his shoulder and he looked at me like he was about to beat the holy hell outta me. I asked him the same question I asked him when we were in the staircase. He looked at me and squinted his eyes and before he could even answer me I punched him square in his face. He fell and I stomped his head into the tile floor. It made a dent . I faced his lackies and they were all looking at me astonished then to my surprise the actual song came on(not really the song it was more like an instrumental) I cracked my knuckles and they all began to run at me. I ran at them a did a classic dropkick to knock them all down. I picked one guy up and power bombed him and broke his spine. Another guy came up to me and he looked alot like kid cudi. He still had a blunt in his mouth so I palmed his head and did this crazy magic hand thing that left him lifeless on the ground. I took the blunt smoked it then shoved it in his face. I was completely kicking all there asses until I finally saw all of them laying in agony. I was about to walk out the bathroom when guru grabbed my ankle. I was about to do this crazy move I saw on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon until he said Why did I do that to him and his gang. I bent down and said "Just To Get A Rep." I then took his chain and smashed his head into the floor(much like those puches superheroes do when they punch the ground and make a crater in it ) I walked out the bathroom and stopped a kid from going in. I said "Dont go in there for at least 45 or 55 minutes!" The kid looked like he really had to pee so I let him go. Thats when I woke up.

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