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    The Road To Elswhere

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:05 PM (350 Views)

    I woke up and felt really hot and noticed that it was a fine summer day. I walked to my bathroom like I always do and washed my face. I looked in the mirror and noticed that all my hair was gone I yelled out Holy Shit! and my friend Chris came in. He asked whats wrong and I said Dont You See This! Someone cut off all my hair last night when we was partying! He let out a big laugh and said Dude look whats in your hand. I looked at my hand and saw a razor with clumps of black hair in it. Chris walked out the bathroom laughing his ass off and I was just staring at the razor wondering what just happend. I looked back in the mirror and saw a dirt road(I dont know why this didnt trigger my lucidity ) The sky was blue and the clouds were popcorn yellow. I said wow and yelled out Guy come in here and look at this!. The mirror started to sway towrds me and away from me until it finally got enough momentum to touch my face.The mirror went back to its original position and then suddenly enveloped me inside itself and now I was actually in the mirror

    The dirt road was still in front of me and the clouds and sky were changing colors every second. I turned around and saw the mirror it reflected my bathroom in every way from the shower curtains to the toothbrush holder.
    I touched the mirror and it was goey and sticky and some of it got on my finger(much like that part where neo touches the mirror in The Matrix).I wipped it off and faced the road again. I started walking down the road when the word Elsewhere kept popping up in the sky in different colors and fonts. A little freaked out I started to run really fast faster than I normally do. The road just kept going and going until I finally reached a pole that had two signs going the opposite way the sign on the right of me said Either and the sign on the left said Or. I said ahh what the hell and it echoed. I slowly walked into the Either path when I woke up.

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