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    Alone Amidst a Crowd

    by , 03-11-2020 at 02:23 PM (97 Views)
    I am in a posh high-rise penthouse I share with a person who is throwing a party. At this party there are lots of people and stately granite tables and everyone is staying late. I am in another room, trying to fall asleep but can't because of all the commotion. I look out my window and see a woman across the way, in another high-rise. Her window is open. She is laying in her bed and reading. I know her from school. I like to watch her before I close my blinds at night. I feel lonely despite the lively party happening outside my room. I leave my room and go into the kitchen. The person with whom I share the penthouse notices me in the kitchen and begins to wrap the party up. Nobody talks to me. I sit by the fridge and observe everyone leave.

    When everyone is gone I go back to my room and look over at the girl again through my window. A man is now in bed with her. I close my blinds and wonder if they noticed me watching them. I go back to my door and open it halfway and peek out into the room beyond it. Some people (my neighbors?) are seated at a table eating dinner. I see the backs of their heads. They are eating in the dark. I feel homesick and forlorn, the way I felt when I moved away from home for the first time when I went to college in Boston. It seems everyone but me has someone to be with and something to do.

    The dream disjoints and now I am watching an interview on TV, where a man who looks like Chief Inspector Dreyfuss from The Pink Panther is being asked questions. I watch the entire interview and only at the end recognize him as the man with whom I share the apartment. Apparently he has had a scandalous past as his father is a notorious criminal. My brother then appears who knows him and says his name with disgust. It becomes unclear if my adopted brother is somehow related to this criminal through his own biological father. Dreamt 3/14/17
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