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    In Search of 18 Urns

    by , 03-11-2020 at 02:50 PM (101 Views)
    I am with a group of people in a white, antiseptic room which resembles a morgue. We are all funeral professionals and somehow related to each other. We are working with cremation merchandise and there is an older, balding man in charge. We are putting urns in cardboard boxes. The balding guy in charge wants me to "wrap" the urns. I'm not sure what he means by that. I wonder if he wants me to clean the ashes out of them from the inside, but then I realize he just wants me to put them in boxes. He says to "wrap" 18 of them. I leave the room to look for 18 urns.

    (Frag) Now I am on a school bus (looking for the urns perhaps?) and I see my niece and her daughter on an escalator. My niece is dressed up very nicely, which is odd because she hardly ever looks nice. He daughter trails behind her. They are going up on the elevator. I can hear her daughter's voice very distinctly, and when she speaks her words are shown as subtitles on a large screen attached to a wall. It is like they are acting in a foreign film. My niece tells her daughter something and her daughter complains, "No mommy, I am old enough..." and my niece, not wanting to fight with her, turns back around and shakes her head. I think she wanted her daughter to stand closer to her on the elevator.

    I am now in a school, walking down the hallways, still searching for the urns. I am wearing a baseball cap that makes me feel very confident. I think to myself as I stand tall and walk briskly: "I am adult with authority. I am above all the kids in this school. They are not allowed to wear caps while in this school, but I can!" Dreamt 3/15/17
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