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    Imposing Man Transforms into Nice German Lady

    by , 03-13-2017 at 04:16 PM (223 Views)
    I am at a concert without the band present. A large group of people are gathered, and I see a friend with a strange man standing next to him. The man is staring at me intimidatingly. I stand up from my seat to try to get a better look at the empty stage. I feel myself pressing up against someone. Everybody is very close together and crowding each other. I look over to see who I am brushing up against and I see it is that strange man. He gets very upset that I am touching him. He gets away from me and continues to stare me down from a distance. I ask my friend to talk to him (because he evidently knows him), and apologize on my behalf. My friend writes a note and gives it to the man. The man comes over, sits down and reads the note. He then looks up at me and I come over and sit down beside him. We shake hands.

    After shaking his hand, he suddenly transforms in a nice German lady. We strike up a conversation and start telling each other about all the different places we've visited in the world. She tells me she's been to Azerbaijan. Not to be outmatched, I lie and tell her I've been to Tajikistan. We talk more and develop excellent rapport. I notice her face looks puffy, swollen. I begin to grow uncomfortable: partly because of how she looks, and partly because I am exaggerating the truth with her. I eventually remove myself from her presence and go sit on a table and try to act cool.

    Dreamt 2/1/2017
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