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    My brain and I

    The Itchy-Bitey-JerkBug...

    by , 06-19-2012 at 12:38 AM (595 Views)
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    19th of June, 2012

    Just a couple o' fragments from last night:

    I ended up in an empty cinema somehow and me and my friends started playing Xbox on the screen, which was awesome except I couldn't get the games to work properly. The one I do remember was some Loony-Toons-esque game where you rode on an asteroid and had to do...something.


    I was at a party at a farmhouse of some sort and went after my brother, who had run to the fence to check if it was, as he suspected, the border of Mexico (it was!)
    While going after him, I felt a stinging sensation on my back and realised there was a bug biting me under my shirt. I ripped my shirt off and swatted at it, making it fly away. However, as I put my shirt back on, it flew back and down the front where I started biting me again. These were really painful bites, as well- like I was being stabbed. Each time it happened, I ripped it off my skin but it kept coming back. Eventually I was lying on the ground writhing in agony as this thing kept biting into me. Finally I just tore my shirt off my body and made my way back to the house. I could feel blood trickling down my back and front and, when I got inside, saw in a mirror that I was covered in blood. It was pretty yuck.

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