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    Fraud And Panorama Booklet ..

    by , 08-19-2021 at 10:59 AM (123 Views)
    Dream From Aug 19 '21:
    Am with a mate, and we are visiting a newsagent in a shopping centre, somewhere.
    We are there to buy an item, be it a newspaper, perhaps a drink, or perhaps an item of stationary.
    Instead of buying anything, one of the young female staff gives me, or both of us, a long rectangular booklet.
    It's a lottery like book, supposedly worth a lot of money, upwards of $100,000.
    The design, is similar to that panorama bible study book, that i bought from Newcastle Koorong some years ago.
    We leave the newsagent, and visit another one.
    It's at this second one, that we discover the booklet contains a fraudulent prize, and/or information about the fraudulent prize.
    Then we visit a third newsagent, which by now, the staff knows what we are there for.
    And then we visit another two or three newsagents.
    The staff are unhappy that we know about this fraudulent lottery book.
    Then, i stand out front of the last newsagent, as though on the west side of the shops in Stockland Glendale, near woolies.
    i look south, so that woolies and those other shops are to my right.
    i wait out front while my mate goes inside to ask.
    while i wait, i think about having to get back to dad, so he can get me to the train station, for me to get train back to Newcastle.
    dream ends.

    Any questions or comments?

    The book looks something like this, not necessarily the exact same one:

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